Lancaster judge sets protesters’ bail at $1 million

| September 16, 2020

A Lancaster County judge set bail at $1 million for some of the protesters arrested for arson and riot-related charges early Monday morning following the police shooting of 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and other usual suspects immediatly called it “blatantly unconstitutional.”

Some of the people arrested during this week’s protests in Lancaster City have had their bail set at $1 million.

Author: Harri Leigh

A total of 13 people were arrested on riot-related charges following the police shooting of 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz. At least seven remain in jail in lieu of $1 million bail, each facing felony charges of arson, riot and vandalism, as well as related misdemeanors.

The unusually high bail amount drew the attention of community activists and some officials, including Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman.

“In this particular case, it’s blatantly unconstitutional given the nature of the charges. And I’m pointing that out,” Fetterman said, referring to a tweet he posted decrying the bail figure.

Bail is used in the criminal justice system to ensure defendants will show up at their scheduled court hearings. In some cases defendants only need to post a percentage of the total bail, usually 5 or 10 percent.

The Eighth Amendment of the Bill of Rights protects defendants from “excessive bail.”


The Lancaster Bureau of Police requested a high bail due to the “serious nature” of the defendants’ crimes, public information officer Lt. Bill Hickey said.

The office of the Magisterial District Judge who decided the amount, Bruce Roth, said the judge could not comment on the case, but confirmed the Lancaster Police request for a higher bail was considered.

“Excessive” is a term open for debate. If nothing else, this will certainly ensure the alleged rioters appear for trial. That they may be inconvenienced by cooling their heels in jail waiting for the date is bonus. Read the entire article here: Fox News


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  1. 2banana says:

    Well, with the likes oh Hollywood, Kamala and Biden staff giving massive donations to groups who bail out the rioters…

    Might as well make them donate mucho.

  2. 26Limabeans says:

    Five percent is 50K. Some group will come up with it.
    I can’t imagine who.
    Meantime, waterboard the little shits.

    • Jarhead says:

      Where you from Bean? Around here bondsmen charge mostly 10%, but up to 15% on bonds that are low to start with. Either way, even if it were 50% I still see it as a just move.

      BTW, can you educate this hillbilly on the opera clip? I have always had an impossible time understanding what they are singing. Even more so, making any sense out of thespians who run around like make believe characters in what they believe are such wonderful outfits. Whatdahell?

      • 26Limabeans says:

        “In some cases defendants only need to post a percentage of the total bail, usually 5 or 10 percent”

        Don’t know what it is in Maine but I’m all for 100% of what the judge sets.
        Can’t dance to opera. It has no back beat but at least the words rhyme.

      • AW1Ed says:

        Gilbert and Sullivan The Mikado

        My Object All Sublime

        A more humane Mikado never
        Did in Japan exist,
        To nobody second,
        I’m certainly reckoned
        A true philanthropist.
        It is my very humane endeavour
        To make, to some extent,
        Each evil liver
        A running river
        Of harmless merriment.

        My object all sublime
        I shall achieve in time–
        To let the punishment fit the crime–
        The punishment fit the crime;
        And make each prisoner pent
        Unwillingly represent
        A source of innocent merriment!
        Of innocent merriment!

        All prosy dull society sinners,
        Who chatter and bleat and bore,
        Are sent to hear sermons
        From mystical Germans
        Who preach from ten till four.
        The amateur tenor, whose vocal villainies
        All desire to shirk,
        Shall, during off-hours,
        Exhibit his powers
        To Madame Tussaud’s waxwork.

        The lady who dyes a chemical yellow
        Or stains her grey hair puce,
        Or pinches her figure,
        Is painted with vigour
        With permanent walnut juice.
        The idiot who, in railway carriages,
        Scribbles on window-panes,
        We only suffer
        To ride on a buffer
        In Parliamentary trains.

        The advertising quack who wearies
        With tales of countless cures,
        His teeth, I’ve enacted,
        Shall all be extracted
        By terrified amateurs.
        The music-hall singer attends a series
        Of masses and fugues and “ops”
        By Bach, interwoven
        With Spohr and Beethoven,
        At classical Monday Pops.

        The billiard sharp who any one catches,
        His doom’s extremely hard–
        He’s made to dwell–
        In a dungeon cell
        On a spot that’s always barred.
        And there he plays extravagant matches
        In fitless finger-stalls
        On a cloth untrue
        With a twisted cue
        And elliptical billiard balls!

        • rgr1480 says:

          I much prefer the Lord High Executioner.

          First, here’s my parody of the first stanza:

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          I’ve got a little list — I’ve got a little list
          Of society offenders who might well be underground,
          And who never would be missed — who never would be missed!

          There’s the pestilential protesters who riot for no reason —
          And hooligans who vandalize regardless of the season —
          All Antifa who stay up too late, and burn down cities flat —
          All persons who resist arrest, get shaken up like that —
          And all Socialists who on ruining America insist —
          They’d none of ’em be missed — they’d none of ’em be missed!

          He’s got ’em on the list — he’s got ’em on the list;
          And they’ll none of ’em be missed — they’ll none of ’em be missed.

          I’m sure we’ve better parodists than I ….


          As some day it may happen that a victim must be found,
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          And the piano-organist — I’ve got him on the list!
          And the people who eat peppermint and puff it in your face,
          They never would be missed — they never would be missed!
          Then the idiot who praises, with enthusiastic tone,
          All centuries but this, and every country but his own;
          And the lady from the provinces, who dresses like a guy,
          And who “doesn’t think she dances, but would rather like to try”;
          And that singular anomaly, the lady novelist —
          I don’t think she’d be missed — I’m sure she’d not he missed!


          He’s got her on the list — he’s got her on the list;
          And I don’t think she’ll be missed — I’m sure she’ll not be missed!


          And that Nisi Prius [not my car, “trial court legalities] nuisance, who just now is rather rife,
          The judicial humorist — I’ve got him on the list!
          All funny fellows, comic men, and clowns of private life —
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          And apologetic statesmen of a compromising kind,
          Such as — What d’ye call him — Thing’em-bob, and likewise — Never-mind,
          And ‘St— ‘st— ‘st— and What’s-his-name, and also You-know-who —
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          But it really doesn’t matter whom you put upon the list,
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    • David says:

      Leastways every state I have lived in, the bail must be posted IN FULL – you pay a bondsman 10% (up front, in cash) to post it but that 10% is between you and the bondman. Far as I know, the bondsman is on the hook for the full amount.

      Jarhead, gotta ask what kind of music you normally listen to? Must be rap and all you hear is ‘po-po’ ”mothafucka’ ‘ho’ etc. Old Gilbert & Sullivan is about the easiest music to hear the words you can find. But gives you the actual lyrics.

      • Jarhead says:

        Nope, not even close David. Surely you jest. In spite of you and AW1Ed trying to enlighten me, I’m admittedly still stupefied. I like my women “a little on the trashy side”, if that answers your question.

        As for bonds, the percentage paid to a bondsman is to be paid in cash around here, and is his to keep when the court case is settled. And yes, if the perp skips, the bondsman is on the hook for the full amount. Normally they have their own trackers to get out and find the person who skipped, but they often offer sizable amounts (have seen up to $1,500 offered) to the public when their customer can not be found.

        • David says:

          Think we’re on the same page… 100% of the bail is paid/obligated until trial, and that 10% is paid (nonrefundable) to the bondsman as the price for his keeping you out of the cell with the really bad guys. Court never takes 10% to let you go.

          Got no problem with country, like REAL country a lot. (Not surfer boy wannabes, but that is a different debate.) But whether tyou like English light opera or not, the lyrics are as clearly spoken as any Waylon Jennings song. Costumes? I guess you never go watch a movie, either, let alone a play.It’s all dress-up.

          • Jarhead says:

            Since I don’t speak Italian, most opera music to me is drama queen gibberish. To each his own, including costume relevance. You DO realize it is Commissar who enjoys escalated arguments don’t you?

            • David says:

              I am perfectly happy trying to help someone overextend an undefendable position. Some do, some don’t.

              • Jarhead says:

                Hey Mr. Elite, you’re a sorry little bitch aren’t you? You and your other antagonistic friend Lars maybe twins? I may not be opera literate, but don’t really care what you think. At least I’m intelligent enough to realize
                a shit stirring punk. Why don’t I give my address to admin and beg them to pass it on to you. Then you come see me like a MAN and run your mouth. Yeh, you’re a bad ass, bring it on. Another keyboard tuff guy.

                • David says:

                  Exchange of opinions on music and you go ballistic? Dude, you seriously need to chill. Oh, and if you’re ever in East Texas area, drop by. Happy to discuss whatever.

                  • Jarhead says:

                    That’s the sign of a number one pure dumb ass. Runs his mouth, too stupid to comprehend his hurled insults, and too weak to back them up. Your childish remarks insinuating I catch only stereotype phrases from the rap music you love and worship so much shows your pygmy size brain.

                    Your last unsolicited remark about your being “perfectly happy trying to help someone overextend an undefendable position” was so condescending that it was obvious you thought yourself to be in the elitist class league.

                    Possibly you are too uneducated to realize caustic remarks like yours intentionally stir the shit for whatever reason. Then comes your self entitlement to offend the hell out of people, presuming they are unwilling to stand up to you. WRONG choice in this case.

                    WTH are you even doing on this site? You some kind of war hero? Let me guess, you received the BAR (bidder’s action ribbon) on STORAGE WARS.

                    Chill my ass! Calm your pea sized ass before it is once again overridden by your elephant sized mouth.

                    Now I know you are OBVIOUSLY the type who MUST get the last word in to express your imaginary sophistication and little boy ego, so it is expected.

                    Make better choices when you insult people in the future who can and WILL feed your own words directly back to you. Don’t pretend to be an entitled offensive jerk just because you can type.

                    Better than you making any more childish remarks, why not chill yourself? Running your mouth as such on this web site to anyone (especially to one who will stand up to you) is a waste of space which none of us (possibly other than Mr. Lars) are drawn to.

                    Be a nice boy, grow up, and reconsider personal remarks which expose you as a shit stirrer. If you must continue for the sake of your own ego, might I suggest you gravitate toward a web site known as “This IS Hell–For Crybabies”

                    Why not put a stop to this now and be MAN enough to extend a tiny apology, knowing all will be forgiven and forgotten immediately.

                    • David says:

                      Dude, been here close to a decade and as far as I know the only one launching on me has been you, or maybe Lars. So you don’t like my style, OK… better men than you probably haven’t and there are probably a few that did… neither worries me. You are right, though, in one sense. I probably should have said I am always happy to watch someone make a fucking idiot of himself over nothing, but I chose a less offensive route. Think we have bored everyone else here enough by now and should let it drop – but in fairness I’ll leave it up to the admins: if people care enough to say I need to go, no need to ban me, I’ll go. (Oh, and I was a short-timer in the Army, only nine years and was medicalled out – nothing heroic, never claim otherwise, and don’t waste my time threatening others on the site.)

      • rgr769 says:

        Ten percent bail bond premium is pretty standard in most states. It is fully earned as soon as the bond is posted and the arrestee is released. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bond can be forfeited and the bondsman is liable to the court for the amount of the bond if he can’t catch the absconder and turn him in.

        The $1mil is likely excessive and will be reversed on appeal, but these turds will stay locked up for a while.

  3. OWB says:

    Nothing excessive about $1mil for arson of occupied buildings.

    Can you spell willful disregard for human life? Call it endangerment if you prefer. Maybe consider the value of the buildings, contents, appurtenant structures that burned or could have burned. How many times have these defendants committed the same or similar crimes? And, it would appear that the crimes are escalating for those with the high bails.

    The clowns claiming “unconstitutional” need to be reminded that they are not the arbiters of what is unconstitutional.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Testify OWB! You could also call it premeditated attempted murder.

      If we could see more of this type of judicial action, we may see less of the burning, looting, murdering.

      • Roh-Dog says:

        Or wait until you see the flame of their Bic and canoe their empty marxists skulls with the caliber of choice.
        My $.02, looters, rioters and arsonists meet the ROE.
        I’m hoping society catches up with my interpretations.

        • RGR 4-78 says:

          I would pay to see someone pop their moltov cocktail just as it leaves their hand via 12 ga. birdshot.

          • Roh-Dog says:

            Agreed. The Molotov is an NFA Destructive Device and unregistered possession there of is illegal af. Intent, or use of is doubly eeelegal.
            I kinda went down the rabbit hole of ‘how to make them legally’, lemme tell you that juice ain’t worth the squeeze.
            Wait until these aholes figure out in many places flamethrowers are gtg*.

            *check your local laws, not that will stop them.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Just chalk it up to the high cost of looting. If the Left wants to raise the minimum wage, everything should go up accordingly.

  4. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    S’about time someone put their foot down on the little maggots!

  5. FuzeVT says:

    Cue Nelson from the Simpsons:

    HA! HA!

  6. Skippy says:

    Maybe this this was done in other case like this
    The DNC would run of of money to keep these
    Idiots free

  7. ChipNASA says:

    *FUCK THEM*!!!

    Do stupid evil, unlawful shit like this and you get the HAMMER

    I can’t wait for Trump to be re-elected and then shit goes down and they fucking start sending these little fuckers to Gitmo

  8. SFC D says:

    Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

  9. Combat Historian says:

    This is the same Pennsylvania state leadership run by leftist demonrats who put the state into draconian dictatorial lockdown, closed the state liquor stores, and sent infected patients to nursing homes to kill thousands of senior citizens, with the tranny state health director moving his/her 96 year old mother from a nursing home to a hotel room to spare her from the carnage. It appears at least the DA for Lancaster County is not a Soros-purchased stooge…

  10. Wireman 611 says:

    Just saw that one of those held on 1 million dollars bail is a sorority girl. I guess there goes the college funds.

  11. Thunderstixx says:

    So who wants to bet that the party dolls will be the center of attention and affections of many of the current inmate population somewhere in the Pennsylvania Correctional Facilities, courtesy of the said judge.
    And ten percent of a million is still pretty steep, I doubt that anyone will be bailing them out unless they are looking to silence the little bastards so they don’t turn rat on the “leaders” of the bowel movement known as “antifa”….
    Wouldn’t bother me in the least.

  12. Slow Joe says:

    How is that old Jewish saying?

    “He who is merciful with the criminal is being criminal with the people”.

  13. Maybe the 13 A-Holes that are locked up will pull an Epstein during the jails power failure and cameras go blank.

  14. Ex-PH2 says:

    The sooner we can find a suitable planet to send them to, the better.
    The Alpha/Proxima Centauri system has a couple of rocky planets. They could go there – them and all their think-alike friends.

  15. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    The best part is all their crimes were committed on the basis of a lie. I have no problem with that bail at all. Obviously, the Lt. Gov. wants them back on the street creating mayhem against the citizens be swore to protect. I wonder if he’d “go to bat” for those jailed if they were Trump supporters? Hmmmm?

  16. Hack Stone says:

    These guys got off easy. At least the local Po-Po did not release Kyle Rittenhouse on them.

  17. The Other Whitey says:

    I seem to remember another guy named Fetterman who rejected reality, fucked up epically, and got a bunch of guys killed because he thought he was the smartest one in the room.

    Does having that last name automatically make one a retard?

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Nice interpretive display on this fight at Fort Robinson in NE. Bets were placed by Union ossifers as to who was the biggest idiot, Fetterman or Artie Custer. Fetterman came in FIRST! (ht to R-D)

        • Jarhead says:

          5th/77…get your waders out, now’s when you need them. Right now you are getting what we had earlier and it ain’t purty. Hopefully for those in your area it has picked up speed and will quickly move on. Wind wasn’t too bad here, but the rain just never wanted to end. Fact is, those over in the Gulf Shores, Pensacola, Orange Beach and other immediate area suffered terribly. Theirs made our tiny suffering negligible.

          If there is ANYTHING I can do that you need help with, please let me know. Carry on…SAFELY as possible.

        • Cameron says:

          I wonder if the character of Colonel Henry Favours in Red Dead Redemption II was based off a mixture of William Fetterman and George Armstrong Custer (he most certainly was based off Custer).

        • Roh-Dog says:

          Gin and I had a fight last night.
          Just getting in rn.
          We have a SV case?!?
          See you over there.

  18. Forest Bondurant says:

    It could also be that some of the rioters are from out of state. Considering that, it could be another reason why bail was set so high – to make sure they appear on their court date to answer for the serious charges.

    It also sends a signal to other fuckwits who may be inclined to play stupid games in another state. Perhaps a deterrent?

  19. Fjardeson says:

    Since when was ARSON a minor crime? It’s technically a crime against humanity.

  20. NHSparky says:

    Portland does catch and release…100 plus nights of riots.

    PA slaps $1M bail down…they keep protesting, but they aren’t burning or breaking shit today, are they?

    Thus endeth the sermon, thus endeth the lesson.

  21. Long Carl says:

    I read several Twitter comments. Amazing how many Constitutional scholars reside there.