Oh, Here We Go…..

| February 20, 2021

The current occupant of the Oval Office has announced this morning that the “US is back!” in NATO.  https://www.abc27.com/news/us-world/politics/europe-applauds-bidens-approach-stresses-cooperation/

What that person is implying is that the US government (under Trump) expected the NATO allies to pay the entire thing. This was completely not true. As indicated in the article below, Trump simply indicated that they should not expect the US to shoulder the bulk of that burden.

From the AP article:  BERLIN (AP) — Collective sighs of relief could be heard from many European capitals Saturday after U.S. President Joe Biden made clear in his first major foreign policy address since taking office that he rejected the “America First” and transactional approach of his predecessor and urged cooperation among Western allies.

At the same time, politicians and observers cautioned that some of the sources of tension from Donald Trump’s presidency remained and that the allies have serious work ahead of them, once Biden’s honeymoon is over.

“Biden gave exactly the speech that many Europeans wanted to hear – an America that pats you on the shoulders, that doesn’t criticize or demand,” wrote Germany’s influential Der Spiegel magazine after Biden on Friday became the first American president to appear at the Munich Security Conference, albeit in virtual form. – article

From 2019, this Reuters article indicates that Pres. Trump simply asked the NATO allies to pay their share of the $2.5 billion in costs to run NATO.


Trump has accused European allies, especially Europe’s biggest economy Germany, of taking U.S. protection for granted and says they need to spend much more on their own defense.

The reform of financing for the U.S.-led military alliance would seal months of negotiations after NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg put forward a proposal.

The agreement would mean European allies, Turkey and Canada contribute more towards the annual $2.5-billion budget to run the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters, international staff and military assets under NATO command. – article

It’s nice to know, right up front, that the level of ignorance about foreign affairs by the current occupant of the incoming administration is deep enough to hide a Russian nuclear sub.

I do wonder what he’ll say, what oxymoronic pronouncement, will slide out of his mouth, when he’s live and on camera, when Navalny’s popularity truly threatens Vlad Putin’s seat in the Kremlin.

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E4 Mafia '83-'87

With China Joe in office, their is NO LIMIT to the amount of TAXPAYER dollars HE won’t spend. What’s another billion dollars here or there? The Democrats do government so badly.


While trying to get NATO to buy JSTARS like they did AWACS, a senior official from one of the European countries said to me “why should we, if it is ever needed, you will bring yours”. Oh, and they wanted all the mission source code too. I especially loved President Trump for his getting NATOs attn.


Imagine Joe on the phone with a world leader.
Any world leader.
Discussing anything.

The Dead Man

Look here Castro (Sir that’s Putin) I know who I’m talking to Cornpop. Don’t interrupt me while I’m doing the thing. Now look here Kim Jong Un, you’ve got to innagoddadavida the money with the… uh.


you know, the thing. there finished it for you.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Now look here dog-faced Pony Soldier, I don’t work for you…”


Germans on our mission in Bosnia told me the mission (majority U.S.-borne) meant $600 per Bundeswehr soldier per day instead of $2000 per Bosnian refugee in Germany per day (and that was a whole lot more Bosnian refugees than Bundeswehr soldiers involved in that comparison).

Slow Joe

600 per day?
Are you sure it was per day?


[…] This ain’t Hell… highlights people saying that “America is back” with China Joe in office […]


That big sucking sound you here is American dollars going to do what Euros should be doing.

Don’t forget to rebate the 10% back to “The Big Guy”!


that he rejected the “America First”

That’s the problem. Every national leader should be putting their country and their people first. If you’re not, then you’re not actually leading our country.

I think everyone agrees it’s great if can bring the rest of the world along while we thrive, succeed, and improve, but a leader’s focus needs to be on their people first and foremost.

Joe is more worried about helping out Europe with free military protection, Iran with building nukes, and keeping cheap shit flowing in from China while they steal our intellectual property and do nothing to help the rest of the world.


Simple reality is that if the leaders don’t put the country first there is no country. Rather like a country without borders is not a country.

Wally Warbles

One after the other Biden the Worst just could wait to get in the Oval Office to start leaving his hoofprint on all those Liberal Bills Trump would have vetoed. And in Four More Years Biden will have a poll so low it will reach hell