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| June 22, 2020

Ed Brown 1911

The cupboard is bare, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. Well, not quite. As Ex doubtless will have dried pasta, a can of tomatoes, and a jar of pesto in hers, I have The Archives.

Reasonable Gun Control?
If this is “reasonable,” what is unreasonable?

by Angel Shamaya
In June of 1974, Handgun Control, Inc. — now calling itself the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, hereafter referred to as “the Brady camp” — proposed a complete ban on handgun ammunition. Their petition to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission called for:

“…a rule banning the sale of bullets for hand guns, with exceptions for police, licensed security guards, the military, and licensed pistol clubs.”

Last year, as every year since the above proposed ammunition ban, millions of Americans enjoyed the safety and security provided by access to a loaded handgun for self-defensive purposes. If Brady’s “reasonable” ammunition ban had been successful, how would the following news stories involving senior citizens have turned out?

If the Brady camp had been successful at affecting an ammunition ban, what would have become of these lawful, decent elderly citizens when they needed the ammo to defend their own lives?

Why does the Brady camp wish to prohibit self-defense among our senior citizens?

For more “reasonable” Gun Control ideas from the Good Idea Fairies at the Brady Bunch, go here: KABA Archives

“You must understand,
therefore, that there are two ways of fighting: by law or by force. The first way is natural to men, and the second to beasts. But as the first way often proves inadequate one must have recourse to the second.” — Niccolo Machiavelli

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5th/77th FA

A trip to the Big City K Roger replenticed most of the larder in my cupboards. Beef beast orasts were bumping near $8.00 a pound. May regret it later, but I left them sitting there. Again, my long planned road trip had included the procurement and bringing home of several hundred pounds of heavy western grain fed beef and buffalo beasts. It was all arranged including the coolers and the dry ice for the trip back. Grrrrrrrrrrr! On the FGS, that cupboard may not be truly bare in as much as no one is affected with any thing other than the ChiCom Flu Bug or assault by rogue cops. It is against the laws now to go after lawbreakers, but it is perfectly fine to break laws against destruction of private property, War Memorials and/or assault innocent little old ladies walking down the street. Going by the linkys, Larsie Boi is not the FIRST to have the idea of killing off the old folks. After all, it makes sense. Old folks are sucking up the Social Security money by drawing on the benefits that they paid into for decades. This leaves less for the ne’er do wells that need to draw the SSI/Disability Funds that they never paid into. Plus old folks do tend to vote conservative, some of them even voted for conservative democrats. (yes that used to be a species, pretty much extinct now) That drop dead gorgeous version of the Saintly JMB (Hbhn) should have MY name… Read more »

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I went to the Ed Brown site and checked out their line of 1911’s. What does Kalifornia approved mean?? I thought that maybe the mag can only carry one round but must be carried in a shirt pocket and when needed, the round can be loaded into the mag and the mag can be inserted in the gun. Just kidding about the above but not about the cal. approved deal.

MI Ranger

I don’t think they allow readily switched out magazines in Kalifornia! It must be bio locked, and you must be required to remove the firing mechanism before it can be reloaded in order to make it entirely safe for Kalifornia educated citizens. The round must not be made of any material to be deemed to cause cancer which includes: Metals, Plastics, Polymers, hybrid materials such as carbon, and composites.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

MI Ranger;
I just looked it up and seems that on handguns, their has to be a micro Id on the tip of the firing pin to Id the gun from the fired cartridge which would show the mark under a microscope from the pin hitting it. Also a ten round mag capacity. Right after 9/11, we were issued S&W 4046’s, 4in. barrels/.40 and NYC had the ten round mag only ban but these .40 mags held twelve rounds. We were told that if we loaded 12 rounds into the mag and the weapon was used to defend ourselves in an armed robbery, we could face felony charges. The same went for the NYPD but a waiver was put into effect for them to load up the mag to what it held. I don’t think the Brink’s suits tried to get a waiver for the ones on the trucks. I guess sitting all day at a desk, you wouldn’t have to worry about how many rounds you could load in your mag. After I retired in 2007, (37yrs) I thought that I should have just loaded up the mags to capacity and if I was involved in something that saved my or a co workers life, I don’t think anyone would be counting how many rounds were in the mag.


I get calls to apply for jobs in my field once in a while.

Before they can get the Ckkkk out of California or Nnnnn out of New York (or Jersey) I politely decline.

Partly because of the insane taxes, partly due to the exorbitant cost of living, but also due to the fact most of my guns would be illegal in one or all of those states.


Ed Brown makes parts for the 1911 that are second to none.
I have magazines and a barrel made by Ed Brown in my Kimber.
Best shooting gun ever as far as I am concerned. I’ve put well over 2K rounds through her and she still shoots straight, narrow and true !!!
Love that gun !!!