Weekend Open Thread

| December 4, 2020

A meme that I put together. Nebuchadnezzar, his idol statue, and his furnace… metaphoric for something that keeps happening. Enjoy your weekend.

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Hack Stone

Hack Stone would like to take this opportunity to claim First Post for The This Ain’t Hell Weekend Open Thread for Friday December 4, 2020 but realizes that the fake media and their coconspirators have rigged the the thread posting through the means of manipulating network access. Under no circumstances will Hack Stone concede not be granted the highly coveted and rarely awarded First Post Of Weekend Open Thread. You can expect to settle this issue in court, most likely the food court at Pentagon City Mall.

Hack Stone

The people have spoken.


That was Hack Stone in the yellow wig moving ballets on T.V,,, I seen it!
Change my mind.

Hack Stone

We all know that the election results all come back to the mailboxes, specifically those mailboxes with missing doors.


Is that convicted felon mailbox that votes?

Hack Stone

First post twice in one year. 2020 is looking good.

5th/77th FA

Meh, when you can show up with the documented claim of a 3 in a row 3 pete FIRST in one week, THEN you can possibly make some type of vainglorious attempt ay chest thumping. And meeting in a Food Court? For refreshments for the greatest bunch of miscreanted d’weeds, brigands, REMFs, Feather Merchants, Warriors, and Ne’er-do-Wells? ?!?DaHell?!? The Crown of FIRST just a’laying there, in the open, unguarded, next to a Bottle of Crown I may add, and you are inviting us to a Food Court? Why I never! Bet that in addition to no good snacky stuff, there won’t be any decent seegars to smoke either. No wonder the mailbox don’t have a door. And the Company DeLorean has bald tires.

Prolly gonna be some kinda anchor shipped in along with a case of Ham & Muthers Sea Rats.

Oh and Btw…Rats of The Cong to the Blind Devil Dawg that found an orphaned bone. Now maybe you and Slow Joe can quitchabitchin’!

Hack Stone

It must have been density that Hack Stone secured first post for today, because on this date in 2015, Jonn used Hack’s submission for the Weekend Open Thread. Hack got to display his mad photoshop skillz in a tribute to the esteemed members of The Dutch Rudder Gang.


It must have also been density that, despite never declaring “First, 1st, or some such other way”, ChipNASA was recorded into the Coveted Book of WOT Firsts for that date, which he then parlayed into the FIRST EVER recorded 3-peat (04, 11, 18 Dec) over the following two weeks.

Hack Stone

Hack’s contribution to the decay of America.



That was too long winded for a claim of first.
You either found the flaw in the server or the fix is in.
Congrats are in order though. Hack Stone is First.

Hack Stone

Cut and paste, baby, cut and paste. The Deplorables and Miscreants who frequent this site expect more from the Director Of Media Relations for a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland.

5th/77th FA

OK I’m not going to leave this thing just laying here for ever. If you want to hollar FIRST, better get to it!


1st almost!

Haywire Angel

Top 10!

Commissioner Wretched

Hack Stone beats out everyone else for the coveted FIRST! Stop the presses! Get an Extra Edition ready! In recognition, I’m presenting your weekly dose of trivia, to do with as you please. Way to go, Hack! DID YOU KNOW…? Did a television network try to re-boot the classic 1960s comedy series “Mister Ed” in 2004? By Commissioner Wretched December at last. Since March, 2020 has been a year for the books – not the good books, mark you, but the books we file away and prefer to forget. COVID-19, murder hornets, riots, double hurricanes, asteroids skirting close to Earth, and so much more … one has to wonder who has our world’s voodoo doll and why do they keep sticking pins into it? Now I’m not naive enough to believe that four weeks from now, when it’s finally 2021, this nonsense will stop. It may begin to taper off, but it’s not going to stop. However, I know what I’m asking Santa Claus to bring me for Christmas this year. And I suspect you feel the same way. So let’s get on to the first December trivia of the year, while we work on those letters to Jolly Old St. Nick. Did you know … … a bird’s vision has a much higher threshold for detecting movement than a human’s? It’s so high, in fact, it is believed that if a pigeon were watching a movie at today’s rate of projection, the bird would see it as a series… Read more »

Hack Stone

Here is some trivia that Hack was never able to find out why, but in 1967 no Grammy was awarded for Best New Artist. 1966 the award went to Tom Jones, 1968 the award went to Bobbie Gentry. Were there no new artists in 1967, or were none of the new artists worthy enough to be nominated? Hack was just a wee lad in those days, not quite enough cash in his piggy bank to start buying vinyl. Surprised that Daniel Bernath never laid claim to that Grammy award.


Bobbie Gentry won in 1967.


Jose Feliciano won in 1968.


1966 didn’t have a winner.


Awards are given for the previous year’s work, so the 1965 award to the Beatles was for what they did in ’64. In ’66 Tom Jones won for what he did in ’65, none was awarded in ’67 for ’66 work, and in ’68 Bobbie Gentry won for her ’67 work (probably Tallahassee Bridge?). Nominees for ’67 included Simon & Garfunkel, the Mamas &the Papas, Nancy Sinatra, Prcy Sledge, and The Association. Both The Rascals (then the Young Rscals) and Neil Diamond debuted that year, so there was no shortage of worthy nominees.

The Other Whitey

Regarding literacy in times past, that of our predecessors is frequently subject to a lot of misunderstanding. For instance, mideival Europeans are commonly thought of as illiterate superstitious morons always eager for an excuse to Burn The Witch, but this was not the case. It’s based on the fact that the overwhelming majority of people were not literate *in Latin.* This should come as no surprise, as there was little reason why French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, etc. commoners would be. However, a solid majority of them had at least a basic understanding of either the Roman or Cyrillic alphabet (whichever was applicable) and how it applied to their own native tongue. They might not be on Shakespeare’s level, but the average person could read and write enough to get by in daily life and business.

Another consideration is that—unlike Latin—most other European languages (including English) did not yet have any codified rules of spelling or punctuation, so “literacy” is difficult to measure for the period. Still, documents exist in large numbers dating back a thousand years or more including farmer’s almanacs, housewives’ cookbooks, product catalogs, even scribbled notes that resemble a modern text message that indicate that most people actually could read to some degree.


Reading goes back all that way, in block, print, and cursive…..
And 202 is the year that the young are much too busy to read anything that doesn’t come through their phone and doesn’t fit the me,me,me,me meme.
Going to be a long next few years…..
I’m just wondering what God really wants out of us now.
It’s gonna be interesting….

RGR 4-78

“Since March, 2020 has been a year for the books – not the good books, mark you, but the books we file away and prefer to forget.”

2020, the Mien Kompf of years.


5th First!!!!!!!
and I leave this masterpiece made by our own Frankie Cee, As an inspiration to those of you still on Book of Face, and after my second 30 day time out, because I am not politically correct, and am either unable or unwilling to behave, I leave you with this, for those of you that could use it feel free, I am assuming that that’s exactly what Frankie Cee designed it for, and his mark is on it.
comment image


And because I think so highly of Frankie Cee,
My comment on his work is this…


No html “s”? And not mobile…(ugh, I should totally know better)


I reckon I’m the only person on earth who has not yet seen this movie.


Brother Stone FTW! Nice.
Long day; donated blood, fixed my mom’s siding that came down in the wind, picked up my first suppressor, made a bit of cheddar on the market.
Heck, even the weather was nice today!
He smiled upon me today, may all the tomorrows be your turn.
Have a great weekend y’all!

Hack Stone

Hack goes under the needle this coming Tuesday to give another pint. Hack donated a pint about two years ago at Walter Reed for the military blood drive. Real cute girl jabbing Hack with the needle, wonder if she still works there.


I got a PLBT of the Thai variety today. Unfortunately she said ‘fiancé’ and with the drive located in a Catholic church, I broke contact… but hung ‘round for a tick to have a cigarette in the parking lot(she was sitting in her Lexus having one as well).
Sometimes browsing can be dangerous.

Thanks for donating. Times are hard for the banks as a lot of people are fearful. Value add to the ordeal, they test all samples for SARs-Covid antibodies and send you a letter if you pop hot.
I want to know and if positive I’m definitely not wearing a mask anymore*.

*unless talked to by someone that matters, like the package store owner.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

I ask periodically when someone will invent a test for Mad Cow/CJ/Wasting? Red Cross doesn’t want my blood as I (and my family) spent too long overseas. Apparently RC thinks we’ve all caught the prion disease. So when will they come up with a test?

The Red Cross has relaxed the total ban on homosexual contact preventing donations, now it only spans several years back. That question was always awkward for Hack because he had to ask them if mindf*cking with a Lucky Sperm Club member would be considered man on man sexual contact.

Was recently told at VA that the ban on donating for people potentially exposed to CJD/Mad Cow has been lifted? Anyone able to confirm?

Still can’t figure out how Mad Cow apples yo anything other than PMS…


Glad you donated Roh-Dog.

Since the doctor said the “c” word I am not allowed to donate any more.

Sounds like you can rest comfortable in the fact that you accomplished today.

The Other Whitey


For those interested. Finished my niece’s Banshee (photos cropped to protect her PII), almost done on my Godfather-in-law’s PB4Y.

5th/77th FA

Looking good TOW. Love the look and progress on both…but particularly the Y4. Never could understand why Big Navy had to fornicate Fido by changing the way wings and motors on a long range patrol craft were installed. Another way that (GO) Army (C-130) BEAT Navy (P-3).

Mustang Major

Nice work TOW! Have you checked out Plasmo’s YouTube channel?

As for me, I gave up making models as a kid. Glue fingerprints and crooked decals. The shame of it.


Probably worth its own post, but here’s sad and strange news:

MSgt William Lavigne II, 37, found dead at Bragg, along with an Army veteran, Timothy Dumas. Army CID is investigating. Lavigne was previously with 1st Group, and was assigned to USASOC:



Fort Bragg/Fort Bradly Manning never a dull moment.


You Be The Judge.

Ruby Freeman of Georgia.

Shayne Freeman Moss of Georgia.

Google/DuckDuckGo and YouTube their names.

Very interesting….🤔


BAM! On Target ninja, Fire for Effect! Y’all may recall that I was the FIRST to say that it didn’t matter who the demonrats had on the ballot, the fix was already in for Georgia. They got bit on the ass in ’16 and were not going to let Trump win. I also said that the shenanigans would come from the Atlanta area. I also made mention that the Stacey Abrams crowd would have a lot to do with it.

Here you go LC, some of your proof you’ve been saying was not out there. This is just some that was caught. How much is out there, here, and in other states, that wasn’t caught?

Sadly, for my state, voter fraud has been going on for decades…just never on the scale that we saw this past November.

I say again, if this past election is allowed to stand, there will NEVER be a true, fair election in this Country again.


Here you go LC, some of your proof you’ve been saying was not out there. This is just some that was caught. How much is out there, here, and in other states, that wasn’t caught?

This is proof? Good grief, man. Get a grip. By all means, I hope an investigation is done – I imagine when it is, there’ll be a reasonable explanation. But for it to be proof, you’d have to show they were fraudulently scanning fake ballots, correlate that with a huge influx of pro-Biden votes in that precinct, that the new total of votes wasn’t suspiciously high, etc.

And, you know what? Georgia officials -and conservatives ones at that- already looked at the full video, and concluded no wrongdoing occurred:


There’s more info there, including how watches were not forced out, if you care to read. What’s next? Bill Barr is ‘in’ on the evil Democratic fix too? After all, he said there’s no evidence of fraud that would change the outcome of the election.


Hair hatted hooligans?


I tell you what LC. When you have observed the voting process in the State of Georgia for 50 years, and have observed the shenanigans that I have seen personally, or know that happened personally, then and ONLY then can you give an opinion of what my experiences with voting are. The career politicians are covering their asses as fast as they can. I’ll try not to confuse you with the facts, since you seem to have your mind made up that you know more about what is happening and/or what has happened here than the people that have seen this kinda crap for decades. It was only in the last 2 election cycles that my local county got the election board/poll offices cleaned up and honest. The rolls were cleaned of dead and 2 of the crookedest politicians ever seen in local politics got sent packing. Nobody on the state and national level pays much attention to this little place, the population of the whole county wouldn’t make a small city. Tho the population is predominately Black, Trump won this county by over 500 votes. And yes that was a very unpleasant surprise to the Black Demonrat power brokers in the little big town right up the highway. Amazing that an election can go well when you are required to follow State law and show a picture ID and have a verifiable signature on file to get a ballot. You may recall, I had received more than 20 “application… Read more »


I tell you what LC. When you have observed the voting process in the State of Georgia for 50 years, and have observed the shenanigans that I have seen personally, or know that happened personally, then and ONLY then can you give an opinion of what my experiences with voting are. The career politicians are covering their asses as fast as they can.

So, you can comment on some video of an interaction that you didn’t see personally, in a county where you don’t live, but when I do the same, suddenly I need to shut up because I’m not from there and didn’t see it?

I’m glad you’ve got your local elections boards cleaned up and honest. I’m sorry you don’t like how the election went. But there’s still no evidence of massive fraud, and to suggest that even the Republican officials there (and elsewhere!) are in on some massive conspiracy is beyond even ‘9/11 Truther’ levels of delusion.


Not going just by the videos that are posted, pay attention Boy, I’m talking to you. I have friends, relative, and business associates in nearly EVERY county in this state. They are ALL seeing the same thing that I am. And NO I’m not happy with the way this election went. By the same token I would not have been happy if the Trump Campaign pulled the same crap. I have a (step) son that is a high level security expert in the IT business. They have known for a good while that the Dominion Machines are highly suspect for being hacked and/or even programed to give the predetermined outcome requested. He laffed his ass off when he found out that the powers that be decided to use those machines for our elections. And if you think that the supposedly Conservative Republicans that are in charge of this state right now are not RINOS, then you have NOT been paying attention to the political scene here. Again, I have for over 50 years. And, again, most of the Repubs were demonrats just a few short years ago. Neither political party in this country gives a rats ass about the people or the country, they are only concerned with the maintaining of their power, using any method necessary to do so. That is why Trump had such a hard time getting sh^t done. His own party was fighting him tooth and nail to prevent the draining of the swamp, because they… Read more »


The democrats cheated big-time, and the evidence is piling up fast. Spin all you like. We don’t believe your spin. You are approaching Baghdad Bob territory.

Stolen and you know it.

Stolen and we know it.



Lots more out there.

In their own words:

We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden

Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made fooking sure of that!  – Dr. Eric Coomer VP of US Engineering for US Dominion Voting

I don’t need you to get me elected; I need you once I’m elected. -Joe Biden


We have not had a peaceful transition of power since 2008.


Even Hitler has told Trump to concede.
Spew warning.—-


Saw a sign today on a church marque that is worthy of repeating:

“Humbly grateful or grumbly hateful?”


LTG Mike Flynn’s younger brother, LTG Charles Flynn, has been nominated for a fourth star & command of U.S. Army Pacific.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

One of the arms of the new 4th Reich office of propaganda which is the AP(ass ociated press) has an article on my home page saying that their was no voter fraud and that Trumps AG backs it up. This most likely is meant for the low information (cnn, mmsnbc) voters straight out of the mouth of their Mentor the late Joseph Goebbels whom headed the ministry of propaganda during the 3rd Reich era. This shit can’t get any better.

Hack Stone

Hack is trying to decide which is more entertaining, jerking around the Indians trying to get your credit card information, or replying to robocallers with answers that have nothing to do with the conversation. If you get a “female robocalled”, ask “her” what color underwear she is wearing or something about her menstrual cycle. For the Indian call center guys, give them Ned Flanders Visa card number. For reference, Ned Flanders Viza Card number is 4110 0122 3344 5590.


I keep getting the Walmart pharmacy robot.
Wait until she repeats everything in Spanish then
start pushing buttons to hear it again.


I just suddenly speak nothing but German.

Throws them for a loop.

The Dead Man

I’ve talked to them in both Japanese and Chinese and it usually confused the hell out of them.

They also get upset when you call them madachode (Not spelled right. Or at all polite.)


Japanese! Me too. Right after “moshi-moshi” there is a pause. Continue with “Dochirasama deshyou ka?” More silence.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

I had one live spammer that was so annoying. I tried almost everything. Just say NO! Screaming. German accent. Fake name.
The last time he called (more than 6 months now – knock on wood), I faked that I was a schmaltzy voiced DJ at radio station WXYZ, and did he want to speak to the listening audience? (I had radio music playing, that may have helped)
That spooked him, and he hung up. Then he called back a few minutes later (to verify, I guess). I played the same schtick, he hung up again, and I haven’t heard from him since. (again, knock on wood)

A few weeks back Hack received a call to refinance Stately Stone Manor. The call went something like this:

Caller: Do you still reside at 123 Wilson Lane in Bethesda Maryland?

Hack Stone: Kind of. We had a fire last night, and the home burned down.

Caller: You had a fire?

Hack Stone: Yes, I am standing in the middle of the rubble seeing if I can salvage anything.

Caller: Well, have a good day.

Hack Stone: How the hell can I have a good day? I have nowhere to live.

Yesterday Hack got a call that congratulated because he won some contest that will give him a free star at a 4 star resort. The guy launches into his spiel and Hack interrupts him.

Hack Stone: That’s great. I have been meaning to get out of town because I have some legal issues.

The guy continues as if he didn’t even hear Hack.

Hack Stone: When I travel, do I have to use my real name?

Caller: Of course. Why wouldn’t you use your real name?

Hack Stone: I have warrants out for my arrest, and I don’t want to spend Christmas in jail.

Then he hung up.


Late to the party. I checked in earlier, but then found out that Oldest Son, Favorite First Daughter-in-law, and their kids had the water heater go out.

Favorite Son-in-Law had done some work, but had to go pick up their kids from school, so I took over.

Got a new one installed – with only 1 extra trip to the hardware store! After the CPVC glue dries for 6 hours they’ll have hot water.

5th/77th FA

Only 1 extry trip to the hardware store Graybeard? Sumtingwong! It ain’t gonna work right. Installing a new hot water tank requires at least 3 extry trips, 4 skint knuckles, and exchanging the wrong dohickey for the right thingamajig to replace the whatchamacallit. Oh, and a sky turnt blue with cursing.

You da man!


Thanks, 5th/77th. Not all credit to me, tho’.

Between Favorite Son-in-Law, Eldest Son, and I we have a stock of connectors and pipes in both CPVC and PVC, plus a few galvanized connector and bibs, in the common sizes (and a few odd sizes, too).

But if you wait too long between uses, the glue dries up.

I had two trips – one to get the water heater and one for the glue. Couldn’t use my adult language with all the grandsons in hearing distance. But the replacement heater was 2″ greater in diameter than the narrow little place the old heater was in, so I had to saw some wood to get it in place. They are planning on remodeling anyway, so it didn’t upset Favorite First D-i-L any (even when I got sawdust all over her towels!)

When the GB Compound is 15 miles from the Home Depot, there is incentive to build our own stock of plumbing part.

Now, that said, the CPVC glue has to dry 6 hours before pressurizing the lines, so there is still plenty of room for a leak to show up or something….


Update this a.m.

#1 son finished up the job with no leaks, the water is running hot, and Favorite First Daughter-in-Law is happy.

All is right in the world GB Compound.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Present and Honorary First once again.


E4 Mafia '83-'87

Just to brag. My son graduated from RTC Great Lakes and will head to DLIFLC in Monterey, CA. The Mafia household is very proud.

Hack Stone

Good luck to him, he better be prepared to hit those books hard, DLI has one of the highest attrition rates of any school in the military.

Hack Stone just looked up some info about DLI on Al Gore’s Amazing Internet, and found this interesting article. Yet another tool to trip a “special forces” Poser who cannot even read or write English properly, ask them what foreign languages they are trained in.


E4 Mafia '83-'87

Thank you Mr. Stone. He’s a better student than me at his age. The Navy only offered him CTI or Nuke because he did so well on his ASVAB. He’ll do fine and end the family streak by breaking out of the E4 Mafia.


Wonder if anyone remembers when the anchor in front of the Navy barracks was painted pink? November 10 1977, as I recall. May have happened since… probably again in November, for some reason.


As proud y’all should be.
Rats of the Cong to him!

Hack Stone

Hack Stone just came across this article in Stars And Stripes. Airmen assigned to Okinawa will have to provide a “detailed plan” for their drinking expeditions out in town. In no particular order, the detailed plan will include paying $8 for a black market can of Budweiser, catching the banana show, eating some yakisoba or taco rice and cheese, and closing out the evening with a stroll down Whisper Alley.



Well, the place was an R&R center during “Vietnam Times”.
Old habits die hard.


There is a lot of sideshow going on with that monolith in the desert:



#1 item on every First Sergeants Christmas list:


Green Thumb

Yet another Sunday and the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) is putting the weekend hours in as he steals from the American taxpayers by procuring government contracts based on his highly questionable and yet to be proven disability, Navy SEAL, Native American and Law Enforcement claims.


This didn’t seem worthy of its own post, so the old WOT seemed like the best place to put it… but I figure people here will eat this up. Apparently even Democrats are saying Feinstein, at 87, ain’t ‘all there’ any more:



Dorsey is far more troublesome than that old bitch.