Man Sentenced to 16 Months for Stolen Valor

| October 10, 2020

The Marine Corps Times and Newsweek report that a man was sentenced to 16 months in federal prison for claiming to be a Marine that was wounded twice in combat; then using these claims to fraudulently obtain medical and other benefits. The man, James Jonathan Stiles of Orange California, was also to ordered to pay over $150K in restitution.

Man Gets 16 Months in Prison Over Stolen Valor Government Fraud Scheme

A 43-year-old California man named James Stiles has been sentenced to 16 months in federal prison and ordered to pay $167,234 in restitution for pretending to be a Marine wounded in battle just to obtain medical and housing benefits.

Stiles continued his “stolen valor” scheme, the phrase for when someone pretends to be a military veteran, for four years before he was caught.

Stiles was found guilty of seven counts of government fraud including $194,526 in medical visits and $3,771 in housing payments that he received from Veterans Affairs (VA) by claiming to have served in the military from 1995 to 2005. He told VA officials that he had served on a combat tour in March 2005 and won two Purple Heart medals for being injured in the line of duty, according to the Marine Corps Times.

Although the articles lead with Stolen Valor, it seems he was convicted of fraud vs. stolen valor.  This is most often the case.

You have to give him points for his story’s originality…

During court proceedings, prosecutors played a March 2016 recording in which Stiles falsely claimed that he “was a captain in the Marine Corps, that he served for 10 years, that he was simultaneously shot in the head by a 5-year-old ‘kid’ and in the back by a sniper, that he was subsequently in a coma for approximately two years, and that he still lives with the bullet in his head,” according to a sentencing memorandum cited by

He admitted that he never served.

We could not find a photo of him.

From “ninja”…



Many thanks to ninja for the information!

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Green Thumb

California of all places.

At least it is a step in tight direction.

I wonder if All-Points Logistics has a bail fund for the eventualities?


The one word you always used to use for these clowns, suffices:



Does anyone ever check the stories these ass wads tell? Seems it’d be easy enough!


I think they need to check that VA clinic out. A bullet lodged in one’s head should be something they keep an eye on with an occasional X-ray.

Hack Stone

O logical explanation on why it did not show on X-rays.


Orange County! Travel a few miles and visit all cities from Oceanside to Coronado and you’ll meet more Seals, Snipers and idiots…
Few years back my granddaughter (educated on Stolen Valor, POW-MIA, and wears a POW-MIA bracelet) hits a beach in Carlsbad with friends…her friend meets two NAVY SEALS and they all listen to UNBELIEVEABLE stories of SECRET MISSIONS, getting shot, yadda, yadda. She sees no injuries..shows them her bracelet and one says my mom wears a medical bracelet too.

She offered her surf board and a friends boogie to both to hit the surf…dude says WE CAN’T SWIM…

Shamed both about being lying assholes in front of hundreds of people and they quickly slithered back to mom’s basement.

One of her favorite stories to tell during campfires with LEO mentors..


Enjoy your google fame


Probably got the crayons used to make up the DD214 that the VA accepted at the Dennis Nickell Branch of Government Document Preparation Service AKA Toys”R”Us./s

Anyway, the Whiz Wheel®™ shackles:

James Jonathon Stiles (DAM) 38 x 4 = 152


“make up the DD214” Strike that. The deeper I read into this story, the more it sounds like never once did he have to produce a document to verify his service. Seems its all done electronically through “application forms/authenticated statements.”

Disclaimer, I have never once set foot inside a VA facility/administration office and probably never will.


My last visit was DEC 93.
Back then you needed genuine proof of service.
You also needed sworn testimony of at least six Viet Cong and four NVA
before your claim would even be considered.

I’ll bet today I could walk in with a complete bullshit story backed
up by nothing and start receiving checks by Christmas.
If there is an issue I will claim racism and my case will be fast forwarded
with advance payments to compensate for the “virus” delay.
Sometime after Biden’s first term they will review my case and get back
to me long after I am dead and my payments went “missing”.


My absolute favorite sentence: jail and restitution. (Which cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy.) I want the money back to help real vets.


Always liked “a fair trial followed by a first-rate hanging.” First heard from a Marine named Dennehy (whom, I was shocked to hear, had some SV issues, claiming Vietnam service when he had actually ETSed in ’63. Disappointing.)

Daisy Cutter

The 5 y/o kid and the sniper must have coordinated their shots.

Maybe a bell tower clock was ringing and they agreed to fire on the 9th stroke?

“So you’re saying there’s a chance” — Lloyd Christmas – Dumb and Dumber —


Fuckin VA
“To care for he who fled the battle and for his vest, dog and orphaned Harley”

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Maybe stiles should be impaled on top of picket fence stiles which should be in stile for all valor thieves.

Keepin' It Real

Most vets prefer to get out of the VA system and Stiles has crafted his way into the system.

That right there proves he is not a legitimate veteran.


Good thing this asswipe is going to the federal pen, otherwise Any Twosome Newsom would release him.

5th/77th FA

“…mental health and substance abuse issues…” Why does that NOT surprise me. Phuque Heeem! Let’s all pile on the lying, embellishing, thieving, POS James Jonathon Stiles. Make this thief Google Famous. Use his name, let the whole world know that James Jonathon Stiles, phony Marine, phony Vet, phony wounded, but genuine POS will be enjoying the ministrations of Bubba, Thor, Julio, and (Mr. Ouch) Tiny at the gray bar hotel deli. I hope he enjoys getting a taste of man meat sammiches and servings of baby butter. May he feast on Cream of Sumyounguy Soup. It will serve him well in his new careers as Apprentice Towel Fluffer at Brucie’s Bath House, (Entrance in the Rear) and at dumpster 3 behind the Flying J, just of State Route 23 on the Frontage Road. For him, blowing a tranny won’t mean he’s having car problems. Wonder how many he’ll have to do to “come” up with 167K$?


“Wonder how many he’ll have to do to “come” up with 167K$?”

Depends on the exchange rate for cigarettes and contraband.
And of course if the Democrats win in November.
Hell, he could end up with a credit for time “served”


[…] This ain’t Hell… features a man sentenced to jail for stolen valor […]


Steve Balm wrote:

“We could not find a photo of him.”

Am pretty sure I found his picture as well as two fakebook accounts that ties with his name.

Will send info on what I discovered to Admin and let Admin decide if they want to publish the picture and fakebook accounts.



See below.


Good. Enjoy lockup, shitbag.


Our ninja has been on the hunt, and brings us a couple links:

Captain Stiles

Mentioned here as “Captain” Stiles. And pics on his FB page here:

Facebook Captain Stiles

We have the best ninjas. Thanks!

Daisy Cutter

I’ve been always curious about the following:

SCENARIO #1: We’re sorry but we’ve checked your records and found you are ineligible for care at the VA due to no service history. If you can provide some proof, fine, but until you are able to do so we have to turn you away. (SHRUGS AND WALKS AWAY; NICE TRY THOUGH)

SCENARIO #2: Discovered years later and several thousands of dollars later that individual had no military service. (PROSECUTION AND JAIL TIME)

Remember that Gunnery Sergeant Hartman said “If it weren’t for dickheads like you there wouldn’t be any thievery in this world, would there?” which seems to put just as much blame on the people that open the door of opportunity for the theft.


What, you expect bureaucrats to actually do their job and check?! (But you do raise a good point.)

Ex Coelis

And my heart pumps many gallons of purple piss for this dyed-in-the-wool stunt-cunt