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| October 25, 2020

Ruger Single 10 .22LR

Sheriff: Man shot dead in Pontiac, possible self-defense case

By Aileen Wingblad
An investigation is underway to determine if a 26-year-old Pontiac man acted in self-defense when he fatally shot a 34-year-old man at a party store in the city Thursday night after being physically attacked.

According to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, it was shortly before 11 p.m. when deputies and Star EMS responded to the Huron Liquor Shoppe at 140 E. Huron Street on a report that someone had been shot. The victim was lying on the store’s floor, shot once in the chest and once in the pelvic area, the sheriff’s office said. He was transported to McLaren-Oakland Hospital for treatment and died early Friday morning.

The sheriff’s office said the store’s security camera footage shows the suspect was buying merchandise when the victim walked in and began punching him repeatedly. The two then began to physically fight and leave the camera-view into one of the aisles. Customers can then be seen ducking and running away, possibly after hearing gunshots. The suspect then paid for his items and left the store.

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Suspect? Victim? *sigh* Read the rest here: Oakland Press

Update: DA announces he won’t charge Red Bluff man initially accused of murder

Matt Brannon
A Red Bluff man who was initially arrested and jailed on suspicion of murder this week won’t face criminal charges at this time, the Tehama County District Attorney announced Friday.

Sheriff’s deputies had originally suspected David Anthony Chavez, 34, of murder because they said he was involved in a fight with a man who was later found dead, John Edmond Weaver Jr., 35.

But officials now say the causal connection between the fight and Weaver’s death is unclear.

The county’s top prosecutor, DA Matthew Rogers, said an autopsy of Weaver was unable to determine whether the fight led to Weaver’s death or whether it was caused by other factors.

Rogers said the exact nature of the fight between the two men is unclear, “specifically as to whether either Chavez or Weaver acted in self-defense.”

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Read the rest here:

Quemadmoeum gladis nemeinum occidit, occidentis telum est (“A sword is never a killer, it’s a tool in the killer’s hands”) — Lucius Annaeus Seneca “the younger” ca. (4 BC – 65 AD)

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  1. 26Limabeans says:

    That Ruger is perfect for someone as a first (see what I didn’t do there?) handgun.
    Single action and light recoil, if any. Plenty of shooting before reload.
    Like the article stated, “patience”.

    Article is from 2011 so should be some used ones around but then again, it’s a keeper.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Speaking of keepers…and holding gunz…she is…and she can hold mine. I bet it won’t sink either if she is holding it! (see what I DID do there?)

      Oh…you meant the firearm? Never mind.

  2. MI Ranger says:

    It was nice of the “customer” to finish what he was doing and pay for his merchandise before leaving. It is a shame the news media could not figure out which was the victim and which was the suspect! I always thought it was the first person to act aggressively is the assaulter, and the victim is the one assaulted (regardless of whether he is victorious in the end).

    It looks like she has one of them new fangled ATN X-Sights on her rifle! She can share her kill with me any day. I wonder is that a sticker on her vest, or is it stamped in?