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| August 16, 2020

Double Barrel Folding Knife Pistol

Police: Man shoots teen during attempted home invasion in Logan

LOGAN – Authorities are investigating after a man opened fire on a teenager and another man during an attempted home invasion in Logan early Friday morning.

Police were responding to the victim’s home when officers say they were flagged down by a wounded 17-year-old male near the intersection of 11th Street and Chew Avenue.

The teen told police that he was shot in the wrist and buttocks while walking down the street. Police found no evidence of a shooting where the teen claimed to have been shot. He was transported to a nearby hospital and his condition is unknown.

Through an investigation, police say the teenager and another man attempted to kick in the door of a 31-year-old man’s house. The homeowner opened fire on the suspects, striking the 17-year-old.

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Read the rest here: Fox 29

‘It’s Very Crazy, Scary’: Robber Shot By Minneapolis Smoke Shop Employee

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man may have gotten more than he bargained for after trying to rob a smoke shop Saturday night in south Minneapolis.

Fouad Elharfaoui owns USA Smoke Shop near Hiawatha Avenue and 46th Street. He says the robbery happened just before closing.

“Two guys walked in with a gun and tried to rob [my employee], but he has a concealed weapon and he pulled it out and tried to defend himself,” Elharfaoui said. “The guys took off, he chased them.”

According to Elharfaoui, his employee fired at the robbers’ car as they drove away, and hit the man in the passenger seat. Minutes later, a barely-conscious man stumbled into the Super USA convenience store at 38th Street and Minnehaha Avenue, a little more than a mile from USA Smoke Shop. Mohamed Kassab was working at Super USA that evening.

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Read the rest here: CBS Local

1 suspect killed, another injured during carjacking outside Atlanta nightclub

One man was killed and another was critically injured Saturday morning when a security guard opened fire on a group of suspected carjackers outside a southwest Atlanta nightclub, police said.

The shooting took place about 1:15 a.m. outside Kiss Ultra Lounge in the 400 block of Whitehall Street, Atlanta police spokeswoman Marla Jean Rooker told

According to police, several suspects attacked a man in the parking lot and tried to steal his car. During the attempted carjacking, one of the men began shooting at the victim while he sat inside his vehicle, Rooker said.

The suspect who opened fire was then shot and killed by the security guard who saw what was happening and attempted to help.

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Hat tip to our own Gun Bunny for the link.

Not the Virginia smoke shop previously reported, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, but similar enough I did check. The “There I was minding my own business.” routine wears thin when walking down a deserted street early in the morning, having been shot. Twice. While the police are on the way to “shots fired- home invasion” report.

“An enemy of liberty is no friend of mine. I do not owe respect to anyone who would enslave me by government force, nor is it wise for such a person to expect it.” — Isaiah Amberay

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I’ll keep my old Buck folding hunter thank you.
Most guys and quite a few gals around here have one on their belt.
Funny thing is, it has very little to do with being “armed”.

That knife gun could be confusing. Do I shoot then stab or stab then shoot?
Two center mass then knife to the head?
Knife center mass then two in the hat?


If you have one or two rounds left and they are in knife range, you are doing things wrong.

Mo in VA most likely gonna get charged… shooting at a car driving away is pretty much a big non-no.

5th/77th FA

Guess they done smoked up all the cigs they looted from earlier. Not only is smoking hazardous to your health, robbing smoke shops can be hazardous to your health. Chasing after the perps to shoot might not of been the best of ideas tho.

“Minding my own bidness…” Yes he was, problem was, his bidness is B&E. Wrong place to practice your bidness…dumbazz.

The ATL Story location is in the heart of the old original ‘hood. A very sketchy place to be, anytime of day, much less at night. Whitehall Street is an original street and one of the few with the same name it was given back when the memory of Terminus and Marthasville was still fresh. Surprised it hasn’t been changed already.

“…my old Buck folding hunter…” Yep, think mine is over 50 years old. Good cutlery is not just for the kitchen.

12mm AND a stick and slice! Gotta love it!

Speaking of loving it, who says guys don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses? Hi Honey, I’m home!


“Yep, think mine is over 50 years old”

Had the present one since mid seventies.
It is the leather pouch that lasts forever with
the black all rubbed out into a nice patina.

Gifted the smaller version to my brother many
years ago. Really nice gift for a young person.


Stick, twist, and slash.

Works best with a fixed blade, but if the folder has a very strong pivot it will do.


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