After public outcry, annual wreath laying allowed at Arlington National Cemetery

| November 18, 2020

Our own Poetrooper sends.

By: Karen Jowers

The people have spoken.

Army Secretary Ryan D. McCarthy has directed Arlington National Cemetery to reverse course and allow the annual wreath laying at veterans’ graves by Wreaths Across America and its many volunteers.

Cemetery officials announced Monday that the Dec. 19 annual wreath laying would be canceled because of COVID sparking an “outpouring” of concern to cemetery officials, as well as to Wreaths Across America, said Karen Worcester, executive director of the organization. Through public donations and volunteers, the nonprofit has placed more than 2 million veterans wreaths at more than 2,000 cemeteries nationwide over nearly three decades.

The most well-known of those locations is Arlington National Cemetery, where the tradition started in 1992, and Wreaths Across America has had a “collaborative, good relationship” with cemetery officials for 29 years, Worcester said, during a media call Tuesday.

In a Monday statement on their website, cemetery officials said they were canceling the event because they determined they couldn’t implement enough controls to mitigate the risks of hosting the large event because of current and forecasted COVID infection rates.

The Army’s statement said McCarthy “has directed Arlington National Cemetery to safely host Wreaths Across America.”

Whoever came up with this brilliant idea needs to be shown the door. Read the entire article here: Military Times
Thanks, Poe.

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5th/77th FA

Saw this myself. We kinda, sorta been following along. One of my DAR Lady Friends has always always headed up the local effort and our little merry band of miscreants, REMFs,deplorable dog faced pony soldiers have helped with the placing and paying for the wreaths. We had already decided to continue our March here locally.

It is good that National has reached down, found a pair and decided to do the right thing on that level.

Only Army Mom

After this announcement I, and twenty-odd friends, made hotel reservations for DC. Let them try to stop those who have passes from using the 3k raised in less than 24 hours to place as many privately purchased wreaths as we could lay hands on.

Talk about a march on DC. All things considered, I’m very happy not to make a road trip to DC a week before Christmas. Much happier to stay closer to home and see the thousands that come out to the local National cemetery.


Already is slime-puddle.


Nope, it ain’t bad. We could make it a TAH Christmas event. Bring your lawnchairs and coolers. A few grills and a couple of smokers. Where do I sign up?


Years ago it was called the Quality Inn Iwo Jima, last time I was there with my kids it was a Best Western and I see now it is the Red Lion Iwo Jima. It is a very convenient place to stay. An easy walk to the Rossylyn Metro Station or the Iwo Jima Memorial/Ft Myer.

ANC Metro Station is one stop down the Blue Line from Rossylyn.


Glad to hear it’s still there and acceptable. After they remodeled a few years back I wasn’t sure it would remain a most favored location.

Only Army Mom

Aw, you guys melt the cockles of my cold, hard heart. This is just one of the many reasons I love you TAH Deplorable, curmudgeonly, miscreants.

It is bad to say we were giggling in anticipation of eviscerating any puddle that would dare wet our shoes? Yeah, that’s probably not very lady like.


Folks were assuming that the dem-panic would end post election.

Nah. The dems, and some RINOs, like the power and intend to keep the “emergency” going. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” is now “even with a vaccine we stay masked and locked down”. For years “if necessary”. And it will be.

Look at them breaking their own rules says everything about how much bullshit it is. If they genuinely believed it, they would be isolating and then some.

They are not. Just enough maskirovka for the cameras

All bullshit, and all over a somewhat atypical flu-like bug.

Advocates for this fraud, don’t bother with your wall of blather. The actions of your masters show your position to be false. -they- don’t believe it.

Neither should anyone else.

Watch. They have to screw up the vaccines to keep things going, and to deny Trump this epic win.


Nice to see someone with the Balls
To push this forward.


And Chris Cuomo blerts out more truth:

“You know for people like us, we do the job based on who’s in power but this is going to be very interesting”

The Left are proud of their cheating and misconduct.


Evidently this was limited to only Arlington and distribution to other cemeteries was going as originally planned. Tracking down that factoid was on my to-do list today.

Yes, some of us are involved in this in various ways. There are so many veterans around the country buried in private cemeteries that WAA would also like to see get wreaths. We are working on having the VFW Post become a distribution point for such wreaths. It is possible, but getting all our ducks in a row to actually do it is huge. Maybe next year.


MRS D and I have participated locally for about 5 years, we have no intentions of stopping. You can have my wreath when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!


Washington Governor Jay “Science!” Inslee locking down the state:

“Indoor social gatherings with people from outside the household are prohibited unless the guests have quarantined for 14 days or they have quarantined for seven days and received a negative test result 48 hours before the event. Outdoor gatherings should have fewer than five people from outside the household”

I guess that shuts down Pantyfa and BLM protests.
At the news conference Inslee stated “it’s like standing on the train tracks, if you hear the train whistle, you get off the tracks.” Now he’s the one pulling the train on the state.

3/17 Air Cav

I’ve lived in Washington State most of my life. Living between Portland and Seattle is a royal pain in the ass! Seeing all the “Blue Tarp” camp sites and garbage along the highways, camping on the sidewalks nothing but eye abuse!

Then we have Inslee, absolutely destroying the small business sector of our economy!

All of the “Shutdown” governors need to go reduced pay, if for no other reason than to feel the pain and hardship they are causing, first hand!


Wait. Were they worried the wreath layers would get all those Dem voters sick?