Attorney General Bill Barr: Media not Reporting the Complete Facts

| August 10, 2020

If the mainstream media wants you to believe that these protests are mainly peaceful, that is what they will show you. What wont be emphasized as much? Rioters, with a Marxist agenda, engaging in violence against others and against property. Many of these rioters have communist symbols on them. The “Communist” portion doesn’t always make it to the audience.

From Fox News:

“Anyone with eyes can see what’s happening. They see the violence, they see these groups of agitators in their black outfits, and their helmets, and their shields, which incidentally have the — have the hammer and sickle on them most of the time, rushing the police, causing violence, throwing rocks, people showing up with the rocks and frozen bottles,” Barr said. “That’s happening. It’s happening in front of people.”

But those who do not see it in person may never see it at all, according to Barr, who said this is being underplayed.

“You don’t see it on any of the national news,” he said. “You don’t see it on the networks, you don’t see it on the other cable stations. And yet you hear about these peaceful demonstrators. So it’s — it’s a lie. The American people are being told a lie by the media.”

Barr claimed that the media is “extremely monolithic,” saying that the content of many different news outlets “is all the same,” even down to the language and talking points used in discussing events. He blamed this on the media being “wedded” to the Democrats.

“It’s a partisan press, largely,” he said.

Fox News has additional information on this story.

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  1. Slow Joe says:

    Man, the Winds of Winter are not coming out until next year.

    GRR Martin is the worst writer evah.

    Frigging David Webber gets a book out every year on both the Safehold and the Honor Harrington series, but big fat ass Martin cannot publish one in a decade.


  2. MarineDad61 says:

    Ahh, but the media (CNN and more) are pushing a 2020 nothingburger…
    Mount Rushmore!

    • Sarge says:

      AOC went there after the July 4th rally to figure out why it was named Mt Rushmore depsite President Rushmore’s face not being carved into it.

    • Mason says:

      Trump said he wants to be on Mt Rushmore! What a monster.

      Seriously. He’s a huge narcissist. Of course he wants to be on Rushmore. We all know he’d want that. Stupid question to ask.

  3. 5th/77th FA says:

    So, when are we going to quit talking about it and start doing something about it?

    Go back into the archives of the papers from the 1850s, see how the more things change, the more they remain the same.

    Randolph Hearst would be so proud. Seems like I saw that a very high percentage of all of the news media is basically controlled by 6 companies.

  4. MI Ranger says:

    I have been playing some old video games, and it is amazing how 2020 plays predominantly as the beginning of the apocalypse. As Boommer pointed out MAD MAX took place in 2021, so I guess it happens later in Australia.
    Personally I can’t wait until we all start goblinizing and turning in to Orcs, Trolls, Elves, and Dwarves. Magic will of course re-assert itself first and the Native American people will rise up and oppose the federal government! Man it will be epic! Corporations will try to make themselves extra-national and create their own “security forces”. People will start augmenting themselves with artificial limbs, even though they don’t need a prosthetic. Kind of like Cyberpunk but more archaic!

    • The Other Whitey says:

      I’m more of a “Fallout” guy myself. Also fond of the “Metro” series from Russia.

      Basic rundown: Russia, China, and the US/NATO have a nuclear 3-way in 2013 (thanks Obama! ). 300,000 people survive in Moscow by taking refuge in the subway system. Fast-forward 20 years. The air above ground is full of toxic particulates and requires a gas mask (which is a game mechanic). Mutated wildlife now disputes man’s dominant position at the top of the food chain. Warfare, starvation, and nature have reduced the surviving population in Moscow to less than 150,000. Among the various local regimes emerging from the power vacuum are a resurgent communist party and Russian nazis (naturally, they’re at war, with everyone else either stuck in the middle or trying to stay out of it). Guns, whether homemade or prewar (AK-74Ms are prized) are vital to survival. Ammo has literally become the traded currency (one 5.45 round buys a meal, a drink, or a bed). And the overall theme of the plot is “The only thing worse than a nazi is a commie.”

    • NR Pax says:

      Native American people will rise up and oppose the federal government!

      I had a bit of fun with that in my Shadowrun campaign. “Hm. Native Americans are a very small fragment of the country’s population. So what happened?”

      Simple! Once the fighting was over, the new Native American Nations needed people so they were smart about it. “Hm. You have job skills we need and you’re willing to live here? Congratulations! We just discovered enough…errr…Bill? What tribe needs people right now?”

      “Utes reached out to us last week and said they needed a few.”

      “Great! Enough Ute to live here. They’ll be over for orientation next week.”

  5. LC says:

    Question for those who are concerned about this – how many people do you think are wearing communist symbols? What percentage? Because Barr’s comments seem to imply it’s a large percentage, but I personally know people who’ve been to these, and they’ve been peaceful, and while there’s the occasional Che shirt -it’s the left, after all-, neither of the two friends I just asked remember seeing a hammer and sickle anywhere.

    What’s more likely? That a bunch of freedom-loving Americans who are liberal are marching out of frustration with police brutality, or … secretly Communists are everywhere. Come on. This is just like saying that because there are conservatives who identify with the KKK, that Klan members are everywhere. Be afraid, very afraid!

    I’m also amused how Republicans like to constantly talk about how Fox is the most successful news network, but then claim ‘the media’ is owned by the left. Ignoring the Sinclair group, WSJ, NYPost, etc. The media is definitely polarized, but not as one-sided as Barr, or TAH, would like to believe.

    • Jarhead says:

      LC…Most always your posts have been extremely informative, I admit to having learned from most of them. ALWAYS well-written. But more and more, maybe I’m the only one, but you are slowly starting to sound like Lars. Regardless, no comparison to him other than comment per se. To your credit you do not go out of your way to insult people and call them dumba___s as the Poodle does. But I must admit you are sounding like a left leaner more and more. Just sayin’.

      • LC says:

        I try to be balanced, but I’m operating on a severe lack of sleep, so perhaps this wasn’t as well stated as it should’ve been. But here’s the issue, and I hope you’ll hear me out – I’ve seen people on the left, who have no connection to the military, go on about how they’re murderers, idiots who couldn’t do a different job, or some other such nonsense, all without any connection to people who serve in the military. Because if they had that, then that perception is immediately invalidated. The military is full of good people, very bright people,.. and yes, has a few idiots and assholes too. But focusing on those, and making the whole military to seem like that, is obviously farcical, right?

        The catch is, the same is true of the protests, but with the politics reversed. Of the two friends I mentioned who went to the Denver protests some weeks back, one is a hippy bisexual woman who is definitely a bit off the deep end, if you will,… but the other is a pretty middle-of-the-road guy who worked for the government, has a half-black kid, and doesn’t like the fact that we’ve had a bunch of incidents around here with Black families were treated violently by cops for no reason. He’s served his country, likes capitalism, and is just motivated by wanting to see his kid be safe – something surely we can all relate to.

        They both went to the protests, and neither one saw any violence, or communists marching in mass, or any of the fear-mongering type of stuff posted here. Now, let me ask, have you gone to the protests? If so, have you seen that? Not in the news bites you see from media supporting your side, but from hours-long videos of these events, where you can see tons of people. Count how many are wearing communist insignia – I bet it’s a small fraction. Lower than the fraction that, say, wore Nazi insignia at the Richmond protests about the statues, I imagine.

        I’m a pretty middle of the road guy, too, though I admit I lean somewhat left on social things – but draw the line at idiocy like the NASA renaming stuff from the other day, or having to spout which pronouns I want. But I do think there’s plenty of evidence that our police are disproportionately aggressive. Not just towards black people, but in general. And so I tend to support peaceful protests about that. And of course oppose violent protests and looting. I think where we differ, though, is I think the latter is a very small fraction of the whole, whereas posts like this one would want you to believe it’s more the norm.

        So I’ll ask again – what percentage of people at these things do you think are wearing communist insignia? Because once you pick a number, we can go to footage and try to count. Maybe I’m wrong, and it’s a lot more. But I’m inclined to think most here would estimate it to be higher than it is. Which if we’re talking bias in media -and including websites like TAH in the media- is pretty relevant, I think.

        I’m happy to be proven wrong, but I don’t feel I’ve gone more left (I have always stated I lean left on social issues),… I feel TAH has gone more right. Still, criticism noted, and thank you – I’ll think about it some more. It’s been a rough week!

        • Mason says:

          Consider for a moment that Barr is speaking on behalf of the government, specifically the police. That’s what’s being mis-reported as “mostly peaceful” when the cops are being attacked, firebombed, and now harassed at their homes. The people doing that are in fact violent, very violent. They very often embrace both anarchist and communist symbols (without realizing the irony).

          What we see at these “protests” is that there are violent elements. There are a rare few peaceful protestors that stand up to the violent agitators. They get assaulted for their trouble (see the two elderly women in Portland over the weekend). What happens at many, if not most of these protests, is that the peaceful people aren’t just tacitly supporting the violence by their silence, they’re actively supporting it by hiding the violent ones in their midst. The “Wall of Moms” (and several other similar organizations) are active participants in the violent insurrection through their aiding and abetting the violence.

        • Jarhead says:

          I don’t believe it’s so much about the numbers (small percentage you claim) as it is the degree of damage and the justification of looting and burning that is being considered. If what the networks show as the result of these so-called protests is only the result of say 10% of the protesters, then that’s still waaay too much for the public to accept as a warning to change its attitude about the way business is done and how big bro. should in fact be doing things. We are slowly approaching the end of our patience to the point there are going to be MORE and MORE protesters killed, in order to stop the damage. And the public, being victims, will not care in the least as to the death count. Only issue will be how soon the damage and violence stops now, allowing people to be able to walk any and all streets not fearing being set upon by a bunch of thugs. Protest if you want, block streets for a day or two, but think we are going to accept the heavy stuff forever?. NOT IN THIS LIFETIME! Looting, burning, killing by no matter what tiny percentage of protesters HAS TO and is GOING TO be stopped with the blessings of the public. Likely regrettable, but some who will be seriously injured or killed will be victims of their own design by merely being a party to the wrong-doers. When all they had to do was avoid being in close proximity to those doing the damage. For them, sorry, I got no f__ks to give.

        • USMC Steve says:

          I would answer that by saying that there are NO peaceful protests happening in the blue states. If any did, the propaganda media would tout them for days on their “news” shows. As to the insignia bit, all the Antifa terrorists are wearing the Antifa insignia, I don’t know about the hammer and sickle. That is how they recognize each other, along with the all black outfits. The popo have done overall a very good job in difficult situations, that is shown again in the blue states where the
          “protesters” try to kill, blind, and injure them. And that is every single one of these gatherings. They have yet to really tear into those people, and as far as I see, they have every right to go full kinetic every time those fools become violent.

    • MI Ranger says:

      I can’t honestly say because I don’t go hang out in downtown Portland after midnight! I will say that the news coverage I have seen shows individuals dressed in mostly black and wearing helmets and carrying shields (maybe trashcan lids painted black) with a red symbol on them. Because none of the cameras are zoomed in on them I can’t make out what the symbol is suppose to be.
      Yes, some of the protests are peaceful and people yell at the instigators to cut that shit out. Others are not!

      What kind of party wear are your friends wearing? Goth? Or Pink and Blue Unicorn shirts? That might tell you which “protests” your friends are attending!

      The news conference I watched from the Illinois State Police was quite a bit different than what the local and National news were showing of the March to the Columbus statue in Chicago, so I would lean more towards, what Mr. Barr said!

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        He didn’t say “bullshit” once, or asspull “statistics”.

      • LC says:

        Fair enough; I live near Denver and know people who went to protests here, with details on the friends above – there were some early clashes with police, but it hasn’t been violent in a long time. I think picking Portland, with the deployment of federal agents who seemed to antagonize things (not a judgement call on them; they were doing their job), is fair to point out the worst incidents, but hardly representative of the protests on the whole.

        I’m also not Lars.

    • The Dead Man says:

      What’s your take on the media’s wilful edits to maintain a narrative then? Careful use of words, lies by omission and so on? If I were more motivated to give a damn, one of my projects is to start taking news stories and doing a rundown of similarity in language and editing. How many stories it takes to get a complete picture and what the political slant is for each news outlet.

      The long and short of it tended to be that local news sources were more reliable than national and even international, nominally respected sources liked to play coy.

      In police related cases, this usually involved hunting down unedited body cam footage. Reviewing the investigation notes, checking for past incidents for both parties and checking what the talking heads were leaving out. A case out here in SLC took me 17 sites before I hunted down necessary images, a full video clip and background details to paint the full picture.

      I know I’ve said this before, but actually look into these cases in a month. Take the number of incidents against the number of police interactions and tell me how big a national issue police brutality is. Then take the number of news cycle hours those same cases got. And before you say it, fire the idiots that actually did participate in police brutality. Actual no shit brutality. Not pain compliance or situations that in full context make more sense.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      “Antifa” is technically a communist symbol, being the militant wing of the old Communist Party of Germany.

      If one buys the line they just borrowed the name, post hoc, then note the two flags on the current logo includes the black flag of anarchy and the red flag of communism.

      The anarchists want to destroy the “fascist” USA and replace it with anarchy, and the communists want to destroy it with communism, which the promise the anarchists will face away naturally to anarchy once everyone is communist.

      Nope also that to the doctrinaire communist, that which opposes communism is “fascist”.

      Thus ” no fascist USA” is a pledge of eradication.

      The sheer number of them using red flags, and hammer-and-sickle, and other less common items, and of course the “black bloc” communist attire…

      Demanding the end to police, releasing criminals, wrecking middle class businesses in minority areas, all to feed the Revolution, and all straight out othe playbook they consistently use for a century.

      And note the usual motte-and-baily “we want reform” “peacheful protests” yet there is almost always major violent mayhem, like arson, looting, etc.

      Note: setting fire to cops is pretty violent. So is rock-throwing, laser blinding, etc.

      That duck is quacking pretty loud.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        Almost forgot.

        “Peaceful protesters” oppose and excuse violent protests. Enthusiasticly.

        A great example was the protests organized by Dr King. They had zero tolerance for knuckleheads, and actively excluded them. Thus they maintained a moral high ground, and ultimately succeeded.

        Every protest or march -I- joined had pretty prompt dispatch of dipshits stirring up trouble. I hold others to a similar standard.

        When the current bunch exclude the anarchists and communists, they stop being a front for them.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Oppose and -exclude- violent…

          • NR Pax says:

            And the next time someone quotes Dr. King’s speech of “Riots are the voice of the unheard” to justify this, ask them if they are familiar with the end of the speech:

            Now what I’m saying is this: I would like for all of us to believe in non-violence, but I’m here to say tonight that if every Negro in the United States turns against non-violence, I’m going to stand up as a lone voice and say, “This is the wrong way!”

      • timactual says:

        Russia used to be famous for its anarchists. Somehow I doubt our present-day anarchists are literate enough to have learned what happened to the Russian anarchists after they helped overthrow the Tsar. Communists are famous for being terribly ungrateful to those who helped them on their way up.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          Yeah, they DO have a track record of throwing their useful idiots away en masse in ditches after they’re done with them!

  6. Daisy Cutter says:

    “The media is definitely polarized, but not as one-sided as Barr, or TAH, would like to believe.”

    Did TAH commenters all just get lumped together?

    I feel so, so… dirty.

    I don’t know how you would determine this, enough to make this declarative statement. In my view, although there may be similarity of thought, we could all be miscreants where each person exercises independent thought but come to similar conclusions — this issue aside.

    It could happen.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      To address the issue of the hammer and sickle – I don’t know and the only way to determine this is to get accurate numbers.

      How to do this would be problematic. I’ve heard a journalist say that the folks in these gatherings tend to get mad with them filming their faces, and tend to beat anyone up that does so.

      So, one could watch numerous videos but I don’t know if this is a fair sampling.

      So, you may have a point… but, your sample size is too low to draw any conclusions either. Therefore, it is speculative.

      Bill Barr was not there in person either, but he does have many eyes with police there. My guess, which I feel is reasonable, is that there is reporting through the ranks and this is why he made such a statement. I would put my money on this vs. a wild-a$$ guess on his part or a false narrative, which sounds like what you are suggesting.

    • LC says:

      I probably should’ve such ‘much of’ or ‘most of’ TAH; obviously exceptions exist, but I don’t think I’m wrong on the broad take on the issue, individual thought notwithstanding. The ‘liberal bias’ of the media is a common comment, no?

      • Daisy Cutter says:

        Dare I say it – you may find it advantageous to write *cough* like an attorney.

        “It appears,” “In my opinion,” “In my view” and… [drum roll please] … “pursuant to.”

        Seriously, declarative statements admittingly have more punch but are always vulnerable because there are exceptions. Lawyers, or anybody really, have a field day with them.

        You’ve got a point. Taken. I still like to think I am open-minded about everything. I read comments posted here and say to myself – “I agree with that” “That’s good. I wish I would have said that” “I agree with that, too” “Ooooo… I don’t know if I’d go that far.” Most of these thoughts stay with me but when I’m in the mood and if it is important to me, I’ll post.

        • Ret_25X says:

          In truth, the folks on TAH are mostly people who took their oath the Constitution seriously and continue to do so.

          Of course many are not happy when a Maoist insurgency is running without serious opposition in our nation. It stands to reason that this group would also be less than pleased that a major party would cover for them and use them to push agendas that would make Lenin blush.

          This is the sticking point for most Americans who are paying attention.

          No one with a brain believed that BLM cared about Floyd for even an instant.

          Being old enough to remember the riots in the late 60s and early 70s, I see the same sweeping accusations and the same Little Red Book demands of total societal destruction starting with the family.

          Thinking people need to be very careful about supporting any group that has at its core a belief system that revolves around race or group identity.


          Because racism is the lowest form of collectivism and the “starter kit” for all Marxist evolutions.

          There is a reason that all racist groups are out there with BLM/Antifarce (including, but not limited to the Cowboys, Aryan Nation, BHI, and various NA group). They share the same end goals if not the same group identities in their desire to loot YOUR income and property to satisfy their own desire to enrich themselves without actually working.

          This is, after all, the modern far left…”you work, I prosper”.

          Not that different from the democrats of 1860 when you think about it.

        • T1B says:

          You forgot “as to’…

      • timactual says:

        ” The ‘liberal bias’ of the media is a common comment, no?”

        Gee, maybe because it’s demonstrably true (generally speaking, of course)?

    • timactual says:

      “I feel so, so… dirty.”

      Meh. I only feel slightly soiled. There are worse crowds to be associated with.

  7. The Fourth Reich is finally getting started thanks to cnn/LSMFT’S Joseph Goebbels school of journalism and saul alinsky. I wonder where the 2 + Million Democrat NRA gun owners stand on all of this.
    PS: If you are wondering what the fake cable news LSMFT stands for, it stands for Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco. Got this from Joyce Kaufman on WFTL, Florida 850AM radio which is really msnbc that she likes saying. So another short comment I made long which turned out to be punless. Know what I mean Jelly Bean.

    • rgr1480 says:

      As I recall from my boyhood days of watching TV … and asking Mom what it meant … there was actually a forward slash in the advert:
      Lucky Strike/Means Fine Tobacco

  8. Anonymous says:

    Naw, really?!

  9. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Media bias is a measurable metric and several organizations have done just that and built charts showing the bias.

    Anyone thinking the protests didn’t have a communist component wasn’t paying attention.

    Antifa is an organization with communist roots, that’s a simple fact that Antifa likes to deny. The very name comes from a communist group opposed to the Nazis in Germany…

    “Antifaschistische Aktion” was the name of the group that was originally known as Antifa, anyone not thinking the name was deliberately chosen is either a liar or a fucking moron. As the name was deliberately chosen those choosing it knew it had communist roots. Doing the math is rather simple after that.

    The fact that 95% of the media is owned by a half dozen corporate interests should also help explain why in this country the reporting across the nation is remarkably similar.

    As with all things following the money matters. Corporate America knows it’s going to be fine under Biden which is why they are concerned about the election. The concern is if Trump keeps pissing off enough of the so called progressives they’ll keep winning districts. If enough progressives get elected the Democratic faction of the corporate oligarchy might actually come apart, and if that happens corporate America will lose control of part of the electorate. It’s no accident that 95% of incumbents normally win re-election.

    However a progressive revolution inside the Democrat party could change that reality. That could result in the people voting for progressives who believe health care for Americans is more important than corporate war profits.

    Why do you think Democrats were more interested in beating Sanders than Trump? It’s because the corporate owners of the Democratic party did not want to lose control of the DNC to Bernie’s progressive wing. However this time around they might have won the battle for 2020 and lost the future of the party.

    The media showing the protests as peaceful keeps the independents comfortable and keeps them from joining the progressives or Republicans in theory if not reality. Showing the violence could drive the independents directly to the Republicans which wouldn’t hurt the corporations in the short term but might hurt the Democratic party and cause its failure. That’s a long term problem not easily overcome.

    We’ll see how it all plays out.