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| January 8, 2021

North Korea’s Kim Il Jung, a/k/a Fatty Kim da T’ird, has indicated, in the course of his current party congress, that he wants to reduce “tensions” between his country and the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, he is also leery of Joe Biden as President, despite the rift that he opened between himself and Pres. Trump in 2019. He sees Biden as more radical and less trustworthy than Trump.

From the article:  In his opening-day speech, Kim admitted his previous economic plans had failed and vowed to adopt a new five-year development plan. On the second day of the meeting, he said he would bolster his country’s military capability.

Kim, who inherited power upon his father Kim Jong Il’s death in late 2011, turned 37 on Friday. His birthday hasn’t yet been designated a national holiday like his father’s and grandfather’s. KCNA said the congress would continue, suggesting it was having a fourth-day session on Kim’s birthday. – article

How odd: he’s afraid of the spread of capitalism, whereas his Chinese competitors have embraced it and prospered.

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When trump goes to the potty; lock the door and keep it locked for the next 12 days. You can feed him under the door.


Lars, is that you?

A Proud Infidel®™

I bet he knows that Biden will kowtow to whatever China wants him to and he’s completely dependent on China!


Dude North Korea manipulated Trump the entire fours years.

If Biden ever claims that he “loves” Kim Jon-Un and that he and Kim have “fantastic chemistry” and that Kim is a “great leader”…

You will have a damn aneurysm.

Yet, when Trump does it you all try to claim it is 5 dimensional chess.


KimCheese will reach out to DasHitlerBitch and promise a donation to the Klintoon Krime Kommittee as soon as she arranges for a few pallet loads of American Cash.

Two places daTrumpster screwed up. He shoulda locked that Bitch up when he was FIRST (ht 2 Sarge) was elected and he shoulda started building Trump Hotels on the beaches of NK.




Comment deleted.