Marine airlifted to hospital for self-inflicted gunshot at Twentynine Palms Marine Corps base has died

| July 9, 2020

The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center is renowned as the Marine Corps’ premiere training facility. While meeting the needs of visiting units, the installation also utilizes a significant amount of resources while also dedicating to resources to conserving energy, while maintaining the training standards. (Official Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Medina Ayala-Lo/Released)


A Marine found Tuesday, morning July 7, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center – Twentynine Palms, has died, officials said.

The sprawling 600,000-acre San Bernardino County training base was put on lockdown and all Marine and civilian personnel were told to shelter in place.

“Shortly after 8:30 a.m., the individual sustained a self-inflicted gunshot,” said Capt. Nicole Plymale, a base spokesperson. Military police on the base had been in contact with the Marine.

The Marine was airlifted to Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs and later died.

Dammit, another permanent solution to a temporary problem. Seek help, people. Read the rest here: American Military News

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Rest in peace Marine.


So sad. Never easy to hear. There had to be a better way to resolve whatever it was that resulted in this.

RIP, Marine.


RIP Marine, wish you’d chosen differently…

On a side note, whoever wrote that press release, or allowed it out should be beaten.. I’m not sure even some of the folks known for gobbeltygook could make sens of that word salad.


That type of gobbledygook is intended to sound like it means something lofty. without saying anything.

Much like most political speeches.

I hate that type of writing.

Green Thumb


My thoughts to the Maine’s family.

Green Thumb


Damn computer.

My apologies.


Learning to ask for help may be the most difficult lesson for an individual to learn.

Learning to ask for help in the right place(s) is the second most difficult lesson.

Prayers for the Marine’s family, friends, and brothers.

5th/77th FA

God’s Peace bring Comfort and Understanding to this Marine’s Family and Compatriots.



Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

RIP Marine.

Ex Coelis

My he find peace that he sought In this world on his spirit journey to the next. Sleep well and Rest In Peace brave Warrior – you’ve earned it

Retired Grunt

Jesus Marine, you had to know you were loved…. you had to. May God bless and keep you and your family. Rest…..

Retired Grunt

I’ve had to ask for help so many times…. It really took me a long time to realize that it wasn’t weakness that I really needed help. It wasn’t just for me it’s for the people that love me and trust me to do what a soldier and a father is supposed to do.


We don’t say “seize that objective all by yourself”.

“military” is a team sport.

So why the frack do we keep teaching people that they have to go it alone?

Yes, at some point folks have to internalize “never quit”, including about life. But -teams- don’t let folks quit because someone is “alone”.

Retired Grunt

Hoorah, huuah… whatever 11B from an 11A…. I started out as an 11B many years ago. Or for you jar heads out there an 0 3 11. I truly miss serving beside you. I pray that this young marine’s life is with our father …..

Retired Grunt

11B…. I’ll never quit. I’ll never surrender…. I think you are pretty much just like me. When I got home from Afghanistan the last time, I really had a hard time. I really wanna make this solely about the marine who took his own life… OK admins, please educate me, how do I do that?