ANTIFA to be Declared a Terrorist Organization

| May 31, 2020


ANTIFA, or Anti Fascists, is a far-left militant movement of autonomous groups in mostly left-wing cities, and sees itself as a descendant of European anti-Nazi movements. They find the only way to combat ideas they disagree with is by direct action and physical intimidation.

They first became active in Portland, Ore., in 2007, and soon that city has become a hotbed for many ANTIFA activities. They threaten and violently assault journalists and others, declare that all police officers should be killed, wear dark clothing and masks, and engage in riot-like demonstrations.

Enough is enough.

Donald Trump: The United States will Designate Antifa as a Terrorist Organization


President Donald Trump announced on Sunday plans to designate the violent leftist group Antifa as a terrorist organization.

“The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The president commented after consecutive days of heightened rioting in several major cities after a black man George Floyd died after an officer knelt on his neck for several minutes while detaining him.

Attorney General Bill Barr issued a statement after the president’s declaration.

“The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly,” he wrote.

Barr also said that 56 regional FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces would be used to identify “criminal organizers and instigators” fueling the violence.

Trump blamed the violence on “Radical Left Anarchists” thanking the National Guard for helping quell the riots in Minneapolis.

He urged other cities and states to do the same.

Read the rest of the article here: Breitbart

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  1. How is this going to go with the demoRAT party on seeing their arm of violence being called a Terrorist organization since this group replaced their KKK.

  2. Fyrfighter says:

    About damn time!

    Saw this pop up right when I posted a link on the riot page…

  3. Skippy says:

    Three years to late again !!!!!

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      ^Testify^ Skippy! It’s all well and good to declare these mofos as Terrorists; now when we gonna do something about it. There is enough video floating around, showing these SOBs in the act, that an iron clad case can be made. Personally, I’m all for shooting them down in the streets like the made dogs they act like. And before dippy POS shows up screaming ORANGE MAN BAD and talking about how the 1775 Patriots were terrorists, let’s remind that asinine dippy POS that those 1775 fighters knew the job was dangerous and accepted the fact that they would be facing the best Army in the World. The pledged their fortunes, their lives, and their Sacred Honor to that end. Anybody think that these sissy punks, yeah referring to ones like you, dippy POS, are willing to do the same? Didn’t think so. Most of the ones I saw on the video, once they paid out some money, passed out some bricks, and pointed others in the direction they wanted them to go, they left. Anybody else still think that this is NOT a planned attack on our way of life.

      You can rest assured that I will be very well prepared when I’m out and about, and if a buncha sissy punk asinine POSs block my vehicle, pound on it, or threaten me in anyway, I WILL be popping caps right and left.

      Dippy, asinine sissy punk POS showing up to squawk in…

      • If it weren’t for the 1775 Patriots, these shit birds would be asking where the loo is, smoking fags and saying call blimey love a duck. Too bad that there isn’t a policy that says anyone caught burning down a building gets their own home bulldozed. Tough noogies shit birds

      • OldSoldier54 says:

        It’s time, and past time … but who else would have the balls to do this?


        I am REALLY taking a shine to the Donald.

        Anybody seen breaking anything, setting fire to anything, shoot on sight.

        Peaceable assembly, great. Anything else, refer to previous paragraph.

  4. OWB says:

    Way past time. But, better late than never.

  5. Combat Historian says:

    I hope the minions of oboobiefibee can actually tear themselves away from their planning for the next deep state coup to bother to keep half an eye on antifa domestic terrorist thugs…

  6. Sparks says:

    Glad this is happening. There are several far-left and far-right groups that share one thing in common. The downfall of America. Pull them up by the roots and get rid of them all.

  7. Sapper3307 says:

    Will I need a hunting license, will there be a size or number limit?

    • Bill says:

      No-but bring several “days o’ ammo”.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        I recommend a larger caliber. Something in the neighborhood of .30-06, lots of extra penetration. Very economical.

    • Roh-Dog says:

      Ha! I was going to post the same!
      Lucky I did a text search first…
      Can we hunt over dog?
      I’ve been meaning to get the Missus a pit…

    • 26Limabeans says:

      The Ears. Don’t forget to turn in the ears.
      Matched sets only. Singles don’t count.

    • SFC D says:

      What about baiting? Or is that considered bad sportsmanship?

      • Roh-Dog says:

        Scratch-n-sniff stickers on the bottom of a pool?
        ‘Drum circle here!’ signs on the train tracks?
        Woman Studies Scholarship request forms printed on ‘brown acid’ blotter paper?

  8. Sapper3307 says:

    Hey Lars. Pinochet air crew is hiring.

  9. The Other Whitey says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you don’t get to call yourselves “anti-fascist” while acting EXACTLY like Hitler’s brownshirts.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Yeah, TOW, I’ve yet to understand that part myself. Hell to be a comprehending student of past history, isn’t it?

    • Poetrooper says:

      Whitey, it’s straight out of the Democrat playbook:

      Always call your political opponent what you yourself actually are and always accuse them of doing what you are actually doing.

      • Fyrfighter says:

        Alinsky made that clear didn’t he? And those calling the shots sure took those lessons to heart..
        Hey TOW, did you see the assholes deface a LODD monument in Rochester NY? and the bricks being thrown at responding engines in Atlanta? And the Tiller (Ladder 5) in Philly being destroyed.. No question to any rational person that these thugs are terrorists..
        Of course THIS bag of shit is just comedy GOLD! (and easy to identify for charges)..
        Now add Black Lies Matter to the terrorist list, and we’ll be getting somewhere!

        • The Other Whitey says:

          Fucksticks torched a chief’s ride and vandalized a station in La Mesa last night. Which indicates the complete illegitimacy of the whole thing, as what possible involvement could the municipal fire department of La Mesa, California possibly have had in the wrongdoings of four police officers In Minnesota?

          • Fyrfighter says:

            Hadn’t seen that one.. yeah, not a shred of credibility to any of this once the violence starts, regardless of what some people say.

          • 11B-Mailclerk says:

            You folks put out their handiwork.

            Thus you oppose them

            Thus, they also tag you with the F word.


    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Yes indeed TOW, they act JUST LIKE Hitler’s “STURMABTEILUNG” or “Brown Shirts”, IMHO another fine example of projection!

  10. Chicago is starting to burn right now. Got a bunch of IPN texts saying multiple buildings on fire plus looting going on . Going to Broadcastify and listen to the CFD radio traffic.

  11. CFD & CPD both overwhelmed due to arson fires & looting along w/ out of control protesters throughout the City. Same is for many Chicagoland suburbs. Complete CHAOS! (24 minutes ago)

    This was on the screen when I opened up CFD radio on the Broadcastify site.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      The looting and pillaging seem to have been going on all afternoon, looting stores in various shopping centers near Chicago, for no reason other than stealing stuff. That isn’t protesting. It is just criminal theft.

      There was a peaceful protest this morning. This destruction has nothing to do with protesting what happened in Minneapolis. Apparently, 15 people burned to death in their cars in Atlanta yesterday. That’s REALLY a wonderful way to protest something, isn’t it?

      Glad I am a long, long way from Chitown now. Lightfoot has asked for help from the National Guard and is getting it. There’s a curfew up now and it’s likely downtown in the Loop, it will be closed up tomorrow, too.

      Anyone wanting to watch the live stuff can type “wgn news live” into the search block and the website will come up. Live streaming, free for the watching.

  12. Commissar says:

    This won’t hold up in court.

    ANTIFA does not meat any of the requisite characteristics to be labeled a terrorists organization.

    First, they are not an organization. They have no structure, no membership, or leadership, no planning, nothing,

    Anyone who opposes fascism is ANTIFA.

    Anyone dressed in black at a protest can be labeled ANTIFA.

    Anyone protesting fascism will be labeled ANTIFA.

    Second, despite the completely bulls hit right wing pearl clutching hysteria… they can’t actually point to ANY ANTIFA terrorist acts. Not a single one. ANTIFA has never committed a single act of terrorism.

    Groups getting into a street fight over different ideas is not terrorism. That is as old as politics. And happens to some extent outside of every political convention in the history of the country.

    Labeling ANTIFA terrorists is purely based on hysteria and propaganda.

    And it says a great deal about the political right that they have convinced themselves that people opposing fascism are the bad guys.

    Since Trump is LITERALLY trying to claim openly opposing fascism is a terrorist act.


    And that will not hold up in court.

    Though Barr will use it to go after left wing political action groups.

    Because Barr is a authoritarian piece of shit.

    • Commissar says:

      *meet not meat.

      And other typos.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

      • Poetrooper says:

        “*meet not meat.”

        For once you’re right…no meat.

      • SFC D says:

        The typos are the least of your mistakes. The mob calling itself ANTIFA are masked thugs hiding behind an ideology built on lies. They are anarchists, terrorism is their favorite tactic, and should be treated as the violent criminals they are.

    • Commissar says:

      I ant to emphasize something again…


      Trump want opposing fascism to be a act of terrorism

      That is one for the history books.

      But I believe our instructions are stronger than his stupidity and your gullibility.

      So I think it will be thrown out as soon as it is challenged.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

      • Fyrfighter says:

        Wrong again. Anyone CLAIMING to protest Fascism, while using fascist techniques will be labeled Antifa / terrorist, AS THEY SHOULD BE!

        Please explain to me how attacking firefighters and defacing monuments to fallen firefighters does or promotes anything positive? Hell even ABC news is now admitting that outside actors are behind much of the violence.

        OOh, and welcome back, I guess you got let out of moderation huh?

        • Commissar says:

          Fascist techniques?

          You mean like using laws to suppress political,dissent?

          And no, Trump is trying to label ANTIFA presence at a protest as an act of terrorism.

          So, according to that standard, simply protesting fascism is as act of terrorism.

          And you stupidly think that is a good idea.

          Wake the fuck up.

          You are on the wrong side of this issue.

          Name a terrorist act committed by ANTIFA.

          • Fyrfighter says:

            “And no, Trump is trying to label ANTIFA presence at a protest as an act of terrorism.”
            I’m assuming that you’d have no problem with him doing the same in relation to a white supremacist group?

            The rest of your post really isn’t worth a response, but you already know that

          • The Other Whitey says:

            Anqueefas have violently assaulted people who disagreed with their extremist views on numerous occasions. They’ve also violently assaulted people documenting their violent assaults on others. Andy Ngo ring any bells? They’ve used threats of violence to intimidate people on the streets of Portland and multiple other cities. They have doxxed numerous ideological opponents, opening them up to threats of violence in their own homes. And they have made violent attacks on people in their own homes over ideological disagreements.

            Hitler’s SA and Mussolini’s blackshirts would be so proud of you.

            • 11B-Mailclerk says:

              Nighttime mobs surrounding homes?

              Bike-lock head bashing from ambush?

              Or are you going to say anyone doing those things isn’t “real” “antifa”, but ”antifa” won’t lift a finger to stop those folks from acting “incorrectly” on their behalf? (As they so clearly do when they are taking their organized actions)

              They dont get to un-person their opponents by tagging anyone they dont like as “fascist”, thus claiming some sort of extra-judicial right to violence against them by claiming to “fight fascism”.

              And if some folks turn that around and label -them- un-people, thus subject to unpleasantness, they cant very well bitch about it.

              Does one want a functional civil society that resolves differences peacefully and through laws and courts, with regard to human rights?

              Or not?

              “Not” has consequences. One of them, is becoming the thing one claims to oppose. The other is the opportunity to receive as one sows.

              Look away from the Abyss.

        • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

          Don’t label me with your stormtrooper pals, Lars… I oppose fascists, but I don’t go out and burn, pillage and loot. They’ve gone as far as to go after people (Andy Ngo) who has ID’ed them from the start.

          Hell, some of Biden’s campaign aides have been sending money to help bail out those that have been arrested. The (D)’s and Antifa are joined at the hip, Taylor… and people are catching on about this really quick.

          • Fyrfighter says:

            Don’t forget that shitbag Kapernick doing the same.

            • 5th/77th FA says:

              Half of Hollywood and a bunch of lefty pop singers too. Taylor Swift among others.

              • Fyrfighter says:

                Yeah, Tay Tay quit being Country years ago.. Scrunt!

              • Mason says:

                Right now all the woke of Hollywood are taking up collection plates to bail out the “protestors” arrested in Minneapolis.

                • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

                  But just how quickly will the little shits either get arrested again or skip town before their hearings and forfeit the bail?

          • 26Limabeans says:

            “The (D)’s and Antifa are joined at the hip”

            This needs to be repeated in a chant similar to
            “the whole world’s watching”.

            • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

              Did Antifa even exist before President Trump got elected?

              • 26Limabeans says:

                They have been around a long time as disconnected
                groups of a feather but major funding and encrypted
                communications has them quite well organized despite
                what the Anti-defamation League and Wikipedia have to
                say about them. And don’t forget the media along with
                the Democrats that cover for them.

              • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

                Started in the Peoples Republic of Portland back in 2007…

      • SFC D says:

        Your instructions? From who? Your ANTIFA leaders you say don’t exist?

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          I suspect, “instructions” was not the smartest thing to have written.

          That really kinda stands out.

          Kinda like yelling “F#CK YEAH!” Instead of “AMEN!” In church. However meant, it doesn’t go well.

        • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

          He’s balls deep with them… made it clear that he’s hung with them since OWS started under the JEF.

          • SFC D says:

            He talks a good story, but he’d never have the balls to actually stand with those anarchist fucks. Eventually, they’re gonna go after the wrong neighborhood and get their asses handed to them. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

            • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

              He’d be the first one running when shit got hot…

            • Fyrfighter says:

              It’s getting close to that outside Philly SFC.. As the order that went out from antifa, they’re moving into the suburbs… they still haven’t hit the more conservative areas yet, but they are prepping for the assault. It could get ugly.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        Sure. They just all coincidently show up in the same places and times, in uniform with similar tool sets, activities, etc.

        Of course they are an organization. They carry out organized activities. Or is “coincidence” or “unorganized” or whatever another NewSpeak perversion?

        Looks like the usual organized Communist cellular org doing the usual Communist destruction of anything opposing Communism, while making miserable the people they claim to want to “help”. Not seeing a practical difference.

        They are reaping what they sow. If they get to declare some other folks “enemies of the people” or “fascist” or whatever, and go forth to violently express themselves extra-judicially, they cant exactly bitch about it when other folks respond by declaring -them- a label and making their lives unpleasant.

        You do see that right?

        Liberty is the antidote for Fascism, and for Communism too. And since Liberty works where those sad frauds decidedly do not, we don’t need secret lynch-mob turds, whatever the color of the diaper wrapping it.

        All those calls from the Left to declare their annoying opponents “fascists” or “domestic terrorists” lead right to here: being on the receiving end of it. If that wasn’t what was wanted, why work so hard to achieve it?


        Nietzsche called. Quit gazing.

      • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

        First, they are not an organization. They have no structure, no membership, or leadership, no planning, nothing

        So, using your thought process, who will challenge this in the courts?

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Other communist tools like the ACLU will make all sports of specious arguments for them, most likely.

          Purely coincidently, of course, as will be the variously strangely coincidental and unorganized carefully synchronized upheavals in and around the court.

          The real reason some folks want those Nazi headstones removed (discussed in a thread the other day) is to conceal the fact that we killed and buried “Fascism” in 1945. What echos of it remain are a bad joke, a cosplay of fools.

        • UpNorth says:

          It sounded like the ACLU was all raring to go to take this to court, from what I read today. Of course, they’re on board with AntiFa, it’s just part of their Hate America agenda.

          • Mason says:

            How much did the ACLU help fight these stay at home orders?

            They no longer stand for civil liberties. They stand for civil liberties for only certain groups of people.

      • Hack Stone says:

        Well, they (ANTIFA crowd) say that anyone who voted for Donald Trump is racist and deserve to be physically assaulted, so, just leveling the playing field.

      • David says:

        It’s interesting how when someone points out the documented real world assaults committed by self-described Antifa members, your responses are always “but the Republicans/government/Trump might XXXX” – it’s never anything demonstrable, it’s always your projected fears. Telling.

  13. Fyrfighter says:

    As TOW and others have pointed out, saying you’re anti-fascist doesn’t mean shit when those are the exact tactics you employ. depending on what leftist court this goes to you’re right, it might not hold up initially. And with the statist tool that Chief Justice Roberts has shown himself to be, you might be right that it gets overturned, but that doesn’t mean it should. Just wait until after President Trump is reelected, and the left can no longer pretend that RGB is still alive, and he replaces her with a strong Constitutionalist judge…

    • Commissar says:

      Knock it off with the “tactics” bullshit.

      Fascism is an ideology.

      It is not a protest “tactic”.

      Fascism is an ideology the tenets of which you and most of the members of this board support. You just don’t realize or call it fascism.

      Fascism is not a secret ideology. We have been studying it for a century.

      And the tenets are well incorporated in contemporary Trumpsim.

      • Fyrfighter says:

        Ok, the tactics of the Nazi Brownshirts, and also emphasized by Alinsky.. those are the tactics, mass and masked violence in furtherance of FASCIST ideology.
        As with most things, you are wrong on this topic, wrong on President Trump, and wrong to even suggest that I would support such when myself and my family have been defending this country since BEFORE it was a country. It wasn’t that long ago that I would have allowed myself to sink to your level on this topic, and respond with similar attacks and vitriol. Recent events have caused me to reevaluate such responses, to let go of the anger that deluded individuals such as yourself exhibit, and understand that it’s entirely possible that you just don’t understand how clueless you are.
        As to the tactics, i am referring (as you already know) to the burning and looting of innocent businesses, attacking firefighters, defacing monuments (no, not just confederate ones, I’m speaking specifically of the LODD memorial in Rochester NY), or we could talk of bike locks wielded by college professors, concrete “milkshakes”, riot and arson because a speaker they don’t approve of wants to exercise their First Amendment rights… we both know I could go on for hours, and you already know the facts, you just choose to ignore them, and to be honest, further response to you isn’t worth my time, especially since it’s starting to get darker, and we’ll be running calls related to the riots soon.
        Have a good night Commissar

      • Ret_25X says:

        Poor Commissar,

        He thinks Fascism is an ideology…it is not. He thinks Fascism is not socialist…it is.

        He thinks Antifa is ‘anti fascits’…it is not. He thinks the National Socialists in Germany were fascists…they were not.

        Fascism, NDSP, Leninism, Maosim, and American progressivism are all evolutions of the same root concepts.

        The tactics of all of them are the same…violence, terror, selection and enforcement of in and out groups which change to suit the greed or hate of the top dogs, and a childish understanding of trade as being between nations rather than between people.

        And yes Commissar, Antifa in the US has a structure, financing, logistics system, and intelligence capability. But you know that, don’t you?

        As for the “wrong side of history”…well, we have seen where your ideas lead…gulags, concentration camps, killing fields, mass starvation, secret police, and most wonderful of all, a ruling class of aristocrats who skim everything decent off the top.

        Have fun with being on the dark side of history…

        • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

          I wouldn’t be surprised if he took money from the groups for his “services”… he stated in another post that he goes out with a MED bag and “watches”.

  14. I was watching wallace on fox earlier and he was talking to a legal beagle about making antifa a terrorist organization but due to the fact that they aren’t a foreign group he said that it was illegal. aclu is getting involved. Maybe the law can be changed to correct this. I see that cnn news which are the friends of antifa had their office building torched.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Apparently, one phone call from a foreign government flunky is now the standard for “ is a foreign-government lackey”.

      Now I wonder what the NSA has on international phone calls that endpoint on certain cellphones…. That information might be…awkward.

      The Left unleashed this insanity. Did they really believe they would never wind up “catching”?

  15. Commissar says:

    Anyone who opposes fascism is ANTIFA.

    Anyone who supports fascism is a fascist.

    It is not complicated.

    You are on the wrong side of this.

    When you read about Germany in the 1930s and wondered how it happened…you are how it happened.

    • SFC D says:

      I am anti fascist. I am not ANTIFA. The name they’ve chosen for themselves is a lie. Their violent tactics are Terrorism. Their demonstrated goal is to suppress speech they don’t approve of. To these new Brownshirts, I say fuck you, as you sow, so shall you reap.

      • Commissar says:

        Anyone associated with ant fascism will be labeled a terrorist.

        ANTIFA is not an organization.

        It is a political position.

        • SFC D says:

          They’re a bunch of thugs and criminals who are eventually going down in a hail of gunfire. No, I’m not wishing that upon them, I’m telling you it’s gonna happen. They’re gonna instigate a confrontation and lose.

        • Deckie says:

          There is no fascism anywhere in this country. Zip. Nil.

          So naming the organization after that is just their way of slapping a nasty label on any ideology that doesn’t fit their sheltered, narrow worldviews. Their means of countering these ideologies? Violence. At any cost, using any measures. They use fear, intimidation and violence too achieve this… this is textbook terrorism.

          And yes, they’re an organization. Showing up at the drop of a hat in droves to carry out their acts of violence is not just a case of “Whoa, you’re here too? What are the odds!?” it is all very carefully planned, executed and coordinated. Name me another time several dozen or more violent thugs all hopped on the same bus completely unorchestrated to head out and bash some heads? Yeah… good luck with that.

          They earned their label. And as others mentioned here, sooner or later they’re going to fuck with the wrong people and get hit with a wall of lead. It will be like Omaha Beach in the streets, and they’ll have no one to thank but themselves for it.

    • 5th/77th FA says:


    • The Other Whitey says:

      Hey, Lars, did they issue you a bike lock, or did you have to bring your own?

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Look away from that abyss.

    • Mason says:

      He doth protest too much

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      LARS, you once again prove beyond a reasonable doubt that YOU ARE what THE LIKES OF Lenin. Stalin, Mao and others referred to as a “Useful Idiot, did you watch the video that I posted on another thread? IMHO and the opinion of many other TAH Regulars, you are your system’s useful idiot!

    • Ret_25X says:

      Commissar, commissar, commissar…

      You poor, lying wretch.

      you know full well that to be “ANTIA” one must also be a socialist.

      Funny thing about that…fascism and socialism are both socialism.

      Of course, I’m sure your socialism is “purer” than that of the Italians or Germans. After all, you don’t want “American Socialism”, you want “Democratic Socialism”, eh comrade?

      And as would be expected, you believe that literally anyone who doesn’t agree with you must de facto believe in what you say they do.

      Your limited intellect cannot fathom that more than two political perspectives can exist, just like it cannot entertain the fact that your beliefs are simply a modern version of the same old fascism and national socialism that have existed for centuries.

      Yes, Commissar, Italy, Germany, Spain, the USSR, and China were not the first governments to practice a form of “socialism” or syndicalism. Far from it, this broken system has existed at least as far back as Sparta.

      Of course you don’t know that. Only someone ignorant of history could possibly be as obtuse as the Commissar.

  16. Poetrooper says:

    Lars says:

    “ANTIFA does not meat any of the requisite characteristics to be labeled a terrorists organization.

    “First, they are not an organization. They have no structure, no membership, or leadership, no planning, nothing…”

    Poe says:

    Yet they are somehow able to carry out violent, destructive, nationwide protests conducted by bused-in, similarly-dressed “activists” employing the same tactics, shouting the same slogans, targeting the same victims. Some have been candid about the fact that they are being paid.

    Naw, Lars, there’s no organization, no planning, nothing. The cookie-cutter protests are all purely spontaneous, carried out by locals. Next thing up, you’ll be telling us Communist China isn’t communist. Oh, wait…

    Son, you may be that stupidly gullible but don’t expect the rest of us to be.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Here’s the REAL story about this, from NBC News:

      Trump and Attorney General William Barr had earlier pointed to anti-fascist organizers and anarchists as culprits behind the mayhem following the death of a 46-year-old black man, George Floyd, at the hands of Minneapolis police. Others said right-wing extremists such as Boogaloo followers, who hope to bring about a second Civil War, were pushing for such uprising in the protests.

      In a Sunday statement, Barr said the Justice Department is taking aim at “apprehending and charging the violent radical agitators who have hijacked peaceful protest and are engaged in violations of federal law.”

      The attorney general said that “to identify criminal organizers and instigators,” federal law enforcement officials are utilizing “our existing network of 56 regional FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces.”

      “Preventing reconciliation and driving us apart is the goal of these radical groups, and we cannot let them succeed,” Barr added. “The violence instigated and carried out by antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.”


      It’s real easy for the ignorant to twist this into something it is not, as did the Antifas when they chose that title as a means of confusing outsiders. They are nothing but anarchists and destructive terrorists, and this includes this Boogaloo group.

      Saying you’re against fascism does NOT automatically make you part of Antifa.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      -this- is terrorism.

      Woman. Nine year old girl. Mob action with pyro.

      Didn’t like her reporting.

      Kid on receiving end.


  17. OWB says:

    I don’t care what they want to call themselves this week – they are criminals perpetrating terroristic acts. Put them all UNDER the jails.

    I also don’t care their ethnicity, age, national origins, or any other characteristics over which they have no control. I only care about criminal activity they commit.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Nope. Treat common criminals as common criminals. No more. No less. Not as political, just another criminal gang.

      If they get violent, burn buildings, etc, then prosecute them. If they rise to the level of RICO or “domestic terrorist”, then drop those prosecutorial banhammers on them.

      I have to wonder which hostile foreign power is the puppet master of these fools and frauds. That will likely come out, and probably sooner than some folks might believe.

      And wont some folks have some serious ‘splainin’ to do, then.

      • OWB says:

        Indeed. But, since many of the organizers of these things have traditionally claimed to be communists, well, duh. Flyers/signs printed by them. Quite often with union labels on them.

        Oh, well. Sure, burning churches and public bathrooms really enhances public support for their cause. Uh-huh.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          I have changed my mind. See below. “Terrorist org”, not “domestic”.

          As they sow, so shall they reap. Bumper crop this year.

          Achievement unlocked: “unlawful enemy combatant”.

  18. 5th/77th FA says:

    One of them left their play book/instructions on the ground in M/SP.

  19. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Look who’s tipping them off in M/SP, Lars:

    Unorganized, my ass…

  20. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    One might speculate: “Are these idiots trying to get minorities massacred? To what end?”

    The opening act of the slaughter of World War 2 was a National Socialist false-flag operation. They set up a fake attack by “Poles” on a German facility as a casus belli to invade Poland.

    How long before we see formations of marching blackheads? Hmm. They have a book about their struggle, too. Hmm.

    That dang abyss gazes back, real hard.

  21. Just Lurkin says:

    I may have gotten diabetes from the schadenfreude.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Schadenfreude will be when the New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam realize who is trying to get Black folks killed as martyrs for their “cause”, and respond. And there is the whole People Nation / Folk Nation angle.

      All of the above are -very- shrewd and -very- effective organizations.

      That Abyss is gazing back, -real- hard.

  22. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Another (D) kid involved… this one was stupid and got arrested:

  23. Roh-Dog says:

    I cant even…
    Long day o’ work and now this?!
    Why would ANYF-CKBODY stand up for these clowns?!
    If these fuckleheads actually did useful things and KNEW the value of a dollar, they sure as f-ck wouldn’t be wasting their time tilting at nonexistent boogiepeople.
    The hell with the lot of them and anyone that supports them, until they put on their big boy shorts: game the f-ck on!

  24. Mason says:

    A group of terrorists using terrorist tactics is finally being declared terrorists? What took so long.

  25. OWB says:

    The terrorists/anarchists will continue to do what they do until they are made to stop. Who does that remains to be seen and may well vary from community to community.

    Now they are setting fire to union buildings in DC! That’s gonna cause some issues among the faithful. Or maybe it was planned – maybe all the important stuff was removed earlier in the day. Perhaps some folks are getting a lesson in “be careful what you wish for.” Once chaos begins it is difficult to impossible to control.


  26. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    “The violent overthrow of the United States Government”

    Note well who says “this has to stop”.

    Note well who aids and abets it, excuses it, gives it “aid and comfort”.

    Some very misguided folks refuse to see what they are doing, and are gleefully ignoring that bright red line.

    Others are intentionally doing so. And certain hostile foreign powers have a track record of aiding and abetting that sort of thing.


    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Well, isn’t that why they went to law school? To find out how many loopholes there are, so they could do stupid things?

  27. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Read the comment from James Woods and watch the vid… funny a fuck.

    James Woods is the man…

  28. Sapper3307 says:

    Start up the rotors!
    Free your county, from the leftist scum.
    Good song

  29. USMC Steve says:

    Just more recreated Nazi Brownshirts. Many similarities.

  30. Thunderstixx says:

    Irregardless of what larsie-boi says the facts still remain the same, (Just like the song)….
    1) George Floyd was murdered while in police custody.
    2) Police departments across the US are structurally corrupt and have a history of refusing to prosecute cops clearly in the wrong.
    3) Mass protests and civic disruptions are legitimate and warranted actions.
    4) Looting and burning businesses and homes is counterproductive and those who do this should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, both state and federal charges with long and lengthy sentences are fully appropriate avenues of punishment and will give pause to looters and thugs beating people with bats, 2X4’s, fists etc.
    5) Twitter is decidedly on the side of the antifa brownshirt goons and condones illegal and immoral acts by allowing targeting of businesses on their so called “platform”.
    6) Twitter officials and employees should be held accountable for any and all damages to businesses and homes that were targeted by antifa clowns and allowed to stay online for several days despite repeated complaints to them from numerous observers….
    7) larsie-boi still sucks and will go to his grave attempting to convince TAH that everything all of us are wrong on everything we say, think and do….
    8) fuck off larsie-boi, along with your clown car reject brown shirted thugs.

  31. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    All the “news” media continues to inaccurately state these people are protesting George Floyds’ death. There maybe a few sign wavers when its daylight, but the anarchists/cretins/criminals ooze out from under their rocks when the sun goes down. Burning a church and looting business (including black owned businesses) has nothing to do with anything except criminal behavior.

  32. OWB says:

    Is it time for a little levity? Even if it has nothing to do with the topic??

    Seen on a sign in Austin TX:

    If you boil a funny bone it becomes a laughing stock…

  33. NHSparky says:

    Time to load up on 5.56, .45, and 12-gauge 00 buck.

    • Roh-Dog says:

      That time was late fall/early winter when someone said ammo was at an all time low in 20 years, indexed with inflation.
      But yeah, still a VERY good time!
      I’m worried that ammo manufacturing companies are going to have problems resourcing materials soon, and when that happens the supply/demand/cost dynamic will go kablooey.

  34. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    There is an organization dedicated to “bashing fascists”. They ain’t very picky about it, and have very violent track records.

    Labeling folks as “fascist” thus appears to carry very real “threat” content.

    Perhaps best not to go there.

  35. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    I just realized something.

    “Terrorist Organization”

    Not “Domestic Terrorist Organization”

    -not- “Domestic”.

    -that- is a major f##king difference.

    And they do call themselves “international”, so it will stick, ultimately.

    And what do our long-standing laws say about prosecuting those who aid such organizations abet them? Fund them? What becomes permissible in prosecuting such criminals? Patriot act. RICO. Others. What else becomes permissible in prosecuting


    I told folks. Look away from the Abyss.


  36. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Antifa isn’t organized? Twitter seems to be helping them out…