Special Air Service Regimental Woes

| November 21, 2020

Special Air Service

Australian Special Air Service members have allegedly committed 39 murders in Afghanistan, after the findings of an exhaustive defense inquiry exposed a “culture of cover-ups and deceit.”

After a four year investigation, the Special Air Service Regiment’s Second Squadron will be disbanded. This is based on findings of a “warrior-hero” culture that contributed to criminal conduct, including unlawful killings.

LC sends:

Australian soldiers could face prosecution, have medals stripped as SAS squadron disbanded

By Nick McKenzie, Anthony Galloway and Chris Masters

Australian special forces soldiers allegedly committed 39 murders in Afghanistan, and 19 current or former soldiers will face possible prosecution and the stripping of their medals after the findings of an exhaustive defense inquiry exposed a culture of cover-ups and deceit.

The Special Air Service Regiment’s second squadron will be disbanded following the damning findings of a “warrior-hero” culture that contributed to criminal conduct, including unlawful killings.

Compensation will be paid to Afghan families whose loved ones were most likely murdered by special forces soldiers. Most of these alleged murders involved prisoners who had been captured or subdued. Some were allegedly handcuffed and then shot dead.

The majority of the blame has been laid on non-commissioned officers of the SAS who allegedly demanded junior soldiers “blood” themselves by shooting unarmed prisoners, and then planted weapons to cover up these crimes, while falsifying reports about what happened.

The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald have previously reported that one of the key focuses of the inquiry was war hero and Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith. The Federal Court heard recently that then Chief of Defence Force, Mark Binskin, referred the former SAS soldier to the police in 2018 and that the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions is now considering whether to charge him.

Starting to sound familiar? LC has sent us more:

‘They are not one of us’ SAS

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Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it?

Not that long ago, western nations shot on sight/capture those deemed “spies and saboteurs” fighting not in uniform.

Those are the rules.

“On combat operations, we were forced to sacrifice many of our technological advantages over highly adaptive adversaries who knew no rules or bounds.”

USMC Steve

That is exactly correct. The last Geneva accords specifically defined what an illegal combatant was. The US didn’t treat them as the accords allowed because we had that marvelous Law of Land Warfare composed by lawyers who were as REMF as it comes. I don’t know if the Aussies have that too or not.

5th/77th FA

No way, no how Imma gonna second guess ANY warrior that takes out a suspected bad guy. Exhaustive interviews? Who really knows. You dig deep enough you gonna find something that may appear to be “sketchy” on anybody.

Guilty of being a bad guy? Innocent of being a bad guy? Wrong place at the wrong time? Bad apples in the barrel gone bad? The fog of war? How about that the military is made up of a cross reference of society as a whole and has members that represent that? And we can always go with the tried and true standbys…Sh^t happens and better him than me…when in doubt kill ’em all let God sort them out.



“Most of these alleged murders involved prisoners who had been captured or subdued. Some were allegedly handcuffed and then shot dead.”

Those are NOT the rules. Well, not OUR rules.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Well, there goes the recruiter enlistments off the cliff. Why should anyone (semi intelligent) want to enlist when after doing their duty for God and country, they come home and are arrested and pre-tried for doing what Teh Gooberment trained them to do?


The government did not train them to kill prisoners. On the contrary, the government told them that killing prisoners is murder. They were warned.

“Well, there goes the recruiter enlistments off the cliff.”

You say that like it is a bad thing. If anybody declines to join the military because they won’t get a license to kill untermenschen, that is a good thing.

Slow Joe

Did they kill women and children?
Then what the fuck are we talking about.

Fuck you, Australian gruberment.
I hope you have fun when the chicoms rape the shit out of you.

Political correctness is going to be the death of the West.


Just another example of rules made by effing prog lawers, some of whom wear a military uniform but have never fired a shot in combat.


The first rule of war is there are no rules.


There especially shouldn’t be any rules when you are fighting savages who follow no rules and routinely murder women and children on purpose.


The concept of “laws and customs of war”, and practical application, is covered extensively and thoroughly in (LTC retired) Tom Kratman’s “Carrera” series. Book 1 “a Desert Called Peace” is currently available as free e-book. Books 1 and 2 “Carnifex” are essential. The others are well worth the read. Entertaining in spades and educational in several other suits.

There are laws and customs of war, that serve good purpose. There are progressives and other hostile foreign powers that seek defeat of freedom and our civilization through lawfare and more treacherous means. Free men can and should defeat those enemies, and can use the laws and customs of war to do so. Knowledge is Victory.

Have fun.

(Not responsible for any stroke-related injuries or snowflake meltdowns. Your sacred cow may be barbequed. I double-dog-dare you. Don’t skip “The Amazon Legion”. Heh)


No video’s
No photo’s
Bring a shovel
No talking.

Slow Joe

Yeah, but someone always talks.
Rule number one:
There are no secrets in the Army.
One day one of the dudes is going to try to impress a girl, or try to get out of legal trouble blaming teh PTSDs, or got drunk and started talking shit, or maybe even took the blue pill and felt terrible for all the good deeds he did fighting for his country, but someone will ALWAYS talk.

Therefore, I strongly recommend to follow the rules and regulations of your country, and never engage in stupid shit. It is not worthy.

If the stupid lawers want us to do catch and release, by all means, the more targets the next time, and make sure you feed them to the worms before they can surrender, because after they become EPWs, that’s it, you cannot shoot the bastards.

Slow Joe

Another point that has been bothering me about this story:

What kind of stupid initiation is to shoot a fucking prisoner?
Any mofer can shoot fish in a barrel.

The only real initiation is when you pop your cherry in combat, when the enemy shoots at you trying to kill you, but you drop him first and accomplish your mission.

The fact that these Aussie SFs dudes felt the need to prove that their new guys were willing to turn off the power switch of hajj tell us more of the pussification of Australia in specific and the West in general, than anything else.

What a bunch of stupid mofers.


Sounds Familiar…Kinda like whats happening with LEO’s in the U.S….

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Had a retired NYPD LEO that came to work with us after he put in his 20 and was telling me that his brother said that when they liberated a concentration camp during WW2, the Army camera man followed the guys inside the buildings and as soon as they came across any un armed guard, the camera man stopped filming while the guard/guards were shot on the spot right where they were standing. I mentioned once before that when I was on the boarding and salvage party, I was told to shoot anyone that gave me a ration of shit. This came up after I asked the GM1 when I would have to use the Carbine. The two thing I talked about were in different eras where today it would be a no go with video cameras and ship mates who couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Turns out we never boarded a ship to salvage. That’s the way it was.


Those “concentration camp guards” who were shot by American heroes at Dachau had been there for a total of three days prior to the Americans’ arrival. An SS officer and a scraped-together battalion of (mostly invalid/recovering) German troops were dispatched to the camp to guard it after the regular guards had fled, as security had to maintained b/c of the typhus epidemic that had ravaged the place. The Americans even dragged recovering patients out of the camp dispensary, lined them up and shot them before a colonel managed to get the massacre stopped. I’m sure some of those GI’s received a hero’s welcome when they arrived home, replete with their telling of the battlefield exploits whole showing off their souvenirs. There’s something seriously wrong with someone who shoots prisoners, I don’t care how much “combat” they’ve seen or how many “medals” they have.


killing those already captured…no room for that.

In the execution of the tactical operation things happen so fast that there has to be considerable consideration given to both the “fog of war” that occurs at all levels, and to mistakes driven by the stress and speed of the environment.

That said, once the mistakes are discovered, sunlight is the only remedy. Attempting to cover things up cannot work, ever.

What this really teaches us is that three people can only keep a secret if two are dead…


so what is the difference between an elite unit of soldiers and a bunch of gang-bangers who kill someone as a gang initiation? If the Crips and the Bloods learn to rappel, parachute, and run marathons would that make them an elite unit too?