Weekend Open Thread

| October 2, 2020

Meme from “The Donald Win”.

In a nutshell, what they feel is true is “true”. If the facts dictate otherwise, and you present them these facts, you might be labeled a “racist” or some other derogatory term. With the Presidential Election happening next month, expect the opposition to become more bizarre. Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Mason says:

    Not first

  2. Roh-Dog says:


    • Mason says:

      Oh sure, the one time it works out for me is after I become a mod and am ineligible. Congrats to the rightful “First!” Roh-Dog.

      • Roh-Dog says:

        Who said there’s rules?
        Did Custer follow the rules?
        I’m not taking it.
        So there!
        Have a great weekend y’all!

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          Aww Hells to the NAAAHHHHH Roh-Dog, you not dodging the responsibility of the Holder of the Crown of FIRST on the Friday TAH Weekend Open Thread. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. You were FIRST to be an eligible ‘weed to post the First FIRST. Admin ARE NOT ELIGIBLE! I am of the opinion that Mason posted just to make sure the site was accepting comments for the thread. Hell I sat here for a minute or more before I started typing my ramble, just to make sure I DIDN’T be the First to post FIRST. Even then, I didn’t think anyone would have shown up.

          So, Embrace the Suck…Bitch…you are King of the ‘weeds/weedettes for at least the next week. Lot’s of bitching and moaning in the ranks of late, and false accusation that THE King of Battle, THE King of FIRST (56 but who’s counting) may have done some type of nefarious action to win so many times. No secret, lay the guns properly, have a good FDC on point, call in the Fire Mission, and lay waste to the Bastards.

          Take care of my Crown…and have a shot of my Crown in celebration. Got any snacks? Seegars? Loose wimmens? Cookies?

          • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

            Hey! GB! Pass me a seeegar and a shot of Crown. Bein’ commo is thirst-i-fyin’ work, don’cha’know.

          • Roh-Dog says:

            Bitch, eh? Meh, I’ll take it.
            Vodka, V8 and horseradish with Soup tonite, allergies are turned up to 11 here.
            There’s a F**k the Tyrants Rally at the Capitol tmw, resting up and reading some Federalist/Anti-Fed Papers this eve.
            Thanks for passing the great responsibility, I’ll make sure to wield it in a hackneyed and spastic manner!

            • 5th/77th FA says:

              Belly on up Tox, I gots plenty. And I just filled up my Zippo with fluid to get a perfect light. Re-found my seegar circumcise tool just yesterday. And Boys and Girls the ol’ Dawg got lucky on the provision run today. Homeboy at the Meat Market was doing a quick reset and had to move out some stuff quick. He discounted me a nice load of 4 pack Polish Sausages, 8 4 to the pack center cut boneless loin chops (1.99lb), and a case of 1/2lb paks of Black Forest vacu seal sliced ham. So we can all draw rations. And it won’t be C Rat Ham n Muthers.

              R-D were y’all part of that several thousand still without power late yesterday? Imma gonna take the advice that Mi’Lady gave on the other thread and GRILL me some porked beast outside. And snack on it with the fresh crusty bread that Ms Thang at the K Roger Bakery wink, wink, nod, nodded at me today.

              I needs me one of them signs my ownself. FIRST Sergeant Cookie’s Bride works for a sign making outfit at the next town over. May have to check with her on it. Problem with a sign like that is, it pisses people off when the truth slaps them in the face. Kinda like the spapos seagull. Is it wrong to confuse them with the facts when their minds are made up?

              • Roh-Dog says:

                The power here never blinked, not that I seen anyway.
                Heard some lines got taken down in the south east corner and as close to me as Marlborough Internet was knocked out.
                These f’ing people… trees grow, they grow tall, when next to power lines those same trees can rip the lines down.
                Every damn time they’re surprised.

          • The Stranger says:

            Crown? I’m more of a Canadian Club 12…best value in whisky. Also, the Whistle Pig 10-year bottled in bond 100% rye and 100 proof is damn smooth. So smooth you don’t realize that it’s 100 proof. Kinda pricey though, something like $70-$80 a fifth.

            • 5th/77th FA says:

              Pappy, “…and good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye…” Word! The bottles of Crown were gifted a while back, The Royal by my deceased Sister, and The Southern by the boys of the Regiment. Been a loooooooooong time since I bought any Canadian. 2nd ex slurped up Canadian Mist, a gallon or more a week. Insult to injury, she ruined it with Caffeine Free Diet Sprite. Yeah, I know! Sacrilege! I’ve had some of all of the Class VI Supplies at one point in time or another, but learned long ago to keep carbonated beverages the hell away from my sipping goods. Partial to Jameson, Dickel, and Cap’n Morgan…and Yuengling. My favorite part of business trips into PA was sampling all of the local brews there.

            • 11B-Mailclerk says:

              Heavy is the head that drinks Crown

    • ninja says:

      Congrats, Roh-Dog…the Crown and Septor of Power are your to enjoy for a week!

      Please use the Septor of Power wisely or KoB will swipe it from you again next week!


  3. 5th/77th FA says:

    Well I hope y’all are all awake and looking at this thread dropping in. I just wandered by and here was the TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread a’laying in wait for some one to come along and holler…FIRST!!!

    Good Luck and Congrats to the Winning Weed/Weedette!

    • Roh-Dog says:

      Oh, it was a ‘pity first’?! Def not taking it now.
      Btw, you know where we can get the above sign?
      The front lawn aches for one.

      • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

        Good point. I was thinking it was PhotoShopped, but if that’s a for-real sign, just point me the way……..

  4. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    I guess this makes me THIRD! Movin’ on up the ladder.

  5. The Other Whitey says:

    Finally got a couple days off, put some time in on two ongoing projects.


    One is the F4F-3 Wildcat for my niece, on which I finished the cockpit and assembled the fuselage. Still debating whether the Vietnamese colors should be a tail flash or a band on the engine cowling.

    The other is my wife’s godfather’s PB4Y-1, on which I applied an oil dot filter (and only fucked up a little bit), and used a foam brush to apply some chipping in the color of the Navy’s old piss-yellow aircraft primer. I tried doing some chrome on the larger chips to simulate aluminum showing through where the primer was scratched off, but that paint didn’t work, so I’ll try a better brand next time.

    • KoB says:

      Looking real good TOW! Keep us posted on the progress. Surely glad you are safe and have a few days off the line. We certainly do keep our prayers going up for all of y’all keeping the flames at bay. Be ye careful, you need to be coming home to that trophy wife and precious children of yours.

      Always like the PGY series of Naval Aircraft. It kinda made sense, you know, for an aircraft that was going to be spending so much time over water to have the wings and engines mounted ON TOP of the aircraft, AWAY FROM the water. Still wonder what happened to the Lockheed Engineer that turned those C130 plans upside down and made a P-3 out of that. Musta been spending the weekend with Pappy, The Stranger. He drinks you know.

      I took some time to Google Foo the F4 color schemes. ‘Bout the time I decided that the stripes should go on the tail rudder, I ran into a few with the engine cowl (nacelle?) painted up. Maybe one of ‘weeds here can dig a little deeper, or better yet, have FIRST (ht 2 R-D) hand knowledge!1.

      Keep it up, your skilz set and the sharing with us all is appreciated. So is the fact that you are doing what you are to bring pleasure to others. Tanks!

      • The Stranger says:

        Excuse me, point of order, I don’t just “drink”, I sample fine spirits and brewed beverages in order to provide guidance on what a refined Soldier should imbibe! For example:
        * Bud Light is not fit for human consumption.
        * Whisky should be drunk neat, or with a small splash of water.
        * If you can’t drink it that way, you need to switch brands and quit drinking rotgut.
        * When in doubt, drink Yuengling. If Yuengling isn’t available, Shiner will work.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        When complete, the F4F will (mostly) wear the the colors and markings of VF-2 aboard USS Lexington (CV-2) in Jan-Feb 1942, because it looks cool and because those decals came with the kit. Some things, like the 13-striped rudder, I can mask and paint. Others I can stencil. But some things have to be decals. Luckily, there is a dude up in Michigan who will print pretty much anything you send him on a waterslide decal sheet in scale, so I can get things like her name for the cockpit sides pretty easily.

    • ninja says:


      As always, superb work to include paying attention to minor detail..👍👍

      Thank You for sharing!

  6. Hack Stone says:

    Hack is just commenting to meet the WOT quota. Happy New Fiscal Year to all of the lovable Deplorables who frequent this page.

    • Wilted Willy says:

      Thanks Hack as always! I am sorry to say, I was just informed that I no longer have a job! So I will be registering a new email address as soon as I can build one on a new server? Anybody have any good ideas on where to get a good email address?
      Thanks all for the great support that you all have given me over the years! I truly love you all!!!
      Take care,
      Wilted Willy

  7. Sapper3307 says:

    FIRST and foremost the weekend has arrived.

    • Claw says:

      “FIRST and foremost” brought a little trivia to mind, and that is:

      Foremost (Meadowgold Dairies) was the brand name on the milk cartons and the little orange sherbet cups we had in Vietnam, so I did a little checking. Seems that the US had three milk plants in RVN. The first in Saigon came on line and started production in December 1965, followed by another plant in Cam Ranh Bay (15 Nov 67) and the third started production on 4 Feb 68 in Qui Nhon.

      But to further augment the ice cream provided by the milk plants, additional small size ice cream plants were brought into country to provide ice cream as far forward as possible. The number of these plants reached as high as 40.

      The moral of the story is: Killing Commies for Mommy was easy once you had your ice cream ration for the day./s

  8. Graybeard says:

    FIRST in the hearts and minds of the grandkids.

    Enjoying the beautiful weather in the Graybeard Compound AO. Granddaughters playing on the floor, squirrel season opened yesterday – haven’t got out after them yet though. Need some squirrel dumplings!

    Got the antlerless permit for gun season in the national forest today. Hope I get a chance to fill it.

    Hope you all have a great weekend. Keep POTUS and FLOTUS in your prayers. Mark well the ghouls who wish them ill, for they are the true enemies of the people.


    • ninja says:

      Graybeard wrote:

      “squirrel season opened yesterday – haven’t got out after them yet though. Need some squirrel dumplings!”

      Time for AW1Ed, Ex-PH2, KoB, Seadragon and Gitcarver (Instant Pot) to provide us recipes for Squirrel Dumplings!

      Unless you have a recipe, Graybeard!


      Congrats on getting your anterless permit!

      And yes, 100% on Prayers for the First Family.

      • Graybeard says:

        I do, ninja.

        I may have posted it here last season, but I’ll dig around and see if I can find it again.

        There’s a recipe for fried squirrel around here somewhere, too.

        My cousin did some magic with a spit and BBQ sauce I’ve never been able to replicate…

  9. Skippy says:

    Alive and breathing
    Farting up a storm today
    In fact my kids are are staying
    6 feet away from me today
    And are outside

  10. 26Limabeans says:

    I have no idea who is legal first this wot.
    No, I’m not claiming it.
    But I’m here so there’s that.

    • Claw says:

      Roh-Dog is the legal “First” posted to the Coveted Book of WOT Firsts for this week. Mason is ineligible due to his position of being an administrator for TAH.

      “So let it be written, so let it be done.”

  11. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Top Twenty and Honorary First once again.


  12. Dennis - not chevy says:

    From the war stories and other lies file: I got to thinking about the biggest butt-holes I’ve encountered during my orbits around the sun. A Captain came to mind who was miserable to enlisted folks. One day, back when I was an A1C, or maybe a SrA, I got detailed to work for this Captain. The first day on the job he chewed me a new one. Not that this was the first nor last chewing out I got, it was memorable for volume and the fact the Captain was dead-wrong and his decision could have cost lives. So anyways, a month or so after the detail was over, I ran into the Captain at the BX. Only this time he’s wearing Sergeant stripes, he got RIF’d. I couldn’t help myself, I briskly walked up to him and greeted him with a hardy, “Hi-ya buddy, how’s life?”
    Ah, good times.

  13. Claw says:

    Don’t know if anybody else is following up on that Dennis Nickell character that OldManchu alerted us about, but he and his wife Sockpuppet have published an Episode 7 on U-Tube in response to “Stolen Valor Accusations”.

    It contains one of the most obvious faked up from whole cloth/cut&paste/forgery of a DD214 that I have ever been the displeasure of looking at. They also published a picture of what I believe is an unauthorized fake-up of a family member/dependent ID card.

    Not quite sure what their end game in all this is, other than rattling a tin cup.

    • Skippy says:

      Faker being a Faker
      And a POS
      nothing new with these turds

    • 26Limabeans says:

      Sent him a message thru his webpage at “surviving Vietnam”
      Invited him to join us here…

      • Claw says:

        Here’s hoping he/she takes you up on the offer. Haven’t had a Faker/Sockpuppet here in a good while.

    • Combat Historian says:

      Since according to Nickell we used Abrams and Apaches in Viet of the Nam, next he’s gonna tell us he was issued a CAC card during inprocessing at 90th Replacement at Bien Hoa, and was directed to use bitcoins to purchase goods on the local economy instead of MPCs…

      • 26Limabeans says:

        I’ll bet he spent time at LBJ and not as a guard.
        That is if he set foot in country to begin with.

        • Combat Historian says:

          Probably did time at the local county lockup, not LBJ…

          • KoB says:

            I youtubed/googlefooed for the linky, forgot to drag it back to post. No matter, it ain’t hard to find. Did not watch/listen to any of it, didi skip thru him/her/they holding up pictures of him 50 years ago. The pics sure did look shiney and new. Comments were running heavy to believing him (as of now). More BS flags being thrown as I left. I will reserve most judgement until I see an FOIA, but he does remind me of an embellishing POS that I know personally, looks, acts, talks, brags just like this cat. GANG, never further west than Ft Lost in the Woods and his closest combat was building a chopper pad at Benning.

            • Combat Historian says:

              The chopper pad at Benning built by your embellishing “buddy” may have been used for filming scenes from “The Green Berets”, so that would make your poser “pal” a VIETNAM VETERAN, at least in his own embellishing mind…

            • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

              Let’s not forget that during the Vietnam War, many AD Army Posts had mockup VC Villages where one could get pics of them “In the Nam” that could fool only a number of folks!

              • Claw says:

                Especially Tigerland at Fort Puke, oops Polk./s

              • KoB says:

                Roger to both and yep, he;s got everybody on the Book of Fake convinced of his sekreet skquirreeel heroness. Door gunner, sniper, greenbeanie, combat engineers, personal weapon was an M-60, but “I can’t talk about it.” At least once/twice a week, it’s the nightmares of “fighting dinks in the wire, in the dark, waking up with the sweats…” Yeah…NO! NG, only son, Daddy got him in the local Engr Co, hoping Basic would straighten him out (it didn’t) Graduated Basic in Feb of ’72, not sure on AIT (Motor Grader Operator). Coupla years hanging out at the weekend warrior house drinking and smoking, 2 week paid vacation at the Shoney’s Inn in Hinesville, smoking and drinking. kicked out for pissing hot and being an asshole. Used to brag about “being too smart to have to go to Viet Nam.” Started living the lie right after DS I.

              • rgr769 says:

                When I attended the Infantry Officer Vietnam Orientation Course at the Benning School for Wayward Boys, they ran us through that VC village.

    • ninja says:

      To All:

      As mentioned by Claw, here is the Episode 7 of Nickell’s “Surviving Vietnam” series..

      Thank You, Claw!

      “Surviving Vietnam-Episode 7 Stolen Valor Accusations:

      • Combat Historian says:

        As mentioned above, can’t wait to see the FOIA result on this guy…

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        He seems like an assclown to me and I just skipped around his video in fear of losing at least a dozen IQ points if I suffered through the whole thing!

      • 26Limabeans says:

        She nods her head in agreement as if she was right there with him.
        Fuck him…I want to hear her story.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        He can clear this all up by saying that he knew Long Duc Dong (GONG) and loves to suck down a hot steaming bowl of Cream of Sum Yung Guy Soup for Tet.

        Probably loved to hang out at Jimmy Wah’s place looking at pictures of Walter Brennan naked.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yup, that’s him…

        • Mason says:

          I wrote the book as a tribute! I’m a patriot!

          That is probably one of the most brilliant comedies of all time. Right up there with Blazing Saddles. I don’t think Tropic Thunder could be made today, and the movie’s not that old.

          • Roh-Dog says:

            Amen, Amen and AMEN!
            I’m surprised the Lefties aren’t burnin all copies of Blazing Saddles AND Tropic Thunder!
            No way could that movie be made today, no wfay.

            Here’s a little ditty if you care/dare. Ear worm warning! https://youtu.be/tKvqhlhXq9s

      • rgr769 says:

        I looked at his DD-214. The comments that there are multiple fonts on its entries are correct. The “N”‘s are a dead give away. I find it ridiculous and incredible that he would have been awarded three ARCOMs, let alone an air medal and a BSM. First and foremost is that this joker was, assuming he ever made it to the Viet of the Nam, humping ammo on a firebase gun crew. The only time he would have ridden in a helo was the ride to the secure firebase site. Those are admin runs and not considered the Combat Assualts (CA’s) by helo required for an Air Medal for non-aircrew personnel. I was in the RVN during the same time frame he claims to have been there. As I have three air medals, I am familiar with what the requirements were for non-aircrew personnel. I also can’t wait to see his FOIA response.

    • Topski says:

      Claw, not saying he isn’t a fake, but the ID he shows is not the dependent ID it’s the one issued to 100% disabled, hence the indefinite. If that’s the case he needs to show his VA letter proving that.

      • Claw says:

        Okay, Thanks, I guess I’m just an old dinosaur (been retired Army now almost 30 years) and if they are using an ID card like that for 100% disabled, I’m not clued in on that sort of thing.

        It just struck me funny that an individual that supposedly hasn’t been in uniform for almost 50 years is still allowed to go on a base anywhere and shop at the PX/Commissary or go to the MWR facilities.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        Concur, however under “service/orginization” it says OTHER instead of USA.
        Under “status/grade” it says DAVPRM but no grade stated.

        appears to be DD FORM 2765 APR 1998

        Need to see the back as well.
        It will get him into the BX and theater but that’s about it.
        Looks cool tho to flash when buying beer and bullshiting the gals.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          An acquaintance had some bogus IDs printed professionally for a role playing game. (morrow project) One of the over achievers who received one added a pro passport photo, a mag stripe, a prismatic decal, laminated it in Lexan, and drilled it for an ID tag chain. It was “Hollywood grade” sci-fi prop.

          It was in his own name with correct birthdate, etc. It was widely accepted, including places that should not have accepted it.

          I suppose nowadays folks might be more picky. But it looks better than any employee ID I have had.

        • Topski says:

          DAVPRM is the correct term;
          100% P&T disabled vets get the DAVPRM designation in the status block of the DOD 2765 with INDEF in the expiration block.

          • 26Limabeans says:

            But the last held grade is missing. “E5” etc.
            If he were Army it would also say USA, not OTHER.

            Apparently he is a disabled vet that served in a
            secret orginization and held a secret grade.
            He was sheep dipped! Plain to see.

  14. Claw says:

    Final statistics from the FY2020 Valor Vultures Tote Board are:

    Air Force: 1/2 plus 1/2 plus 1/2 plus 1/2

    Army: 18 1/3*

    Coast Guard: 1

    Marines: 10 1/3*

    Navy: 17 1/3*

    * Jerry Dean Verdot – Claimed service in all three branches.

    Question: Is is worth it to keep track of these turds since everything has slowed down? Thanks for any input./s

    • 26Limabeans says:

      Yes, the valiant never sleep.
      Although the Army is now recommending an occasional nap.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Keep up the count Supply Daddy! (In addition to your other duties) Inquiring minds needs to know!

        GO ARMY!!!!! BEAT NAVY!!!!!

    • OWB says:

      Well, sure. Even though the numbers may be frustratingly low, they gotta be counted somewhere. Might as well be as they occur.

    • Graybeard says:

      Sorry I’m no longer in a position to help you keep score.

      Things sure have slowed down, but it is interesting to know which service is the most popular with the Valor Vultures.

    • Skippy says:

      Army is in the lead

    • rgr769 says:

      Woo hoo! Army is finally ahead for the first time in many years. Go Army!

      • Wilted Willy says:

        Has to be because of my POS brother, nobody can beat his bullshit story???
        Take care all,

        • rgr769 says:

          He was one of those deadly combat dental techs, wasn’t he? As I recall, the Cong really feared a guy who could make combat false teeth.

    • Claw says:

      OK, will continue to march as before. Have made a pencil entry (Dennis Nickell) for Army in the FY21 Tote Board.

      Sorry to hear that you can’t help out anymore, Greybeard. Hope it’s nothing serious.

      Again, Thanks to all for answering up.

  15. ninja says:

    To All:

    As mentioned by Claw, here is the Episode 7 of Nickell’s “Surviving Vietnam” series..

    Thank You, Claw!

    “Surviving Vietnam-Episode 7 Stolen Valor Accusations:

    • Claw says:

      You’re Welcome, ninja.

    • Claw says:

      Yeah, there’s nothing better than looking at a DD214 that has three different fonts that attest to it’s “authenticity”

      Forgin’ Frank would be proud that someone else has continued his legacy./s

      • Combat Historian says:

        The guy was such a hero who earned so many medals that it took three clerks with three different typewriters to fill out his 214…(sarc)

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, it’s the guy Nick Nolte played in Tropic Thunder again…

  16. ninja says:

    This is for our TAH Firefighters.


    THANK YOU and Your Families For All That You Have Done To Help Our Country:


    “The United States Congress created the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to lead a nationwide effort to remember America’s fallen firefighters. Since 1992, the tax-exempt, nonprofit Foundation has developed and expanded programs to honor our fallen fire heroes and assist their families and co-workers.”

    “Our mission is to honor and remember America’s fallen fire heroes and to provide resources to assist their families in rebuilding their lives and work within the fire service community to reduce firefighter deaths and injuries.”

    “Each October, the Foundation sponsors the official national tribute to all firefighters who died in the line of duty during the previous year. Thousands attend the weekend activities held at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The Weekend features special programs for families and co-workers along with moving public ceremonies.”

    Today, 3 October 2020, Honor guard members will raise flags for the 103 firefighters being honored this Sunday during America’s Tribute to Fallen Firefighters. These flags will be presented to the families at the 2021 National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend.”

    “On Sunday, October 4, at 10:00 am EDT, the lives of 82 firefighters who died in the line of duty in 2019 and 21 firefighters who died in previous years will be remembered in the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s production of America’s Tribute to Fallen Firefighters. This 45-minute special will be available to watch on http://www.firehero.org and through the NFFF’s social media platforms.”

    “In accordance to Public Law 107-51, the American flag should be lowered to half-staff on All Federal Buildings this Sunday, October 4, 2020 from sunrise to sunset in observance of National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service.”


    • Fyrfighter says:

      Thanks Ninja!

      Sadly, the ceremonies will be virtual this year due to the Wuhan flu, but it is an amazingly moving event. There is a book published each year with names and eulogies for all the fallen as well, if you can make it more than a few pages without tearing up, you’re not human.. It is a free publication, available (at least to Fire Departments-Not sure about the general public) from the USFA publishing office on the campus of the National Fire Academy. If you can get a copy, I recommend it.

      • Wilted Willy says:

        BZ to all of you Fire Heroes out there!
        God Bless all of you and your families!!
        Keep up the great work you do everyday and I will continue to pray for you all everyday like always!!!

  17. MarineDad61 says:

    FINAL Proud Marine DAD brag.

    Yesterday, my son was promoted to Captain.
    US Marines O-3 Captain.
    He is now flying the MV-22 Osprey in an op unit,
    advanced training, day or night,
    shuttling Marines, a few sailors, and gear.
    Unnecessary partial refueling, too…. for training.
    As Ospreys do.

    Per my son’s specific request,
    now that he has pinned on Captain,
    other than the black caps, and the license plates,
    there will be no more online bragging about my son.
    Not here.
    Not FakeBook.
    Not anywhere online.
    Thanks for being great listeners….
    I will never forget.

    • ninja says:

      CONGRATS, MarineDad61, to your remarkable Son and to YOU, for being a remarkable Dad!



    • Graybeard says:

      Congrats to your son.

      One of my sons-by-other-parents (and an Eagle Scout) recently retired after 20 good years in the Marines. He flew (at one time) the Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion – then trained others on it.

      May your son be covered in the protection of God’s Hands in his future service.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Congratulations to the new USMC Captain and may he live long and prosper and maintain a sense of humor.

    • Roh-Dog says:


      Those Osprey have such a wonderful tone to them…especially when they do touch-and-goes around your hide or patrol base, for hours, at nite, for no reason.

      Seriously though, Congrats to all y’all!

    • OWB says:

      Well done, MD, to you AND your son. Congrats all around.

    • Combat Historian says:

      I would be happy to mail your son some railroad tracks that I used almost 30 years ago, but Army railroad tracks are somewhat different in design and size than Gyrene tracks, so MD Son will have to get his from the local MCX. Please pass along our congratulations to him. Making O3 is a big deal in anyone’s commissioned career…

  18. ChipNASA says:

    Hey Buttfucks!!!
    I’m here loud and proud.
    Late, as I had a sick kid at home today but he’s better. Too much Mac and Cheese and Hot Dogs and Cheeze-Its and such.
    Hey, he’s a boy and 11 and has a hollow leg. Sometimes his mouth works faster than his brain or stomach.

    Otherwise, all is well at the House of Chip.
    Cheers to all you rotten assholes.
    Hugs to the Ladies, few and far between here at TAH.

    Let me go and read up on about a day and a half of posts….


    • Graybeard says:

      Hope the kid recovers quickly.

    • Hondo says:

      Sometimes his mouth works faster than his brain or stomach.

      Get used to that – especially the “mouth works faster than his brain” part. That’s gonna be the case for the next few years. (smile)

      Seriously, hope the boy recovers quickly.

    • ChipNASA says:

      Thank guys,
      You are the best regardless what names I call you, endearingly (smile).
      He was just too full and a good barf took car of it and a Coke.

      Yeah, at 11, I’m starting to see the beginnings of teeangerdom show up. Oh well, it’s inevitable like puberty.
      Much love and happy Monday.

  19. Commissioner Wretched says:

    Well … it’s been quite a day for news, eh? Following work with a Chinese buffet, it took me this long to get home and drop the week’s trivia column for you. King of Battle dethroned, Roh-Dogan uncertain first, and the world progresses. As it should. Anyway, here’s my pitiful attempt to make you smile!

    Did Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” lady lose her job because of a spaghetti sauce commercial?
    By Commissioner Wretched

    Wow … where has the time gone? It’s October.

    That’s right, the tenth month of 2020 is on our doorstep. You know what that means, right?

    Oh. I was hoping you did, ‘cause I’m not all that sure.

    Seriously, we have Halloween coming up, so in the next few weeks I’ll be sending out thoughts of what I can wear for the holiday.

    If we get to have it.

    After all, that stupid Corona virus is still with us.

    Maybe … just maybe … we can all go trick-or-treating after all. I hope so.

    I need costume ideas.

    Anyway, we can enjoy some trivia between now and then, right? So let’s dive into some!

    Did you know …

    … the word “unfriend” is not something that came about with Facebook? The word has been seen in print as far back as 1659. (You have to wonder if it bothered a person as much back then as it does now.)

    … there really is such a thing as “wet water?” Firefighters use chemicals to reduce the surface tension of plain water, so that it is easier to spread and soak into objects. They call this chemically-treated water, “wet water.” (Doesn’t fire create enough tension all on its own?)

    … hunting unicorns is legal in Michigan? (That would explain why you never see one.)

    … the government of Iran once arrested squirrels? In 2007, members of the Iranian army arrested 14 squirrels found near a nuclear enrichment plant. The squirrels were accused of spying. (Were they just nuts? The squirrels or the Iranians? I don’t know.)

    … anything a duckling meets 10 minutes after it hatches is considered its parent? (That’s just ducky!)

    … you cannot hum if you’re holding your nose closed? (Admit it – you just tried, didn’t you?)

    … the “Where’s the beef?” lady in the 1980s ads for Wendy’s lost her job due to a spaghetti sauce ad? Clara Peller (1902-1987) shot to stardom as one of three elderly ladies looking at a rather skimpy hamburger on a huge bun in a 1984 Wendy’s hamburgers ad. Peller turned her three-word line, “Where’s the beef?” into a commercial career. It all came to a halt for her, however, when she did an ad in 1985 for Prego spaghetti sauce. Peller repeated her classic line, then added, “I found it! I found it!” Wendy’s executives were not too pleased and fired Peller, saying she wasn’t supposed to find the beef somewhere other than Wendy’s. Her contract would not let her do commercials for direct competitors, but the Campbell Soup Company – which produced Prego – was not considered a competitor. Additional trivia note: After Peller was fired, Wendy’s entered a two-year sales slump. Coincidence? You be the judge. (Never mind the beef, where’s the justice?)

    … you have most likely experienced the medical condition Sphenopalatine ganglionerualgia? While I am totally unsure how to pronounce it, I know what it is, because I’ve had it too. It’s “brain freeze,” that feeling you get when you eat or drink something cold and develop an instant headache.

    … a British artist has created false eyelashes out of an unusual substance? Jessica Harrison (born 1982) has created false eyelashes made out of the legs of flies. (What do you get if you pull the wings off a fly? You get a walk.)

    … the average NFL television broadcast does not feature cheerleaders very much? On average, cheerleaders are shown on television for only about three seconds per appearance. Coaches and referees, however, get about 7% of the face time in a typical game. (Now be honest – which would you rather see? Cheerleaders or coaches?)

    … the color of a chile pepper has no relation to its “heat”? The indicator of “hotness” in a pepper is more a matter of size. The smaller the pepper, usually, the “hotter” it is. (So size does matter after all.)

    … there is a movie screenplay that is considered “cursed”? The script for “Atuk” was based on the 1963 novel “The Incomparable Atuk,” by Mordecai Richler (1931-2001). The book – and movie – is basically a “fish out of water” story about an Inuit hunter trying to adapt to living in a modern city. The alleged “curse” on the script comes from the fact that four well-known actors who have shown an interest in the lead role have died while looking into playing the part. Actors John Belushi (1949-1982), Sam Kinison (1953-1992), Chris Farley (1964-1997) and John Candy (1950-1994) all expressed great interest in playing the character … and all died unexpectedly. Because of that, the movie remains unfilmed and is in what studios call “developmental hell,” meaning it may never be produced. (Oh, heck, I thought about auditioning for it, but … well … you know.)

    … tomatoes were once thought to be poisonous? Many people in England and early America thought the fruits (yes, they are fruits, not vegetables) were actually deadly to eat. At least they thought so until June 28, 1820, when Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson (1771-1850) stood on the steps of the Salem, New Jersey, courthouse and ate one. The gathered crowd expected the colonel to choke and die, but when he finished it and was still hale and hearty, the idea that tomatoes were poisonous vanished like a soap bubble. (In Chicago, which I call home, tomatoes are fine – except if you try to put ketchup on a hot dog. That’s a crime.)

    … you may suffer from caligynephobia? I know I don’t. It’s the fear of beautiful women. (The problem is, they suffer from a fear of me! Or is it disgust?)

    Now … you know!

    • Graybeard says:

      The joke is: “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

      Your Halloween costume should be as a jester (not the Jester).

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        CW, so good of you to show up. Better late than never. And your trivia just gets better when it’s later. Hope you packed a to go plate from the Chinese Buffet. They say you’re hungry an hour after eating there. Wouldn’t know. I am adamant about NOT supporting anything to do with China. Besides, not a fan of Rat on a Stick or other unidentifiable dishes. Wanting to take a nap after eating Chinese Food means you had stewed cat. Wanting to chase cars or lick yourself means you had baked dog. I’d much rather have some of Graybeards squirrel dumplings and for sure one of his fresh ‘mater sammiches…on fresh bread with Duke’s Mayo.

        Wasn’t so much of a de-throning as it was placing it on a silver platter and making a presentation. Roh-Dog is a main man of mine and he has worked so hard for the deserved Honor of FIRST on the Friday TAH Open Thread. Imma gonna lay low on the contest, just to see if folks will wake up from their authorized nappy and pay attention to the new time frame. It’s even easier now with less people trying.

        In keeping with the theme of your day job, maybe consider an Editor Chief Perry White costume, too old to be cub reporter Jimmy Olsen, and way yonder to ugly to go as Lois Lane? Hmmmm, who else was in the newspaper business? Hmmmmm Got any black framed glasses? How do you look in tights? 😆

        • Commissioner Wretched says:

          If I did the black-framed glasses, I would have to get a buzz cut and go as Drew Carey. The only thing I look like in tights is a blueberry.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Chinese food? It wasn’t anywhere near the local dog pound, was it?

    • Roh-Dog says:

      Now that’s a trivia!
      Speaking of squirrels, the last of the rescued ones are not in their cage tonite, I believe they’re don’t with us. (I always rejoice but the missus gets a touch of the sad. Such is life)
      And tomatoes are inedible until Hienz goods turns them into The Greatest Substance Known to Man, ketchup. And yes, it goes on hotdogs.
      And there’s the beef!
      Speaking of commodities, silver is trading in range of $23-24 right now looking for a direction to head, FA might wanna take that there platter of his and melt it down for scrap iffn it heads higher.
      Thanks as always for these, CW!

    • OWB says:

      Am considering doing jammies as the costume this Halloween…

  20. Combat Historian says:

    A question for y’all RC retirees who are currently drawing your monthly reserve retirement pay. As of this month, I have finally reached the time to send in my paperwork to AHRC to apply for my retirement pay. I sent in my paperwork via email yesterday, per HRC guidance. My question is what happens next. Will HRC send an acknowledgment? Will I receive any word from HRC that the process is completed and the check is in the proverbial mail? How long does the process usually take? Any words of experience and wisdom appreciated…

    • Topski says:

      Put my packet in 6 months in advance after about 3 months got pieces of it back from the post office saying it was damaged during processing, multiple phone calls resulting in nothing till 1 month prior to my 60th when I got the word on amount, prorated first check and expected direct deposit date. That was 4 1/2 years ago. Good luck and congratulations!

      • Combat Historian says:

        My packet sent via Internet was initially bounced back as undeliverable due to HRC emailbox being full. I tried it again a few hours later, and that packet has yet to be bounced back, so I hope it has been successfully sent. Will call HRC GAR Branch next week to try to find out status of my packet. Wish me luck…

        • OWB says:

          That phone call to confirm receipt sounds like a very good idea.

          I submitted my paperwork in person and had instant confirmation of it being accepted. So, no help here. All payments on time, no problems.

  21. LC says:

    Well, since we don’t have enough chaos in politics, here’s Cal Cunningham (D) -married, and LTC in US Army Reserve)- the North Carolina Senate candidate running against incumbent Thom Tillis (R-NC), exchanging some sexts with a woman who ain’t his wife:


    This was confirmed by the campaign right after news came out that Tillis was diagnosed with COVID-19, and that race is just going to be nuts now. Until this point, it looked like a 2:1 chance Cunningham would take the seat. Now, I’m inclined to think that’s less likely, but by how much remains to be seen.

    What a fucking month this is going to be.

    • KoB says:

      The demonrats will forgive ol’ ‘Hambone for his sexting, after all, a former POTUS had seegar in the Oval Office and had fresh Flowers on his desk. Another POTUS wanna be impregnated and murdered a girl and he was lionized for his efforts. All of Cal’s actions can be ‘splained away.

      What WON’T be brushed aside is Cuntyngham confusing grilling a hot dog and burger for “BBQing”!

    • Mason says:

      That’s one way to get people to stop talking about your definition of BBQ. Not the way I’d choose, but it’s an option (an arrow in your quiver as Pelosi says).

  22. 5th/77th FA says:

    MarineDad61; from what I understand, stating facts is not considered bragging.

    We have no problems around here at all of you continuing stating facts about the Boys Service.

    Btw…Much Congrats. Always thought the Osprey was a cool aircraft that would be perfect for so many missions. Wouldn’t mind having access to one myself. Glad they seem to have gotten the bugs worked out it. From what I understand, too, that it is not the easiest aircraft to operate and they just don’t let anybody try to fly it.

    Keep us posted!

  23. Roh-Dog says:

    Here’s a trivia, on today’s date in the year of our black& white RCA, nineteen-hundred and sixty-one the Dick Van Dyke show premiered.
    As only seen by me on nick at nite, I always appreciated the comedic timing and the captivating beauty of Miss Moore.
    I wish tv was watchable again….

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Here ya go Roh-Dog, one version of her with DVD. Check with your local broadcasters. They are and have been required to broadcast over the air, and most of them in my AOR have 3 or 4 sub-channels with ALL of the oldie TV shows. The METV and DECADES show a lot of the 50s on shows. MTM/DVD are on both. In addition to all of the classic cowboy stuff; Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Wagon Train, Paladin, Wanted, Dead or Alive…the list goes on. Here’s a linky for you, there is another I gots to go find for my Man!

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        And just for you Good Sir, with all due respect to His Lordships King of FIRST for the Week, allow me to present this one. The visual money shot is at about 2:11 – 2:368! Enjoy and try not to abuse yourself!

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          DAMN IT!!!!! Try this!

          • Roh-Dog says:

            Flag on the field! Inappropriate use of GMA clip and making the WOT Crown-bearer hear George Stop-n-poppinnfresh’s voice, loss of all down, 99 yard penalty and loss of all points.
            To the locker room with you!

            • 5th/77th FA says:

              Nix, nien, hells to the naaah. I seen that when I FIRST brought up that video, well the GMA Logo any how, and I made sure that I MUTED the volume, before I scrolled thru to get to where the money shot was. Sorry I didn’t put that disclaimer to watch out for the ABC minefield, but DAAAAYUUUM I figured as good point man as yourself would see the trip wire. Hell, I saw it all the way from the center of the Fire Base.

              • Roh-Dog says:

                I tried to give them a chance, ultimately that was my fault, but seriously though FA, this place has a little class.
                No GMA clips, bad FA.

                • 5th/77th FA says:

                  Trust me Bruh, I despise them SOBs way yonder more than you do. I culled thru every damn youtube video I could trying to find that one shot. I’m sure it can be found in the show segments, somewhere, but you have to admit, the shot of MTM in that green outfit was worth traipsing thru that minefield. meeeoooww

      • Roh-Dog says:

        That’s a big thumbs up and 10-4, FA.
        Since the separation from top she-devil, the shall-not-be-named former cohabitation “partner”, I have a strict ‘no tv in the house policy’.
        Namely because of advertisements that insult what little intelligence I have left after Infantrying, that and the movie store (read: the public library) is a stone’s throw and I like the price.
        After I wear a hole in a set of classic DVDs, like the Dragnet I’m working on, I like to donate it to the bin.
        Don’t care if they sell ‘em or they find a new home, as long as someone else gets to enjoy The Army’s Own (GABN) Mister Jack Webb.