Check out this 102 year old WWII vet who just took up skydiving!

| November 10, 2020

The KoB sent in the story of this remarkable young lady. The DoD put out the story of Millie Bailey. 

Former Army 1st Lt. Vivian “Millie” Bailey commanded a segregated all-female unit during the war. Since then she’s spent decades soliciting donations and money to send care packages to deployed troops, first during Vietnam, then DS/DS, and now Iraq and Afghanistan.

At 102, she continues to live life to the fullest. In fact, she just went skydiving for the first time last month near her home in Columbia, Maryland!

Her bucket list only has one item on it.

“Meet Michelle Obama,” she said, referring to the former First Lady. “President Obama received me at the White House in 2015, but Mrs. Obama was not there.”

Bailey said she’s received two letters from Mrs. Obama over the years, so hopefully, that dream can be checked off the list, too!

If that’s all she wants, I’ll buy the former FLOTUS a plane ticket right now!

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Thank you for your service and continued support, Ma’am. Two more for her wings, right?


Is there anything Miss Millie can’t do?

Green Thumb

Great story.


Check out the short news video of this remarkable Woman and her skydiving experience on her 102nd Birthday:

“Maryland Park Dedicated to 102-Year-Old WWII Vet Who Went Skydiving”

“An inspiring woman is the namesake for Millie Bailey Park in Columbia, Maryland”

“The grand opening comes days after her 102nd birthday, which she celebrated by skydiving. Bailey strapped herself to an instructor and hurtled through the air.”

“It was wonderful, a real thrill,” Bailey said once back on the ground. “Just glad that I had landed.”


What a GREAT story!

Thank You, KoB and Mason for sharing!



Landing is never a question. HOW you land is important.


Or jump in the ocean. Don’t need no steenkin’ parachute.


Well done, Ma’am. Absolutely well done.

(Shuffles off, shaking head, in awe of such as she.)

Robert Szrama

I’ll chip in for the ticket

Old tanker

Life is a full contact sport and no one gets out of it alive. it’s also a one way trip, enjoy the ride because you do not get a do over. She gets that. Well done Ma’am.

5th/77th FA

Battery Gun Salute for former FIRST LT Vivian C. “Miss Millie” Bailey…Fire by the piece from Right to Left…Commence Firing!

Thank You for your Service to our Country Miss Millie, and Thank You for your continued Service to our Troops. You are the epitome of a Female that would be a role model for young females everywhere. Unlike one that has gotten to her position by “assuming the position.”

I thought that y’all would enjoy reading of this Classy Lady. Sometimes when I’m scrolling thru the Algorebull’s invention of the inherwebz, I see Good News such as this and think, “Oh they’ll see it, no need to send it in for perusal.” Then I remember, “Gun Bunny, them folks have a life, jobs, and things to do, places to go, and people to see, they are not perched on the sofa watching Rawhide, Gunsmoke, and JAG re-runs while surfing.” Glad I’m allowed to contribute in my own little small way. Hope nobody gets a case of carpal tunnel syndrome scrolling past my stuff and/or comments.


She still has that radiant smile!


Off thread : Happy Birthday to our Marine brethren.



Totally awesome lady, too!!