Daniel Bernath Cartoon Video

| May 21, 2020

Daniel Bernath was a victim of an abusive judge? Brick Moon Productions gathered information from aljwatch.com and oregonshyster.com. The result is a cartoon satire depicting what appears to be Dan Bernath’s side of the story.

From Brick Moon Production/Les Clay:

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5th/77th FA


A real four flusher!

Wilted Willy

Too Funny!!!


Can’t seem to truly get rid of Bernath. Then again with all of his legendary antics, kind of hard to ever truly forget him.


It looks like oregonshyster is DOWN.
And, the site name is available for (only) $8.99.


Same for aljwatch.
Same ($8.99) price.
Same Bat Time.
Same Bat Channel.


What were these two sites? What were they about?


I used the Wayback machine to find the history on oregonshyster.
It’s a BERNATH website for outing lawyers he hates.

[Paste] — To get back at the Oregon Bar,
Bernath launched http://www.oregonstatebar.tv last year,
but the bar took him to court alleging trade-name infringement.
He switched the site name to http://www.oregonshyster.com and demanded that the Oregon State Bar release its list of complaints against Oregon attorneys, which are public.
The bar complied (it releases about 25 cases to him each day), allowing him to compile a list of about 10,600 complaints made against Oregon attorneys since 1997.

Bernath says he’s listing the complaints to make them more readily accessible to the public. He says once the Oregon State Bar publishes the complaints on its own website, he will take down his. [end paste]



By the end (2017), Bernath’s oregonshyster
was diversionary crap,
about finding the best car accident lawyer.



Wayback Machine again.
Only 1 good hit (2012)

Aljwatch was a BERNATH attack website,
going after HYATT and other judges.



Thanks marinedad61. Those websites are certainly something that fits Bernath. He definitely serves as a good example of what you shouldn’t never aspire to be, whether you’re a lawyer or not.


He also had/used a third site that was set up for his photography business where he use to spew his hate on back in the day, but I think he shut it down when it was used against him in one of his numerous lawsuits against some of the faithful here at TAH.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I heard that said photography site was originally set up for his Daughter’s business until he hijacted it for his shit-spewing!


Oh, FFS.


Are we going to start a new category for old threads? “Zombies”.


Great find, tbs!

Reminded me of one of my Navy Ground-Pounder pals- “If my old lady doesn’t have supper ready when I get home, I’m going to raise hell. If she does, I’m not going to eat a GD bite!”

That marriage dissolved shortly afterwards.


Take one disbarred lawer:

comment image?resize=266%2C333&ssl=1

Add one airplane:

comment image?resize=300%2C202&ssl=1

And get this:

comment image



Now what kind of disrespectful asshole would make something like that?

Oh yeah, ChipNASA. And me.


Is it really disrespectful if it’s true…


One of the things besides of the The Hemisphere of Insults®™ at TAH, of which I’m proud. 😀 😀 😀


Disrespectful LOL…I don’t even think taking dump on his grave would be considered disrespectful.
I have the picture taped inside my front door. Hoping to add the purple dudes next to it..
Still love that picture and can’t help but giggle

A Proud Infidel®™

The only reason I’d even think of showing up to his grave would be to install a 6″ diameter piss tube going to his coffin.


Doesn’t someone need to merit at least some respect before one can be disrespectful towards them?


My answer in the case of Bernasty is a firm NO.


The real tragedy, every time that idiot-cum-lawndart gets brought up it just makes me miss Jonn a little more.
I’m sure the Platoon Daddy is amused at it all.


Amen to that.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just a reminder of what a shit some people can be. Most people are mourned when they depart for the next life, others get their departure from this life CELEBRATED, and Bernath is one example, I bet he was only mourned by Psul, the Blobfish and WhAtShIsFaCe.

Just An Old Dog

Thing is that every single one of these three would step over the body of one to fuck the other one in the ass if it was beneficial to them.
Bernath used Dullass and Cryer and were nowhere to be found when they got arrested.
Psul ( of the Ballsack) sued Monkress after Monkress dumped him.
No honor among cocklickers.


What a trip


If I remember correctly, the Honorable Judge Dan R. Hyatt was the one that BERNATH himself attacked (through head butting if I recall), not the other way around.


Any judge who had to deal with that loony bastard deserves an award. I read everything written about him, including the Commiefornia State Bar proceedings. He was one of the most crazed lawers ever to practice law, and I have dealt with some doozies in over 40 years in the law biz.


The Oregon Supreme Court spanked his ass hard when he applied for (and was denied) a license to practice law.


A Proud Infidel®™

Basically his past caught up to him there as well as when he did his lawn dart stunt!


Bernath inspired an Australian troupe. 🤦‍♀️



Someone needs to a video like this based off Bernath’s antics. You could even make a series out of it.