Are Washington, Jefferson statues next?

| November 28, 2020

I’m going to violate Betteridge’s Law of Headlines once again. As we know, Trump rhetorically asked this question within the context of the attack on Confederate monuments. He did so three years ago. That’s not a long time, but the anarchists, Marxists, and Democrats who have allied in their goals to “change America” as Senator Schumer (D-NY) said recently are now attacking Washington and Jefferson statues. Trump called it. Again.

Toppled Washington statue in Minneapolis – “Genocidal maniac” is written by Washington’s name. (Photo credit Star Tribune)

The latest comes from Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Park Police are investigating after a pair of historic statues were vandalized, and one of them toppled Thursday in what may have been part of a national demonstration in support of Indigenous people.

Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) spokesperson Dawn Sommers says she learned about the damage caused to statues in Washburn Fair Oaks Park and BF Nelson Park late yesterday afternoon. A parks employee called in when they discovered The Pioneers statue had been painted with graffiti.

Officials soon discovered that the George Washington statue in Washburn Fair Oaks Park had also been vandalized, including being painted with the words land back. The statue was then toppled, and broken into parts.

The #landback campaign is an Indigenous movement against white supremacy and for Indigenous food sovereignty, housing, and clean air and water.

The activist group Unicorn Riot posted a story online claiming that the vandalism was the work of an “autonomous direct-action affinity group organizing under the Pan-Indigenous People’s Liberation (PIPL) network,” which was partly in response to the callout for a national decolonial day of action.

USA Today reports that similar vandalism was done to monuments in Chicago, Portland and Spokane. At this time it is unclear whether the action in Minneapolis was part of a nationwide coordinated effort.

Sommers says park maintenance crews will be heading out this morning to inspect the damage and determine if the George Washington statue can be put back together and righted. She tells KARE 11 that the MPRB has heard concerns from community members about the content and subject matter of the Pioneers statue.

“The MPRB is working together with the community to address and respond using a racial equity lens to determine next steps,” Sommers said in a written statement. “This spring, a sign was placed near the statue stating this information and inviting people to share their thoughts or be part of framing new directions.”

Earlier this fall demonstrators pulled down and damaged a statue of Christopher Columbus on the grounds of the Minnesota State Capitol. A man claiming to be associated with the American Indian Movement (AIM) was criminally charged in that incident.

Pioneers monument vandalized with blood red paint (Photo credit KARE11)

Source; KARE 11

Don’t worry though. The Minneapolis City Council is hard at work to rectify the public safety crisis in the city. As shootings, carjackings, and murders have soared, the council stands ready with the answer. City “leadership” is working to cut $8 million from the police department’s budget. 

The police department is authorized 888 officers. They started the year with 874. Forty officers have since left the department and a whopping 121 are on some form of leave. That puts them just over 20% below authorized strength. Those kinds of staffing issues will only compound, particularly when the city is clearly not supporting the officers.


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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Statues can be replaced.

    This is all about “LOOK AT MEEEEEE!” and not much more. They just don’t want to get caught and punished for it, that’s all.

    I suggest loading a hot-wire to the statues from now on so that when these spoiled brats decide to let us know that they are truly idiots, they get zapped for their efforts. Just my view….

  2. Sapper3307 says:

    Anybody see the minivan vs 30+ ton marble statue?
    It looked panful.

  3. Only Army Mom says:

    I am beginning to believe that every time someone says, something can’t be allowed to happen, things can’t get worse, or what next, the Universe responds with, “hold my beer”.

    It certainly explains 2020.

  4. 5th/77th FA says:

    I stated, publicly, back in ’95/’96, when the push to bring the Olympics to Atlanta included talk of destroying or covering The Stone Mountain Memorial with a canvas, that this would not stop with all things Confederate. And that if the disparaging of the Saint Andrew’s Cross/Battle Flag of the ANV was allowed to go forward, The US Flag and the Christian Flag/Religion would be next.

    Welp, here we are, 20 some odd years later and the March of Destruction on the History and primary Culture of the United States continues, unabated and with a vengeance. Starting to make Sherman’s March look like a simple case of malicious trespass, even tho he was making war on defenceless women and innocent children. These uneducated morons, that have NO home training, are like that bully was, attacking something that wasn’t and couldn’t do them any harm.

    The only thing that I see in this country that is systemic is teh stoopid. The longer this is allowed to go on, the worse it is going to get.

    • Sparks says:

      I agree. If this continues, all I see are that ALL historic statues and symbols will be removed or abolished. They will be replaced with the likes of Che, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, the Chicago Seven, Patrisse Cullors.

      That is of course unless some common sense prevails (not likely) and rule of law is applied (neither very likely) and these vandals are prosecuted.

      If they want things removed, apply through lawsuits, and have the courts decide. Until then…


  5. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    As I see it, it’s mobs of indoctrinated mush-heads who ONLY do what their handlers and herders tell them. They have no minds of their own because they’ve been fed so much propaganda to the point where they are incapable of thinking for themselves not unlike the meathead from UC Berzerkely who proves me right on that point time after time. The vast majority of them have never truly provided for themselves or contributed to Society, they’re simply parasites who consider themselves entitled to what others have earned like the dweeb who has gone into a six figure sum of student loan debt to earn a degree in something like Lesbian Dance Studies and suddenly thinks that he/she/it/whatever is automatically owed a six digit salary along with a nice home in Country Club Hills!