Seattle Autonomous Zone’s Objectives

| June 20, 2020

Jaiden Grayson is one of CHAZ’s leaders. She spells out the movement’s true intention. (Ami Horowitz/The Daily Wire/YouTube)

Historically, appeasing violent groups has not worked well for the appeasers. Seattle’s leadership tolerates the “autonomous zone” and tries to negotiate with it. One hope they have is that the organizers could be reasoned with, and could come around to doing what Seattle hopes they’ll do. Instead, they enabled CHOP and its leadership to push for more demands. A transcript of part of the video follows.

Jaiden Grayson: Every single day that I show up here, I’m not here to peacefully protest. I’m here to disrupt… Until my demands are met. You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down. Respond to the demands of the people or prepare to be met with any means necessary… By any means necessary…

Ami Horowitz: That’s not just a slogan?

Jaiden Grayson: No! Not a slogan. It’s not even a warning. I’m letting people know what comes next. A response to violence is not violence itself.

On the police:

Jaiden Grayson: If the Seattle police department turns in their badges, we will have made a move forward.

Ami Horowitz: In other words, not defund the police? Abolish?

Jaiden Grayson: Abolish the police’s state.

On the justice system:

Ami Horowitz: So speaking of the criminal justice system. Do you think that it is so inherently biased… So inherently racist… That the criminal justice system, the courts, all of that need to be taken away?

Jaiden Grayson: Absolutely! Without question…

Ami Horowitz: And then what?

Jaiden Grayson: Again, you’re asking a question that cannot be answered. The unraveling that happens to that system is also exactly what will fuel the black minds in the black bodies that will recreate a new world.

On the prison system: 

Ami Horowitz: Should we abolish the prison system?

Jaiden Grayson: Yes, we should get rid of it as we know it today.

Ami Horowitz: Get rid of it?

Jaiden Grayson: Yes.

On other topics: 

Jaiden Grayson: I don’t understand why more journalists are not asking those questions. We run to black people the minute that they’re killed and we have been seeing them be killed for so long, that the PTSD from that is unbelievable. You have people still bitching about 9/11. Unbelievable. One act of Terror.

Ami Horowitz: Do you feel like an American?

Jaiden Grayson: I am an African brought to America…

View the video for the segment that the above statements came from: 

Fox News has the article that goes along with this video here.

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Who the fuck elected her leader. I didn’t vote for her.

Oh, right she is not a leader.

She is just a random person who said stupid shit on video and right wing media elevated her to “leader” to push a narrative.


Seriously? even in the face of this kind of crap from the left, you find a way to blame the “right wing media”?… I wish I could say “unbelievable”, but sadly I can’t


You obviously have never read the comments of the three women who founded Black Lives Matter and what their Maoist objectives are for destroying this republic. You likely have a lot of common ground with them.


He thinks -he- is their philosophical touch stone and arbiter, not the actual ones for the last century or so.

He will be writing letters in the Gulag, “This isn’t who we are!” And “Fascists have infiltrated us!”.


It is meat and drink to me to see a clown: by my troth, we that have good wits have much to answer….


Here’s a link so, if inclined< Lars can watch a vidoeo if one of BLM's founders talking about their "training"

“We’re trained Marxists.”


She sounds more like a Bakuninist.Either way… non-electric pop-up.




She’s the self-anointed leader of your people. You don’t get a vote in your communist/socialist paradise. You just follow the party as directed.

A Proud Infidel®™️

They are YOUR PEOPLE Major Moonbat, your crowd OWNS this mess!!!

AW1 Rod

Wow. What color is the sky in your world, Lars?


So, nothing that contradicts you is valid, and no one who opposes you is real.

Seek help.

5th/77th FA

“I am an African brought to America…”

News flash Homie…Delta is ready when you are. You don’t like it here? You think you have/are being oppressed? Then pack your bags, hat up and skate back to your “homeland.” Let’s us know how the diseases, rusty machattees, weather, bugs, tribal wars, and the like oppress you. And let us know of the wonderful education and Free Sh*t Army stuff that is made available. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass and don’t forget to write.

Oh, and btw take your like thinking friends with you and let us know how the tribal leaders that sold your ancestors to the Arabs, Portuguese, Spaniards, English, Dutch et al, feel about your return.

The Other Whitey

I always get a kick out the “we are descended from kings” bullshit. Uh, no. Your ancestors weren’t kings in Africa. The kings in Africa were the ones who enslaved your ancestors and sold them cheap to any European or Arab who showed up with loose change.

The “Roots” narrative is really contradictory. Africa was happy and peaceful? Yeah, no. The tribes their have been killing and enslaving eachother for millennia, just like the tribes everywhere else in the world, Europe included. So Africans were so backwards, primitive, and helpless that white men could just snatch them at will? What happened to the “mighty kings?” Oh, that’s right, those kings ruled advanced civilizations that were engaged in a very lucrative slave trade and were in fact mighty enough that no white slave trader was dumb enough to mess with their bottom line.

MSG Eric

If I remember right, there are still an estimated 6 million slaves on the African continent now.

Thomas Sowell also talked about the slavery issue. More “white” slaves were taken to Africa, by far, than Africans were brought to the Americas as slaves.

He was also a Marine, which isn’t too shabby:


“Slav”. The root word for “slave”.

Wait. Are they not pale? Slaved by whom?

Jack L.

Enslaved and traded to Arab merchants first by much of western Europe, then later by slave-trading Vikings (“Russia” comes from the Old Norse “ruotsi,” meaning Swede or Norseman).


Rhetorical question, extra sarcasm.

None of what you said fits their narrative, thus it went down the Memory Hole.

The Party says today “Slavery was invented by America”.


Caucasians as slaves? Need I bring up the two episodes of Children’s Crusades in the 13th century? One started in France, the other in Germany. Thousands of children (along with some adults) followed them to the Mediterranean and were shipped east and sold into slavery.


Think I read Ghana is telling all American blacks who want to go that they are welcome. Bet they could raise some serious coin with a GoFundMe site to cover airfares.


Amazing that she remembers to breath.. But this is what we’re facing.. this is the future… Amerika if they win…
Sadly, I do not see this ending well. In a normal world, her statements would be considered “making terroristic threats”, and she would be charged appropriately…


“… making terrorist threats?”

Naw. It’s simple Treason and Sedition. Should be dealt with accordingly.


Works for me


Is she also canoodling with The Enemies of the USA, giving them aid and comfort? That’s part of the definition of treason.

Hack Stone

So, she is all in on doing away with prison. So, the officers facing charges in George Floyd’s death should walk?


that’s a double edged sword right there lol

call her ass out on that!

MSG Eric

Not really, because what she wants is street justice. No trials, no courts, no legal representation. If the mob deems you guilty, you die.

The Other Whitey

I saw a video the other day of a crowd of CHAZholes chanting that they want to repeat the French Revolution, especially the Reign of Terror part.


Someone needs to remind them to be careful what they wish for.


I think that’s called “lynching”. Seems a little problematic. And hypocritical. But that’s how mobs rule.


Ding, ding, ding!!

We have a winner!


Can I have what she is smoking?

Oh wait, never mind, I am in a drug testing position….

On that, got orders back to South Korea…YAY!


The LORD be with you. Things may be getting Western in that AO …


Please, please, PLEASE, our “leaders”, PLEASE open up a can of whupass on these fucking criminals!!!!

The Other Whitey

“I am an African brought to America.”

How funny would it be to drop her off in West Africa somewhere and watch what happens when the locals hear her spout that crap? They’re generally not amused by black Americans, especially those who can’t even trace the last actual African in their family tree, calling themselves African. Even more so if they really are descended from slaves, because who do you think enslaved and sold those ancestors in the first place?

MSG Eric

Someone bring her a kente cloth to wear from the ashanti tribe for her visit. I’m sure that’ll go over even better!

I’d bet she hasn’t even been out of the US, let alone to Africa.


I think there is some barely used kente cloth available in DC now that Nancy Pelosi and her Dems are done with their photo op.


The three African officers I knew in Infantry Officers Basic (and Advanced) Course despised the “gangster” culture of black Americans. They asked me, “Why do they act like that, so ignorant?” I was told that the black Americans who do go to Africa and act that way were either ignored or thought of as criminals.

I told them that not all black Americans are like that. I don’t think they believed me.

A Proud Infidel®™

I have known Africans who immigrated to the US who claim NO relation whatsoever to the American Blacks who practice and preach the gangsta life, they consider that genre as total lazy scum!


Me, too!


I got an angry lecture from the Cabbie who transported me around DC.

Trigger was a bunch of folks sitting around a convenience store, at 10am on a weekday, drinking bagged bottles.

He was -pissed-. Told me how he got here from Nigeria broke, now owned outright his cab, and two more driven by relatives. His kids were in a “good school”.

His main riff was that prosperity was just sitting around for any hardworking person to have, and instead those folks were sitting around.

Thus getting -him- and his kids called vile words.

And yes, he explicitly called them that. Repeatedly. And pointed out how he felt unjustly called that.

He was -pissed-. If that was just an act, it was Oscar worthy.

MSG Eric

I used to tell my students similar things every cycle.

If you go to Africa and call yourself African American, they’ll ask where in Africa you/your ancestry came from and most of you won’t know.

To them, you aren’t African anything, you’re a black American.

Add to that a fun fact, Elon Musk is an African American. lol


As is Charlize Theron.

The Other Whitey

She’s apparently a cactus flower: pretty to look at but godawful agonizing to get close to.


I would have asked, “Really? Where exactly in Africa did you come from?”



When were you brought here?

Oh, not so much, eh? Born here, right?


CHAZ or CHOP Releases First International Tourism Video:

“The Democratic Republic of Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (aka CHAZ/CHOP) is so far advanced that they have already moved past trying to live off their 13 dying plants in their racially segregated garden to producing tourism videos.”

“They clearly want backward Westerners in the United States of America to visit their socialist utopia and see all the wonderful things they have to offer.”

“Start packing your bags, because you’ll want to visit immediately!”

5th/77th FA

Hmmm… I wuz supposed to be on vacation over the next month or so. Hmmm. The tourist spots betwixt here and the Black Hills of SD are still closed/limited. Hmmm???? I’ve never visited a foreign country in the Northern Hemisphere. Hmmm? Can I wear my British Officer’s Battle of Rourke’s Drift Uniform? My party will consist of warriors such as wore the Red Coat that day. Hmmm?


Okay, well, Gun Bunny, if you’re feeling sorry for yourself, then try these biscuits. They look kind of good to me.

5th/77th FA

Age the kitchen about a hundred years, add a wood burning cook stove, change the apron out to one made out of a 50 lb White/Dixie Lily Flour sack, throw in a bakers flour cabinet like this linked one and you have Grand Mother Ida Mae making her cat heads. We lost her right before I reported for Basic. Her last words to me is that she would watch over me from the Other Side. Got a little dusty in here watching that. Thanks M’Lady! I better go change them filters again.

The Other Whitey

Make sure you’re singing “Men of Harlech*” when you do!

* The defenders of Rorke’s Drift didn’t actually sing it, as they wouldn’t be reorganized into the South Wales Borderers for another two years and only included a dozen or so Welshmen. But damn if it didn’t make for an awesome scene in the movie!


Can’t wait until next winter. Hope they built those border barriers nice and tight. I’ll chip in for a few land mines. We will see how many “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” there are in that bunch.


You might get your wish. Old Farmers Almanac says that area by mid-October should have cold weather, rain, and snow.

If they last that long, I will be surprised. There was snow falling a few days ago in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, and there is no saying that it can’t happen again this summer on the western side of the Rockies.

Oh! I almost forgot: if Mt McKinley gets hinky, there might be something from the Cascades range this summer, as well.


Snowfall in that part of the Rockies isn’t that big a surprise this time of year. Used to have a Father’s Day balloon festival in my home area, had to be moved to July 4th because yuck weather was more the rule than the exception.


The Presidential Range in NH has had snow recorded every month of the year.

Might also explain why hikers have died on Mount Washington every month of the year.


Welp, the Boston BLM leader says they have former Special Forces types training them to fight LEO’s. I am thinking their chief instructor is ol’ “Pap” Papotia, the fake CSM truck driver, of 8th NY special feces.


So, the first thing these dingleberry Marx-dweebs produced,

Is a shanty-town shithole? Wow. progress.


Wait til the street lights burn out and no one shows up to replace them….


Jaiden Grayson commented: “I am an African brought to America…”

Well, I have news for you, Jaiden Grayson.

Africa Is Cancelled After Experts Discover Historical Links To Slavery!!!!

“As conversations about race relations surprisingly ramp up during a major U.S. election year, people all around the world are reconsidering their views on music, entertainment, and pancake syrup with historical links to the transatlantic slave trade.”

“This week, experts have learned most African-American slaves came from the continent of Africa.”

“This startling discovery has led many to condemn the land mass for its historical contributions to a system of oppression that has had ripple effects on black people to this day.”

“Pro-black organizations throughout the western world have claimed they feel disappointed and betrayed by their motherland. A new Instagram trend has even emerged where black people burn their dashiki clothing because they “refuse to wear the clothing of the oppressor.”

“As a result of the massive public backlash, countless jewelry companies have cut ties with the continent. “Using child slaves to harvest blood diamonds in the present is one thing,” Zales put out in a corporate press release. “But when slavery happens in the past, we’ve truly regressed as a society.”the continent of Africa.”

5th/77th FA

No, no, no, ninja, fake news, revisionist history. ALL of the slave trade was done by Bobby Lee and those johnny rebs. Lee ordered Raphael Semmes to load Africans captured by Jeb Stuart’s Elephant Cavalry onto the CSS Alabama and bring them to this continent under that raciss rebel rag. It would roll out on the tide every evening, sailing across the Atlantic on a special warp drive steam engine in order to be at camp in time for acorn nut coffee.

This is why a Major Alabama University has an Elephant for a Mascot and it’s War Chant is Roll Tide Roll.

A Proud Infidel®™

BUTbutbut WAIT, Auburn has its share of the blame too! Yaknow THEY were War Profiteers making money from slave labor supporting the War Effort against the North to keep slavery, why do you think that their Game Cry (until changed by wussyass Administrators once it’s deemed z”offensive”) is “War Eagle”?


When 04NOV20 hits and DJT is looking at 4 more huuudge years, I want to see the look on this scrunt’s face.
And as a retort I’d like to offer a proposition: abolish these nuts.
Back to chillin in the shade with a bucket full of beers and reggae music.

Green Thumb

Her followers will topple her in time.

It generally happens in these situations.

She does not appear smart enough, intelligent enough or strong enough to control her people / movement.

I give her three weeks. Tops. Especially if they are hungry.

I would also point out that it looks like she brought her make up kit, hygiene kit and other “luxuries” with her. Living large while her folks flap in the breeze.

The true mark of a leader.

I am telling you. This is Escape form New York shit.

MSG Eric

I dbout any of them watched either Escape movie because it doesn’t go well for the “leader guy” in either version.

Green Thumb

Cuervo Jones, baby!

Maybe they should bring him in.

After all, he was the A #1 Guy.

A Proud Infidel®™

As I see it, first supplies will run thin, then paranoia will take an even tighter grip and then they’ll turn on each other as soon as they see just how they’ve been taken for useful idiots!


The Horrors, I tell you… The Horrors! “Antifa Destroy Their Own Autonomous Zone After Discovering They Are Fascists”: “The greater Seattle Antifa gang have razed their own autonomous zone to the ground after realizing that they are fascists.” “Amid the George Floyd protests, the anti-border, anti-police Antifa barricaded the city’s Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, and established a bordered and patrolled commune complete with an herb garden. Members constructed a monument to commemorate their one-of-a-kind Marxist revolution.” “Without a single smith or tradesmen among their ranks, some of the communists built a statue out of wooden pallets, bubble wrap and bubble gum looted from Target.” “Once completed, the monument stood 16 feet tall and had eight layers of spray paint covering the bottom half.” “Comrade Stalin would be proud,” said contributor Aaron Hursky. “Capitalism is surely doomed now.” “Activists celebrated the dedication by smoking marijuana and asking pedestrians for food.” “As members gradually got high and passed out, new members were awakening in time for dinner only to learn of the new statue. Unaware Antifa was the subject of the statue, they learned of the actions and ideals represented by the monument.” “This statue is dedicated to a group that uses violence to silence others,” said Antifa member Timothy Halibut. “That’s fascist. And as an anti-fascist, I must silence alternate points of view.” “It was built by white people too, which is super problematic,” chimed in pink-haired Sarah Tillerson. “We need to destroy it so POC can feel safe.” “Dozens of Antifa congregated around the statue, hitting it with bike-locks and bottles of urine. One member punched it so hard he got a splinter and called 911.” “When the mob was finally large enough to absolve anyone of individual responsibility, a brave Antifa member set the monument ablaze.” “Once ignited, the monument toppled over, crushing an Antifa tent, an empty garbage can and 23 year-old member Rusty Holstein.” “Luckily, nothing of value was lost.” “They then turned their toddler-esque urge toward the rest of the community. It was completely razed within minutes.” “Afterward, Antifa members celebrated by smoking marijuana and… Read more »

5th/77th FA

ninja…you are a stinker!!!! rtr/hbtd/gabn

😆 😉 😆 😀 😛







Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Sounds like BabyBee has competition. Good.

Jus Bill

Leaders in Seattle? You’d be hard pressed to find any adults around City Hall.


They don’t want to get hit in the head with a bike lock. Any smart white Seattle D-rat pols will stay well away from CHOP/CHAZ.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

It looks like Tom Dooley stabbed the wrong grayson, and if he would have stabbed the right grayson, then he would have been in Tenn. and he wouldn’t have had to hung down his head by getting rid of this POS.


Well, well, in CHOP at about 2:00 am, two CHOPistanis were shot. The police were prevented from getting to the scene. Purported Chopistani medicos rendered what they call first aid and transported the victims to an ER (outside CHOP) for treatment. One of them was apparently DOA. The shooters have escaped and no one will give the popo any info so they can investigate. In addition, yesterday a deaf woman was dragged into a tent in CHOP and raped. The Lars-topia is coming to fruition.


Here’s an article that documents what rgr769 mentions above.

The Other Whitey

And that’s just the ones we hear about. The “Occupy” stupidity a few years back was by all accounts a rape-fest, and the organizers told dozens of victims that justice wasn’t worth making their “protest” look bad. They claimed that they “handled it” by making the known rapists “unwelcome.” What a shitshow.


Ask the Commissar. He says he was there.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Is the FD allowed inside CHOP if there is a fire?? In Palm beach County, If there is a medical emergency/fire, during an active shooter situation in Palm Beach County, Fire Rescue units have a staging area that they stay in until Palm Beach Sheriffs clear the problem and then the staging unit/units are allowed in.


You have to destroy every trace of civilization to find out what replaces it.

Insane. Evil. And whatever ever those two spawn.

Because things have to be reduced to absolute shithole insanity before the crazy of these folks is obscured enough for them to size power.

But no. -always- are the bastard stepchildren of Marx turn things -much- worse than the wreckage they cause to impose Marxism.


All that left stuff is worse than what they do to get there. And all it ever yields is abject misery and death.


Did she really say that she shows up there, implying that she stays somewhere else? Somewhere with running water, food, make-up and stuff??



Limousine Liberal?


Crosstown Communist


DO you really think that she would stay in CHAZ/CHOP with the unwashed masses, yearning for socialism/communism and all the free shit that they want? That’s so… so capitalist.


[…] This ain’t Hell… notes the objectives of the Seattle IdiotZone […]


Uh oh… Lars’ friends at the UN support Antifa.

Green Thumb

Piss balloons and potato guns.

FDC this OP left……

Also, move several city dumpsters to the general AO (next to them) and start dropping trash and fish guts in them for a few weeks.

Makes for some nice potpourri, if you will.

Night Heron

Some in the area in Seattle are getting fed up with these idiots blocking the streets their suing the city of Seattle over it all