Medal of Honor License Plates Stolen

| September 25, 2020

MSG Leroy Petry – Medal of Honor Recipient

The Military Times has reported that Medal of Honor recipient MSG Leroy Petry had quite a surprise when he returned from a recent trip – someone had stolen his Medal of Honor license plate. Here is the clip from the longer video that had other news stories.

. . .

It goes without saying that this is taking Stolen Valor to a whole new level. I can’t imagine someone would be dumb enough to slap those plates on their car. They could be valuable if sold in about 50 years, but I think they would raise a red flag if they popped up on eBay for sale.

It’s kind of like stealing a yacht. What are you going to do with it? You can’t dock it anywhere without it sticking out like a sore thumb. You may get one pleasure ride with it before you realize that you hadn’t thought it all the way through.

Anyway… this was despicable.


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Planet Ord

I would love to be the cop that finds that plate on someoneโ€™s car.

Green Thumb

It is probably hanging in Phillip Dale Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) office.


Thank You for reminding us again!


5th/77th FA

And Thank You ninja, for proving that I wasn’t suffering from deja vu all over again. I saw that headline and said, “Wait, have I stepped off into the Slide Zone?” Your linky made me realize that I was NOT going any crazier than I already am.

It’s all good on this repost tho. A good reminder that a’holes are everywhere and the video of the MSG with the lead-in from Ms Thang, Sister Golden Haired Surprise did help warm the cockles of my Black Irish Heart. The broadcast is even marked MT. That should tell folks that my influence is far and wide.

Hey, don’t we finally get some real football action this weekend upcoming? Seems like we gonna have some How ‘Bout Them Dawgs and maybe watch the Tide Roll? Better tune up the Marconi, don’t think it will be on any free broadcast, but I’ll check. gabn/rtr/hbtd

Damn I gots to go, Miss Lady Friend is here and ready. As Chip would say…Smooches!!!






Please don’t apologize.


As KoB and I shared, this was refreshing to see this again in light of that Village Idiot who stole his MoH License Plate.


Hope that Thief has to make other License Plates in a State Pen.

Thank You for resharing again!


What I ‘spect is that some panty-fa cry-baby wanted to ‘stick it’ to the Military Hero.

The plates may be at the bottom of a dumpster somewhere.



I am sorry to say that you are wrong about the yacht.
If you just cross state lines with it, no one will ever know.
There is no central data base of stolen boats and the manufacturers hull identification numbers.
A phony bill of sale and you can register it in another state.
Just peel off those old state registration numbers and glue on new ones.
Actual hull identification numbers are often missing, in obscure spots and never checked by authorities.

The Stranger

Ok, I move that we send out The Hemisphere of Insults to the shitbag that did this. Now, Iโ€™m all for an anonymous deployment, but Iโ€™m also willing to compromise and move for deployment upon the identification/arrest of this fuckstick. Whoโ€™s with me?


OK, I’ll bite.
(Although, I’m thinking more after identification and arrest…)