Penn. lieutenant governor doesn’t know how the First Amendment works

| January 16, 2021

Penn Lt Gov John Fetterman

I’m really not sure why this fella’s official state photo looks like he’s in prison. Anyway, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Fetterman said yesterday in an interview that “lies” about the integrity of the election are not constitutionally protected speech. The First Amendment is explicitly about protecting political speech, whether that’s lies, damn lies, or statistics.

From FOX News;

“This idea that saying that Pennsylvania was ‘rigged’ or that we were ‘trying to steal the election,’ that’s a lie,” Fetterman told The Hill. “And you do not have the right, that is not protected speech.”

Fetterman argued that tweets by President Trump echoing the false claim should have been removed by Twitter “immediately” and insisted such an action was “not de-platforming” but rather “deleting lies that are yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater when there is none.”

“That is not protected speech,” Fetterman doubled down. “He can talk all day about what his favorite football team is or that he’s the greatest president in the history of the world, but no one — Republican, Democrat, or whatever — has the right to say those kind of incendiary lies.”

This guy must have taken constitutional law classes with Fredo “Show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful” Cuomo.

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The Other Whitey

Is that an official portrait or an Amber Alert?


Anton LaVey-wannabe.


Another keyboard ruined by spewed Co-cola.


Looks like a prison pic… or a cover shot for “Prison Bride Weekly”.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

You bet your life I’ll say the magic word fetterman or was that Fedderman. featherman could pass for a phony Navy Seal with that above picture with the bald head and the flag behind him.


Tonight on catch a predator.


In January 2013, while mayor, Fetterman came under fire for allegedly pointing a shotgun at an unarmed black man in Braddock. After hearing what he thought was gunfire, Fetterman got in his truck and pursued a jogger, Chris Miyares. The two dispute if the mayor did or did not aim the shotgun at his chest. Fetterman said he “believed [he] did the right thing”.


Free Speech is regurgitating the approved Party statements!

You are Free to speak as Authorized!


And cue our village idiot coming in to say ___________.

Amateur Historian

He’s on the other thread that’s about the militarization of Capitol Hill. He might come here later though. :/


I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting. That . . . “fine individual” almost never says anything when one of his Leftist fellow travelers steps on themselves by saying something monumentally stupid or factually incorrect. It’s almost like doing so would be against Party Doctrine and he fears potential repercussions.


Doesn’t matter if he is criminal or a politician they are one in the same now.

As far as knowing the first amendment he knows but he doesn’t care.


Bingo. Leftists’ way or no way, comrade!


Seems like I remember another dumbass named Fetterman that let his stupidity get the better of him. And no, it didn’t end well for that Fetterman either. History does have a way of repeating itself. Not saying there is a connection with the names, but think about names and how many act similarly. Just saying. Enjoy the linky and the History Lesson.

And, yeah…he does look like a thug…or molester…or…


He needs a “molestache” instead of the weird goatee he’s rockin’ to round-out the “progressive” dress-down look in the official portrait there.

Amateur Historian

Pfft hahaha…

Yeah, sure it isn’t protected speech lol. Also using the old canard of yelling fire in a crowded theater is rich.

There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.
-Thomas Jefferson

Amateur Historian

Quick question: Is the blog on Eastern time?

It’s 6 pm where I live, but my post come time stamped as 8 pm.

Amateur Historian



Anything Leftists do/say is automatically right and anyone who disagrees with it is “racist” deviant and must be punished, comrade!

Ain’t that right, Lars?



You mean Comrade Dumbkopf?

I’m betting he is the kind of officer we used to assign menial and unimportant jobs to so that he couldn’t screw the whole unit.


Well, yeah. I’ll bet if you told him “Hey, buddy, your fly’s up!” (to make him look) he’d go around wondering “What the heck do they mean by that?” all day.


PA resident here. Fetterman has only one thing on his agenda…legalizing recreational marijuana.

Amateur Historian

Says a lot about the man. Would say glad not to live there, but I live in Colorado. 🙁


Would be much better here if we could just give Philadelphia to New Jersey.


Worst of all of it here, left philadelphia, and now live in colorado.. our queen sure does love him some tyranny!


Exactly, I sent an email to this asshole about what he said but refrained from telling him wear a suit because he looked like a convict. He reminds me of a meth addict.


He looks like a regular user. I think he was high when he picked the clothes for that official pic.


With the exception of his baldness and soul patch-ish shit and then Billy Bob’s slight hair on top, I think this photo personifies this…


Looks Like Karl Childers from Sling Blade has put on some Weight…


And grew that ridiculous goatee without musthache.


A Ballduster Starter set on his chin…


he likes himself some potted meat…hmmmmmmmm


If lies are not protected speech, does this mean we can criminalise Stolen Valor again? 🤔


Shirt by Craftsman. Needs a pocket protector and tire pressure guage.

Hack Stone

Dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have.


This “learned and distinguished-looking individual” has obviously never read US v. Alvarez (2012), or failed miserably in comprehending same. Assuming, of course, that he has the mental capacity to read and understand it in the first place.

(I trust the sarcasm in the phrase in quotation marks above is obvious.)

E4 Mafia '83-'87

I bet Lars rubs one out to this guy every night thinking “Damn, this is a politician I can believe in”

Of course, this fuckstick was quite silent when Hillary and The DNC, The Leftist Media, and Democratic politicians from Wicked Witch Nancy all the way down.

Green Thumb

What a clown.

Felchin’ Fetterman here needs to resize some rectums.


Looks like he failed at Rumpringa and the family wouldn’t take him back.


Last time I saw a guy wearing that gray shirt, he was asking if I wanted him to check my oil.

Green Thumb

Get the windshield while you are it too….

Carlton G Long

One good thing about this fellow is that he never drags his feet.

But that’s only because he drags his knuckles.


He really looks like Michael Symon’s missing or extra chromosome, cro magnon brother…
comment image


The reason PA has Fetterman the goon,
is because his predecessor, LT Gov Mike Stack,
was in hot water for
1 – Running up the tab on bennies and hotels,
even though he had a (LT Gov) mansion provided by the state, and
2 – Verbally abusing LT Gov mansion staff.
Stack AND his wife are ugly peckers towards the help.

So, for re-election, Governor Wolf dumped Stack’s ass,
and chose a rural small town mayor (Fetterman).
2 more years of this leftwing nuttiness.


Isn’t it amazing how members of “the Party of the Little Guy” so often are revealed as treating them like shit.


2020 – Former Lt Gov Mike Stack split for California,
changed his look,
and started doing a standup comedy act.
And even in comedy, it’s still insults, and criticism.
All on the $5100/mo. dime of the PA taxpayer.


He never left comedy. He was lousy at it and moved.