76th D-Day Anniversary

| June 6, 2020

President Regean at Pointe du Hoc, 6 June 1984

America’s Greatest Generation.

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  1. My late Uncle Jake landed in Normandy that day but I don’t remember if my Uncle Johnny made it in that day or later on.

  2. Sparks says:

    Thank you AW1Ed for posting this. It is quite a memorable day in many ways. Most of that generation is gone now and in that loss has gone so much history, courage, conviction, and strength of will. I miss the ones I knew so very much. God bless and keep those who remain.

  3. 5th/77th FA says:

    Ronnie Reagan surprised everybody by how good a President he ended up being. Bush 1, being the entrenched grubmint long time politician that he was had me concerned. Lotsa folks down here was voting for RR trying to overcome the shame of Jimmuh. And among other reasons, Jimmuh got a hard time from his own party hacks because he beat out the chosen one, the murderous trash from hell lion of the senate (sic), but I digress. Ronnie helped transform a lot of Georgia from yellow dog demon rats on the plantation to starting to think for themselves.

    Papa’s unit, 741st FA, went in after D Day and fought all the way thru the end. He had much respect for Ike, in part because Ike was ready to take blame for any failures that they had. The world is very fortunate that we endeavored and persevered that day. People hate on America, but forget that, but for us, they would be speaking a different language.

    “That such men lived…”

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Carter prevented a Ted Kennedy presidency.

      Obama prevented a Hilary Clinton presidency.

      I am thankful for these accomplishments.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        ^word^ 11B. Biggest difference is Teddy and the DNC got surprised when Jimmuh won the primaries because, at the time, a lot of people were well fed up with the Washington Establishment and voted for Jimmuh looking for that change. They and Teddy were pissed because their plans were thwarted.

        Oblowme and the DNC screwed Hitlery out of her “turn” in 08, because they thought she was unelectable and wanted the “cool black dude”. Going by who the Repubs put against Oblowme, Hitlery could have possibly won then. More proof of the power of the Chitcongo political machine. I think the demon rats want to continue delaying the convention so Groping Joe doesn’t have to announce a running mate till the last minute. And in my opinion, whomever he chooses as the running mate will be the one they are planning to take over from him right after his ignaurgaration. YMMV

        Both Teddy and The Bitch of Benghazi are proof that murderous trash from hell and con artists are the preferences of electable demon rats.

        • NHSparky says:

          But by 1980, Carter malaise was so bad that Drunk Ted had a very serious chance of defeating Carter in the primaries. Insanely enough, the Iran hostage situation actually helped Carter, not Kennedy. Had it not been for that, it is very possible Kennedy would have won the nomination.

          Reagan had problems of his own leading up to New Hampshire, and had it not been for his, “I paid for this microphone,” moment, he might well have lost the nomination, which probably would have then gone to GHW Bush.

          Strange how smaller events shape larger ones.

  4. Commissar says:

    There is a lesson to be learned from WWII and the hard fought peace that followed…

    To never allow peace to be vulnerable to the schemings of unworthy men.

    Yet, the rhetoric, ultranationalism, and fascist themes of 1930’s Germany and Italy has returned to politics again. Here in the US.

    So, today, remember the past, Not just what happened. But why it happened. So we don’t have to repeat it

    • Fyrfighter says:

      Commissar, your advice on this subject is solid, even if we come to different conclusions. Learning and just as importantly, teaching the lessons of history cannot be underestimated in their value.

    • Skippy says:

      Try what is going on in China

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      The enemy of Liberty is Collectivism, as demonstrated in WW2.

      Also demonstrated in many other conflicts against the USA, including the one being fought today in our streets.

      We do know why WW2 was fought. Which is why we reject the imposition of the collectivism of the Fascists, the National Socialists, the Empire of Japan, and the Communists.

      Also of those who would pave the way for collectivism.

      Also various retreads and rebrands of collectivism.

      Those who claim to be the saviors of “poor and downtrodden” and seek power through them, have to make as many “poor and downtrodden” as possible.


      I favor Liberty and the opportunity of Freedom, such as the Free Market. Folks don’t need me to help, and if any do then not for long.

      Team effort as “pick up game” versus a “monopoly league”.

      Liberty over collectivist slavery.


    • Hondo says:

      There’s a clearer lesson to be learned from World War II, Commissar. That lesson is, “Never trust someone who claims to espouse Marxism” (AKA “Internationalist Socialism” AKA Communism).

      We did that at Yalta and Potsdam. The results? Half of Europe enslaved for 45 years; half of Korea enslaved today; an emboldened and expansionist USSR willing to attempt world domination; the Korean War and (arguably) the Vietnam War; and any number of other, smaller conflicts afterwards. (China was so screwed up at the end of World War II that it might have eventually ended up ruled by Mao and his band of bastards anyway, even without an emboldened and expansionist USSR.)

      • Commissar says:

        We never trusted the Russians during WWII. We allied with them out of necessity. Not trust.

        If we hadn’t The EU would be called “Germany” today.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Not quite.

          The Soviets lacked the logical capability for operations extended over time and distance.

          -we- gave them that capability, mainly via the supply of reliable and durable trucks, plus other absolutely essential support. The trucks Stalin didn’t build, so he could make more Tanks.

          Plan B was fight Japan while the Nazis broke themselves inside the Soviet fire sack, then when both of the monsters were spent, invade Western Europe and roll to the Soviet border through the Reich. absent our help, the Soviets could not blitz the Reich, and we could. Actually we could have done so even better, as our logistical system would have had greater capability, the extra trucks having the white star, not the red one. Used in the feeding of Patton, we probably hit Berlin while the Russians are salvaging Volgograd and Petersburg.

          Stalin persuaded Roosevelt not to allow that. He was helped to make that choice by folks enamoured of collectivism. The result was an extra five decades of slavery.


        • NHSparky says:

          FDR sure as fuck did.

  5. Inbred Redneck says:

    Our Country can never re-pay the debt owed these guys, we can only, each through our own service, make our own small payments.
    Thanks and prayers to those men.