Antifascists? Doutbful!

| August 4, 2020

Antifascists? Doutbful!

They are copying exactly what the Fascists did in the 1930s, no matter what they say. These morons probably haven’t had an original thought since the day they were whelped.

From the article:  Portland protesters were filmed burning Bibles and the American flag as protests continue in the city for more than two months.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz responded to a Friday video of people burning what was described as a “stack of Bibles” on Twitter Saturday, saying, “This is who they are.”

The president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., also reacted to the footage, appearing to lay blame on the far-left antifa movement.

“Now we move to the book burning phase,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m pretty sure ANTIFA doesn’t actually stand for what they say it stands for. Maybe just remove the anti part of them name and it’s perfect.”

Protesters have targeted federal property, most notably the federal courthouse, in recent weeks as the violence continues, sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Memorial Day.

“These aren’t late-night demonstrations,” Oregon U.S. Attorney Billy Williams told reporters in July outside the federal courthouse. “This is criminal activity. There’s a difference. What you have failed and the media have failed to distinguish between — you seem unwilling to call people engaged in criminal conduct as criminals, as opposed to lawful protesting.”

“I’m just saying there needs to be a distinction made between lawful, constitutionally protected protest, and this. This is unlawful. And people, whether you’re an opportunist, an antagonist, an agitator, or an anarchist, call it out for what it is,” he added.

An agent with the Department of Homeland Security anonymously described the scenes as “totally surreal.” – article

Don’t know whether the videos at the main link will work, but give that a try.

The rest of the article continues to describe the mindless attempts at destruction of Federal and other properties. It is legitimate to ask why Portland is not asking for help to stop it?

Well, maybe they’re afraid to do so.

Or maybe they want it to happen.

How long will this go on? Until someone says “Enough, already!” ? And when does that happen?

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Lest we forget. . . The original anti-fascists (upon whom these dick-heads take their flag so they admit a connection) were communists trying to take over Germany. If they had succeeded, there very well could have been an equal number of dead as to what did happen (judging by what the communist world did, in fact, do). Boiled down, it was just two groups of street thugs vying for power. Germany was screwed either way because a minority group thought they had the answer.

We don’t need that crap in the US. Our system works fine, thank you. And where it does not (as it admittedly has in the past) there are mechanisms to fix it. Scrapping the whole thing is not the way to go. Anyone who thinks so can have a one way ticket to whatever hell hole they want in the world.


Remember … the Left wants another ‘Kent State’ type incident.

This ‘law enforcement’ approach denies the Left a martyr.


Yes. Avoids another hippie-anthem CSNY song too.


Like you and nearly everyone else on this site I am curious as to why this has been allowed to continue to happen. The peaceful protest part of this was gone a long time ago. Domestic enemies, aided and abetted by foreign enemies, hell bent for the destruction of our Republic.


The general political thinking is

“Unhappy population” = “votes to oust incumbent”

That can backfire, for example Nixon in 68. If folks know one side is making all the fuss, they go to the other side to end it.

And the Donk footprints are all over the mess in Donk controlled cities.

Joe and Jane average don’t want police “defunded”. They want them invisible until something frightens them, then they want cops visible bigly.


Maybe this is a dress rehearsal for the election? All of these asshats will take to the streets to demand that Biden be declared the winner as dem states keep coming up with bags and boxes of “mail in ballots”.


They can try, but the meeting of the Electoral College and validation of same vote is pretty well set in stone by the Constitution.

IOW, the states and Congress can dictate HOW the election might be held (and to a certain extent, when) but the results have to be validated by no later than mid-December for the Constitutional requirements to be met.


The plan is to prevent 270 elector votes being cast, or make enough of then doubtful, thus forcing it to the current House of Representatives.

Yup. The Left would stoop to that. Count on it. All this drama to date, and that to come, is to make that happen.


The D-rats have run a “war-gaming” exercise with four scenarios about what they will do with four possible election outcomes. They had John Podesta playing Gropey Joe.

In one scenario where Trump wins, Podesta (as Biden) refuses to accept the results and he persuades the Blue State governors in states Trump won to send electors who will vote Biden despite the vote in that state. This precipitates an Electoral College/congressional crisis. The states of Washington, Oregon and Commiefornia declare support for Biden and secession from the U.S. Then the military intervenes in favor of Biden.

Anyone else here besides the mendacious mollusk like that scenario?


Nope. They’ll fire on Fort Sumter again too? (Didn’t end so well for ’em last time.)

A Proud Infidel®™

They’re going to get their asses handed to them as soon as they start messing with those who just want to be left alone.


They’re doing tabletop exercises about the election already. Including the possibility of secession (which went so well for Democrats the first time) and civil war (again, didn’t go well for the Democrats).

Crickets from the MSM. Imagine for a second if anyone even remotely affiliated with the RNC wargamed the 2020 election ending in a secession from the US and subsequent civil war.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman
A Proud Infidel®™

THAT’S what happens when the booger-munching snotnosed snowflake Sparkle Ponies mess with people who WORK for an honest living and want to be left alone!


They must have taken Constitutional law classes with Fredo. Screaming that you’re “peaceful” is inherently breaching the peace.


Oops. Missed your post when making mine.

Oh well.

The Soy Abtielung are doubly worth mockery.


Let’s put it out there clearly:

These are enemies of the U.S. Constitution – and so are the (D)ictators who encourage them.

Some foreign, most domestic.

A Proud Infidel®™

Along with being useful idiots to the likes of George Soros. Come to think of it, antifa didn’t even exist until President Trump got elected!

USMC Steve

NO, Antifa emerged under the Obama regime. If I remember correctly, they came to the fore during his second term. But they were there.


Not sure where to post this but I just e-mailed this to Ed.
Paging Dave Hardin, Paging Dave Hardin, white courtesy telephone please…

This just happened today Tuesday Aug 4, 2020.

Not certain if I should be happy or sad.



That looks very much like a MOAB or a low yield nuke.

Here’s a MOAB (11 tons of TNT) for comparison. I’d say the Beirut boom looks bigger, though it’s hard to judge scale.


That explosion in Beirut was a massive one, but definitely not a nuke. Look at the color of the blast, itself – nowhere near hot enough.


In the beginning of the video one can see the fire raging and smaller flashes then the big explosion occurs with a massive shockwave. IIRC, there was a much smaller version of the same here in Nevada a number of years ago at a small fireworks factory. From the extent of this Beirut explosion, I suspect they were making something more explosive than firecrackers and Roman candles. It was likely making weapons for Hamas.



A Proud Infidel®™

Achmed and Hussein were told NO SMOKING on the job, but did they listen?


This was close to the port. There goes Hezbollah’s “wedding fireworks” stockpile from Iran.

Dennis - not chevy

I have an idiot neighbor who says only a nuke can cause a mushroom cloud. I tried to explain the math; but, it was more than 2 + 2 so I gave up. Why am I not surprised he’s running for office on the D party ticket?

A Proud Infidel®™

According to the Lebanese Prime Minister it was caused by 2,750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate left unsecured in a warehouse.


Speaking of insane leftoid idiots:

Hey look! They embrace 2+2=5.


Absolute idiocy! And these morons are teaching children, no wonder there are so many that buy into the bullshit of Bernie Sanders, Occasional-Cortex, BLM, Antifa, Et Al…
People who have recieved an actual education reject these idiots out of hand as the drooling fools they are, only those well and truly indoctrinated by the likes of that professor could believe their shit.


Orwell is rolling over in his grave. His was a cautionary tale, not a road map.


“In Italia i fascisti si dividono in due categorie: i fascisti e gli antifascisti.”
-Ennio Flaiano


Fascist is as fascist does.


A bit early for Boomer’s Sunday, but some humor always helps. So much for the monopoly on force they thought they had.

From Ace of Spades:

“We’re peaceful!” a sissy whined. “And you pointed a gun in my face!”

“That’s why you’re peaceful,” a female citizen replied.

Maybe rethink that “no cops” thing? You don’t really want “no cops” do you? Because there is something you need to fear more than cops and more than folks who disagree with your views on violence as an instrument of social change:

Folks who -do- agree with your views on violence as an instrument of social change. And you are so very persuasive lately.

Maybe, stop? Please.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

With no police (and the corresponding justice system, when you commit a crime out in the ‘burbs, your body will neeeever be found. Never. You will………disappear.
And no one will pick up your cell phone signal from a 10 foot hole.


Buzzards gotta eat…(spits)…same as worms!