I thought social workers were the answer?

| November 29, 2020

Kristin Benson

From KOMO news;

Case worker ID’d after being fatally stabbed by resident at Belltown apartment building

A man accused of stabbing a woman to death Monday morning at an apartment building in Seattle’s Belltown area waived his right Tuesday to appear in court as prosecutors laid out some details of what happened during the violent attack.

Hans Dewey Van-Belkum, 58, remained at the King County Jail without bond on Tuesday in connection with the slaying of Kristin Benson, who worked as a housing case manager for the company that managed the building. The suspect is expected to return Wednesday to court, where he could be formally arraigned.

Officers and medics responded to the Scargo-Lewiston apartment building near 1st Avenue and Blanchard Street, at about 10:45 a.m. Monday after receiving reports of a stabbing at the residential mid-rise, which houses people who were formerly homeless.

When police arrived, they found Benson suffering from severe knife puncture wounds, investigators said. Police and medics tried to save her life but she died at the scene, authorities have said.

Police said Van-Belkum lived in the building but initially fled from the scene after the attack. He was arrested later in the day after an hours-long search.

He was taken into custody in Seattle just before 4 p.m. Monday, police said.

There’s more at the source. She seems to have been a magnificent person who always helped people. She is said to have been well liked by the residents of the building. As for motive? The guy is thought to have been mistakenly under the impression his Social Security benefits were being taken away.

This is a truly heartbreaking story, but it highlights why police end up dealing with people with severe mental illness. They can be dangerous and prone to irrational violence. Dealing with this guy is exactly the type of non-violent, mentally unstable person that results in a 911 call that the left would prefer to send in a social worker like Ms. Benson.

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This article does not tell that it was very near a triple murder. A coworker came in on Benson being stabbed and our mental subject chased her down the hall but slipped and fell. She got to a locked office. He went back to Benson and finished her off and left the knife behind in the victims back. He then assaulted a third worker on the way out.

All this was caught on security cameras.

Expect to see many more of these and not whisper from BLM, unless they want to talk about knife control.


It furthers the breakdown so our society can be replaced with Marxism.

It is what “we are trained Marxists” do.


The dreaded “mental aided” call always had two cars assigned w/police ambulance – and usually, two other RMP’s would show up to assist (if available) since that type of assignment was ALWAYS unpredictable and inherently dangerous.


Sending social workers to “domestic violence” calls will run up the corpse count quickly.





5th/77th FA

DaHell was Larsie boi when he was needed? Still slurping up on a cream pie somewhere? This is the kind of case he is always screeeing about and one that he should be specific for. After all, he has mental issues, claims to be adept in social work, a trained LEO, AND has specialized weapons training…with a Civil Affairs background. /s/

Instead we have a supposed nut case that may and/or may not become a ward of the taxpayer, at a cost of possibly $100K a year, a young Lady taken from her family and friends, forever, and another example that you can only help people that will try and help themselves. “Suffered from chronic homelessness.” Bull Cookies! Let’s just hope that this tool has not spawned anymore like himself and he will be kept away from the gene pool.


After all, he has mental issues, claims to be adept in social work, a trained LEO, AND has specialized weapons training…with a Civil Affairs background

‘Cause he slept at a Holiday Inn last night!


That young woman has my sympathy. I know she meant well, and the other one was trying to help her, but the guy was out of control and this is the result. He should not be outside a jail cell, period.


[…] one to grow on: This ain’t Hell…. thought that social workers were the answer. […]


Sometimes the best social workers are descendants of Saint John Moses Browning.


LOL…and their transfusions are a minimum of 9mm.

Old tanker

I saw a saying about something like this. “Even God armed His angels as He knows that you cannot vanquish evil with good thoughts and nonviolence”.

The stupid mental disorder called liberal thinking is sweeping across the nation and we are in for a rough time until it passes or the stupid liberals are all victims of their own machinations.


Blue State social workers begin demanding pay and benefits equal to law enforcement in…3…2…1


Don’t be silly. Many already make a lot more.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m wondering if we’ll soon hear form leftietards to ban knives and sharp insttuments along with turn-in boxes on street corners like they have in [formerly] Great Britain? The left didn’t do anyone any favors when they went on a rampage shutting mental Hospitals down in the 60’s and 70’s!


They often blame Reagan for that…


It was the Kennedys. After the Rosemary affair they made it their mission to shut down mental health in the US. Guilt is a powerful motivator.


If you look at a rundown of Congress and state governors over those years following JFK, one party dominates all three areas.

I always remind those people that POTUS has no say in the opening or closing of a STATE hospital.

Another big impetus was when Carter did dictate through labor laws that patients who were doing work around such hospitals should be paid at least minimum wage. I can’t argue with that, and don’t want to. I think he was right about that.

It did cause a lot of them to suddenly get ‘better,’ and be discharged. Soon after we had more street people.

Just An Old Dog

We don’t need Social Workers with zero police training sent out to answer calls about people with mental issues causing disturbances.
We need POLICE OFFICERS with training in handling people with Mental issues in the Forces.
I saw a great video about a MHRU that is being used in Austin.
When there is an issue with a Person undergoing Mental distress that may turn violent they come in an unmarked car in plain clothes and just talk to the person, They tell them there is no rush and they will sit with them all day if they need to. They are remarkably effective.