Ammo Drought End In Sights

| February 16, 2021

300 AAC Blackout 147 Grain FMJ

Good news, fellow TAH’ers. If you’re patient, that is. The end is in sight, but…

Ammo Shortage Will Last Deep into 2021

by Guy J. Sagi

Comments made by Vista Outdoor CEO and Director Christopher Metz during the company’s quarterly earnings call last month indicate ammunition will continue to be scare well into 2021.

“We currently have over a year’s worth of orders for ammunition in excess of $1 billion,” he said in his opening remarks. “This is unprecedented for our company. With demand far outstripping supply and inventory levels in the channel at all-time lows, we see strong demand continuing…”

He cautioned there are notable differences between today’s low-cartridge inventories and that of 2016, which may indicate the current situation may be longer lasting. Metz explained the volume of new shooters is one driving factor.

“According to data from the NSSF, there are 6.2 million new shooters in 2020. This rate is more than twice the number of new shooters in the former surge. Anecdotally, there is no shortage of reports of sold out shooting ranges and backlogged firearm safety classes around the country.”

In addition, the broader demographic of enthusiasts, “…has led to an increase in participation as they learn and enjoy their new purchases,” he said. “Data from the NSSF indicates these shooters are more diverse, with large increases in both women and people of color entering the sport.”

I doubt I could care less about the diversity of the new gun owners. I welcome them in exercising their Second Amendment Rights, and highly encourage they receive professional level training. And practice as best they can, but I tell everyone that. As to the why of the glut of new owners, elections have consequences. Read the rest of the article here: American Rifleman

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Must have 14,000 round barrel. ‘Nuff said.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist

I entered for that as well. Haven’t seen who won it — yet.


Drought? What drought? Anyone who didn’t start stocking up when they realized the fix was in for the last election missed out. When Walmart quit selling “military” and “pistol” rounds and subsequently put their stock on fire sale prices, that was a great time to buy.

Only Army Mom

Oh goody! Ammo will be available just in time for the massive taxes, fees and fines.

On a related note, why are reports stating the 20,000 NG troops will remain in DC through the end of the year? What are they planning on doing that justifies this?

Interesting times and all that.

On a brighter note, since hard times breed hard men, there is hope for the future. That is, once all these weak, sniveling beta-bois are done creating the current and coming hard times.


Should know more on that by Thursday. DOD is saying the current deployment is unsupportable for a year without help from Reserves and AD units. They plan on meeting about it tomorrow.

The Other Whitey

Wouldn’t that run into Posse Comitatus issues?


Not if Biden throws the “insurrection” flag. Plenty of precedent, too.

Why do you think the Left keeps using that word? It yields more power and far fewer restrictions than “pandemic” or “national emergency”.


USMC Steve

Social Dems are not concerned about the law. They are in charge now, and will stay that way now that they know they can steal any election they want to.


Where are they going to billet/feed them. Has 100% of the DC Air and Army National Guard been activated?

Are they in Title 32 status under the control of their Governors?


The DC National Guard is not very good. They relieved us in Ramadi in 2008. They have a bazillion field grade officers and very few troops. It was essentially a “check the block deployment” for the DC mob because by the middle of 2008 there wasn’t much happening in the region.

USMC Steve

No big surprise there. The social dems (Nazis) will push through their HR127 to confiscate all kinds of weapons. That is when the war will start. A guerrilla war, most likely. Shortly after that, cops raiding homes to steal those weapons will start getting shot, and things will start to escalate. The social dems are anticipating people coming to DC to ventilate the fuckups who are violating their rights, and they want the Army there to fight those people.


In looking through my stock I find I am most short in .30 carbine.

With regard to components I’m short .223 and .30 carbine for reloading


The shortage of ammunition hasn’t really affected me since the tragedy of the leaky boat crossing the flooded quicksand bog during the hurrinado.

Maybe we could tap into those billions of rounds that were bought up for the SSA and other grubermint agencies back during the oblowme years. Just like the National Emergency Petroleum Reserve that pumped all of that oil into the Salt Mines, wasn’t that why all of those rounds were purchased?


Well, I have a little for everything. I even have a little for a thingie I don’t even own or have posession of yet. I’m anticipating.
That being said, I’m sitting on my nice web site and I have an Excel spreadsheet of my average price per thingie so I don’t pay too much for thingies.
I also am considering a bit thingie that sprays lots of tiny thingies or a big wad of a thingie.
Doing research.
Oh and I think I have to go to the other thread because I believe I owe someone and the lot of you the HoI.
Be over in the other thread.


Mustang Major

My daughter and I attended a gun show a few weeks ago. The prices dealers charged for ammo stunned me. People payed the asking price. I saw a box of .308 going for $46. Ugh…

MI Ranger

Was it a 20rd box?

I have seen most prices on line are now $1+ per round for even 9mm, .308 was closer to $2 per round. And everyone has a limit on the number of rounds. I have seen some reloads from Georgia are cheaper but not new rounds.

I really should learn to load my own rounds…but after that horrible boating accident I just feel I would be doing it for other people.

Lesson learned: Don’t bring all your guns on a sailboat in a thunderstorm!



Its just as bad loading right now. You cant find primers anywhere. People are swap meeting everything right now. “Ill trade you 250 9mm casings for 75 .223 primers…..”

Its a pain in the ass.

Ive taken to shooting my steel cased .45 ammo just to get rid of it because its like 7 years old, but even thats getting to be almost .75 a round.


At a show in December, I observed sales of 1000 Remington Large Pistol primers, for $150 per thousand.

A shop I visited two weeks ago has some primers, at $75 per thousand, but if and only if you also buy five pounds of powder (at approximately $25 or more per pound) net $200+/thousand.

Once can easily get 1200 .45ACP cartridges from a pound of Winchester231, so the ratio of use is about six thousand caps per five pounds.


Mustang Major

20rd box

The Al

You want ridiculous prices? Got to Classic Firearms and look at the prices of the big game cartridges- the cheapest I saw was $63 dollars for 20 rounds of 9.3×62


I worry that Vista Outdoor may be setting themselves up for failure with their infrastructure build out. My concern is demand will shrink up/return to normal levels and then they end up with shinny new machinery they can’t afford.

You can bet the farm there would be no government bailout for any part of the firearms industry.


Even a bit of ban/regulation would wreck many of them if they expand primer capacity, which is the very expensive and very regulated bottleneck.

The Other Whitey

In the course of moving across the state line, I’ve been browsing Yuma’s shops of late. There’s plenty of ammo available in various gucci calibers like .218 Bee and .300 WSM, but they’re picked clean of absolutely anything that normal people shoot.

The Al

Hell, it’s getting hard to find 7.62×39- and you know there’s a shit-ton of that crap out there


Its even a pain in the ass to load, now. I can get brass all day. Its powder and primers that are a bitch. Underground swap meets are having a field day.


Biden’s cure for the ammo shortage:
1) Ban ammo


Canoe’s and guns don’t mix. That having been said, I’m so glad I bought a bunch right before the Covid scare. I have primers and powder, but bullets are at a premium.


Rumor of a big ammo shipment at Academy here and gangbangers were shoting at each other in the parking lot over who got to buy it. (Meanwhile, law-abiding folk bought it all out while they were busy.)


It’s only going to get worse. The Great Leader has already hinted that he will pursue unconstitutional Executive action to ban “assault weapons”.

Can’t have all those peasants with those “weapons of war.”


I’ll just wait for when all the people hoarding put their shit on craigslist for pennies on the casing.