A Long-Distance Dedication . . . .

| August 9, 2020

Nothing new from DPAA this week – their only news release concerned a Marine they’d previously identified on their “Recently Accounted For” web page a couple of months ago and included in a “No Longer Missing” article at the time. So I thought I’d provide this instead.

This one is dedicated to all those busybody “Karens” (of either gender) out there who simply can’t mind their own business and want to hassle others about not acting the way they feel is “correct”.

Yo, “Karen”: just because you’re spouting the “idea du jour” or “common wisdom”, that doesn’t guarantee you’re correct. Remember – at one time, virtually everyone in the world believed the earth was flat.

The tune’s also IMO a pretty good metaphor for today’s political Left in general, because they often do exactly the same (“virtue shaming”, “political correctness”, and the like). So I guess it’s dedicated to the political Left, too.

Enjoy. (smile)


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5th/77th FA

Giggle, snort tee hee…guffaw!

Don’t confuse them with the facts when their minds are made up!


Ah yes, Spin Doctors. Another, “WTF happened to them?” band.

Ex Coelis

And a damn shame too – here’s some background on WTF happened to them –


Cheers to all here!!!


I guess I’m just lucky to live in small town Texas where everybody minds their own damn business. The Karen Brigades are largely nonexistent here. Maybe because a lot of people carry appropriate PPE in addition to masks….

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I never cease to be amazed at the things people lose their shit over in public…

I often suspect it’s the accumulation of dozens of small indignities our society inflicts on all of us that eventually boil over.

The Karens though really surprise me because those simply seem to come from sort of sense of entitlement…as if they were more special and important than the rest of society at large. They scream at kids at the coffee shop, the McDonald’s, they insult people working retail…it’s an amazing insight into just how self important some folks feel about themselves.

It is most enjoyable watching them get told to fuck right off though, I get an inappropriate amount of enjoyment when they piss and moan and don’t get their intended outcome.