Master Sergeant Israel Del Toro

| July 4, 2020

Master Sergeant Israel Del Toro

Master Sergeant Israel Del Toro, an Air Force SO Combat Controller (CCT), was grievously injured in an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan. The results of the attack were third-degree burns over 80 percent of his body and a 15 percent chance to live.

This was plainly unacceptable to “DT” and so he walked out of the hospital three months later. His goal? Return to active duty.

In 2010, he became the first-ever 100 percent disabled airman to re-enlist. It took only four years.

So, not one to put up with “No” and other silliness.

ninja sends.

Wounded veteran Israel Del Toro gets apology after being refused entry to Peterson commissary

Sarah Sicard

The commander of Peterson Air Force Base has apologized to one of the nation’s most well-known wounded warriors for being refused entry into the base commissary.

“I would like to express my sincere apology to Israel Del Toro for being refused access to our base commissary,” Col. Sam Johnson, 21st Space Wing Commander said in a statement to Military Times. “I am grateful he brought to our attention that our COVID safety policies did not account for medical concerns of our veteran, wounded warrior, retiree, and family member populations.”

Unlike many of the “Karens” filling TikTok and Instagram feeds across the country with refusals to cover their mouths despite COVID-19 risks, this veteran has a good reason.

Del Toro, a retired Air Force senior master sergeant, can’t wear a face mask. That’s because he lost his ears and fingers in the line of duty.

“I don’t have ears, I can’t loop them,” he told KKTV, noting that his breathing condition is an additional issue. “Trust us, if we could, we would wear masks.”

The incident happened in June, but Del Toro has been very vocal over the last few weeks as he wants his message to be heard, because despite the dangers of COVID, people with disabilities need to be taken into consideration.

The Public Affairs office for 21 Space Wing noted that this was a mistake, one they were unprepared for in the midst of developing COVID-19 health protocols.

Actually, the PAO tried to sell this as a training issue. Can’t speak to that, but someone certainly got “schooled.” Read the rest here: Army Times

Thanks, ninja.

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  1. Sapper3307 says:

    His big brass balls are working 200% still.

  2. 2banana says:

    There was a sign floating around the internet for businesses.

    “You must wear a mask to enter.

    Unless you have a medical problem that prevents it.

    And because of HIPAA Laws, we won’t ask about it.”

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    Words fail me.

  4. Steve 1371 says:


  5. 26Limabeans says:

    Asking him to wear a mask goes far beyond medical issues.
    There are those out there that would prefer he cover his scars
    less they be exposed to such grievous wounds.

    Very nice photo of a brave man in uniform.

  6. Fyrfighter says:

    I had no idea he lives in my back yard. Should the Master Sargent happen to read this, and ever want a cup off coffee when he’s around the base, I hope he’ll stop by the firehouse on Peterson road, he’d be MORE than welcome, mask or not!

    • Nice 3 bay station Fyrfighter, and great indoor and outdoor shots of your rigs plus the collection of the “older” rigs. Love the Front mount positive displacement centrifigal pump. Darley by any chance???

      • Fyrfighter says:


        That one predate me, but I think it is a Darley. And thanks for the compliment! It is pretty nice to look out the door and see Pikes Peak..

  7. David says:

    Have had 3rd degree burns before; cannot imagine the guts this man has. He’ll definitely head to Heaven, he’s been through hell.I might suggest if he wants to wear a mask, elastic bands around the back of the head could replace the loops.

    Oh, and small note – please stop using the word “karen”. It’s a racial pejorative, used only to denigrate white women. (Unless you want to open the door to any racial term…) Racist is racist.

    • AW1Ed says:

      Not my policy to edit published works, David. I personally find the pejorative “Karen” faintly amusing, and refrain from its use anyway. I also have no patience for racial slurs or diatribes- these will be swiftly deleted and the author put on notice. Continued use are grounds for banning.

      • WTF is going on. Last thursday, WFTL 850 AM radio mentioned Karen and I just read the above comment on Karen. Women have been named that for years. I just checked our community phone book and there are 5 residents with the first name of Karen plus our condo management rep is named Karen. Do they have to change their first names now to knuckle under to the PC crowd. I wonder how many are liberals.

      • timactual says:

        Evidently you need to make a “hot key” for that disclaimer or risk carpal tunnel syndrome. Maybe a big, red banner that pops up telling people arriving here to either bring a sense of humor and tolerance or F off. Perhaps “Enter this site at your own risk—Not responsible for any Butt-hurt or psychic trauma incurred by sensitive snowflakes “.

        • Mason says:

          Pretty sure Jonn had that in the new arrivals FAQ, though he used slightly less colorful language. 😉

    • 26Limabeans says:

      How about “Deb” as in biker terminology?
      It’s just a small note…

    • timactual says:

      “It’s a racial pejorative,”

      You and Fredo Cuomo, eh? Where do you folks get this crap? Is there a Bullshit Fairy that comes to you in a dream or something? Are you taking lessons from that Commissar fool? Do you, too, clearly hear those dog whistles nobody else is supposed to be able to hear?

      Lighten up.

  8. Slow Joe says:

    But, there are other types of masks that do not need the ears to work.

    Is the ears the only reason to not wear a mask?

    If so, there many designs that loop behind the head and do not use the ears.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      From the article SJ, MSG (RET) Del Toro also has breathing issues that prevent him from wearing a mask. He also stated he wished he could wear one and would if he could. With lung problems, this Warrior is most probably at very high risk for the Chinese Communist Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019.

      I have to agree with 26Limabeans comment above. The “volunteer” at the door could not look beyond MSG Del Toro’s wounds to see the physically impossible inability to wear a mask.

      BZ to this Warrior for his dedication to duty and his Sacrifice for our Country. Another BZ to his wife for sticking with him thru all of this. As we all know, there are many that would not.

      A kudos to the Base Commander for taking the rap of the actions of someone that is not really, technically, in his Chain of Command.

      A swift kick in the azz to the “volunteer” that needs to volunteer to haul their trashy azz out of the AO of Warriors and volunteer to go pick up trash somewhere. If the volunteer can’t recognize trash, just tell them to look in a mirror. They’ll find a good example there.

      Tanks ninja! RTR/GABN/HBTD

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Perhaps you missed the part where he also lost his fingers, which decidedly complicates the task of securing a mask around the back of your head.

    • Graybeard says:


      As a former English teacher, I insist:


      It CLEARLY says in the quote above his reasons. Not reading for comprehension is unacceptable.

  9. Mason says:

    This reminds me of when Gen Joe Foss couldn’t get through TSA with his Medal of Honor. No fucking common sense. Boring, repetitive, and low paying jobs will always attract the idiots.

  10. Graybeard says:

    When one gives over thoughtful action to mindless adherence to a poorly understood set of rules, one gets revealed as a idiot. Not even sure if it is a useful idiot.