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| April 10, 2020

The left assisting with communist propaganda. (Branco/

Here are three channels that can give you a more in-depth look at what is going on behind the scenes in China. The Epoch Times, China Uncensored, and China in Focus, are hosted by subject matter experts on China. The Epoch Times and China in Focus have people deep within China that are willing to provide information that the Chinese government suppresses.

China Uncensored has a team of experts that specialize in Chinese current events. They were also journalists that focused on China. They do detailed, in-depth, research on China-related topics. China Uncensored tends to include a lot of humor in their reporting. The following are samples of videos from these three organizations:

Epoch Times:

China Uncensored:

China in Focus:

China in Focus recently produced a move, Claws of the Red Dragon, involving Huawei’s connection with the CCP. This movie focuses on the US extradition request for Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou:

Links to their websites:

China Uncensored

The Epoch Times

New Tang Dynasty

All three have YouTube channels under the following names: China Uncensored, The Epoch Times, and China in Focus.

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  1. Combat Historian says:

    Some first steps for Trump Admin to take against the chicoms here:

    -move all critical and pharma production and manufacturing out of PRC ASAP…

    -reduce and eventually cut all air transportation ties with the chicoms. If people want to sightsee in PRC, it should be like trying to sightsee North Korea…

    -make available three squadrons worth of F-35s for purchase by the Taiwan Air Force on favorable no-interest credit terms. Just to salt the wound, let the Taiwan Navy purchase a few AEGIS cruisers on favorable credit…

    -begin allowing regular port and liberty calls by the Seventh Fleet in Taiwan ports. I hear Keelung is a kickass liberty town on a Saturday night…

    -station a modest but symbolically significant U.S. military presence on Taiwan, perhaps a few hundred advisors and techies; but a signal to the chicoms that Taiwan is now under the American security umbrella again…

    -Reestablish full U.S. diplomatic and security relations with Taiwan; the chicoms will scream bloody murder, but fuck the chicoms; the fucking chicoms don’t get a vote on this or anything else ever again…

    • 5th/77th FA says:


      Spot on and Preach to the choir CH. Every day more and more evidence is being drug, kicking and screaming, to the surface. I still find it hard to believe that people are still trying to deny that this whole CHineseCommunist Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019 (COVID19) is not a deliberate attempt to further the aims of Chinese World Domination.

      Seagull showing up to dispute all of this with his empirical data in

    • OldSoldier54 says:

      Fire for Effect!!!

  2. Skippy says:

    It’s good the see the powers that be here at TAH are seeing what what skippy and company
    Have been seeing for a while on China
    There underground network of activist
    Are spot on with there views
    Thanks to our Democrats trashing our
    Country it’s helped China in the information war
    But there latest mistake has proven
    Just how evil there government can be

    • thebesig says:

      I’ve seen this about China for decades. In fact, I read the book “Unrestricted Warfare, China’s Master Plan to Destroy America” a couple of times. Both in the first decade of the 21st Century. :mrgreen:

  3. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    Yep. “Trump’s Fault” that China is being exposed as the Emperor with No Clothes.

  4. Roh-Dog says:

    I’ve been following China Uncensored for maybe two years now, some of the best actual reporting on the Chicomms. The dry humor and slight cutting humor tickles me in the no-nos.
    As a Hong Kong protester once said, “Don’t trust China, China is asshole!”