Airman wins Alaska beauty pageant

| December 2, 2020

SSgt Elizabeth McJannet-Bratton

She’s an Alaska Air National Guard NCOIC for in-bound cargo, she’s beautiful, and she has huge…reserves of talent.

Staff Sergeant McJannet-Bratton, pictured above, won the Miss Alaska Collegiate title recently. Her platform was “Combat boots to high heels” which “underscored her lifelong conviction that women can pursue careers in defense and in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, without sacrificing a sense of femininity.”

There’s apparently somewhere in the country that people are telling girls that they can’t be smart and pretty.

The Airman said the platform that she would stick with throughout her pageant career, the platform that would ultimately propel her to be crowned Miss Alaska Collegiate arose out of a conversation she had with her sister’s friends growing up.

One friend expressed interest in being a biologist. Another replied that science was no profession for aspiring young women.

“‘I don’t want to do that, that’s for nerds, not pretty girls,’” McJannet-Bratton recalled one of the friends saying during the conversation.

“No!” the Airman exclaimed. “You can do both of them. Do whatever you want and don’t let some outside perception change what you want to do.”

I look to be quite a bit older than Ms. McJannet-Bratton and never heard such a thing in my lifetime, but maybe Alaska is different. I happen to know many intelligent, educated females who are also physically attractive. Don’t see why they have to be mutually exclusive traits. I digress. Her message is that you can do and be anything you want, which is a good message.

Source; Air Force

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  1. Claw says:

    Nice BCG’s. And Mason, you should have put yours on, cause you misspelled “pageant” in the headline./smile

    • AW1Ed says:

      Today “Beat Up On TAH Staff Day” and I missed the memo?


      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Just practicing for the beating up that (GO) ARMY is going to be doing to (BEAT) NAVY on Saturday 12 Dec 2020. It is anticipated that (BEAT) Navy’s offence AND defense will make even more tactical/strategic errors on the field as have been made by the poor overworked TAH Eds/Admins, giving (GO) ARMY the WIN! (gun bunny dodging a thrown bottle of correction ink as he runs down the hall laffing!)

        gabn/hbtd/rtr (ninja, you’re up!)

        • ninja says:


          AW1Ed has NEVER lost that lovin feeling for us…😉

          Eventually, he will break away from the Dark Side Where The Goat Lurks…and join the winning team comprised of the Mule and Black Knight….😎

          Yep, Claw is indeed the PERFECT Supply Daddy. Get one NSN Number wrong on a requisition and POOF!!! Army unit may end up with a Navy Anchor…(I think that is what happened at Fort Carson in the 1980s?)..

          Mason, Thank You for sharing that inspiring story about Staff Sergeant McJannet-Bratton..Beauty and Brains DO exist!


          GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!!!



          • ClawDaddy says:

            Yep, that’s what happened. One incorrect number on a requisition for an infrared headlight for the M60 Tank and Ft. Carson got a boat anchor./smile

            • ninja says:

              Thank You, Claw, for verifying!

              Here is the original story published by the AP in 1985:

              “Army Unit Gets 14,500-Pound Anchor By Mistake”


              • ClawDaddy says:

                Yep, the NSN for what they wanted was 6240-00-368-4972.

                What they got was 2040-00-368-4772.

              • Claw says:

                Yeah, nice cover-up story there by the AP. The requisition wasn’t submitted by the 704th MSB, it came out of 6/32 Armor and if you were there on Carson at the time (like I was) and followed the trail, it showed that the repair parts system broke down at four critical junctures. Holy Hell was raised throughout the Division and a couple of heads rolled because of it.

                But, anyway, nice fluff piece by the media./s

                • ninja says:


                  Thank You for sharing “The Rest of the Story” since you were at Carson when this “Boo-Boo” actually happened.

                  • Claw says:

                    ninja, if you want to read the “real” story, just type in “Who ordered the anchor?” into any AlGoreNet search box and go to the article (written by COL (Ret) Neal H. Bralley listed at

                    There’s the real story./s

                • Claw says:

                  Oh, and just to clarify, the “heads that rolled” were “heads” (if you catch my drift./s) at the DMMC who had shut-off the computer parameters cause it made extra work for them./s

  2. FuzeVT says:

    In 24 years in the Marine Corps (4 reserve, 20 active) I saw a few beauties. I don’t know that they would have been Ms Alaska worthy, but still very attractive. As for conduct toward them, I figured there had to be some reason every drill instructor and every troop handler (instructor) at MCT said “Don’t mess with the WMs”. I heeded their advice (especially in the beginning – the mid to late 90s).

    • OldCorpsTanker72 says:

      The DIs referred to female Marines as “WMs”??? Even in the 90s??? Thank goodness I got out when I did, back in the days of WACs, WAFs, and BAMs.

      • FuzeVT says:

        Not totally tracking. Do you mean it was enlightened of them to call them WMs or that you can’t believe they got away with it in the 90s? It was one of those accepted terms, but on the cusp of being impolite when I came in. that attitude changed over time as it was deemed politically incorrect and got more and more vorbotten over time. The young ‘uns now a days probably haven’t ever heard the term. They’d die if I dropped BAM on them!

  3. KoB says:

    Who says guys don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses? Honey Hush. Put a weapon in her hand and BOOM…We gots us a Sunday Morning AW1Ed Ms Thang Gunz Girl FGS. Girls can be pretty AND smart. I’ve never dated or married a fugly girl and they showed their smarts by saying “Yes, that sounds nice.” And stay one step ahead of our beloved IDC SARC (daHell he been lately?), and at the risk of pissing off her husband(?), I’d hit it! And, yes, some of her talents are obviously on display.

    We had some female outside plant/service technicians at the phone factory. Most were fairly attractive and competent at their jobs. Several would specifically wear nail polish so when they cleaned their hands after a particularly nasty job, it would remind them that, yes, they were still girls.

    Some of you airedales are aware that many of the Air Force Flight Crews no longer refer to it as a “cockpit”, but more so as a “box office.”

  4. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    She’s definitely a looker… the glasses give her that “naughty librarian” look (think Dorothy Malone in “The Big Sleep”).

  5. Green Thumb says:


    Thought feminists hated beauty pageants.


  6. ChipNASA says:


    Ahem, this young lady is part of the 176th Logistics Readiness Squadron, and the operative word here is “CARGO!!!”

    That’s kinda like saying “GUN” or “TUBE” or “ROUND” when speaking ARTS to 5th/77th FA or to the other KOB or any of you other grunty folks here.
    NOW, that being said, there are a bunch of folks in the PRS including Transportation, Distribution, Management & Systems, Fuel Management, Logistics Plans and Aerial Port,

    NOW (again with that), not knowing this lovely lady’s particular AFSC ( the AF MOS type) BUT having worked a LOT with “CARGO” in my career, I have been at the TMO, the inbound and outbound and household goods warehouse and the aerial port part where the cargo goes to get loaded onto aircraft (or downloaded) and the Pax and whatever, SO, it’s going to be greatly assumed that since it’s not management and fuels and such, I’ve touched, handled, lifted, groped, caressed, carried, leaned on, laid on, pushed, banged, piled up, piled on, climbed up upon, gracefully jumped upon, crawled over and just about anything your sick, twisted demented minds can figure out, I’ve done with this woma…, I mean, cargo and stuff like that.

    I’m VERY proud to call this bad ass girl my sister in arms and my side by side NCOIC…


    (Nice tatas~~!)

    If I typo, then fuck it, my fingers are fat and I can’t brain thinking about reenlisting or something…I’d give up a few stripes to go to Alaska again….Elmendorf in 1999 was one of the closest times I’ve come to consummating an annual two week tour TDY….alas, it was not to be.
    <b. HI TATIANA and 4th AVE ANCHORAGE!!! (No, NOT a "PRO", a local waitress..")

    Anyway….what the HELL was I saying….????

  7. ChipNASA says:

    I said I’d typo….LRS, Logistics Readiness Squadron.and fuck html not closing the “i” tag.

  8. 26Limabeans says:

    So she’s into straps and buckles….cool.

  9. MI Ranger says:

    We in the Intelligence field have always been known for our incredible assets! The MWR on Camp Victory by our Barracks (affectionately known as Area 51) was always packed for “Salsa” night. They even played music! Of course that all went away when locals started running in to crowded places with suicide vests!

    Who would have thought that packed party places in a war zone would be targets!?

    I also remember reading in the Stars-n-Stripes that some young ladies from units in Wiesbaden made the Cheerleading squad when the Frankfurt Galaxy first started. I would later get an ear full about that when I joined the MI ranks and was assigned there! My first Company Commander, who could easily have won pageants herself but was not interested, told me all about the humiliation she endured as a 1LT/CPT and the three others were practicing their routines at Hohenfels during exercises!

  10. MI Ranger says:

    Congrats to the young Airman, with fine assets!

  11. USAFRetired says:

    I remember Miss Kansas a couple years ago was an ARNG NCO when she competed in Miss America contest annd 10-15 years ago Miss Utah was not only a GI but had served as a Medic in Afghanistan on deployment and was a military brat to boot.

  12. Mike B USAF Retired says:

    On extreme side, there was an AF TI that was in Playboy, then SSgt Michelle Manhart (06), and a Navy pilot also in Playboy then Lieutenant Frederica Spilman (98).

    I remember the cheerleaders for the Galaxy’s. I was stationed at Rhein Main at the time.

  13. Thunderstixx says:

    Having a beautiful daughter in the military is a curse all on its own.
    I’m hoping that this beautiful young lady had a much better experience than my 100% DAV Daughter did…