A Pregnant Pause For Your Amusement and Edification

| January 18, 2021

Disclaimer: I generally do not haunt or attend to or even give a crap about so-called social media, for the large part because I have real-world, real-time things to do. Nevertheless, it does not mean that I have no awareness of them and sometimes, these things provide useful information.

In this case, this brief news video comes from Sky News Australia re: Ms. Speaker’s tweets not being censured as Twitterpated has done with Pres. Trump, which says a huge lot about the short-term memory lapses of the Twitterpated set. On the other hand, since Twitterpating seems to have its own agenda, it takes a proprietary interest in what gets through and if it doesn’t like it, well — SMACK!!! and you’re gone.

Did I tell you that Twitter’s price on the stock market dropped drastically last week because it censured and blocked Trump’s account. Don’t worry: he found another place to go do his thing.

The link to the Youtube video below is a compilation of Ms. Speaker’s twits from some time ago (2017), and they kind of make her come off as a broken record. She is the epitome of a sore loser. This is why kids should participate in sports and learn to accept not winning. (Not going into someone’s disgruntled response to the vote counts, because that is SO last year, for Pete’s sake!!! Grow up, Dorkwad!)



Now, take the time to watch the entire brief speech by Rowan Atkinson in 2018, regarding freedom of speech and how easy it is to destroy it, just because you don’t like what someone said.

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Old tanker

Wow that is indeed prophetic to what we have been seeing the last couple of weeks. I had no idea that Britain had such a restrictive law and I can easily foresee the US getting one such as that in the very near future. It is plain to see that the incoming administration already enjoys the tech companies doing that same job for them. This needs to stop IMO.


“She is the epitome of a sore loser.” No, Mi’Lady, with all due respect, she is the epitome of pure power mad evil. She has looted and pillaged the Treasury of the Taxpayers and has become a parasite on Society. She has become the face of the worst enemy this Country has ever seen. Her and those like her. The scariest part is many of her enemies in her own party have even more evil plans for what was the greatest Republic the World has ever had.

The inherwebz are full of comments to the effect that the domestic enemies tweeted and bleated all summer on the right of “peaceful protest” while cities burned, stores were looted, and law officers gunned down as they tried to serve and protect. Then when they saw the torches, pitchforks, tar with feathers, and yes, ropes, coming their way, all of a sudden Trump was a Dictator and they needed armed troops to protect them. I find zero (0) humor in any of this and I have ZERO (0) phuques to give for at least 69% of our elected officials.

I will endeavor and I will persevere for the limited amount of time I have left. It is my grandchildren that I am concerned for. I really wanted them to grow old in the same Country with the same freedoms that I did. Alas, that’s not looking real good right now. For the ones saying, “We take back the House and the Senate in 2022, then we take back the White House in 2024.” Don’t think it’s gonna happen. I would really love to know what some of these NG Troops are thinking right now. I’m also curious as to how they will act when ordered to fire upon American Citizens.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

I’ll see your 69% (I see what you did there) and raise to 85% of our elected criminals in office that I have ZERO phuques to give.


If one is on the Book of Face, look for Allen West’s post of yesterday re: guns and God.

I like him more every year.


Too bad RA had to mention that Phuqing pile of feces, JEF.

Only Army Mom

The insidiousness of the Left…

Rowan Atkinson quoted Obama re:the response to false speech is more speech. Obama paraphrased and did not credit Justice Kennedy for that thought and phraseology. But, Kennedy was speaking about Stolen Valor, a topic and concept beyond the ken of Obama, it being about honor. As Obama was speaking, in the speech Atkinson referenced, to the UN there is no surprise he was not called out as that audience is as unfamiliar with honor as the speaker.


And, fictionally, as Dennis Leary put it: