KY man dead after police, National Guard return fire on rioters who fired first

| June 1, 2020

I was waiting for this. A statement from Governor Andy Beshear:

“Last night at around 12 a.m., it is our understanding that Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) and the Kentucky National Guard were dispatched to 26th and Broadway. While working to disperse a crowd, LMPD and the Kentucky National Guard were fired upon,” Beshear’s statement reads. “LMPD and the Kentucky National Guard returned fire resulting in a death. Given the seriousness of the situation, I have authorized the Kentucky State Police to independently investigate the event.”

One dead after police, National Guard soldiers return fire at protest in Kentucky

By Bruce Schreiner And Sophia Tulp

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Police officers and National Guard soldiers enforcing a curfew in Louisville killed a man early Monday when they returned fire after someone in a large group fired at them first, the city’s police chief said.

A witness said the group had nothing to do with the protests, and was shocked to see soldiers with machine-guns arrive in military vehicles to disrupt their gathering. “Never thought I would experience that here in America,” Kris Smith said.

Police Chief Steve Conrad confirmed the shooting happened around 12:15 a.m. outside a food market on West Broadway, where police and the National Guard had been called to break up a large group of people gathering in defiance of the city’s curfew.

Someone fired a shot at them and both soldiers and officers returned fire, the chief said. It was unclear if the person killed is the one who fired at the law enforcers. Several “persons of interest” were being interviewed, he said.

News outlets showed video taken by someone in a car parked at a gas station. It recorded the sound of bullets being fired as groups of police and national guard soldiers crouched behind cars.

“It has been a very difficult four days for our city. Our officers are working very hard to keep people safe,” Conrad said. “While doing that, we’ve had officers shot at and assaulted. I think it’s very, very clear that many people do not trust the police. That is an issue that we’re going to have to work on and work through for a long time.”

Gov. Andy Beshear said he authorized state police to independently investigate Monday morning’s shooting, which he said happened as police and guardsmen were fired on while dispersing a crowd.

This is going downhill quickly. Read the entire article here: The Star

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Any money on thise “machine guns” turning out to be standard ARs? I didn’t think so.


All the pictures I’ve seen have been M-16 family and sidearms, many rifles/carbines WITHOUT optics! (None with IR lasers)
Even the HMMWVs that have CROWS (remote weapons mounts that are MG capable) have been empty of weapon, most wrapped up for storage/protection.


comment image?fit=1024%2C682

This is the only possible one I can find, hard to make out any detail. Anyone with better eyes and more familiarity?

The Other Whitey

Not an expert on humvees, but I don’t see a single MG barrel sticking out of any of those roof-mounted contraptions.


The two on the right are what I’m wondering about.


I thought machine guns were illegal weapons for civilians now. Aren’t those what they used to call Tommy guns, as in Thompson submachine gun? Kind of like this one?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Full auto weapons can be owned by people like you and me, BUT the ATF has you jumping through hoops and barrels. It’s a long process. I forgot what the classes were for ownership,FFL dealers and manufactures.

USMC Steve

Class III is ownership license for full auto weapons. They are legal to own in most states, but you have to pay the Government a bribe to get a “tax stamp” on your license to own one and have a fairly detailed background investigation done on ya.


And you’ll need to bring plenty of $$$ as well. In 1986, Congress made the sale of new fully-automatic weapons to the public unlawful. The only ones that can legally be purchased now must predate that ban.

Prices for older fully automatic weapons reportedly jumped hugely at that time, and haven’t dropped since. I’ve read that $10k+ is generally the starting point for the selling price, and often they go much higher than that.


Machine guns?!
I haven’t seen any belt-feds…
Unless they’re using the civilian definition.
I don’t want the NG ‘returning fire’ unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!
But since we’re hear, how many called out the 3-Ds, sought cover and did the Team Leader give fire commands and get his team on line?


This reminds me of an event that happened at Ft Campbell’s gate 10. This was post 9/11 so at that time each gate had an Infantry Squad on it in addition to the MPs. The Clarksville PD were chasing a vehicle and during that chase the vehicle tried to run gate 10, but then crashed. The dude got our of his vehicle and then shot at the gate before running into the tree line. Later when I was talking to one of the MPs that were there he said that the grunts did call out the 3-Ds, one Fire Team set up the base of fire while the other Fire Team flanked. The suspect surrendered PDQ and the Clarksville PD officers were pretty amused at how fast he surrendered.

A Proud Infidel®™

Machine Guns MY ASS, I recently retired from the National Guard and EVERY State Active Duty mission we did the Machine Guns stayed in the Arms Room while pistols and rifles were issued. We were trained that the use of lethal force was ONLY authorized against immediate threat to life or limb. I’m sure that the use of yellow journalism will only continue along with the usual editorial bias, and IMHO the vast majority of today’s journalists are idiots, Put an armored Howitzer, a Tank and an APC in front of them and they’ll call all of them Tanks!


“Put an armored Howitzer, a Tank and an APC in front of them and they’ll call all of them Tanks!”
With all due respect, API, they’ll describe them as ‘weapons of white male privilege, used by a Nazi CiC to realize his dream, the return of black and brown servitude’, then go on to suggest they get recycled into art at the lesbian unicorn art-collective.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yeah, that too, I’m sure that NOBODY is allowed to graduate from journalism school these days without being fed truckloads of unicorn crap indoctrination!

5th/77th FA

API, Roh-Dog. Hey, I’m a white boy. It would be my privilege to have one of each lined up. And, yeah, throw in a Bradley. And a Hummer..or maybe an MWRAP…with some Ma Deuces mounted on them. Is this y’alls way of teasing me?

You may recall, a follow up investigation into the Kent State shootings determined that someone may have been an agent provocateur setting off fireworks or firing a weapon at the Guardsmen then.

It’s a good thing we have the spapos seagull that was there to give us an eyewitness account.


API, most newspersons can’t tell a hacksaw from a hawk. They really can’t.

They don’t go “outside” unless it’s on the way to work and even then, “outside” is the length of time it takes to grab an Uber ride (because regular taxis are beneath them, dontcha know) and get dropped off at the building where they work five minutes later. As I understand it, many of them also believe that electric power comes out of the wall socket.


“With all due respect, API, they’ll describe them as ‘weapons of white male privilege, used by a Nazi CiC to realize his dream, the return of black and brown servitude’, then go on to suggest they get recycled into art at the lesbian unicorn art-collective.: Roh, that statement is freaking epic, and I will be stealing it!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66, ARNG 75-77

When I served in the National Guard back in 1975-1977 we had the M 16’s with the little metal tab on the left side of the receiver which prevented the selector switch from going to the full auto mode. Easy to break off if I remember. The bolts for the 16’s and 60’s were kept at one of the Suffolk County LI NY Police stations due to the 70’s groups robbing Armories for the weapons during those years.

Doc Savage

*sigh*……play stupid games..


They shot an innocent restaurant owner outside his own business who just a few hours before was serving free barbecue from his restaurant to cops.

What stupid game was he playing?

Slow Joe

Is that the narrative?


That is what happened.

Those facts are not in dispute.

What is unclear is whether there was a shooter.

What is clear is that they did not shoot the shooter.

They shot an innocent man.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just who shot the Restaurant Owner, The Police or the rioting little shits?


Stop asking the Seagull those difficult questions. Though it is actually a very good question.
The group was in violation of the city-wide curfew.

“They shot an innocent restaurant owner outside his own business who just a few hours before was serving free barbecue from his restaurant to cops”. Maybe that’s why he was shot, which would put the shooting on those who objected to him doing that? Just a thought. Even though the Seagull could never bring himself to even consider that possibility.

Top W Kone

We won’t know because the LMPD turned off their body cams.
Dave McAtee was a fixture at 26th and Broadway every night with his BBQ stand. He was well known for giving free and big discounts to all first responders (even EMS).
The mayor imposed a curfew but the first night it was only in the downtown area so there was a lot of confusion on it. Businesses were told they could stay open though…but customers could not come?
The few cell phone videos show police taking cover then running towards the group shooting as they run. It is not clear if or who they were aiming at.
Since they turned off their body cams (possibly on orders from higher) we won’t know.
I know that I’m going to miss Dave’s BBQ while I’m on shift, it was the only good food a viable after 0100 in the west end. A real treat for this paramedic’s limited budget


Very likely. when anarchist thugs instigate violence, it’s usually with the intent of involving innocents to advance the narrative. This should not surprise anyone. Very sad than an innocent was killed, but the blame lies squarely on those that instigated the confrontation…change my mind.


O.J stopped the blood flow to his wife head,,no riots.


That post title is not even close to an accurate description of what happened,

First, they were not “rioters”, they were curfew violators.

Second, this did not happen at the scene of the protests or “riots”, this happened at an area well outside the protest area where people normally gather for food and outdoor socializing. The police were responding to a call of a group of curfew violators “gathering” together. Not protestors. And certainly not rioters.

Third, the video and audio of the video does not indicate a shot was fired before police return fire, Though, it is possible that one was. You just can’t hear a shot on the video before the police start shooting, You do hear the cameraman say “shots fired” a split second before the police fire. Though it appears he is repeating what he heard a cop or guardsmen yell.

Fourth, the man they shot was a restaurant owner. He was not the shooter. And hours before he was handing out free barbecue to the cops.

Whether the cops were fired at or not. They shot an innocent man,

And the claim they were fired on by rioters is completely bullshit.


Why are you of the belief that anything and everything is incorrect or inaccurate and that it is your spiritual calling to smugly supply the accurate information?

Why didn’t Governor Andy Beshear just call you Lars before making a statement. Same with news outlets across the country. You could make a fortune consulting with all your instant wisdom and knowledge.


Governor Beshear’s statement about says nothing about them being rioters does it?

And nothing about responding to protestors does it?

The location of this incident is not in the protest zone and no protest was happening. That is a fact.

It is an area where people gather for food and socializing, and with the shops not allowing patrons inside they have been socializing outside for weeks prior to George Floyd being shot.

This was enforcing a curfew violation.

Not rioters or protestors.

As for the rest of my comments, watch the video, and listen closely. There is no audio of a shot fired prior to police “returning” fire. There is audio of a cop or guardsmen saying something that might have been “shot fired” and the cameraman clearly saying “shot fired” in what seems like repeating what he just heard the police/guard say.

5th/77th FA


That’s a hell of a crystal ball you’ve got there. Once again, you’re all seeing, all knowing, infallible and insufferable.

A Proud Infidel®™

I bet when it comes to attending parties, he’s the one that gets sent out the door for something and it’s locked as soon as he’s out of the house!


It’s sad, that he’d even get invited to a party. Then again, AntiFa doesn’t give a shit who they hang with.

Wilted Willy

Ed, please ban this asshole once and for all, he is never going to learn his lesson and he just irritates the hell out of the rest of us!!


The various provocateurs routinely set off fireworks, often over or around non-violent protesters, to draw gunfire and create martyrs.

This is done -all the farking time- to Israeli forces.

And now here.

There will be more efforts by the provocateurs to incite “massacres”. They may actually shoot people themselves with commercial available arms that would have near-identical ballistic forensics to issue weapons.

And yes, going forward, that is my assumption in any case unless proven otherwise.


I’m pretty sure you are correct. It’s right out of the Destabilization Playbook.

Thank God Antifa has been labeled a Terrorist Org, because what they are doing is Treason.

Now, may the LORD cause some good citizen, who witnessed exactly what happened, to come forth and tell the truth.

Take as many as possible prisoner, sift carefully for leadership, rendition them to some OCONUS black site and interrogate with extreme prejudice to follow the money/support trail back to, I suspect, Soros, et al.

Then, hang them.


Or, at least I hope they are labeled a Terrorist Org.


They might be but the will be immediately thrown out in court.

What acts of terror has ANTIFA perpetrated?

Oh, right, none. Other than a few street fights. Which also happens at every damn political convention America has ever had.

And just to be clear… you are saying protesting against fascism should be labeled terrorist activity.

That is really what upsets Trump. Not what ANTIFA actually does. But that they point out that Trumpism is textbook fascism.


And ANTIFA has protected people from fascism… how? By employing brownshirt, violent tactics against those who disagree with them? Assault is protesting fascism?


Lol! Lay down your crack pipe Laaaars.


You are clearly delusional friend. the only thing anti fascist about antifa is their name, It’s nothing but propaganda, that you regurgitate ad nauseum.
Here’s a clue, THEY LIE! you claim that China is not communist , even though they clearly claim that they are, but you refuse to apply the same standard to these terrorists… that shows your colors very clearly

USMC Steve

It won’t go to court dumbass. Because in matters of national security the president is DA MAN. They can take it to any court they want, the president has the option of telling them to fuck off and doing it anyway. That started back when your demigod Homey the Klown was da prez, you know.

MI Ranger

Funny you should mention that 11B-Mailclerk. News out of Columbia, SC had a 19 year old arrested (not a big story) for failure to disperse during curfew hours. Low and behold, when they got him to the station and searched his belongings!!??! They found a pistol, and three magazines…holding 70 rounds, one of which was a 50rnd drum type. The individual did not have a concealed carry license.
While this fits with all the gun magazine adds for being prepared if the SHTF. Some would also say it is the markings of an instigator. I would say 70rnds of ammo makes you prepared, but not when it is mostly in a 50rnd drum…unless he was defending his business from looters! Ever tried to move with a drum mag on your pistol?


I have no major objections to hostiles using unreliable junk.

Heh. Nincompoop.

Comm Center Rat

We’re scanning the scene in the city tonight
We’re looking for you to start up a fight
There’s an evil feeling in our brains
But it’s nothing new, you know it drives us insane

~ Seek & Destroy by Metallica on Kill ‘Em All (1983)



Slow Joe

Best Metallica album evah.

After And Justice For All.


The person killed has been officially identified.

Like I said, an innocent small business owner. Serving food. To people that normally gather for food and drinks on Sunday nights.

Nothing to do with the protests.

Not rioters.


Did you miss the part of the article where the cops and NG returned fire? Does that get omitted because it fails to fit your narrative? Is it fake news?

There is no determination of who shot him yet. One potential explanation is he was shot by the person shooting at the cops or NG. Or he got shot by a cop or NG who failed to get PID. Or he got caught by a ricochet. Lots of ways this could’ve happened. And no information to lead anyone to a conclusion right now.

The fact you default to cops or NG being responsible without any proof clearly demonstrates your implicit bias. Perhaps when you were in uniform or wearing a badge you wanted to randomly shoot people. Thankfully, most that wear the uniform or a badge don’t desire to randomly kill people. The kind of hate and blind bias you display must be exhausting to lug around all the time.


I talked about it above.

So no. I don’t miss it,

I also watched the video.

They shot an innocent man.

Not the shooter.

And the video ,ales it questionable as to whether there was a shooter.


Are you saying LEOs or National Guard INTENTIONALLY shot him?

Didn’t you say you spent some time in a Warzone, Commissar? In that warzone, if you heard a shot fired in your direction, what would you have done?

It will be interesting to see what comes out of the investigation.



I am not even saying they didn’t believe they were being shot at.

I am saying the shot an innocent man.

And so far there is little actual evidence of a shooter.

There might have been one.

But they still shot an innocent man.

And this whole discussion started because I pointed out how the title on this topic post is not accurate.

I think you have a responsibility to identify your targets, especially when bystanders are present.

I also think firing into a crowd is bad policing, period. Regardless of the circumstances.

We didn’t shoot into crowds on our patrols in Iraq. Despite the fact that local insurgents tried to instigate us to do exactly that several times.

How come our police can’t show the same damn discipline on our streets?



Again, I doubt they intenationallytargeted the owner to shoot just him.

Again, they returned fire. He was caught in that exchange of fire.

It happens. This is not a first.

The investigation will tell it all. Agree?


Yeah. The investigation will tell.

However, do you really think the title on this topic is accurate?

A Proud Infidel®™

NO matter what, the liberal media and your ilk are going to spin the story to where it sounds like the Restaurant Owner was shot on purpose by either NG Personnel or LE regardless of what the facts are. TRUE FACT: the rioting is being done by radical little shits from YOUR side of the fence. When was the last time anyone heard of Conservatives rioting and looting?


Standard threat doctrine to “encourage” an overreaction, preferably one directed against innocents.

This is done several ways.

Cast fireworks at or near police or soldiers, to draw fire.

Cast fireworks at police/soldiers over a crowd of nonviolent/peaceful protesters, to draw fire.

If those don’t work, shoot real guns past bystanders at them.

And if you still can’t get them to massacre innocents, they will shoot them themselves in such a way as to put blame on police or soldiers.

That is standard practice against Israeli forces, including when the terrorists shoot their own folks to make it look like Israelis did it.

Since mil-spec ammo and firearms of near identical ballistics are commercially available, I do not necessarily accept that the NG shot that man.

And the whole violent mess is the fault of the live action revolutionary players who wanted to shit-stir this for their own purposes.


I actually think that is what they responded to. The sound of fireworks,


“The sound of fireworks”

Directed against them so as to cause the belief they were fired upon from nearby crowd. Thus drawing fire into innocents.

More likely, someone actually shot at them, because fireworks don’t really sound like incoming gunfire all that much.



Please watch and listen to the news video embedded in the link:

In the video, it sounds (literally) as if someone took a shot at the LEO and National Guard and they returned fire.

The small business owner may have been caught in a cross fire. It sometimes happens in War, i.e. Friendly Fire or to innocents caught up in a WarZone, but you already know that since you served in the Military.

BTW, how do you know those folks were only there to eat and drink food?

So far, I can’t find anything to back up what you comment.

Am holding judgment on this until investigations have been completed or as Paul Harvey used to say “The Rest Of The Story”.


P.S. To Commissar:

How do you know that someone else besides the LEOs or National Guard shot the owner?

As in someone in the crowd?

The investigation will tell the rest of the story, right?

BTW, what ARE your feelings about the looting, the destruction of property? If you don’t think it is Antifa, then who DO you think is behind all this mess?

Beings from another Planet?


The looters are opportunistic asshats that seems to exploit protests whenever the crowds are large enough and there is enough anonymity.

They don’t care about the issue.

And they sure has hell are not ANTIFA.

Vandals are a mixed bag, some are opportunistic asshats who just want to go break shit, some are graffiti tigers getting off on the lack of consequences, but often they are genuine protestors trying to send a message.

When I see a police car burning after an officer involved shooting; I attribute it to a protestor.

When I see someone breaking the windows of Walgreens it is just and opportunistic vandal.

I have been to a lot of,protests. And you watch these little shitheads run loose behind the line ofmprotestors. Breaking things and throwing stuff over the protestors at the police line.

They are just trying to escalate and instigate.

Then after the protests have become unmanageable due to escalation you looters move in,

The fact is there was protests in 140 cities for three days straight, Tens of thousands of protestors.

Overall, the level of destruction and violence is not sufficient to label all the protestors as looters and rioters.

The vast majority of protestors were peaceful. As were the vast majority of protests.

A few more things to keep in mind;

Most of the videos of looters and vandals doing bad things were caught by protestors.

It is common practice among leftist groups to video tape people who are discrediting the legitimacy of protests and either put them by sharing their actions on social media, or sending the footage to local law enforcement,

Often these video shared on social media, taken by protestors angry at people exploiting the protests and delegitimizing them through their looting and violence, will find their way on right wing social media circles where they are used to discredit protesters and delegitimize their message.

One other thing…in the next post.



Thank You for your assessment…your feedback.

I’m sure there are folks in a higher food chain that know more about what organization is doing the looting, the destruction.

Organization. Organized. As in Antifa.

Unless there is a new organization out there that are new troublemakers.

We shall see.


There is an older organization.

Black Bloc.

They are the ones dressed in black doing stupid shit usually attributed to ANTIFA.


Shitbirds of a feather, flocking together.


And the other thing I wanted to highlight… I constantly see right wing commenters label every single person wearing black at a protest as “ANTIFA”… Usually the person is being an asshat. And they are rarely ANTIFA. A lot of people wear black at protests. ANTIFA almost always wears something specifically identifying them as ANTIFA. It is not just a black outfit. They need to do that so they can police their own, and so they can identity each other since ANTIFA is not an organized group. It is a shared idea. So there are rarely if ever meetings or planning sessions. People just show up and link up with other ANTIFA members, most they have never met before, and protest together, They wear identifying items on their clothing because they don’t want to be wrongly associated with criminal activity like looting and vandalism that is often conducted by people wearing black. ANTIFA strongly enforces social justice norms within their groups. Looting is not tolerated, Targeting or damaging innocent businesses is not tolerated. ANTIFA has been known to grab people committing crimes within their group or nearby their group and drag them over to law enforcement lines. However, there is a group that is the exact opposite… Black Bloc. Almost every time I see pictures and videos of people identified as “ANTIFA” being asshats they are not ANTIFA, they are Black Bloc. Black Bloc is an anarchist, anarcho-libertarian, anti-globalization, anarchy-communism (it makes more sense than it seems) group that flock to protests. Often driving hundreds of miles. They dress all in black, though often but not always with skateboard protective gear. Their entire purpose for going to protests is to destroy, vandalize, and escalate (though they rarely loot). They are literally trying to sow chaos. Escalate things. Start fires. Aggravate the tensions, Provoke. They are particularly interested in causing the police to react violently or aggressively to shut down the protests. They are using lessons from the Handbook of the Urban Guerilla. Police overreacting, using violence, or harming citizens undermines the legitimacy of institutions of authority. Police failing to manage… Read more »


Some folks wanted to play at revolutionary, and play footsies with “buddies” and “fellow travelers” who collectively have killed a hundred million innocent people.

Are you now realizing you were used? Co opted by some ruthless folks? I warned you about the Abyss.

Are you smart enough to drop it all and walk away?


ANTIFA sounds organized and directed for a group of unorganized people!

Who established the “uniform” so that they can recognize them each other?
How do they know how to recognize each other in a crowd?

BS! Don’t answer. Ironed PURE BS anyway .


I listened to the video, several times,

I can’t hear a shot prior to the police/guard opening fire.

What I hear is a guard or cop saying something that may have been “shots fired” and the cameraman apparently repeating it; clearly saying “shot fired”.

Then the police open fire and kill and innocent man.

Not the shooter.


I guess you and I heard something different, because I DID hear a shot ring out before the other shots.

I will ask again:Do you REALLY think the LEOs and National Guard INTENTIONALLY shot the Owner?

5th/77th FA

spapos seagull…just for you!


Did the LA riots spread copycat riots outside of the general LA area? I remember the main events, but not that detail. I was possibly too young to remember all the finer points, and google hasn’t immediately provided me an answer.


Hey larsie-boi, shut the fuck up, moron…..
You can rationalize yours and your atifa clown car dropouts shitty behavior all you want. It will never hold water…
More shitty behavior from your tranny’s in heat…..
YOu people suck, literally and figuratively…..


More words from the larsie-boi ‘clown tranny’s in heat”…..
“Doing it for the money”…..


You’re so stupid larsie-boi, you have no idea just how much of a target rich environment your posts are.
YOu’re just like oblowme, stupid but firmly convinced that your intelligence level is so much higher than these redneck yahoos you look down your nose at. You look, sound and act just like El Duce at one of his speeches, arms folded, head tipped back looking down the nose at the great unwashed….
Yo, larsie-boi… Go fuck yourself.
Read this on the way…


You are having a right wing fever dream. And there is no way I am going to be able to say anything to wake you from it.


A lot of people are looting for the money. That is not the same as getting paid to loot,

What the fuck does that have to do with ANTIFA?

A Proud Infidel®™

Commissar, did you ever watch the video I posted and wonder if you really are being someone else’s useful idiot?


The irony of that picture in you shitty Redstate propaganda,,.

That picture is not “Seattle Antifa”.

That is a picture of Black Bloc.

Your source of information is shit.

But it literally proved the point I was making above.

So thanks.


Oh fuck off larsie-boi…
What happened, hit a nerve ?????

A Proud Infidel®™

OH, SSSSSSSHHHHHHHH, we’re being edjumuhcated by the great Commissar Seagull who really thinks he knows it ALL!!! 😀 XD



Reference your comments on Black Bloc:

“Seven Things You Need To Know About Antifa”


Reporter actually got most it right.

Especially the origins. I was a member of the Anti-Racist Action group in my area. I still have a lot of the home made shirts and armbands I wore in storage. I remember when I put there I thought of the, as momentous but thought I might need the, again…

But they are wrong that “black bloc” is a tactic, That is nonsense, Black Bloc is a group with a specific anarchist driven mission and has had the same ideological agenda since the 80s.

Though, ironically, in Germany, Black Bloc also had a nationalistic anti immigrant flavor because many of the Germans who were attracted to the anti globalist message really just hated immigrants and the EU movement and being openly fascist was illegal in Germany.

So despite its anarchist ideology, and anti authoritarian focus, there was a time when it essentially attracted German Neo Nazis too afraid to be openly Neo Nazi.

I bet the author in interviewing sources hear one of them talk about how they used Black Bloc as a source of ideas and the author misattributed them as tactics called “black bloc”.


“They said if violence does occur, it’s as a form of self-defence”.

Andy Ngo says otherwise.

Keep squawking.


Yeah, a right wing troll and provocateur had a milkshake thrown on him…

Definitely the actions of a terrorist group.

And Ngo is not a reliable source for anything about the left.

A Proud Infidel®™

Rolling Stone? That rag is about as politically neutral as the Nooh Yawk Slimes or the Washedallup Compost!

You lose yet again.


Ngo was struck in the face with a milkshake cup filled with cement, are you the lone person in America that didn’t know that? I’d say that qualifies as assault and battery.

5th/77th FA

spapos 4 U!


Straight out of Wikipedia hunh!

I am thoroughly confused now. How can Black Bloc be left wing and Neo Nazi at the same time? According to you, neo Nazis are right wing.

I can’t keep up. Maybe I’ve had too much Maker’s Mark tonight!


That red flag in their logo is the same one that stands for those who murdered one hundred million people, many of them their own comrades.

A Proud Infidel®™

COMMUNISM only killed over 120,000,000 people throughout the Twentieth Century and today’s moonbat liberals JUST want to give it ONE MORE CHANCE!!!


Nobody is supporting communism, dumbass. The only political group that constantly talks about communism is the right.

Because some are stupid, and the rest just like to use it as a straw man to discredit the left.

You are the former.


No. Just because YOU call it it SOCIALISM doesn’t mean that the rest of us don’t recognize the real meaning of your goals. Try again son!


Yes, commies always call it Socialism because that sounds better.


He’s regurgitating the talking points from the Anarchist Library and



This is from an April 2017 Washington Post article. So far, everywhere I read, “Black Bloc” is a tactic, not a group and that Antifa uses Black Bloc tactics:

“How Some ‘Antifa’ Protesters Are Using Black Bloc Tactics”


Another Carbon offset.


Commissar’s version of Pearl Harbor. “Today on December 7th the Japanese attempted a surprise attach on Naval forces in Pearl Harbor. The Japanese failed to sink a single carrier, burned a bunch of fuel and dumped a ton of ammunition in the water. Once they observed the complete failure of their efforts, the Japanese immediately retreated to their own waters.”

Either the dude lives in a complete echo chamber and mentally masturbates with other anarchist/socialist/fascist/communist (same turd, different wrapper) about how he’s so tuff for standing to to folks on the internets or he’s a troll of unparalleled quality.

On par with Geko45 (aka the original mall ninja).


Name something I said about this shooting that was false.

You the one in an echo chamber,

And proof I don’t live in an echo chamber?

I am here, visiting your echo chamber, constantly.


Something you said that was false.

-The NG or police shot him. Not established who shot him. You keep saying the video clearly establishes it. You keep saying it does, but it does not. Simply saying something, without supporting evidence, is not proving your point. It makes your position appear weak when you produce no evidence.

-That, in practice, black bloc or antifa, are really any different. Yes, yes, yes. They (and you) drone on about it in their polysci verbiage about how they are different from the other protesters. It’s like the bloods and the crips arguing about being different. Same turd, different wrapper. The end result of their “actions” are the same. Destruction, destruction, destruction.

Antifa, black bloc, and proud boys are all a bunch of clown shoes whose have consistently demonstrated no real benefit to society. They are destructive, have acted like vigilantes, and give sane people a headache when they open their soup cooler.

This isn’t my echo chamber. I came here for the stolen valor and stayed for the Sunday funnies. I just started posting semi regulary not too long ago. And managed to piss off enough people I got an email from the mods. I have no problem critically assessing data and refining my view points as the data leads me elsewhere.

You appear to be refractory to critical self analysis and mistake people being critical of your ideas with you being correct.


You appear to be refractory to critical self analysis and mistake people being critical of your ideas with you being correct.

Yep. That describes our resident deity Koalemos (AKA Commissar AKA Poodle AKA Seagull AKA Cthulhu) here quite accurately.

A Proud Infidel®™

Commissar, you’re chock full of your cult propaganda and very lacking of intellectual capacity.

Hack Stone

Statistically speaking, African American males stand a better chance in an encounter with Law Enforcement Officers than with Democrat fundraiser Ed Buck. Crunch the numbers if you doubt Hack.


Shots are fired. Shots are fired back. Someone gets hurt/dies. It happened before; it’ll happen again.

A Proud Infidel®™

While the leftist mess media blames the Police and National Guard for it.


So much for body cam footage clearing anything up.

I would love to see video that actually showed a shot fired.


This is the man who was killed being discussed on local news…

Top W Kone

Louisville is dealing with a major problem. In March the LMPD killed an EMT in her home with an unannounced no knock raid to get a man they already had in custody. They did not have in their body cams. Then spent the next 70+ days not investigating, obstructing, and smearing the victim. Until a few days before the Floyd event, the Mayor would not even talk about it and only started after people disrupted a council meeting. When the Floyd thing happened they organized a rally, and the police started providing information. The next night at the rally, seven people were shot by someone in the crowd. All seven state they were asked a few questions at the hospital but after three days no other police contact and were told “its being looked into”. The Mayor made a big deal how “outsiders” are causing problems but not one non local was arrested. He imposed a curfew on some areas of the city but did not enforce it the first night. The second night he expanded it but an hour before it went in effect and 20 minutes before that nights rally was to end, ordered police to use gas on the rally to disperse it “because there were people in the crowd with leaf blowers that were going to blow gas back at police” (no video from any source shows that and the police did not have their body cams on) Then the night, police were shot at (or had good cause to think they were) they ran towards the general area the sounds came from while shooting. But because they did not have their body cams on, we can’t see what or if they were aiming at. They initial said they got the shooter. The police chief complained that the State Police immediately started to investigate, but then resigned (“was fired” Depending on who you ask) when the lack of body cam footage and the possibility they were ordered not to use it. Last night across the street from the shooting site people started looting the grocery store,… Read more »

Jay in Cvill

A lot of good points above. And based on the experience on this forum you can learn lots from the folks who post here. My question is, What should be the proper way to investigate when law enforcement kills a citizen? Do we trust the locals to investigate themselves? Do we ask for third party? Usually there is a lot to gain or lose with these investigations. I am of the opinion that we should select nine or 13 citizens from the voter rolls every so often. Now when an agent of the government shoots or kills a citizen this group meets and determines the facts and renders its opinion. From that you could proceed to prosecute or not.

USMC Steve

One major issue would be not allowing the popos to investigate themselves. NO ONE believes that has any credibility. Perhaps the grand jury type process is needed. If cops knew someone they had no loyalty to or relationship with would be looking at their behavior, they might be a bit more circumspect.

Matthew W

I don’t want these types of events to happen, but they do because it is the correct response to get the criminals back to stopping their criminal activity.


This for Commissar:

“WATCH: Louisville Police Release Video They Say Shows David McAtee Shooting At Officers”


Facts are the friends of extremists.