Enough, Already!

| March 6, 2021

It looks like some Congress critters are questioning the necessity for having the National Guard in WDC, acting as police, when that is not their job.


From the article:  Some lawmakers are growing irritated at the prolonged National Guard deployment at the U.S. Capitol and the lack of information on specific threats troops are hypothetically there to combat.

The U.S. Capitol Police on Thursday asked the Defense Department to keep thousands of troops in D.C. for up to two more months. The Guard was supposed to start withdrawing from the city

Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., said the mission should not continue indefinitely, adding that protecting the Capitol long term is not the Guard’s mission.

“I’m outraged that U.S. Capitol Police have requested to keep the nearly 5,000 National Guardsmen at the Capitol complex for another two months without presenting clear and specific information,” he said in a statement.

Troops from virtually all states and territories deployed to D.C. following a deadly Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob that left five people dead, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. There are now 5,200 troops on the Capitol mission vs. 26,000 at its peak, according to Maj. Matt Murphy, a Guard spokesman. – article

Sen. Inhofe is questioning the necessity for having the Guard do the job that the Capitol police are supposed to do. He is being joined by other members of Congress in regard to why no details are available in regard to the necessity of retaining Guard troops in WDC at all.

It appears that this is not a shut chapter in this story. Stay tuned. I’m betting there is far more to come. And I know that conspiracy theorists can have a field day with this kind of thing, so if you know one, ask what s/he/it thinks about this.

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“Never let a crisis to to waste!” They are still there because Queen SanFranNan WANTS them there. Somebody gots to guard her ice cream stocks when she has to fly home (at our expense) to rotate the ice cream stocks at her other freezer. Can’t trust her very own soon to be Gestapo that the the USCP is to become, they haven’t culled out all of the White Supreme Radical Rightists that make up the Majority of the USCP. You know they are in the ranks ’cause of the vote of no confidence the Rank and File voted on for their new POC Commander. /s/ ‘sides that, there needs to be enough time for the new QRF that she wants Gnrl Honore to form to get set up and operational. Think it was Mason that pointed out in a comment the other day that The District of Communists has the most Police per Capita of any City in the US or maybe the World? Resistance is futile…you will be assimilated…she is Borg!

M R Ducks? They look cold.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Why the 52,00 NG Troops guarding the new Reichstag when electrified fences could be put up and guard towers with guard’s manning MG-42’s. It worked in Dachau to prevent people from getting out so this time it could be used to keep the citizens out. Remember that you cannot say “WHITE” house anymore.


I think they need to be there to guard the fence and the concertina wire and the Hesco barriers so that when the signal is given, they can seal off the area and then arrest all the deep state swamp dwellers and then have the pre positioned busses whisk them off to Andrew where they’ll have awaiting SAAM aircraft waiting to fly the creatures off to GITMO, Morocco, Djibouti, Thailand and then again, the A’Stan.
One can dream.
😀 😀 😀


Here’s where we find out if new SecDef Austin has a pair or is just one more political puppet. My money is on the latter. It is beyond obvious that the Democrats are trying to convince Americans that this country faces a threat of major insurrection from white nationalist forces and appointing a black SecDef may have been a key part of their plan, both for the racial imagery (imagery is essential to the lefties) and for a more politically reliable leader for the coming destabilization and repurposing of our currently configured military. All this phony stand-down business and accusation that the military is a hotbed of White supremacy is all part of their plan to secure the military (or at least a part of it) to their side if an insurrection should happen. The left has a long history of distrusting the military except when it serves them as a useful tool, as now in Washington. Why NG units deployed from almost every state rather than a few large units from a few states? Because such a hodge-podge force lacks cohesion, providing the desired protection while reducing the likelihood of coordinated, larger scale action. Like all despots, the Democrats fear their own armed protectors. Sadly, with every further step they take to create dissension within the military and across the country as a whole, just to secure and protect their sorry elitist asses and their political power, they increase the likelihood of just such a conflict occurring. Gun legislation is all part of the plan, if not at first to seize but to merely squeeze. First will come federal restrictions on what types of weapons, magazines and ammunition citizens may own. Next will be universal gun registration to identify who has what and where so that lastly, seizure/confiscation of all semi-automatic weaponry at a later date is more easily accomplished. Everything that’s happening now is part of the American left’s Long March which began back in the 1920’s when early communists realized that one likely route to power in this country was through creating racial tension and division, and… Read more »


TRUTH! Right there with you Poe, just a decade less trips around the Sun.

Good Lord had His Reasons for not bringing this to a head until we were to decrepit to carry the fight to the enemy. I do have a nice piece of high ground to defend and it is a hill worth dying for.

Just wish I’d of been better at boat repair.

Wilted Willy

Hi Ex,

Old Poe is correct! All of my weapons are as cold as my ex-wife!!! Never tell the government that you even have a cap pistol??? They will never tell them anything. They won’t even get them when I die. So remember folks never say a word!!!!!


As “Occupying Forces” I feel they should be awarded the “Army of Occupation” medal like I got for 30 consecutive days service in Berlin.

Criteria: “To be awarded the Army of Occupation Medal, a service member was required to have performed at least thirty consecutive days of military duty within a designated geographical area of military occupation. (West Berlin (9 May 1945 to 2 October 1990)”

Instead they’re going to be awarded the newly imagined “Presidential Inauguration Support Ribbon” and “District of Columbia Emergency Service Ribbon”.


Ah yes, proud recipient of the AOM, let me join the VFW back in the day since I was to young for Viet Nam.
Alpha 3/6 77-79


Actually, I think we need more Nat’l. Guard troops in DC. We need to replace the massive casualties caused by the right-wing attacks of Mar. 4.

What?….Oh……Never mind.


The insurrection of 1 April


where are they being housed and fed.

Have they beeb offered the vaccibe?


You got a cold?


Oh man…that is funny.


In all those DC hotels that had been losing money due to COVID. There’s no connection between that and Congress spending loads of money on “security” in the area. If there were, the media would have found it. 😉


That so called barrier is a joke.
Anyone that’s been behind real wire knows what I mean.
Where are the trip flares and the claymores?
And where is the outer perimeter to keep them from the inner?
No sandbag bunkers with a parapet for the poor guys on guard duty
all fuckin night long. No mortar pit firing parachute flares.
No OV-10 to light the place up dropping flares through the fog.
This whole charade is embarassing.


Needs more foo gas…and cowbell…or at least some empty beer cans. Slow Joe woulda already had that wire covered in Bud Lite empties.

Would a 105 loaded with beehive rounds be too much to ask for?


I’m for all of that–including howitzers with beehive rounds–on one condition:

All the troops and ordnance be outside the wire aiming in…



I was going to suggest a tank with the customary barrel
pointing backwards as a lesser threat but that would be
the same as your suggestion. No winners here.


All of the above! May as well have Puff, loitering on station…you know…just for a little background noise. And to give us “the Edge”!


Like some others, I would do OK in a fighting position if I could do all my firing from a sitting position and the bad guys moved not too fast. Other than that, I am limited to writing opinion and some “Do they really believe we are that stupid?” blog posts. Got some long guns that defeated previous fascists and ones that were defeated and a sufficient amount of pointy bullets. The Army provided me with guns and bullets for 16 years, but has given me none of either since that psychological evaluation. Hey, I do get a check every month.


Call out the militia, but not for too long… it’s be fun, but enough.

Old tanker

It is nothing but pelosi and schumer putting on a sham show to divert attention to legislation. As stated above, they NEVER let a crisis go to waste.