Escape From New York

| December 23, 2020

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New York Governor Cuomo sings the same tune: the state will need to raise taxes again to meet its current budget deficit.

Cuomo left unspecified exactly which taxes would increase, and who is on tap to pay them. Aides remained mute on the subject, however layoffs and more borrowing will be options.

“New York is one of the highest taxed states in the nation, and raising taxes will result in the continuation of the exodus from this state,” Senate Minority Leader Robert Ortt, a Republican from Niagara County, said in a statement.

New York leads US in population drop, could lose House seat

New York has been losing locals since 2016

More residents escaped from New York over the last year than from any other state, according to estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Tuesday.

Some 126,355 people high-tailed it out of the Empire State between July 2019 and July 2020, a dip of 0.65 percent, the preliminary figures show.

New York has been losing locals since 2016, but the most recent drop was significantly larger than in years past.

Maryland demands a recount.
Not helping New York’s self-inflicted wounds, Big Business is voting with their feet as well. A big reason- the virus. A lot of employees are teleworking, and CEOs are questioning why big, expensive office buildings are really necessary. Finding no good reason, they pack up shop and move to states more business friendly.

Read the articles here: Fox News and here: Forbes

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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I heard that their were signs in Florida welcoming the fleeing new yaukers and asking them not to make Florida another new Yauk. This I heard on WFTL 850 AM Radio. I wonder if liberals are leaving or just republicans???

A Proud Infidel®™

During my days as a trucker I made many a run to upstate NY which is quite Red and where many truly wish to divorce the rest of that State from NYC much like Illinois would do with Chicago and Cook County!


Grew up downstate amongst the corn fields but later stationed 6 years in Chicago. Many referred Cook County as Crook County. There is a blues band and a clothing store that both have that as their name.

Green Thumb

Snake Plissken was the man.


I heard he was dead.


He reportedly escaped into and out of LA, so it is possible reports of his death were exaggerated.

AW1 Rod

If I didn’t still have relatives in New York, I’d never go back to that shithole.


Same deal


If you’re talking about NYC vice the state, AW1Ed, I agree with the characterization. It’s one of those classic “nice place to visit, but . . . ” – with the caveats (1) “Bring $$$$$$$$!” and (2) do your homework on where (and where not) to go beforehand.

There are still a few places in NYC I’d like to visit (or see again), but it will be a long time – and things will have to improve quite a bit – before I set foot in that location except possibly to change planes or trains.


“New York…could lose House seat”
Your Will be done….
Once the market accelerates towards her bottom faster-er, I will pull up a stake from the other Worse State of DisConnect I-cut-loose, b**chez!
See you in the Peach!


Plan on two to 2.5 years. Keep a weather eye on the markets. Not a joke.


Oh, I’m watching. The suppression of volatility has been fun for me lately.
I’m gonna keep averaging into/outta some awful ETF products, when this thing finally gets its due: MF payday!

It really sucks they did this to the free market.


Please please PLEASE stay in New York or California. To put it diplomatically: we don’t want you.

Although there may be an alternative… if they give up all rights to vote in perpetuity and get irreversibly spayed/neutered.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

There’s two New Yorks. One is new york city and the other is New York State and new york city is a city within the state of New York so they are part of New York state. I lived in Queens new york city then moved out to Long Island New York which is New York State. Go up north in New York State and your in gun country. new york city is the liberal problem city within the five boroughs.


Raising taxes to increase revenue is like screwing to increase virginity. Does not work, can not work.

The idea that raising tax rates raises tax revenue comes from the idea that the “rich” need to pay more.

the problem here is that the “rich” have investment option the working class does not have. One option is to simply move. Most working class people can not move without securing a job first. But if you are making money on wall street, you can move your residence at any time to any location. Which is why Miami is starting to become a new banking hub.

No matter the tax rate in the US or any state, tax revenue has held steady as a percentage of GDP over time. The only real solution to budget issues are to cut spending and economic growth.

But, politicians hate economic growth and love spending, so I don’t expect any government to ever address their budget problems.




Progtardism! But the place is falling apart!

MOAR Progtardism! Harder! -That- will fix it!


Reminds me of Phoenix/Tucson vs. Arizona. Is it possible that cities are shitholes because there are too many people in them. Are there too many people everywhere? Is there a saturation point?


Here’s what Andi “Nipple Rings” Cuomo wants to do if you’re a Bills fan and want to attend a home playoff game in Buffalo:


Escape from L.A ,,,ending and the ending makes sense current year.


Some of the Casa de Sparky Western Annex sites are in areas that are resembling ghost towns more than anything else.

One area I’m in has had a 50 percent reduction in population since 1970. Other areas haven’t fared much better.

When the dead outnumber the living, that’s never a good sign.

Top W Kone

I left New York in 2008 and did my “walk to freedom”.

I took a 3% pay cut but saw my take home go up by 11%.

I’m still taxed to much but am very happy for now.

I know I can move any time.


Andrew Yang plans to be a mayoral candidate, I hear. Bill TehBozo is term limited. Hopefully, the people of NYC are fed up, have hit rock bottom, and decide to do a 180 away from leftist mayors.


They won’t. They’re too damned stupid, and the tax base is leaving in droves.

Hack Stone

The upside of the virus is that companies see that they do not need to be located in New York to conduct business. Why put up with failing schools, rampant crime, Sky high rent for a studio apartment, taxes that keep going up, and being blamed for all the ills of the city that the Democrats heap on businesses? Relocate to somewhere that you are not made out to be the bad guy because you happen to be white, educated, a male and/or politically conservative. You have to give credit to Amazon, after the feces that AOC was flinging, they gave New York the proverbial finger and moved along. So New York lost the tax revenue from those Amazon employees, and all of the secondary businesses that would have supported the restaurants, dry cleaners, parking garages, janitorial services, security guards and maintenance workers do not have jobs. Democrats are doing a heck of a job.


Welcome South Bitches. Just don’t plan to vote down heah the way you voted up there. Got enough of them lying sumbeeches in the big cities of ALL the Southern States. If you decide you want to vote that-a-way, just remember…buzzards gotta eat…(ptui)…same as worms.