Keeping History and Statues In Their Proper Places…

| June 24, 2020

The statue of Winston Churchill, on the north-east corner of Parliament Square

… whether protesters like it or not.

From the Daily Mall article at 6-20-2020:  Don’t pull down Winston Churchill’s statue: 140,000 Mail on Sunday readers demand the government blocks attempts to remove the wartime PM’s monument

More than 140,000 readers have already signed the petition to secure the statue

The Churchill monument was boarded up with metal sheets after being spray painted.

** We call on the PM to publicly guarantee that the statue will never be removed from its rightful home at Parliament Square. Scroll down to sign the petition **

You can also sign the petition today by clicking this website link here >>>

There is more information here:

“The statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square is a permanent reminder of his achievement in saving this country – and the whole of Europe – from a fascist and racist tyranny,” he said.

“It is absurd and shameful that this national monument should today be at risk of attack by violent protesters. Yes, he sometimes expressed opinions that were and are unacceptable to us today, but he was a hero, and he fully deserves his memorial.” – Boris Johnson, PM

The idea that someone who held the country together when he stated bluntly, “I have nothing to offer but blood, sweat and tears” should be put out-of-sight/out-of-mind by a bunch of spoiled brat wankers who don’t like Winston because of other things he did prior to boosting England’s stand against the Nazis is ludicrous. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to look at it.  Perhaps it would do them good to be subjected to what their grandparents had to face during World War II and their great-grandparents during World War I.

On our side of the Pond, there are some people in WDC trying to pull down Andrew Jackson’s statue because he was a Bad Man for what he did to the eastern native tribes in the early 19th century. To say he didn’t do that is ridiculous.

General Andrew Jackson was the hero of the Battle of New Orleans.

No, he certainly wasn’t perfect; no one is.  He invited all his friends to the White House for parties; he ran roughshod over the eastern tribes in the most brutal way. However, when the Brits decided early in the 19th century that they were going to invade the USA and retake what they lost during the American Revolution, Andrew Jackson was right there at New Orleans to send Pakenham to his demise.

“According to a document found on General Pakenham after the battle, the British were to hold Louisiana until the Spanish were ready to take it back:

The British plan of subjugation was complete. Soon after the battle it was learned that General Pakenham had a proclamation written, signed and ready to be promulgated the moment his army should enter the city. This proclamation denied the right of Napoleon to sell Louisiana, denounced the pretensions of the United States to its sovereignty, declared that Spain, the rightful possessor, was incapable of maintaining her territorial rights and, finally, asserted a provisional occupation by the British forces as a virtual protectorate on behalf of the Spanish crown. The night after the battle this proclamation was burned. It may have been used to illuminate the scene where the corpse of its author was being prepared for shipment to England in a cask of rum. (Buell, History of Andrew Jackson, Vol, II, pp. 80-81).

Spain would NEVER again be ready to take possession of Louisiana so that territory was to be joined to Canada and become part of the British Empire in the New World.

British losses……….700  killed, 1,400 wounded, 500 prisoners.

U.S. losses………….8 killed, 13 wounded.

It was the most lop-sided victory in the history of warfare because a small ragtag militia had defeated the most professional army in the world.  

By this miraculous Divine intervention, the young U.S. Republic was saved from the threat of foreign invasion until the Civil War.”

Okay, that’s a bit flowery, even for me. The language of the British plan is clear: Britain would refuse Napoleon’s claims, Spain’s governance of the Louisiana Purchase would be replaced by British governance because Spain was to incompetent to run it alone, and Britain would dominate the entire North American continent. Doubtless, Spain’s claim on California likely would have been displaced at some point. It was only a few decades later that gold was found at Sutter’s Mill and that started the first gold rush. There were others later on, of course.

But repelling the southern part of the British invasion was not the only thing Jackson did successfully. He brought the USA out of debt.  He detested the Central Bank, where all the Treasury deposits were sent, and redistributed those deposits to state banks. He stuck to a careful budget and got the USA out of debt by the end of his term of office. He is, in fact, the only US President that has ever done that.

Like him or not, Andrew Jackson is one of ours, part and parcel of our history just as Winston Churchill is part and parcel of England’s history, and these snot-nosed know-it-all spoiled brats need to start dealing with reality instead of trying to deny its existence.

What’s the point to this? The spoiled brats in the UK who want to eliminate something that they don’t like need to understand that if Winston Churchill had not spent his time on the radio giving ‘buck up, people!’ speeches to the British people while London and areas outside that city were being pounded by the Nazis, those very same wankers that don’t like his history might not be alive today.

Likewise, if Andrew Jackson had not gone down to Louisiana to push Pakenham and his troops out of New Orleans, the people who are trying to destroy his place in history would not exist today.  The western part of the continent (e.g., California) would belong partly to Spain but mostly to the UK through Canada, and those birdbrained ‘hate everything out of sheer ignorance’ twits might never have been born.

And worse, slavery might very well still be part of it. Anyone besides me remember the Emancipation Proclamation? Anyone? Bueller?

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The Other Whitey

Re: British claims on California, Sir Francis Drake made an official claim of English sovereignty over California in 1579 during his rather epic voyage of circumnavigation-while-pissing-in-Spain’s-Corn-Flakes. Drake’s Bay, sheltered by Point Reyes, lies just northwest of the Golden Gate, and Drake declared NorCal and much of Oregon “Nova Albion.” Unfortunately for ol’ Sir Franky, the Spaniards we’re in a much better position to actually colonize and run the place than the English were, so Nova Albion never got off the ground.

Should Pakenham have won, the British would likely have dusted off Drake’s paperwork and pulled a dubious “We saw it first!” on Spain.


Regular Army was there, and the core of US forces.

7th Infantry Regiment, among others. From hauling bales of cotton fron dockside warehouses, to be used as cannon positions, and some defensive works, forevermore would we be


Lots of players on COL Jackson’s pick-up team, too Militia, LaFite’s cannoneers and other men (also his powder and flints!) More…

“In 1814 we took a little trip, along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip…”

5th/77th FA

Spot on 11B, lots of folks helped The Colonel in that fight, including Native American Allies. Logistic support came from what would have been considered “The Pentagon of the South” (if the Pentagon was around then) of Fort Benjamin Hawkins in Macon Georgia. Google it, interesting story.

Check out the “squirrel guns” in the video.

Leave the Monuments alone…ALL OF THEM!!!


Jackson had essentially no powder nor flints.

laFite came up with barrels of powder and barrels of good new flints. Made the difference.

5th/77th FA

Yepper, it did. Didn’t hurt none either that LaFitte had the best gunners in the business and helped man the sea and land based Artillery. If it hadn’t of been for him, as you pointed out, that battle would not have gone the way it did. Jackson looked the other way at LaFitte’s slave smuggling and the US cracked down on his Spanish Texas pirate base later on.

The Other Whitey

Yeah, Churchill had some rather bigoted opinions. Wanna know who else had the same opinions? Pretty much everybody who lived at that time.

He wasn’t a fan of Islam. Having personally fought the Mohmands in India and the Mahdists in Africa, both of whom were decidedly nasty to anyone who wasn’t one of them, is that really surprising? At the same time, he was a lot fairer than most were in his time, in that he acknowledged that there were in fact moslems who voluntarily served as “loyal soldiers of the Queen” (his words). He was never a fan of their belief system, but recognized that subscribing to it didn’t automatically make one a savage.

He was a bit of a white supremacist, especially in his younger days. Good luck finding any white guy on Earth back then who wasn’t. Unlike many (like, say, Woodrow Wilson, for instance), Churchill softened his racism as he got older and wiser. Witnessing the racist horrors of of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union likely caused a bit of soul-searching for him on that topic.

He was into eugenics for a while. It was popular at the time. Alberta, Canada passed a provincial law giving the government the authority to sterilize people deemed “degenerate” in 1928, and USSC ruled in favor of similar policies in Buck vs Bell in 1927. Again, seeing the horror wrought by Hitler and Stalin likely prompted some introspection on the subject in his later life.

Sir Winston Churchill deserves to be remembered, warts & all. He deserves to be honored, as he almost certainly did more than any other single man to save the free world in the 20th Century. He also deserves criticism, as he had plenty of flaws. He is both an inspiration and a cautionary tale, but he saved far more than he harmed.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Well said…

History is often inconvenient like that…great deeds of righteousness done by deeply flawed humans, many of whom had more than few “warts” on their record.


Vermont Battle of Bennington monument was vandalized recently, the city leaders (D) assure us it was not a BLM/ ANTIFA act.

Comm Center Rat

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

~ Winston Churchill

Slow Joe

I always confuse Andrew Jackson with Andrew Johnson. Dammit.






(Unison) let’s call the whole thing off…

Garibaldi and Molari, Babylon 5 (bloopers)


This is off topic, but the DC Court of Appeals just ruled that the FRCP Rule 48(a) motion to dismiss the criminal case against LTG Flynn must be granted. The Lawfare criminal Prog lawers will try to drag the case out further, but their efforts will go nowhere. The rule of law and justice have prevailed, even if in only one case commenced as part of the soft coup.



Green Thumb

“And worse, slavery might very well still be part of it. Anyone besides me remember the Emancipation Proclamation? Anyone? Bueller?”

Heard they were trying to get rid of Lincoln, too. Yeah. And the 54th IN, and others….

The Nazis burned books, Taliban destroyed everything in sight, see the preceding for Communists, etc.

You can go to Amherst and graduate and claim you are history major (on your diploma) and you do not have to take one history class. Get my point?


Just heard that Philadelphia is removing the first publicly funded statue of Columbus… Mayor says he’s worried it will “incite violence”… He’s probably not wrong, if the antifa or blm shitbags try to mess with it, the South Philly Italians (including the mob) would give them quite the education… Now that would be popcorn worthy!

The Other Whitey

I remember a “Sopranos” episode about that!


Yep… Bruno, Scarfo, Stanfa and Merlino (the last was also the name of one of my high school teachers.. pretty sure he was related)… a quick search of those names will tell you how well these pansy protesters would fair against them…


…Mayor says he’s worried it will “incite violence”…

I did not know that inanimate objects could incite anything, much less violence.

A Proud Infidel®™

“911, what is your emergency?”

“I WAS OFFENDED BY A STATUE, *boo-hoo, sniff*,…”


Poor widdle snowfwakes. Too self absorbed to see how they are being manipulated. Too little self control to keep from being used. Enjoying the entire process a little too much – it makes them feel soooo good to fall into lock step with liars, vandals, and thieves.