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| October 28, 2020

Barrett M-82

Jury acquits Pasadena man of murder, says he acted in self-defense on his property

An Anne Arundel County jury on Monday acquitted a Pasadena man of murder, manslaughter and felony firearms charges, agreeing that he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot an acquaintance who drove to his home despite warnings and then charged him.

The verdict came hours after prosecutors and defense attorneys finished their closing arguments to the panel. Prosecutors said the homeowner was too quick to open fire on Jeffrey Dickinson. Gregory Korwek’s defense attorneys said the 44-year-old left him no choice.

When the jury issued its verdict, Korwek began crying and hugged his attorneys. Then, he embraced his wife. Simultaneously, Dickinson’s family members huddled together with their heads bowed.

“It’s an incredible feeling of relief that he was found not guilty of these charges,” defense attorney Peter O’Neill told The Capital after court. “We still recognize that it’s a tragedy that Mr. Dickinson died … we pray for [him] and his family.”

O’Neill maintained throughout trial that Korwek was justified in shooting and killing Dickinson, who arrived at Korwek’s house in Pasadena drunk, disgruntled and after making threats.

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Read the rest here: Capital Gazette

No Charges In Deadly Double Shooting In Greeley

No charges will be filed in a deadly double shooting that happened in Greeley on August 21. Elijah Joziah Duran, age 20, and Deionte Lashay Dior Johnson-Smith, age 19, were killed. Both were from Aurora.

The Greeley Police Department and the Weld County District Attorney’s Office investigated. Prosecutors said the shooter claimed self-defense.

“A person is allowed to use deadly force if he reasonably believes lesser force is inadequate, and he believes he is in danger of death or great bodily injury,” the district attorney’s office stated.

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Read the rest here: Denver CBS Local

Today’s gun pRon dedicated, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, to our newest SCOTUS Associate Justice. The Trifecta just ices the cake.

“If you have 10,000 regulations, you destroy all respect for the law.” —Winston Churchill

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  1. Outcast says:

    The fellow that I mentioned a while back that was shot when he confronted a cop in an alley after a foot chase here is resting comfortably as reported by his family. Obit should show up in the local paper here soon.

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    A trifecta DRT, a shoulder/bi-pod fired Artillery Piece, AND a reference to the Lovely SCOTUS Justice Amy. Lawd Halp, it just don’t hardly get no more better than that. I may be having a medical emergency here. You know, shortness of breath, elevated heart rate, could even be other symptoms showing up soon. Thanks!

    A semi below the radar wanna be greensealsniperforceberetrangerdeltarecon Viet of the Nam Times phony had a fakespacebookpage shot of “Him” and “His” rifle like that bringing the dam dam pain down on high level NVA ossifers. That was in addition to his other duties as a door gunner. In a Combat Engineer outfit.

    Good to see Outcast show back up. Now if I could keep him off of Ex-PH2’s KP Duty, he could help haul all the winnings I’ve had of late back inside the wire.

  3. Wilted Willy says:

    Wow! A hump day FGS Trifecta!!!
    What more could we ask for???
    Unless of course they could arrest my pos brother???

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Two things:

    From the first story in Pasadena, MD:

    Monday won’t be the last time Korwek steps into the county Circuit Court for charges. Before trial, he pleaded guilty to illegally possessing the shotgun he used to kill Dickinson. He faces up to three years in prison at sentencing in December.

    Detectives also found drugs and scores of guns he was not allowed to have because of a prior conviction. He’s slated to stand trial for illegal possession of firearms, including at least one assault rifle, in November. O’Neill maintains Korwek bought them legally and was unaware of new regulations enacted by the legislature.

    From another source: During the investigation, police said they searched Korwek’s home and found more than a dozen firearms which he was prohibited from owning due to a previous felony conviction. Police also reportedly found cocaine, morphine, suboxone and marijuana at his home.

    Clearly neither man was a saint (or even a good citizen) we won’t lose sleep over the shooter going to jail for the illegal drug offenses.

    “If you have 10,000 regulations, you destroy all respect for the law.” —Winston Churchill

    This is one of those quotes that is true because it is so obvious.

    Jefferson and Madison exchanged similar views in letters to each other during the discussion of writing the Constitution. Jefferson wrote in 1787: “I own I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive.”

    One of the things we really like about Trump is his EO that mandates regulatory agencies remove 2 regulations for every new one passed.

    We have far too many regulations and people unwillingly get caught up in them.

    Great quote. Thanks for reminding me of it.

  5. Fjardeson says:

    Elijah Joziah Duran, age 20, and Deionte Lashay Dior Johnson-Smith, age 19 – now THOSE are Whiz Wheel classics!

    • Claw says:

      DRT/DOT Whiz Wheel®™ scores of 141 (Duran) and 174 (-Smith) for those Hard Working Urban Entrepreneur Apprentices are hereby spun up.