Low-Life Update: Grazioplene

| November 13, 2020

Prior to his death, Jonn wrote a couple of TAH articles about this . . . individual.  You can read his first article here, and his second article here.

Unfortunately, after Jonn passed the storyline appears to have gone adrift.  But I ran across some info on the matter the other day; here’s an update.  Fair warning:  some of the links contain material you might find disturbing. I wouldn’t recommend reading them shortly before or after eating.

As Jonn noted in his second story, Grazioplene was recalled to active duty to stand trial for raping a minor a minimum of six times over a 6 year period – from 1983 to 1989.  And now, as the old spoken song intro goes:  “Good day!  I have good news, und I have bad news.”

As Jonn notes, Grazioplene was recalled to active duty for trial.  The first 3 counts against him were dismissed due to statute of limitations issues.  Why that happened is a bit complicated, but I’ll summarize:  prior to 1986, under the UCMJ rape had a 3-year statute of limitations.  A UCMJ change in 1986 eliminated the statute of limitations for rape and other UCMJ offenses “punishable by death”.  However, the first three crimes were apparently committed prior to that UCMJ change becoming effective and were thus dismissed.

Grazioplene was to be tried via general court martial in spring 2018 on the remaining three counts.  Unfortunatly, in February 2018 the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF) decided the case US v. Mangahas.  In that case, the CAAF held that previous SCOTUS decisions (Coker v. Georgia and Kennedy v. Louisiana) meant that the UCMJ extension of the statute of limitations to the crime of rape was invalid and that the UCMJ’s general 5-year statute of limitations should be applied to the crime of rape instead.  Due to this CAAF decison the remaining 3 UCMJ counts against Grazioplene were also dismissed in March 2018.

Sidebar:  The government has appealed the CAAF rationale in the Mangahas decision in US v. Briggs (a consolidation of Briggs and 2 other cases that resulted in rape convictions being overturned via Mangahas).  Oral arguments before the SCOTUS were held on 13 October 2020.

So, that’s it?  Another case of “low-life runs out the clock, wins?”

Well, yes.  And no.

You see, three of the crimes for which Grazioplene was charged occurred in Woodbridge, VA.  That means they’re also subject to prosecution as crimes under Virginia state law.

Rape is indeed against state law in Virigina.  Moreover, Virginia has no statute of limitations on rape – and didn’t back in the 1980s, either.

Grazioplene was charged in Prince William County, VA, with three counts of rape in December 2018; bail was denied.  After being held in custody for roughly 18 months, in May of this year Grazioplene pleaded guilty to those three counts of child rape.

Score one for justice, at least partially.

Due to a plea bargain (which may have been coordinated with his victim; statements by her attorney seem to indicate she’s OK with the sentence), he was sentenced to time served plus 20 years probation.  At age 70, that’s virtually certainly lifetime probation. Plus, he’s now a felon and required to register as a sex offender, both of which will put an additional “crimp in his style”.

It’s also possible the Army could hold a grade determination board and severely reduce him in retired rank (and thus in retired pay).  So he has that to worry about, too.

And if the SCOTUS reduces the CAAF’s Mangahas decision, in theory he could end up back on active duty again facing court-martial.

Hope you “enjoy” your new status as a felon and sex-offender, Grazioplene.  IMO you didn’t get what you really deserve, but the SCOTUS has said you can’t get that.


Author’s Note:  hat-tip to the TAH commenter (ninja?) who posted a link to the story about Grazioplene’s conviction in Virginia in comments a few days ago.  That led me to “pull the thread” and write this update.

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I’ll start.
You’re Bad and you should feel bad.
You’re evil and you should feel misery.
You suck and you should feel pain and anguish every day the rest of your life.
Eventually, I hope you die a painful death, alone and stared and unready to meet your maker in the end.
Sorry if that sounds but but, well, someone seemed to earn it.

the bandwagon gains speed.


not “stared, “Scared”

5th/77th FA

Yepper, I shorely remember this low life when Jonn FIRST wrote about him. That was back in my still lurking days, when it would be several days before I could read at the articles. I remember thinking then, “OK, y’all don’t want to give this POS pervert the punishment he deserves, give his sorry, perverted ass to me, I’ll administer the punishment.” And it wouldn’t be “probation”, tho it may have something to do with him getting “probed”…with a baseball bat.

Thanks for the refresher Hondo, and yes, I do believe it was our very own ninja that dropped a comment in re this case. I like going back thru the archives and seeing the classics replayed. Does make me wonder where some of the old, long time commenters are. I miss a lot of those guys and what they brought to the party. If any of you are reading this drop in and let us know how you’re doing…say something even if it is to tell me to phuque off.

ps The Crown will be a’laying around this afternoon. Lube up them F5 keys.


“…phuque off.”

Well, you *ASKED*!!

Oh and about that “First”…..
Unh huh….
“Yes, Hello F5? pokepokepokepokepokepokepoke”

5th/77th FA

*sphincter* smooches sent your way, Chippy. 😀



Slow justice sounds like non justice.


Is “staked out on a large fire ant mound” slow justice?


Depends on the ants.


I’d really like to see his official Army Biography. In consulting the oracle of Mountain View the details on this POS I’ve found somethings don’t add up.

West Point graduates/commisions in June yet an article said March 72.

Was he on the five year plan at the Academy, or did he go through the Prep school? It says he got a Congressional appointment in 67 which on the normal plan would be a 71 graduate/commission.

His awards and decs seem a little slim for a 33 year O8 1xLOM, 2xMSM 2x Arcom and an AAM

An overseas with numeral 2

No SWASM,Kosovo Afghanistan or Iraq Campaign medals listed in what I found online.

I read where he designed the Class of 71 Class Ring crest

Something has to be missing


Supreme Freemason lvl52.


Best I can do is this archived bio from ~2000 when he was a BG.


Looks like he commissioned in ’71. So he was too green for Vietnam. Was ADC to the SECARMY during DS/DS. He’d had a battalion command in the 82nd Airborne just before. Missed it by *that* much.

He does have a legit second star on his NDSM. So he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.



The other things I’ve come across says Comissioned in Armor Mar 72. Maybe one of the tread heads can fill us in on whether his Armor OBC grad in Mar 72 is what they really meant based on timing.

For a Combat Arms officer it doesn’t mention Company Command and no apparent Combat time at any level

Too much time diddling little kids.

Apparently his wife was an enabler as well.

Maybe they can bust him back to Captain. The daughter is 49 and she relayed events at age 2 and age 8. That would have been in the mid-late 70s.


“He does have a legit second star on his NDSM.”

But, But, not so fast. He didn’t respect the NDSM at all.

In that picture of him taken in 1997 as a Brigadier General, he is wearing a Bronze OLC on the NDSM denoting a second award. That is wrong, because the practice of wearing an OLC (only for the Army, not the other services) to denote a second award started in 1966 and ended in 1987.

So he was 10 years late and a dollar short, thusly being out of uniform, thereby bringing dishonor to the NDSM Brotherhood./smile


I was today many years old when I learned there was a time the Army wore the OLC on the NDSM.


A slight addition to what you wrote, Hondo.
The “good” General raped & molested his daughter.

“Elmore ((his daughter) first reported to Army officials in 2015 that her father had repeatedly molested and raped her throughout her childhood.”

But this statement is unbelievable:
“The Grazioplenes are still married today.”

What the hell is wrong with his wife that she is still married to him after what he did to her daughter?!

A Major General with this small ribbon rack?

Legion of Merit
Meritorious Service Medal (with two bronze oak leaf clusters)
Army Commendation Medal (with one bronze oak leaf cluster)
Army Achievement Medal
National Defense Service Medal (with two bronze service stars)
Army Service Ribbon
Overseas Service Ribbon (with award numeral 2)

Most general officers have their rack running up to their shoulders with a sign on top “continued on other side”.

Worthless piece of Scheiße!



Saw that too in my research. What kind of woman stays with a guy who raped and molested their daughter? Only one that’s being (or has been) severely abused by the same asshole.

Green Thumb

Fuck this guy.

Surprised if some of his old troops do not hunt him down…

Matthew w

Is there a statute of limitations for fragging?


I just don’t want his ass laid to rest beside any other Honorably Discharged GI with his rank on the stone…..
He should be buried in the mud of the Great Mississippi River Delta overrun by mosquitoes, ants and alligators…
THAT would be so far over the top for an insult to the rest of us that I believe I would support some of larsie-boi’s antfaggyklowns to deface his stone…..


After the Oklahoma City bombing they made a change to the law so that otherwise honorably discharged veteran’s like Tim McVeigh lose their VA burial privileges if the later commit some heinous act.

Seeing as this asshat actually did the heinous act while still serving can this be applied to him.

I have access to some marsh front property in the South Carolina lowcountry how bout we feed the crabs. Buzzards, crabs and worms got to eat.

Think the USMA Class of 71 will melt their rings down because of his design?


A fitting punishment in the afterlife for the douchebag would be the 4 o’clock pineapple up the posterior like der Fuhrer receives in Little Nicky. Luckily I’ve had my coffee and avoided book of the face otherwise I’d suggest it TID, I guess I’m softening with age…