University of Texas Honors Disgraced Journalist

| December 16, 2020

In what seems like a bad joke, the University of Texas-Austin’s Moody College of Communications has named a journalism award after disgraced news anchor Dan Rather.

Rather, if you recall, was snookered by false documents that reflected badly on President G. W. Bush during his time in the Air National Guard.

Despite obvious inconsistencies Rather presented the documents as authentic, and defended them. Thus the phrase “fake but accurate” was coined.

University of Texas ripped as ‘Orwellian’ for naming journalism award after Dan Rather

‘Irony is dead, buried, and cremated’, remarked one social media critic
By David Rutz

The University of Texas was ridiculed Wednesday after its communications school announced a series of journalism awards named after disgraced former “CBS Evening News” anchor Dan Rather.

UT’s Moody College of Communication tweeted Wednesday that it was introducing “the Dan Rather Medals for News and Guts to recognize collegiate and professional journalists who overcome obstacles like stonewalling and harassment to speak truth to power.”

“Dan Rather is not only a legend — he’s the namesake of new awards honoring his career and the work of today’s journalists,” Moody College of Communication Dean Jay Bernhardt tweeted.

Hey, that’s great and all. Except for the “caught like an idiot, standing by the lie and getting shitcanned for it” part. Read the rest of the article here: Fox News

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Snookered, Or willing participant

Why not call it instead “Ministry of Truth”

Slow Joe

Brian Williams is asking when an journalist award is going to be named after him.


Iraqi anti-aircraft crews have a marksmanship award named after him.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Texas Tower shooting, August 1966

Slow Joe

“And there I was, riding in a Blackhawk with the 101st, when snapper fire took out the pilot and had to jump into the drivers seat and fly the shopper upside down until we crash landed in a rice paddy full of exploded munitions.”


Phuque Heem! I say we do an official FOIA on that lying, embellishing sack of sh^t Dan Rather and then convey an award of the Hemisphere of Insults. That’s the only award that spapos deserves.

Can I get a SECOND and an AYE?


Aye, aye, and seconded. But I think Jon did a FOIA on him years ago. I think that is where we obtained the info for the infamous Gunga Dan line of 110 or 111 days of AD in the Corps before he was sent home.


I don’t know if we here at TaH ever had the files in hand, but we reported on the work of friends in the stolen valor biz.


Yes, and that post contained Burkett’s work contained in his Chapter in “Stolen Valor” on Rather’s CBS production “The Wall Within.” Even Wikipedia notes that Rather did not complete boot camp and was sent home from San Diego.

Oh, and for you squids, you’ll like knowing that one of Gunga Dan’s interviewee’s for the CBS special was a fake “sixteen year old SEAL” who claimed many harrowing missions and kills but was in fact an “internal communications repairman” at the NSAD in Qui Nhon. “Steve” ended his Navy service in the brig in the PI for multiple AWOLs.


Just a note that KoB did give me an alert on this and I see e have a Second and an “AYE” from the same, but not technically another AYE vote, HOWEVER, with the other A Proud Infidel®™ throwing down the “SHIT ON Dan Rather” abd Berliner giving a Second, that’s more than enough cause to drop the HoI on Dan.
Please to be giving me probably today and tomorrow to look at all the links and appropriately edit the HoI for deployment.
Think of my other job as Munitions Systems Specialist career field, AFSC 2W0X1, previously 461X0, commonly referred to as AMMO, (as a TAH honorary, like getting a DR/PhD from a university but I’m awarding this to myself so I acknowledge that here, due to my build and care of the HoI. )
Anyway, I’ll be working it and when you see 4 or 5 comment drops from me on the Main, there it will be. Maybe tonight, we’ll see.
Ciao bella


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The Hemisphere of Insults®™
(aka, “This Ain’t Hell” Thesaurus)
Wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A Proud Infidel®™

SHIT ON Dan Rather.


Seconded. The appropriate place for that award would be in a homeless camp portapotty.


Texas of all places too
What a damn shame


Austin. Says it all. In Texas, intellectually speaking when you flush Austin is the destination. Houses both the Legislature AND UT.


My dad is a UT grad. He was a proud “Texas Ex” guy for decades. He stopped giving them money a long time ago because he saw how far off the rails they went.

AW1 Rod

Austin is a putrescent Libtard shithole, which… an untreated, festering pus pocket…..grows larger with every passing year.


And you just got added to the The Hemisphere of Insults®™

” untreated, festering pus pocket ”

I love its simplicity.


Way back in 2004 when Downhome Dannie was doing his aw shucks schtick with his phony country expressions, I slapped together this parody for American Thinker. Maybe it’s time to dust it off. Now that I think about it, it sounds like somethin’ KoB might have written for TAH, hmm? The Road Less Graveled Y’all know what we all been thinkin’ out here in Texas, Dan, since you started all this foolishness? We think y’all been whizzin’ down our necks an’ tellin’ us it’s rain for so long that you boys done got to believin’ it yourselves. Heck, we think maybe you been back East so long you got yourself thinkin’ us folks out here couldn’t hit sand if we fell off our horses; couldn’t hit water if we fell outta the boat. Danged if you ain’t been treatin’ us like you think we got squirrels swimmin’ in our gene pools or sumthin.’ You need to remind yourself that a tree don’t ever get too big for a short dog to lift his leg on, Dan. Bout them documents bein’ genuine; well, hells—bells, Danny Boy, Grannie’s glasses are so thick, when she looks at a bare wall she sees folks wavin’ at her, an’ even she can tell them memos are bout as phony as hips on a rattlesnake. We’re startin’ to think your brain done got harder than a woodpecker’s lips if you can’t see that. As far as that story ’bout George an’ his National Guard duty, looks to us like you’re tryin’ to put wheels on a cow an’ call it a dairy truck. Then you go pokin’ up her butt hopin’ you’re gonna find ice cream. Besides, ever time you durn fools put that picture of young George in his flyboy outfit on the TeeVee, ol’ Jane Fonda loses another herd of her Vagina Voters. Hell, Charlene says that sweet boy’s purtier than my new tangerine metalflake bass boat. Well, Danny, you still ain’t lost all your redneck habits; you boys took one pickup load to the dump an’ come back with two. Dadgummit, Dan, where… Read more »


And yet again, We all stand in awe of the Poetrooper!



“speak truth to power.”

This saying has become code to announce oneself as a raging, incurable imbecile.


More like “fake but accurate”


The Bush story was not Gunga Dan’s first fraudulent story about someone’s service. In 1988 he aired a special called “The Wall Within” where he interviewed six supposed Vietnam combat vets. They claimed they had witnessed many war crimes; two even said they had murdered innocent civilians. It was another Winter Soldier fable. Two of the six men had never even served in Vietnam, and only one had ever served in a combat unit. They were all later proven to be liars.

There should be a special place in hell for Dan Blather and his ilk in the media.


Nah. Nothing special. Just another one in gen-pop.

Worse that way, eh?


He and John Kerry can tell some whoppers.


For clarification, in case anyone might misinterpret 26L’s comment above: Dan Rather and John Kerry DID tell some whoppers. And they profited greatly from doing so.




After Lurch left the Navy and decided to run for political office, he wanted to run as a war hero, like JFK. But his college buddy, who was a Masshole political consultant, told him that wouldn’t sell, what with all the public anti-war sentiment in Taxachussetts. So, Skerry decided he would be anti-war. It was the key to getting his mug on TV and in the papers. And the rest is history.


Hysterical, but meaningful as well.

Dan Rather was the prototype for the current generation of TV personalities who speak power to truth as acolytes and Clerisy for the high church of Mao.

So it makes sense that they would want to honor such people with a “Just like Dan” award.


Makes sense if your goal is to teach students how to advance an agendas instead of teaching them how to ferret out facts to report them.

This sort of foolishness may have something to do with why so many of us fail to tune in for the daily dose of indoctrination.

Austin – keeping it strange?


My friend would always say he would rather his kids grow up to be porn stars rather than journalists.

Forest Bondurant

Shitbag lying journalists (and those who teach future shitbag journalists to lie) honoring Dan Rather, who is a shitbag luying journalist himself?

Sounds about right. UT Austin is just keeping up with the progressive agenda.