Marine awarded highest noncombat medal for heroic action

| August 21, 2020

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kevin A. Grajeda, Combat Logistics Regiment 27, (CLR-27), 2nd Marine Logistics Group (2nd MLG), is awarded with the Navy and Marine Corps Medal by Col. Brian W. Mullery, commanding officer of CLR-27, 2nd MLG, at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina July 17, 2020. (Cpl. Rachel K. Young-Porter/Marine Corps)

Author: Philip Athey

On the night of Dec. 13, 2018, Lance Cpl. Kevin Grajeda was driving home from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, after a late night at work.

He was trying to arrange dinner plans with a friend when he witnessed two cars collide on the road in front of him.

His attempt to save one of the victims of the accident ultimately earned him the Navy and Marine Corps Medal ? the highest noncombat award Marines can receive ? and changed his life forever.

“I immediately thought I got to get off the phone, I have to go help these people,” Grajeda told Marine Corps Times.

Jumping into action, Grajeda called 911 and reported the accident, noting that one of the victims ? local middle school teacher Madeleine Hobbs ? was unconscious in her car.

When smoke started billowing out of the car carrying the unconscious woman, Grajeda knew he had to go in.

Without thinking of his own safety, Grajeda rushed over to pull them woman out of the vehicle.

“That was my only course of action,” Grajeda said. “I feel that that woman would have died in her car if I didn’t do anything.”

Unfortunately for Grajeda and all involved the danger wasn’t over.

Read the tragic and infuriating ending here: Marine Corps Times

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Well done Marine!


Outstanding! Too bad such a man got forced out of the game for it.


BZ Marine!

Damn shame that drunk happened upon the scene. Hopefully he’s held accountable to the fullest extant of the law


Shoot the drunk.

12 ga. 00 buck in lower abdomen and leave him in the field alone.

He won’t do that again.

I’m glad that Lance Cpl. Kevin Grajeda would do it again. And if given the chance, I bet he would without hesitation. BZ, Marine.


“He has a September court date”

I sincerely hope that will not be neccesary.


Well done….Semper fi Marine

Slow Joe

I cannot post in this thread.
I am so…infurated by the behavior of James Henry Royster…

I should not be posting.

I fukin hate the fuckin shitbags in this fuckin world that fuck the fukin lives of all of us.

James Henry Royster. Fucking…

We lost a Marine because of that mothefucker piece of shit.


What Joe said.


Son.of.a.Bitch! Like everyone else a Big BZ to this Marine. And a big FUCK YOU to the drunk. That’s typical when a drunk causes the accident. Others get maimed and killed and the drunk walks away. They should charge the bastard with murder and assault with a deadly weapon/intent to do bodily harm. May the SOB bring much pleasure to the “Boys” of the BTJ&T Deli.


Here’s hoping that drunk does some serious prison time.