Iranian Missile Program Moves Forward

| June 24, 2020

Iran tests another missile?

Iran is nearing its goal: produce better quality fuel (solid rocket propellant) for its missiles program

From the article:  …the site near the city of Jajarm is also home to a secret facility set up by Iran’s elite security force, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, that has been producing aluminium powder for use in its missile programme, according to a former Iranian government official and documents relating to the facility he shared with Reuters. Aluminium powder, derived from bauxite, is a key ingredient in solid-fuel propellants used to launch missiles. – article

The full article is here. If the spelling looks odd (programme instead of program), it’s the Brits at it again.

In reference to their missile program, didn’t they have a smokin’ hot accident on the launch pad less than a year ago?

If this programme is so secret, how come all these reporters know all about it?

What happens if they manage to launch one successfully, but instead of heading out to the Persian Gulf to destroy fishing grounds and Kuwaiti oil tankers, it heads to Teheran and flattens the place? Just askin’.

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I will be due to agents of the Great Satan sabotaging the perfect work of the Islamic Republic heroes. Pay attention!


We can steer your missles.


Inshallah with a side of bacon.

The Other Whitey

Deus vult!

5th/77th FA

Maybe this dude can explain why their missiles don’t work:


I kinda wondered if anyone with the last name “Binks” lived in the city of “Jarjarm” . . . .


5th/77th FA

Why am I not surprised that it was you Hondo who made the connection that I did?

Good job! 😛 😉


We can send fully functional missiles to Iran from any number of aircraft, subs and silos if they like.


Delivery in 30 minutes or less, or your next warhead is free.


Minuteman-II 🙂


So, Wyle E Ayatollah is playing with rockets again…

Tweet! Tweet! Pbhthbthtbh!



Dear Iran,

I wish a motherfucker would. Lucky for your dumb asses Trump fired John Bolton else you might be human glowsticks.