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| March 29, 2020

S&W 629 V Comp

Shooting in Newton County deemed self-defense

By Jeff Lehr
A 36-year-old man was being treated for gunshot wounds after he allegedly attacked another man with a machete Thursday at a residence near Stark City, and the victim grabbed a rifle and shot him in self-defense.

Newton County Sheriff Chris Jennings said deputies responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on Norway Road and found Cody S. Bowman, 36, there with gunshot wounds, and Joseph Ward, 23, with an injury from having been struck in the head with a machete.

Bowman was taken to a Joplin hospital for treatment of his wounds. Assault charges were filed on him Friday, and the sheriff indicated he would be transported to the Newton County Jail once he is released from the hospital. Bowman is charged with first-degree assault, first-degree burglary and two counts of armed criminal action.

Jennings said Ward, who lives at the address, also was treated for injuries following the disturbance.

According to a probable-cause affidavit filed with the charges, Bowman was still in the yard of the residence, running water from a garden hose over gunshot wounds to his arm and hand when deputies arrived on the scene. He told the deputies that he had been shot four times. Deputies subsequently located two bullet wounds on him.

Occupants of the residence told deputies that Bowman was not supposed to be at the residence but broke some glass in a door trying to get in. Ward went outside and told Bowman to leave, and Bowman threw a machete that struck Ward in the head.

Ward told deputies that he then retrieved a .22-caliber rifle and shot Bowman twice as Bowman was coming at him with a bar that he had picked up in the driveway.
The affidavit states that deputies found a machete inside the house, where occupants said they had taken it to keep the weapon away from Bowman after he threw it. They also found five shell casings and three live rounds in the yard.

Bowman still had a large knife on his person when deputies first arrived. He was told to toss it on the ground, and he did, according to the affidavit. The document states that he was wearing a sheath for the machete on his belt.

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Gunman robs 2 stores, carjacks driver, then gets shot at by concealed carry holder — all within 15 minutes

An armed man carjacked a motorist, robbed two businesses, and was shot at by a concealed carry holder whom he tried to rob — all within 15 minutes Thursday evening in Rogers Park, according to CPD reports. No one is in custody.

It all started around 9 p.m. when the offender displayed a gun in his waistband as he tried to rob Little Caesars, 7001 North Clark, the reports show. The man left empty-handed and immediately robbed Taqueria Hernandez across the street at 6983 North Clark.

At 9:04 p.m., the offender flashed a gun and carjacked a driver on the 1700 block of North Lunt, the reports said. He got away with the man’s silver 2008 Saturn sedan, which bears a license plate that begins with BK911.

But the gunman made a tactical error around 9:15 p.m. when he walked up to a concealed carry holder on the 7000 block of North Paulina, pulled out a gun, and said, “give me all you got.”

The would-be victim pulled out his own gun and opened fire on the offender, squeezing off at least five rounds at the man, officers reported. No one sought medical attention for gunshot wounds from nearby hospitals, so it appears the robber was not struck.

Police said the offender is a white man between 18- and 30-years-old who stands 5’9” to 6’2” tall, and weighs 160 to 200 pounds. He wore a black hoodie and a mask over the lower half of his face.

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Man shoots, kills woman accused of opening fire at Tulsa shopping area, police say

A woman is dead after allegedly opening fire at customers outside a Tulsa business on Friday, police said.

According to Tulsa police, a man with a concealed carry permit shot and killed the woman in response to seeing her shooting at people.

It happened near 5300 N. Peoria.

Surveillance video showed the same woman in an altercation in the area earlier in the day. Police said she returned with a gun.

The man with the concealed carry permit was questioned and released.

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Looks like a flush today Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. One DRT, one in the body and fender shop awaiting transport to the gray bar hotel, and a pair in the wind.

“If guns are outlawed, only the government will have guns. Only the police, the secret police, the military, the hired servants of our rulers. Only the government — and a few outlaws. I intend to be among the outlaws.” — EDWARD ABBEY

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  1. Sorta Blogless Sunday Patriotic Pinup » Pirate's Cove | March 29, 2020
  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    Range time people! How dahell we gonna keep our Brother Wilted Willy on the mend if we don’t have more DRTs? This shoulda been a solid trifecta of DRTs. The dumbass toting a knife to a gun fight? Shoulda got a double tap, taxpayer’s savings shot just for being…well, you know…a dumbass. The Chitcongo shooter? 5 rounds at a target that size and you missed? And a good on you Mr. Okie. I’d like to buy him a beer…and a steak.

    Nice little streamlined hand cannon you gots there Mister. Racing slick instead of mud grip wheel? Showing David that Navy Boys can tote large caliber? Guess he’s never noticed them 16 inchers y’all had access to, back when. Big Mo, not just a platform for a Surrender Ceremony.

    Count me among the outlaws…’specially when it is downright criminal about my lust full thoughts on Ms Golden Haired Surprise Thang. She needs to be charged with theft too…she done went and stole my heart. She needs to be locked up…with me!

    • David says:

      Perhaps better stated that they only like small balls in their hands?

      Yeah, 16 inchers are impressive as hell. Read a while back they could put all three rounds from the turret into a football field 20 miles away. Minute of arc accuracy, better than most rifles ever made… pretty good considering the original trajectory work was calculated on abaci (abacuses).

      • AW1Ed says:

        Let me guess, another dirt-diggin’ doggy who sleeps in a hole in the ground and warms his ham and MF’ers over burning C-4, right?

        • David says:

          Never got higher than corn, lower than potatoes, and know I can neither fly by myself nor swim more than a couple of miles on my best day.

          • AW1Ed says:

            Well now you have me confused- not hard to do- but this is like three shots across my bow with your Navy comments. Something I wrote, you generally dislike squids, a Sailor break you heart, what?

            Tell AW1 all about it, I can handle it and maybe help.

  2. M48DAT says:

    I know what your thinking, did I fire 5 shots or 6.

    Inspector Callahan

  3. Steve 1371 says:

    Doesn’t say caliber of the five round salvo. Could be the perp wandered off into the bushes somewhere to expire from lead poisoning. Pretty good response but maybe pack a bit more horsepower or focus on that front sight more.

    • MI Ranger says:

      The suspect said “give me all you got”! It would appear the CCW holder tried to but the perp ran away when he learned that all the CCW holder had was lead coins. But alas, the CCW holder did not make the deposit he intended to and instead wasted his seed on the ground.

  4. That looks like a dogwood tree behind the young chick holding the rifle. I can tell by it’s bark.

  5. Thunderstixx says:

    Range time people !!!!
    Friggin range time !!!

  6. MI Ranger says:

    What is with the young lady’s boots? They look like they are full of holes! And that is a huge bi-pod on that bolt gun.