The Communist Roots of “White Privilege”

| September 3, 2020

Opinion piece sent to us by our own HMCS(FMF)ret.

Kyle Shideler
In reply to Matthew J. Peterson, “The Racial Marxism of BLM”

You’ll never be radical enough.

Americans are struggling to come to terms with the significance of the ongoing insurrection on America’s streets. How does one understand the motives of those who chant “Black Lives Matter” while demanding to topple a statute erected by freed slaves to celebrate their own emancipation?

After 9/11, American citizens were encouraged by leftists to ask, “Why do they hate us?” Today the same people, trained by years of victim-blaming to hold themselves accountable for terrorism both foreign and domestic, are asking a similar question. “What flaw of ours makes these nice mobs so angry?”

The approved answer appears to be “because of our white privilege, which must be dismantled.” If the presence of Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility atop the New York Times Top Ten Bestseller’s list is any indication, many Americans are coming to accept this response. What is “White Privilege?” The National Museum of African American History and Culture offers the following definition, produced with your tax dollars:

White Privilege

Since white people in America hold most of the political, institutional, and economic power, they receive advantages that nonwhite groups do not. These benefits and advantages, of varying degrees, are known as white privilege. For many white people, this can be hard to hear, understand, or accept—but it is true. If you are white in America, you have benefited from the color of your skin.

This view of America—as a country with a racial caste system—has long been prevalent in academia and has spread to the culture more broadly, even to the government. Government bureaucrats are increasingly pushing such rhetoric in mandatory trainings, as City Journal’s Christopher Rufo has been tirelessly documenting.

But it did not arise out of thin air.

Read the rest of the article here: The American Mind

Thanks, Senior Chief.

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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Last night Fox was saying that a whistle blower said that the fbi/doj were sending their employees to white privilege indoctrination meetings about how bad they are because they are white. I THINK I got the comment right.


Trump needs to put a stop to that shit most riki-tik!


Because Leftists sold us a half-assed line of bull exploiting our sentiment and sense of justice for their own ends again. Good lyin’, comrades!

Forest Bondurant

Eddie Murphy did an expose of “White Privilege “ on SNL back in the ‘80s…

Slow Joe

OMG, that was so fickung amazing!!!

What happened to SNL?


I’ve seen that a lot, and I still crack up.


The right wing propaganda machine is a little late to the discussion… Funny how the right decided to take up the narrative and twist it into their propaganda a few months after this was posted. Then act like they “revealed” a shocking secret. But Marxists have been critiquing White privilege theory for more than a decade. I am not a supporter of White privilege theory. I think it fails to explain to much that happens in too many places and previous theories explain race relations better. However, whether you want to subscribe to the theory or not; one fact is undeniable. All being equal you are far better off being born white in the United States than being born black. And, unfortunately, if you are born to a black family the chances are you will also face far more socio-economic challenges than merely the color of your skin. So you worse off, all things being equal, and the chances are things are not equal. Being black is just one of many challenges the average person of color will face in this country. The schools are likely to be worse, the local medical care is likely to be worse, the amenities (parks, infrastructure, etc ) are likely to be worse, and your family is far more likely to be severely resource constrained your entire childhood. Like I said; I don’t believe in White privilege theory as a valid social scientific theory to explain race dynamics in our society; but,… Read more »


Edit; previous and other contemporary theories explain race dynamics better…

Not just previous theories.

Slow Joe

You are a fucking retard, Lars.

What the regressive Left calls “white privilege” is nothing more than majority privilege, which has ALWAYS existed around the world.

Try being a white guy in China or India circa 1000 CE.

Try being a black guy in China or India right the fuck now.


You to do understand what “White privilege” theory argues. You never bothered to understand it. Or bothered to read any of the literature published about it.

And I don’t subscribe to White privilege theory anyway. So back the fuck off, asshat.

And your last two examples are not too far off the reason why I don’t think White privilege theory is valid social scientific theory to explain race dynamics.

So we kind of agree,


Edit: you do not understand what “White privilege” theory argues.

Slow Joe

You don’t have to edit. I understand what you mean and I am not a grammar Nazi.

Slow Joe

I perfectly understand what “white privilege theory” argues. It is majority privilege, weaponized to cause social disruptions in the United States.

USMC Steve

No one “understands” it because it is utter and complete nonsense. Spouted by racists, particularly underperforming black racists, to try to get more for less.

What keeps blacks down in this country is THEMSELVES in large part. They mindlessly and slavishly support the very party that wanted to keep them slaves, and actively hates them. They take anything free handed out whether or not they actually deserve it. They have single parent households approaching the 70 percent level, which has been demonstrated to contribute to generally shitty behavior enormously. And, like so many special interest groups now, they demand to be put on a pedestal and have their asses kissed by everyone because they think they are special. They are not. They simply follow the three avowed Marxist twats that run black lives matter without thinking about being the useful idiots many of them are.

I found during the 8 years of Obama that a good many if not most blacks are every bit as racist as they so dearly love to claim all whites are.


That is the inevitable result of predominantly white, leftist educators teaching generations of blacks that everybody hates them. When that is all you hear, eventually you start believing it. Or at least enough believe it to become dangerous to the rest of society. A couple of generations later it is just taken as common knowledge in spite of it never having been true.



You don’t believe in “white privilege theory” but you do believe that whites are privileged.


All the points you make from socio-economic challenges to schools, neighborhoods, etc is the result of leftist policies that encouraged the destruction of the traditional family, reliance on government instead of fathers, encouraging people to be “true to their blackness”, ie. act like thugs, and reject anything seen as “white”, and you get schools where teachers go through the motions so they don’t get attacked or called racist for correcting inappropriate behavior or grading based on actual performance, businesses leaving due to neighborhoods that aren’t safe, property values dropping due to crime, buildings in disrepair because without ownership, noone gives a crap “govt will give us more” attitude.. and it becomes a generational vicious circle, encouraged by democrat politicians.
Seems like the only racism is that of low expectations and encouraging the worst parts of the “culture” by the left.. as usual.


And there it is. The plain simple truth. It’s not white privilege. It’s liberal economic slavery.


“The schools are likely to be worse, the local medical care is likely to be worse, the amenities (parks, infrastructure, etc ) are likely to be worse, and your family is far more likely to be severely resource constrained your entire childhood”

And all of that is likely to be in a Democrat stronghold.


Marxists are insane and/or evil, and lie about everything.

Thus, they have nothing to contribute rational discourse.


Bingo! (Rationality and logic are “racist,” you know.)


Don’t worry Commie, when we all get lined up against the wall, you’ll be right there with us, crying that you don’t understand why you have to die with us, and we’ll all just roll our eyes.


You really are a dunce, you know that, right?

“the right” (by which I suspect you mean anyone not kissing Chairman Mao’s ass) has been critiquing this theory since at least the 1960s.

You would not know because I’m sure you have never taken the time to actually read and consider the writings of those intellectuals who disagree with your envious greed.

White privilege is weaponized class struggle stylized for ignorant Americans. Period.

As for you theory that being black means growing up where things are “worse”–why do you suppose that happens?

Why do you think some people are locked into generational democrat party poverty and government dependency while others are not?

Who created the dependency program and who supports it? Where are these problems the most pronounced?

Why, it was the racists in the DNC who created the blighted zones, chained people to the government trough, zoned their cities to contain the blight, and championed the outsourcing of labor to brown skinned people in other countries denying their own people opportunity.

If you voted for a democrat or liberal since 1860 you voted for blighted neighborhoods, poverty, poor schools, and cultural division. Congratulations. You are now on the brink of bringing about your own demise.

In other words, YOU are the problem.

5th/77th FA

FFS! Y’all sick of this crap yet? My “White Privilege” has allowed me to work to make a living starting at about age 5. FIRST (ht 2 CW) job was selling baskets of produce door to door. A dime a basket commision was better pay than a dollar a day doing the picking. Been paying Income & Social Security Taxes since I was 12. Been aware of the whole Communist/Marxist/Socialist plot against our Country the whole time.

Sick, sick, sick of this whole RAYCISS BS supposedly in all aspects of life. We are reaping the “benefits” of 50+ years of “systemic” indoctrination by the grubmint controlled education system. We bitch about the two faced, self serving, career politicians out there, but they are only a part of the problem. A bigger problem is the entrenched grubmint bureaucrats who are the true “policy makers” feeding their narrative to the kongress kritters.

They took over the grubmint, took over the schools, have made massive inroads into the military, are turning this into a race war where there isn’t one, and are destroying the history of how we got to where we are. Sadly, for the useful idiots, they will not realize how they have been used until just before the bullet crashes into their brain.


Sound like a tough life.

Imagine living through all that and being black too.

Hence the appeal of the theory.

5th/77th FA

Bull cookies, and tuff titty. There is not a single person in this country that has not had the same opportunity to get off their ass, stub out their camel, pick up a shovel and go to work. And legally and thru out the society and business community many “minorities” have had more opportunities than “whitey.” I’ve posted these facts before, and a lot of us saw it thru the 60s, 70s, and early 80s. You can rest assured that in the 1970s, blacks were promoted in the military many times, simply because they were black. Black females were the go to for EOC hires cause they got a double minority bonus. A certain major telecommunications company hired so many in that time frame that from 2001 thru 2008 a black male co-worker went to a retirement party for a black female EVERY Friday. I saw individuals that had absolutely 0 qualifications for a job that not only got the job, but was fast tracked into higher positions. I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body. I judge a person on the quality of their character v the color of their skin. And yes, I was taught that a long time before the Rev/Dr/Mr MLK Jr made it famous. I owe NO ONE ANY THING for the past injustices, real or perceived that they have had. By the same token, I owe NO ONE ANY THING for what I have earned for myself. And I am damned tired of… Read more »


I’ll respectfully disagree… at least partially. I’m definitely sick of hearing ‘white privilege’ being the cause of any and every ill of society, and it bothers me to no end how pervasive this is becoming in everything from job applications to, per above, FBI training. But dialing the crazy up to eleven doesn’t mean there isn’t a kernel of truth in there that we can learn from. It’s pretty clear that things like implicit bias definitely exist – study after study on things from resumes to housing loans have shown that having a ‘white’ name results in better outcomes than having a more unique, typically black name. And that’s with all other variables controlled, and even done ‘blind’ to the applicants themselves. That, to me, is pretty clear evidence that there’s real racism -soft racism, not in-your-face KKK type stuff- that we can do better about. But it also doesn’t mean white people are unique in their ability to discriminate. In fact, that’s where the other, more insidious part of this whole modern racism things rears its ugly head – the notion that racism is prejudice and power. And the bullshit implication that if you’re somehow less powerful, you can’t be racist. Especially since ‘power’ comes in many forms, and at many levels, and is, in individual interactions, often very subjective. So when you peel back the layers of this idiocy, you’re left with something we should all agree is worth recognizing and working on – recognizing, and minimizing, implicit… Read more »


How much advantage is that pale skin and “Jones” name in Bejing or Lagos?

So, just usual human tribalism, which is actually very weak here, compared to most other places.

Because this is one of the very few places where anyone can join the team, and do well.


Why do so many of my formerly-Nigerian acquaintances wind up solidly middle class up from poverty in 10-20 years, and folks born here stay poor for three generations?

Culture and behavior.

Skin is a cop-out and lazy thinking. Abandon your racism.

Slow Joe

“So, just usual human tribalism, which is actually very weak here, compared to most other places.”


For example, all American movies are “diverse”, but when was the last time you saw a diverse movie made in China or India, or anywhere outside the West?

All people have a chance to get ahead in America, but try being a minority dude in Asia or Africa.

Do LC and Lars even know what they do to albinos in Africa?
Do they care?
What about the Forest People of Central Africa, also known as pigmies?


Do LC and Lars even know what they do to albinos in Africa?
Do they care? What about the Forest People of Central Africa, also known as pigmies?

So, the ‘America First’ crowd is now wishing we’d take a global view rather than improve things in our own country?

When you talk about how corrupt the Democrats are, can I say, “Well, come on, look at Colombia — it’s far worse there!”, and use that to dismiss your argument? Or is there maybe some merit in trying to improve our country?

And, like it or not, I tend to think racism -and yes, even ‘tribalism’ if you wish to disguise it as that- is a weakness in society. We can do better, and we’re a great country, so we should do better.


-we- do -lots- better than most, and if folks will quit the “race!Race!Race!Race!race!” crap it will get better still.

Racism is the lie built on the lie of race.


It WAS much better here before 8 years of he JEF and Mooch constantly doing all they could to claim / encourage racism…” For the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country”, “the cops were stupid” and “If I had a son” are just three examples of this, there are MANY more…
Barack Hussein Obama… Most racist president since LBJ…


I’m in broad agreement that if we didn’t amplify the issue to such a huge degree, things would be better. But to say it isn’t a problem is laughable.


How much advantage is that pale skin and “Jones” name in Bejing or Lagos?

Have you lived in Beijing? Because I have. And oh, boy, that’s a far more complex situation than you imagine. But by all means, continue – I’d love to hear your take on things I have first-hand experience with.

And while culture and behavior clearly play a large role in success, it’s a role played by one’s own self. Racism is the opposite; it’s directed at you from others. We can control our actions, we can’t control those of others. All of these factors play a role in our lives, and I still think we can agree that the less we can do to be implicitly prejudiced against others who differ from us, the better we are as a society.


You couldn’t pay me eight figures to live in that slave state.

Are you denying what I said about it? I will pass that along to some acquaintances that escaped that place.

And thanks for confirming what I have long suspected.



Are you denying what I said about it? I will pass that along to some acquaintances that escaped that place.

You asked, rhetorically, how much of an advantage white skin is in Beijing. And in some ways, it’s a huge advantage. In others, it’s a huge barrier. If you have acquaintances that ‘escaped’ that place, I’m guessing they weren’t white – that’s gonna be a different dynamic. If you’re trying to turn this into a defense of China’s government, that’s ridiculous – I’m just saying, based on personal experience, that racial dynamics there as a white person are not as simple as you seem to think.

And thanks for confirming what I have long suspected.

I can’t tell what this is about – was it that I put ‘less’ instead of ‘more’ in that last sentence? Mea cupla. I’d started formulating that sentence differently, and forgot to change it. I figure you’re smart enough to know what I meant, though. Oops, indeed.

USMC Steve

Well LC, I have had the misfortune of being sent to five countries in Africa. All but Kenya didn’t even live up to the standard of third world shitholes. And the only white folks were the Marines I was with, trying to tame the savages. There was absolutely no civilized behavior to be seen there. So you tell me all about how you know more than everyone else about stuff.

Most of the people I know have no real implicit biases. Because that is bullshit. But they are also logical thinkers, and when they see so many Marxist inspired socialists using the blacks here to destroy society, they also make the obvious connections.


I’m not sure what you’re trying to say – nowhere did I try to make a blanket statement about racism anywhere, let alone in Africa. I just pointed out that I’ve had the very experience 11B was talking about and implying was somehow horrible… and that the reality is it’s more complicated than that.

Or to put it more plainly, you know more about living in those five African countries than I do, based on your experience. I know more about living in Beijing than you or 11B, I’d wager. How you took that to mean I know more than anyone else is beyond me.

And I think a more correct statement would be that most of the people you know are not aware of their implicit biases. We’ve all got them; it’s a natural thing. We’re affected by what we see, hear, read, and experience, and those are build into biases. It doesn’t mean you’re somehow a racist asshole, it just means we’ve all got biases. How is that bullshit? I don’t like it, but I can still accept it.

USMC Steve

It responds to your subtle assertions that you are smarter than everyone else. It comes from your overall tone of superiority frequently presented in your posts. That may be your writing style.

In all reality to some extent we are all a little bit racist. Some of us are big time racists. The point here as with your bias bit, is that most of us don’t act on those impulses, and deal with people as they deserve to be dealt with.


I think you nailed it, LC. This angst about skin color and privilege is drummed up to make dissent even louder, not to stop it.

I never went to a school that was NOT integrated, because where I grew up, there was no place else for those kids to go to school. Period. Almost all of them went after scholarships when they were in high school, because that was a ticket to a better life.

I never could understand what the idiocy was all about, until I found out who started it, and who made it worse, and it was all done by politicians, not the rest of us.

Good response, LC. Right on the money.


Calling someone a racist is prejudice and power in today’s society. To that I say, sticks and stones, but my truth exists.

USMC Steve

Not if one just does not care though. I have heard that said about me when I disagree with the liberals, and their ilk, and when one says, fuck you, I don’t care, it takes a lot of the steam out of the race mongers using it as a weapon. When people look at BLM for the black racists they overwhelmingly are, they are going to lose a lot of their power and momentum.


implicit bias does not exist and the studies you are referring to were among those exposed as fraudulent.

What people have is experiential bias.

What is that? It is knowledge gained through actual experience. For example, my 30 years of experience has taught me that most officers view the world through a corporate lens seeing soldiers as “assets” to manage.

Therefore, I would never hire a former officer to be a foreman, shift lead, etc on a factory or service providing floor. Those jobs require people to be seen not as “assets” but partners and I have no faith in an officer to make that transition.

Does that mean my bias is bad? Nope.

The world will not get better without bias, it will become incapable of moving forward or building value.

This is demonstrated by the very nature of the people the democratic party (and their street army) wish to exalt; criminals. The more violent and depraved the better.

The argument in America is not over race. It is over the old fallacy that criminals are moral victims of the bourgeoisie. Nothing more than a craptastic intellectual brown stain designed to cover up for the naked envy of the do nothings for the wealth of the doers.

Good luck with that.


I think experience is a type of bias, and not all ‘biases’ are bad. But when it comes to something like evaluating bank loans, and all the data that should determine one’s eligibility, by law, is equal.. but the names have racial connotations? Well, time and time again it’s been shown that the minority-named applicants are approved less frequently. That’s an implicit bias. It doesn’t mean the people reviewing them are somehow racist assholes; it’s implicit, not explicit.

Meanwhile, if there’s a spate of muggings in your town, by a group of teenage black kids on bikes, and you see a group of black kids on bikes and decide to give them a wide berth… that’s experience and caution. I’ve got no problems with that.

The world does not stop evolving without bias determining things about justice and opportunity; it just makes it more equitable. Which is better for everybody.



To build off your kids on bikes analogy, and setting “the law” aside for a moment, if in a persons experience as a bank loan officer, you have seen a spate of defaults by people with “minority ” names, compared to those with “white” names, then wouldn’t experience and caution dictate giving them a wide berth as well? It seems like the same concept, just that for whatever reason, one is acceptable, and one is not. (though there are those on the left who would scream “Racist” about your bike example as well)


I disagree, because bank loans -as opposed to whether you decide to cross the street, for example- are determined not by how you feel about someone, but by their credit rating, the amount of the loan, the terms, etc. One’s name and ethnicity aren’t supposed to be factors. Institutions, like banks, aren’t supposed to make subjective calls like that. And doing so weakens our society.

As for whether some on the left would call the ‘bike’ example racist, sure, of course. And it could be, depending on the motivations – cross over because of recent crime, and a valid concern they could be the culprits, that’s fine. Cross over in the absence of any real reason to fear them, just because you’re told black people are subhuman, and that’s pretty racist.

At the end of the day, though, I care less about an individual’s racism in their personal encounters than I do about its presence in situations like the bank one – that one has deeper societal repercussions, I think. Obviously I’d prefer both to be minimal, though.


Agree totally with your last statement, and I wasn’t saying it was legal given current laws to “profile” based on name / ethnicity, my question was would it not be a prudent business decision to avoid lending to a group that has proven, in your recent experience , to be much more likely to default on those loans, regardless of the other parameters? In that case, the decision would not be “subjective” but rather based on the evidence.(just a hypothetical, not saying that those with “unique” names ARE more likely to default)


Can’t let race etc. influence a lending decision. But age is allowed to have an impact since a younger person is “higher risk”, “gets in more accidents” “as a group tend to default more” . Now if one racial group committed more crimes, did more drugs, etc. one would think we could judge them as a group … either that, or judge each member by what they themselves have done. The hypocrisy is that we DO the one and forbid the other.


I’m jus’ gonna sit here and watch a certain somebody’s head s’plode.
The Miller Lites are doin the job, might be pickled enuf not to throw the phone cross tha room.
Blaming the others, regardless of the circumstances, has always lead to bad outcomes (I’m looking at you, Weimar Republic).
Jus’ in case these lefties really wanna start this, I’m offering sanctuary to any other non-white or huwyte identitarian so they cans flea their tyranny.
Momma Roh-Dog don’t judge.


These are the kind of BLM Videos I like to see. There’s 2 of them, one from the news crew and another that a citizen took. #BearLivesMatter #WhatPicnicBasket #GetDrinksBooBoo

The Dead Man

On separate notes. One of Lars’s buddies was arrested by the popo with a flamethrower and smoke grenades. He didn’t get any use of them because he curled up in the fetal position and sobbed while they cuffed him.

And CHAZ/CHOP’s Warlord was crying his ass off too. Got that one from an ex-Con who to paraphrase, “Hopes that boy knows someone’s going to split them cheeks.”

Got to love a happy ending.


The notion that human beings can wish tribalism/negative view of the other out of their DNA reeks of hubris and scientific ignorance.

Those of you who think otherwise should do some research on Dunbar’s number and ponder on the implications for a while. The human race is hardwired for tribalism and pretending that it’s unique to America is ignorance in all its glory.'s_number

America is exceptional but it’s still comprised of human beings hardwired to act like human beings.

The ironic part to the white privilege/ equity’s crowd argument is it ignores this very basic and widely accepted theory while at the same time proving it valid. “You aren’t part of my monkey sphere therefore you are lesser”

And anecdotes of living somewhere or resting on one’s academic laurels are not valid arguments in intellectual debate. That’s logical fallacy 101 and lazy.

Anyone who wants to follow the identity politics/white guilt silliness is going to end up being a leech on society at best (hello diversity officers in the c suite) or, more likely, be serving the rest of us realist building a better world our coffee while bitching that the world isn’t fair.

Ignoring basic psychology and physiology doesn’t make one enlightened. It’s makes one stupid.


We appear to have diluted the genetic aspect of tribalism. It is -nowhere- near as hardcore as many other places.

I suspect that since we are a nation of mutts, hybrids, and stews, our tribal genetics are being reset to blend-friendly.

The long term result TBD: do we become biased to similar multi-blends, or do we also well-tolerate more distinct/single examples?

But culturally, we are extraordinarily adaptive, relative to 10 millennia of otherwise.

Americans have some -very- odd genetics going on.


I’m of the opinion the American Dream is responsible for opposing the tribalism in inherent in human beings. The widely accepted social belief that anyone can get ahead if they work hard enough has reigned in our baser instincts.

As we have seen that belief wane, tribalism has increased.

That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.


Willful ignorance. That’s what so many on the left elect. It is basic to Marxism.


Or, as the Soviets used to call them, “polezni durak”.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Chalk on up for the good guys: Antifa member Michael Forest Reinoehl killed by law enforcement


He chose … poorly.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Now that some of these basement dwelling bed-wetters in Portland & Kenosha are having their chips cashed in, we’ll see some order return to the streets. BTW, justified shoot in DC on that wannabe thug. Everybody is a gangsta until the Po-po arrives and we find out who’s hard, and who’s dead.


Another victim of communism. Think he will still be voting?

USMC Steve

Sure he will…socialist democrat. Seven times.


Media reports say this guy was an Army vet. Wondering what his 214 looked like. Inquiring Minds….

A Proud Infidel®™️

That’s one punk that won’t have to be fed, clothed and housed on the taxpayers’ dime!