Air Force Stops Mandatory “White Supremacy” Training

| September 23, 2020

“Off we go…”

Surprising everybody, well, me anyway, the Air Force is taking the lead in snuffing out “Woke” diversity seminars, and other racial sensitivity trainings that address topics like white privilege and critical race theory.

In a letter to federal agencies, the director of the Office of Management and Budget said President Trump recently became aware of the racial sensitivity programs, calling them “divisive, anti-American propaganda.”

“All agencies are directed to begin to identify all contracts or other agency spending related to any training on ‘critical race theory,’ ‘white privilege,’ or any other training or propaganda effort that teaches or suggests either (1) that the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or (2) that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil.”

Air Force moves to cancel contracts for training on ‘white privilege’

By: Stephen Losey

The Air Force is taking the first steps toward canceling any contracts for diversity and unconscious bias training that include segments on white privilege and other controversial subjects, as called for by the White House.

The Air Force’s move follows a Sept. 4 memo from Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought, which alleged executive branch agencies have spent millions of taxpayer dollars “’training’ government workers to believe divisive, anti-American propaganda.”

Vought ordered agencies to identify, and then look for ways to cancel or defund, contracts or agency spending for training on critical race theory, white privilege, “or any other training or propaganda effort that teaches or suggests either … that the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or … that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil.” Vought also called such courses “un-American propaganda training sessions.”

An Air Force judge advocate document obtained by Air Force Times, dated Sept. 10, said that Air Force organizations should look at any existing or planned training, including diversity and unconscious bias training, to see if it meets the criteria barred by the OMB memo.

In a Tuesday email, Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said the Air Force is complying with the guidance laid out in the OMB memo, and is looking to identify and cancel contracts that run afoul of the memo’s guidance. Stefanek also confirmed the JA issued guidance to other judge advocates throughout the Department of the Air Force, which includes the Space Force, about the OMB memo.

BZ Air Force! The sooner this charade is stopped for all Government agencies the better. Read the entire article here: The Air Force Times Yeah, its the AF Times soft-soaping the training, but think past the article about how you would react to some of the requirements. Sounds exactly like re-education camp, and you will be rehabilitated, Comrade.

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  1. Sapper3307 says:

    “Even the refrigerators are white”

  2. Skippy says:

    Seriously WTF
    this crap was starting while I was in
    I’m glad someone is “woke”
    And off the cool aid

  3. Green Thumb says:

    About time.

  4. ninja says:


    Is this what you are addressing?

    This came out this past July:

    “Department of the Air Force stands up Diversity and Inclusion Task Force”

  5. FuzeVT says:

    I retired in early 2019 and I don’t remember ever seeing any of this. We had the standard safety stand-down stuff but nothing like super wokeness. It was the USMC so maybe that was it.

  6. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    This all bullshit. I grew up in the suburbs which was probably 90% white. Serving 4 years I met and befriended guys that were now called POC’s. We lived & worked in close quarters and learned to respect each other because we many things in common. Sure, we had some difference, but we learned to understand each other even if we didn’t always agree. We did it without diversity training because were grown men/adults which is short supply for most Millennials in the “real world’.

  7. 5th/77th FA says:

    Does this mean we can have white rice with brown gravy again? How about some crackers with the soup? Can I call for an order of black eye peas with corn pone? Can we all meet down to the Soul Food Cafe?

    Ex, make us up some Aunt Jemima pancakes and pour some Mrs. Butterworth’s on them. For dinner, I’ll take cube steak and Uncle Ben’s Rice.

    • ninja says:


      Thank You…

      THANK You…

      THANK YOU…..!!!!!!

      YOU NAILED IT 1000% (Not A Typo).


      The next thing you know is that the PETA Folks are gonna come after our Bulldog, our Elephant… Red will be a Racist Color..Knights will be viewed as a Sexist Symbal (all ale)…

      My Black Brothers and Sisters are even saying this is getting out of hand..and the funny thing is that the Generation that is complaining about all of this have never really had to deal with “racial, sexual” “discrimination” with jobs, schooling, income, etc.etc.

      I asked a 25 year old to explain to me the history of Slavery in the US, the War Between The States, our Constitution, the Civil Rights Movement and Act, subjects I remember learning in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.


      The only fights those younguns witnessed in their Schools were the White Guys hitting other White Guys..or Black Guys hitting other Black Guys…Or Black Gals in a Fight with Another Black Gal (I’ve been told stories that the way to win that fight is to pull the weave from the hair).

      And I saw the SAME thing over 50 years ago. 50 years ago! I NEVER saw White against Black, Blacks against Whites, except in Football, Basketball games as a TEAM.

      Heck, if any of us tried to fight on School Property, not only were we suspended, but also we could not play Sports…and the Power of The Parent Back Then..

      And guess what? My Favorite Teacher, my High School Biology Teacher, was our CITY’s FAVORITE Teacher. He believed in using the Paddle.

      Give you 2 guesses on the color of his Skin.

      He ended up being the Principal years later. Then he became the City’s School Superintendant.

      He passed away last year…if you only knew how many TRIED to attend his Funeral..

      He did not give a darn if you were Red or Yellow,Black or White. He did not care if you were Male or Female…if you came from a Rich Family or Poor Family…when that Paddle came out, by golly, that Paddle came out..😉

      And our Parents supported him…no one had an issue with his Paddle or his Race…

      He had a job to do. To teach us. To become responsible Adults.

      BTW..Welcome Back. You were missed today.



      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Tanks! Been a looooooong day and a semi rough one. Beat feet out of Firebase Magnolia at 0gawd30hrs this AM to get Big Red in for some Depot Level Maintenance. Been a bit bit since I went into the Big City before sunglasses time. AW1Ed hadn’t even unwrapped himself from the Mrs when I left, much less dropped the FGS. Had to be done and I had to do it. Don’t tell Baby Girl I drove that 40 miles in the dark by myself. But hey, Big Red ought to be good for another 15 years or 100K miles now. It’s gonna last longer than I will.

        Like you, my growing up was very similar. And no problems. In our circle we all played together, schooled together, got in trouble together, and sometimes got whopped together. And yep, that “Board of Education” was applied liberally, as needed. Never was in a scrap with a Black kid, but every year at the beginning of school I had to fight some punk azz white boy. Being the runt of the litter was always a challenge. Won way yonder more than I lost, but then again, I fight dirty.

        I scratch my watch and wind my azz everyday when I read thru the news feeds. The sheer stupidity of the sheep being led by those domestic enemies of our Republic is well, repugnant. Nobody I know, Black or White, hase ever been a target of, or an instigator of this supposed systemic racism. In addition to my other errands/duties of today, I made another trip by a favorite eating place. Got multitudes of hugs and well wishes from a large number of the staff, Black and White. The porked loin with brown gravy over the cornbread dressing went along smashingly with the smashed taters, fresh sliced ‘maters, the cat heads, and lacy anne joe cakes.

        I did have/meet a small number of prejudiced against “whitey” folks at my last work. A very small number. For the most part our construction crews was like a well drilled gun crew or rifle platoon. We got the work done and everybody went home at the end of the shift. I still meet on different days with some of the crew members, Black and White, to break bread. The incident in Louisville that happened the 18th that Poe sent in could have been R—–, (Black), R–, (White), and myself. I could substitute a coupla dozen other names for the 2 I gave.

        I don’t have the answers but I do have this concern. People are letting themselves get swept up into this agenda, just as many were swept up into an agenda in 1861. And we all know how bloody that got. It’s ridiculous…It needs to stop…NOW!

        I’m too decrepit to carry the fight to the enemy, but I will defend what I have to the last weapon, the last breath, and the last drop of blood. Plus I have 3 fall back positions and a bug out crew standing by. We’re ready. Now if I could just convince the Baby Girl to get back from behind enemy lines.

    • Mason says:

      Made the kids breakfast for dinner last night and couldn’t help myself. I served some of that raciss Mrs Butterworth’s.

  8. Bill R. says:

    I remember a briefing in basic training regarding racism, basically telling us it wouldn’t be tolerated. That was the gist of it and I don’t recall having any other briefings in 20 years from 80-00.

    • Mason says:

      Racism must be a recent addition to the service. I never saw any either. Most colorblind place I ever worked.

      • Poetrooper says:

        Nope, it was a growing problem back in the late fifties that blew up in the sixties. As I’ve stated here before, when I returned from ‘Nam in 1966 to Ft. Bragg and the 82d, I was the only bachelor E-6 living in the barracks. I was called upon by the Charge of Quarters (usually an SP4) to use my stripes to break up late night interracial fights in the platoon bays far too frequently, sometimes nightly.

        I ETS’d in June 1967 to finish college and shortly thereafter they had limited race rioting by black soldiers at Bragg.

        I served with some damned fine black troopers that I considered friends, but overall, driven by angry young black males from big northern cities, the situation was volatile. I remember telling the comely young Miz Poe (to-be) more than fifty years ago that the racism and hostility of those young men were going to be a big problem for this country if they weren’t dealt with decisively.

        But I was only twenty-five then so what did I know?

  9. timactual says:

    If they worried as much about teaching the Constitution they are sworn to defend and protect we would all be better off.

  10. RetiredDevilDoc8404 says:

    The boy informed me that the military was more racist because we tended not to care about the race of those we served with – apparently that “minimizes their individuality” which somehow devalues them. My response was that a mind was a terrible thing to waste and went back to my coffee. Thankfully he’s figuring out that most of the crap his profs filled his head with was just that – crap. Much like this training.

    • Poetrooper says:

      “…the military was more racist because we tended not to care about the race of those we served with – apparently that ‘minimizes their individuality’ which somehow devalues them.”

      A classic Catch-22: No matter what you do, you’re a racist–which just further substantiates that the race issue is nothing but a tool used by the leftists to destroy our institutions and our culture.

      • RetiredDevilDoc8404 says:

        The thing that really pissed me off wasn’t that he was interfering with my caffeine intake and enjoyment it was that he was okay spouting that while happily accepting education bennies from my “racist” military service. When Household 6 and I suggested that if he felt that way then he needed to return all the money he’d gotten and not take any more he just kind of stood there with a blank look on his face and went clomping back to his room. Semester breaks used to make me wish for the quieter times on Fran in beautiful downtown Fallujah…