Homemade masks

| April 17, 2020

And from Jeff LPH 3:

Hommade Mask Link

All you’ll need:
Old tee shirt
2 hair ties or rubber bands

Thanks, Jeff.

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One layer of t-shirt fabric isn’t enough. The fabric should be opaque, meaning you can’t see light through it when you hold it up, 100% cotton and at least two layers (more is better) and have a high thread count. Quilting fabric is the best for homemade masks.

I’ve been making masks the last few weeks.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I have a US Navy video of a Young Sailor cutting out a 15 inch square of a tee shirt then folding it into a triangle and taking the top of the triangle and folding it into thirds and at each end, she rolls the end of the cloth into a hairband and continues rolling it up and then does the other end so the rolled cloth part is on the side of the face and the two bands goes around her ears as she demostrated, so it ends up as a triple layer of cloth covering her face.



Actually, a T-Shirt would work as well as anything, unless you’re talking an N-95 mask, you’re never going to filter the actual virus, all these masks / face coverings do is prevent droplet transmission from the person wearing the mask, they don’t do much of anything to prevent the wearer from breathing in something.
They don’t explain it, likely because of the number of low info / intelligence (read also democrat voters) people out there wouldn’t understand, or would ignore the recommendations “orders” to wear them if they knew that the purpose was to protect others, not the wearer.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I think that a level A Suit would be great but I would have a problem taking the change out of my leather change purse wearing gloves at Publix the supermarket.


The old Stayfree Maxipads with the adhesive
strip should work good in pinch.
Might even be a conversation starter…

5th/77th FA

‘beans you might want to consider using a “new” vs an “old” Maxi Pad.




My wife saw this posted on the book of faces and was making a face watching it, with her only remark being “Ewwww!”. So I politely asked “WTF (over)?” and she showed me the video.

She assumes the “demonstrator” in the video didn’t care to wash them first.


Helps if I link the tube…glad it’s Friday!


He probably enjoys the smell of nutsack sweat… makes him feel all frisky and shit…


Oh man, thats worse than my suggestion.


Well, tomorrow at 7 am, Gov Hogan here has mandated face “coverings” at retail stores and on public transportation in the PRoMD.
I have a couple of bandanas but with my kids I don’t have enough for a few days (until Amazon comes through next week) so I’ll have to use my old mcu-2/p gas mask at the grocery store. I’ll try to take and post a photo from imgur.


Hogan’s a Zero.


I see nothing!!!!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I forgot to mention that the above diagram of the field expediant tee shirt mask was from Marine Corps Times.


I remember proving to my troops that you could do things on MOPP4 by riding my bike 30km to work wearing it. Biggest problem was sweat accumulating so deep in the gloves it shorted out my calculator watch.


Some folks are even using coffee filters inside standard hardware store dust masks when they run short of the good masks. (Or fear that they might run short.)

We are good with the cotton bandanas. Got a bazillion or so of them, in a wide variety of colors and designs. We try to avoid the red ones and the blue ones. Don’t want to be mistaken for the wrong street gang. My faves are the VA ones which display the numbers to call for VA referrals.


Cowboy “wild rag” bandanas work pretty good as is, in the traditional manner.

Modified, they work better, but I now have an excuse to wear Cowboy attire to the grocery store.

Seriously. They work great.

Hat optional.


We were thinking we were in sorta hip or semi chic robbery attire. Cowboy attire sounds a little better.


Those blackhead facist idiots may wind up on the receiving end of anonymity.



Wild rags and sidearms… who knew the wild west would come back into fashion (total disclosure, that’s EXACTLY how we’ve been rolling in public… and the hat is NOT optional.. lol



Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Could Any of you Cowboys out there give me some tips on doing the Butterfly rope spin. Have been trying off and on for years but cannot get the nack. Wedding ring and flat spin no problem except for crow hopping on the flat spin.


The guy with time to do rope tricks usually gets told to go split a couple cords of firewood.


Sounds about right. I can rope a bit, but no tricks..






Ok… don’t know what to say about that one…


Motorcycle helmet, full face modular (flip up),
with 2 layers of gray gym sock adhered to the inside of the chin shield.


I’ve been working the hospital full time plus, no mask and we ran out of em a week ago for those that wanted em anyway.

You can’t stop the machine. 🙂


Bless you.