Sometimes It’s Hard to be a Hooman

| July 3, 2020

 Aunt Jemima history has roots in East Texas.

Photo of Lillian Richard**

The family of one of the women who was portrayed on the syrup bottle as Aunt Jemima do NOT want this taken away from them. They were proud of their cousin Lillian Richard and want her image kept on the bottle instead of rebranding it, and they do NOT want that history erased.

This link has what I think is a photograph of Lillian Richard**, one of the models for the Aunt Jemima brand label.

As one of her relatives says, she made a living and supported her family in a time when it was hard for women, never mind black women, to find paying work.

And now, it’s two families protesting the rebranding.

From the article:  Two families of women who portrayed Aunt Jemima say they oppose Quaker Oats’ plans to rename the brand of syrup and pancake mixes and change the iconic figure.

Quaker Oats announced last week it would retire Aunt Jemima because it’s “based on a racial stereotype,” saying its prior work to update the character was “not enough.”

The move, considered long overdue by experts, historians and some consumers, was the first in a series of rebranding announcements that grew to include Uncle Ben’sMrs. Butterworth’sCream of Wheat and Eskimo Pie.

The first Aunt Jemima image was based on Kentucky native Nancy Green, a Civil War-era slave from Mount Sterling, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal, part of the USA TODAY Network.

Originally, Aunt Jemima was shown with a wide smile and wearing a bandanna in her hair, an image that faced criticism for years as it was accused of encouraging racist stereotypes. In 1989, the image was revamped, with the new model wearing pearl earrings with straightened curls.

Anna Short Harrington is believed to be the model after Green.

Larnell Evans Sr., Harrington’s great-grandson, told Patch that he was hurt and offended by the brand’s decision. – article

Sometimes, the PC stuff simply goes too far and the people who engage in it look even stupider than usual. I would be much more impressed if Quaker Oats said they were proud to be associated with these women, especially during the Great Depression.  When you’re afraid of offending someone in some way, the reality is that you’re going to offend a whole bunch of other people in the process.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    You know, since this story FIRST broke the other day, I’ve had time to think it all over. ‘Specially considering that the Chinese Communist Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019 played hell with my long planned vacation plans. I missed out on approximately 4 weeks of what would have been exceptionally fine breakfast meals. Not a single one that would have included oatmeal, shredded wheat, puffed rice or any of that. It would have included multiple meals of pancakes, bacon, sausages, ham, waffles, grits, rice ect.

    In addition to being po’d at QO for doing away with the historical accomplishments of Black Americans I’m got other bones to pick with them.

    (a) As a Former Artilleryman I resent the use of a cannon to depict shots of puffy grains. Nothing at all puffy about double canister rounds with a 1/4 second fuse at 10 yards.

    (b) As a student of History and an affecionado of Beethoven, the highjacking of an Overture dedicated to an American Victory over the Red Coats, just creams my wheat, which for breakfast cereals in no way competes with cheese grits…and shrimps.

    (c) As a member of the Southern Baptist Faith, I wonder why this company highjacked a member of of a pacifist faith, using weaponry to peddle their product. A Protestant Clergy Man sitting down to a Sunday Dinner of Fried Chicken, rice and gravy, turnip greens, and cat headed biscuits would have been more inclusive.

    (d) As a nephew (and an Uncle) I resent them doing away with Aunts and Uncles. #KinFolksMatter.

    I want reparations…and a full Battery of Napoleons, Parrot Rifles, and Paladins…each!

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Forgot to leave this goomer here:

      Today would have been a leisurely jaunt thru the Ozarks, stopping to see whatever caught my eye, working my way back to the Big River.

      • Skyjumper says:

        Hey Gun Bunny, didn’t know where else to post this so that you would see it, but just thought you might enjoy it.

        Sorry AW1Ed, didn’t mean to nor was it my intention to hijack this post….just had no other means to send this to KoB.

        Also AW1Ed…..if you click on the link, hopefully you might get a chuckle out of it your ownself. (smile)

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          Sky… 😆 😆 😆 😛 😎

          Yep, m r ducks, but it looks like his goose is cooked. If he coulda just made it to the beach, he’d of had a ball. The boy looks like he mighta lost that loving feeling. That can happen when you go flying thru the danger zone.

          Tanks Brother, needed a chuckle. I usually gonna see everything here, even go back FIRST thing in the morning and look over the stuff that came in overnight. And have a tendency to go back over the threads each evening. Hell it ain’t like I got anything else to do. DAAAAAAAAAAMMMN IIITTT!!!!

          For those that have been following the saga of my cancelled road trip, you may recall that the base road atlas I was going to use was a 1950 copy put out by State Farm. I had a 2020 Rand just to keep up with road numbers that have been changed. The idea was to never get on an interstate and avoid any large cities. Had it worked out too. No rush and there was to be 3 drivers to spell one another. Wish I had a way to post a picture of the front cover of this 1950 atlas. Talk about your triggering un politically correct, this one is all that…and raciss…and stereotypical. Each state outline has a theme as to what that state is about in 1950. Jawja has an exaggerated Black character, wide toothy red lipped grin, sitting on a cotton bale. playing a banjo. ‘Bama has a skinny, grinning Black doing a dancing jig, facing the Jawja banjo picker. Mississippi has two Blacks, the male toting a basket of picked cotton, the female on her Knees in front of him picking cotton. Louisiana has an old school dressed Aunt Jemima type on her knees planting/picking rice, surrounded by cotton plants. Need I go on?

          Wonder how many years worth of free car insurance I could sue them for?

    • rgr1480 says:


      (b) As a student of History and an affecionado of Beethoven, the highjacking of an Overture dedicated to an American Victory over the Red Coats, just creams my wheat, which for breakfast cereals in no way competes with cheese grits…and shrimps.

      Wait! Are you talking about Puffed Rice … “This is the cereal that was shot from guns!”

      That was the “1812 Overture</b:" by
      Piotr Ilich Tchaikovski.

      Tchaikovsky actually wrote that it was:

      “very loud and noisy and completely without artistic merit, obviously written without warmth or love,”

      • rgr1480 says:

        And it commemorated the Battle of Borodino, fought in September 1812, where Russia triumphed over Napoleon.

        … hmmmm — looks like I failed to close a “bold” command in my above post.

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          local connection to “our” war of 1812 and the Creek/Seminole Wars that you and I discussed awhile back. If we can get final approval from the City, we gonna make an attempt to fire the Original 6 pounder that is on display at the Fort this weekend. Old records indicate that the 4th of July during the time frame that the Fort was in service was a real party. Much firewater was shared!

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            rgr1480, the rest/FIRST half of my comment reply to you dropped out. You win the inherwbez today for the catching of the historical reference error I built into the other comment. Good Job! 😆 Was gonna see if anyone keyed in on the Napoleon reference. It’s not just the name of a 12 pound, brass howitzer.

            ps, part of the final leg of my cancelled road trip was gonna bring thru the Horseshoe Bend Battlefield in ‘Bama.


            • rgr1480 says:

              Hey 5th,

              I knew all about the 1812 Overture way before Al Gore invented the internet! I just did not tie that in to “our” War of 1812 … the date should have made me think.

              OOOOhhhhh “The Battle of Horseshoe Bend” … that was particularly bloody. And Pushmataha, the Choctaw war chief, got royally screwed after helping Jackson — had to PCS across the Mississippi into “Indian Territory.” Jackson told him it was good land there and Push said, in effect, “Hell, don’t piss on my leg and say it’s raining; I used to hunt over there and know it’s no good.”

              [For those who do not know, Pushmataha was a great war chief “general” in US Army service during the Red Stick War. In 1824, after living in IT, he went with a delegation to DC to try to get white settlers out of Indian Territory. Pushmataha died of pneumonia while there and was buried with military honors in the Congressional Cemetery.]

              If you get permission to fire the 6-pounder at Hawkins, we’ll need a youtube link, s’il vous plait!


  2. Mom sent away for the Quaker puffed rice ring finger cannon that shot a piece of puffed rice out of it when the spring loaded trigger was pulled back and then let go.

  3. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    The family needs to complain to woke white liberals that were offended for them. You see in the minds of woke white liberals, black folks don’t know when to be properly offended. They all have the White Knight/All Knowing Savior complex to ‘save the day’ for their ‘black children’. The level of condescension that woke white liberals show blacks & other minorities is insulting…very insulting.
    Plus, if I were Daniel Snyder (Redskins owner) I’d change the name to Cicadas. It’s a bug that emerges once every 13 to 17 years from its underground nymph stage. Which is about often as the Redskins are relevant.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      If we’re going to name sports teams after critters, then why not name the Redskins after Locusts instead? And rename the Braves as the Beavers, so that their fans can get loud clappers and make that slapping noise every time a goal occurs.

  4. OWB says:

    No. How DARE you self-centered family members continue to find pride in your ancestors who showed initiative and the good old American spirit by turning what they had into success. Just WHO do you think you are to suggest that their stepping literally off the plantation into the American dream is something not only to be remembered but to be admired? Don’t you understand yet that the elite among us will make those decisions for you because you are not really free from the abomination that is true racism – you know, that conviction they have that you are not capable of freely finding your own success or make your own decisions about your path to it.


  5. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    According to modern “woke” SJWs, minorities may only be referenced as downtrodden and oppressed, needing “help” from “privileged” folks, and preferably out-of-sight. If expected, they must be angry and destructive downtrodden oppressed folks.

    In other words, the racist bastards have once again repackaged racism as a societal good, with themselves again at the top “helping” other folks get by, and perpetuating their “privilege”.

    Weird, huh?