| September 25, 2020

Stoopid Hoomans (snort!)

Woman gets her sentence for using strobe lights on Navy jets. It’s unbelievable that she did what she did in the first place, but to drop the jail time is, in  my view, a wrong thing to do.


From the article:  Lou Ella Moore, 64, pleaded guilty Thursday to misdemeanor interference with aircraft operations, WAVY-TV reported. She was sentenced to 180 days, all suspended, and 50 hours of community service, the station said, citing the Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

She had originally faced a Class-6 felony charge of interfering with or endangering aircraft. – article

In my view, the court went to easy on her. She endangered not just the pilots, but the other people who live in her neighborhood and surroundings. When NAS Glenview was in business back in the Long Ago, occasionally, a military pilot would send out a “Mayday” call for help on something like a deadstick landing or low on fuel. There was one nasty crash because the plane literally shorted the end of the runway when the landing gear were stuck, and the pilot was losing power, ending up in a belly-flop on a suburban street. Lots of damage, but it was a rare occurrence.

What this dumb broad did is not forgivable.

But I do have a great idea: let’s go set up a bunch of strobes outside her house (maybe across the street) and leave them on all night, so that she can find out what it’s like to be on the receiving end of her crap.

This kind of mischief is illegal, but that doesn’t explain why she did it. What a derelict!

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  1. Sapper3307 says:

    Life with no real consequences seams to be the way as of lately.

  2. Forrest Bondurant says:

    Old enough to know better…

  3. AW1Ed says:

    Sounds like the NIMBY types that move here as a quiet, DC bedroom community, and are SHOCKED to discover a Naval Air Station is a neighbor. Their demands to have the base, and all those noisy aircraft, removed are pretty humorous.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Way back around 2000 or so, some lady living down by Miramar wrote a letter to the newspaper, may have been The San Diego Union Union Tribune, complaining about the noise generated by aircraft coming from the Air Station. She wrote something along the line of “Don’t these people have better things to do than fly over my house?” Of course, that inspired some Marine Corps Aviator to respond with “As a matter of fact, we have nothing better to do than fly over your house. Every morning before we leave the flight line, we receive instructions to fly overhear house and irritate her.” Well, this is before the days of a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the Federal Government offered Sarcasm Recognition Software. Of course, all of these military air stations were established back in the 1930’s and 1940’s, when the only thing in the immediate area were lemon groves. I guess these people purchasing homes never noticed planes landing and taking off when they looked at the house.

  4. ninja says:

    Her Current Status is 12 Months of Unsupervised Probation with a Fine of $101.00.

    As Ex shared, Felony dropped to Misdemeanor which means Moore will carry that for the rest of her life.

    Possible mental instability? Alcohol or Drug related behavior? She may have been hospitilized for mental illness conditions when she was released on Bail in February?

    Ole Danny Boy was locked up in her AOR…and looked what happened to him.

    Gonna be interested to see Moore’s 50 hours of Community Service and what it entails.

    Thank You for sharing, Ex.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Could also be Spoiled Brat Syndrome at work here, ninja. Her peace and quiet should never be disturbed by anything more annoying than a squirrel in her front yard (until the squirrel bites her, as they sometimes do).

      • ninja says:


        AMEN on the Spoiled Brat Symdrome…AMEN!!!

        I have had to work and deal with folks who had an Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder or Narcisstics.

        Those Folks always believe they are right and everyone else around them are wrong.

        They will pull stunts as what she did, because of their Disorder without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

        They are the type that think they are “right” while driving and don’t care if they end up being “dead” right.

        Her behavior depicts a hiccup of her brain…and if she does not continue to seek professional help, she will end up killing innocent lives.

        Look at Ole Danny Boy.

  5. Hondo says:

    The linked article gives a couple of points that make it clear that the “lady” in question got off damned easy.

    The strobe incidents occurred near NAF Fentress in Chesapeake. Aircraft from NAS Oceana use that field for training operations – specifically, to practice night carrier landings.

    What this ditz did could easily have caused a fatal crash. I’d guess that she probably moved there and didn’t bother to check out the fact that NAF Fentress was in her new neighborhood, or what it was used for. Either that, or she ignored what her realtor told her about the NAF.

    Jail time would have been quite apropos here.

  6. ninja says:

    She is not 64.

    She was born in Alexandria, VA in May 1955.

    She graduated from Mount Vernon in Alexandria in 1973, where she was a member of their HS Marching Band for 4 years.

    She has had various addresses in the Virginia Beach area.

    Her Mugshot proves she enjoys the Sun.

    This is a person who may have a Personality Disorder…some sort of Mental Instability/Illness or possibly a Substance Abuse problem.

    Her only other conviction was running a Red Light or Stop Sign in the same year (2019) in the Chesapeake area, with a fine of over $100.00.

    Am thinking this was a Plea Deal with the Virginia Beach Court System…that she may have been hospitalized or had to receive mandatory counseling sessions/therapy in exchange for a lesser sentence.

    $101.00 is a very light fine to pay. Don’t know her financial situation, i.e. employment or if she is collecting SSN at an early age withou drawing 100% (she has to wait until she is 66 and 7 months to draw 100%).

    As shared, she will carry a Misdeamenor for the rest of her life.

    If she has mental issues, I really hope she recovers. Mental Illness is a disease, a brain hiccup, just as having diabetes, high blood pressure, that can be controlled by proper medication and change of lifestyle.

    She has to want to change.

    Let’s just hope she does not repeat this same type of behavior.

  7. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Another Moonbat who thinks that the world revolves around her, I say ship them all to LA and San Foo-foo and wall the place off!

    • ninja says:


      Her background, Alexandria, VA:

      Northern VA has CHANGED so much. TOO Much.

      As in NOT GOOD too much.

      Have told so many folks that Virginia has alot of Folks that LOVE our Country, Flag, LEOs, Veterans, etc…and that those folks are from All Ethnic Backgrounds,i.e. don’t be fooled by the Color of One’s Skin.

      Not all Virginians think or act as if they were Ole KKK Dufous Ralphie Boy or HRC’s Boy Kaine or want to destroy Southern History.

      It’s those big cities that the Dems are trying to take control, promising free cheese, encouraging hate…

      I will say it again.

      I bet those Spoiled Brats would never DARE to interupt a SEC Game with riots.

      Because if they did, they would have a very hard time taking cleats outta their be-hines…


  8. ninja says:

    How convienant that Ole KKK Doofus Ralphie Boy has tested positive for COVID 19 a couple of hours before President Trump shows up at the Newport News Airport, VA tonite around 22 hours for a TRUMP Rally:

    “Ralph Northam and First Lady Pam Northam Both Test Positive For COVID 19”:


    A bunch of us were taking bets this week as to what type of stunts Doofus would do to prevent the Rally.

    So much for him wearing that stupid mask.

    Just as we are taking bets that Joe Bite Me will figure a way to avoid the Debate in person and do it by Zoom so he can debate by Teleprompter.

    Bet he will come down with COVID and say Jill gave it to him.

    You Watch.

    Same with the Prayer Chain in DC tomorrow led by Franklin Graham.

    9-11, Pearl Harbor did not take us down.

    Keep The Faith.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      IS that the 24-hour COVID-19 or the regular kind?

      • ninja says:



        That is EXACTLY what other Folks are Saying…


        You Nailed It!

        That Man has tried EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK this week to shut down the Rally..and Now, THIS BS!

        You Watch. Joe Bite Me will come up with the Same Stunt to get out of the Debate!

        • ninja says:

          KKK Doofus Ralphie Boy already put out a Letter that only 250 or less can attend the Rally.

          It is projected over 4,000 will show up.

          So I guess Old Doofus and the Virginia Health Department will be arresting about 4-5000 Attendees for a Peaceful Rally.

          Members of the ninja family with Black Friends will be there tonite wearing Betsy Ross Flag T-Shirts and 45 Caps.

          We are Doomed. Yep. We Are Doomed…

          And will burn in Hell because we listen to Hotel California and Carry.

          But yet, the Crazy 65 year old woman gets off in strobing planes…

          *sarc on*


        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Doom on you! Doom on you!

    • Roh-Dog says:

      What a…um…shame?

      If the Northams get HCQ I want a pharmacist to do the right thing and out those bastards.

      • ninja says:

        Doofus will now make all Virginias wear masks ALL the time…

        All that Dog and Pony Shows Doofus did everday on TV about Covid while wearing a Black Masks?

        What A Joke.

        Come to think about it, Doofus will lock us up again and shut down businesses because HE got COVID

        How convient he got COVID a couple of hours before the Trump Rally tonite in Newport News Airport, VA.

        He should have worn his KKK Hood instead of that mouth masks.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Maybe he should just get his mouth sewn shut, ninja.

        • ninja says:

          Ex…if you only knew how many Virginians DESPISE that Man…

          He is literally a DOOFUS in the way he talks and acts.

          He is covering his tracks that his Family were rich Slave Owners. All of the sudden, he is a member of an All Black Church.

          He tried to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights. It did not work.

          He is Mr. KKK in that photo, not Blackface. He wants folks to believe he is Blackface, because KKK is WORSE.

          He lied about being a Gulf War Vet.

          He endorses late term abortions.

          Only a couple more years and the ninja family can leave this once beautiful State.

  9. USAFRetired says:

    Is it wrong of me thinking it karma if a drop tank came off one of those aircraft doing FCLP right in her living room?

    • ninja says:

      Well, things do accidently happen, USAFRetired…

      Her actions was not an accident…I still believe she is mentally not all there.

  10. Green Thumb says:

    All-Points Logistics probably had the contract on the strobe light. More their speed, for sure.

    And she was trying it out for them.

    Nothing to see here….

  11. NHSparky says:

    Back in my CA days, IIRC there were a couple of dipshits who were shining lasers at the planes/cockpits of aircraft coming into John Wayne airport.

    One of them was caught and did several years of federal PMITA prison time.

  12. 5th/77th FA says:

    Again, until we bring back, swift, sure, and painful punishment for criminal activities, we will continue to have stupid sh^t like this occur.

    Mental illness be damned, she prolly been getting “her way” all of her life. I shudder to think of a pilot getting strobed and doing a BeNasty landing into a crowded school…or business…or group of homes…or anywhere else that keeps the pilot from making the same number of successful landings as takeoffs.