Rick Jowers Wins Sheriff Election

| March 4, 2020

BigCountyNews reports that Rick Jowers prevailed over Leroy Foley in the Sheriff’s election for Callahan County Texas.

Rick Jowers wins during controversial Callahan County Sheriff’s race, plans to reject nomination

Rick Jowers has been elected the new Sheriff of Callahan County during a controversial race where both candidates are accused of making false claims about their military service.

Jowers beat challenger Leroy Foley by a vote of 78% to 22%, however, he won’t actually takeover for current sheriff Terry Joy.

In a recent letter the public, Jowers said he plans to reject the nomination in order to allow the Callahan County Republican Party and County Precinct Chairs to select a new Sheriff.

It’s unknown how long that process will take.

Jowers and Foley both made false claims about their military service during a public candidate forum.

Foley falsely said he has received Silver Star and Purple Heart medals, and Jowers admitted he lied about the rank of his service.

Both men are currently under investigation for these claims.

I guess the consolation prize is that Jowers can say he was elected the Sheriff of Callahan County.  Maybe it will be currency in Federal PMITAP?

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Instead of posting the glorious The Hemisphere of Insults®™ as I have done in the past and was edited by Dave just because it briefly tarnished TAH as being used for media consumption, I will leave this here…

….”CONGRATULATIONS “Dick Jowls”. You can lick my left nut.

5th/77th FA

Gonna get awfully crowded around that left nut Chipster…or just a long line? Does PETA still have FIRST lick? Asking for a friend. Thos the HoI was removed (and I understand Dave’s reasoning for it), the HoI was up for a time and the new folks that we have brought on board know the HoI and it is known that for a brief moment “Dick Jowls” was assaulted by said HoI. And soon, his “Jowls” may be assaulted by…well…you know. We can all take comfort in the knowledge that we kept these two phonies from rocking their lie a little more.


So after reading this 1. You real many of the posts and saw that I offered said “Left Nut” twice today so yeah, there’s that and
2. Yeah, in the original Jowers and Foley thread the The Hemisphere of Insults®™ was not entirely deleted, but Dave edited it to the first post for “brevity”, and that’s the one and only time the HoI has been edited, that I think I can remember, so, going forward, we just have to have missions and deployment lag just in case we see the thread garnering any outside attention.


5th/77th FA

I read.every.single.one! Posts.comments.AND.linkys…

Will go back thru the previous nights post FIRST thing every morning, just to see what our western time zone brethren have said. Hell, I might as well…got nothin’ better to do. (spit)


… And make my right one jealous!

Green Thumb

Fucking losers.

Cannot believe either turd got votes.

Jowers and Foley must have some defenders in the ranks.


Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich, someone had to ‘win’?

Doc Savage

Battle of the bullshitters…..win or lose, you are still a bullshitter.


What this tells me is that you can get a turd elected.

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it; well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you men.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

“……..you can get a turd elected.”
But there’s still no clean end to pick it up, and you can’t polish one.


I am pretty sure I have never in my life known every person on a ballot… if someone is running unopposed I do not vote, and generally if there is a contest my priorities are their policies (if known), if I recognize their name favorably, which party they represent – pretty much in that order. I try to keep up with politics yet have never voted a ballot in almost 50 years without the above guesswork priorities coming into play at least once.

Daisy Cutter

Let’s take inventory:

After all the ruffled feathers, after all the chest thumping and cock-birding around…

… there was not one single HALO jump, not one Hop-n-Pop, and not one single bullet taken for this country.

They both proved that there is an exception to the phrase “Make a difference – get out and vote!”

Comm Center Rat

Its about time the Texas Rangers put a boot up Ricky’s ass. And it is way beyond time that Leroy pays his overdue child support payments.


“Jowers won 939 of 1,210 votes cast, unofficially.” Foley ended up with 271 votes.


Green Thumb


Keepin' It Real

Sheriff Joy and Rick Jowers are supposedly good friends. In light of Rick Jowers winning, a nice gesture would be for Sheriff Joy to invite Jowers in to sniff his Sheriff’s holster.

It’s only right.

Green Thumb

Or he could try out Jower’s cockholster.


Dick Jowls is a sack sucking semen slurper, nut nibbling nincompoop, and jizz juicing jackoff.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Are those already in the HoI? If not, CHipNASA, take note, they should be.


(That was a mouthful…..”THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!”)
I did see that yesterday and thought about it.
So, OK, ArmyATC your above alliteration is going to be added to the infamous The Hemisphere of Insults®™


I’m honored!


Hopefully, down the road, we will find out if both Jowers and Foley LEGALLY obtained a LEO License in Texas.

IMHO, still believe they didn’t.

Speaking of Elections, it looks as if the Race for the Dem candidate for President will be between Biden, Sanders, Warren and Gabbard:


Gee Whiz. Wonder why he dropped out.


USMCMSgt (Ret)

Mind boggling that Liz Warren is sticking it out, in spite of the fact she couldn’t garner her home state approval on Super Tuesday.


Aaaaaaannnnnddddd…Liewatha is gone.


“Gee Whiz. Wonder why he dropped out.”


Sorry, couldn’t resist that…





Unfuck this, Texas.

Told ya so

Both need licenses taken away and charged with whatever they can be charged with.


True. I don’t know what kind of stuff you have to write down applying for a police academy; or even if you have to go to one to be a deputy, but if they wrote that bullshit down on that I’d say they’re cooked. Or, maybe they were just smart enough to rein in their imaginations thinking Texas might check. We’ve seen over and again that election boards pretty much just require a pulse to run. Not so necessary to vote.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Fuck the both of them.

Comm Center Rat

Agreed. But not the horses they rode in on or any service dogs they own. LOL


I was thinking more along the lines of deworming and neutering…

Combat Historian

“…In a recent letter the public, Jowers said he plans to reject the nomination in order to allow the Callahan County Republican Party and County Precinct Chairs to select a new Sheriff….”

Is Jowers REALLY going to reject his own election as Sheriff? I don’t believe a fucking thing he says until and unless there is an actual signed and notarized letter of resignation and rejection of nomination coming from this deserter douche…

Forest Bondurant

Something tells me the ongoing investigation by the Texas Rangers has something to do with that.


CH, you are correct.

Rick Jowers still has not OFFICIALLY withdrawn from the race:


“One day after the election, he still had yet to officially withdraw, causing the County Party Chair to be at a standstill with any decisions surrounding the future of the office.”

“Callahan County GOP Chair Angie Campbell said that until Jowers submits an official withdrawal, they can’t move forward.”

“Once and if that withdrawal is received, Campbell said the County Republican Executive Committee will then be able to determine a replacement nominee.”

5th/77th FA

If Jowers’ Father had of withdrawn, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Combat Historian

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the douchebag deserter tries to weasel out of his own promise made before this farce election…


Congratulations on winning such a hard fought election! I’m sure his term as sheriff will be one for the record books. /sarc

5th/77th FA

Found this on the comments sections of the TAH in your Facebook page thingie. ‘Pears there were some females “satisfied” with his work out there. “…he apologized for his mistakes…” “…he deserves another chance…” Boo effing hoo! He is a lying embellishing POS that has no business being an LEO. This should be another case of “Rangers (Texas) Lead the Way!” I’ll try to leave this here.


The Stranger

Fuck them there clowns.



What his “Supporters” who said he “made a mistake” failed to realize is that Ole Ricky Boy has been covering his OTH, his AWOL and his Lies for YEARS.

OJ Simpson had supporters.

So did Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Chairman Mao, the Kims of North Korea, the Clintons…😉

Heck, Fidel Castro still has Supporters. Can You Spell B-e-r-n-ie.

You Reap What You Sow.

Thank You for sharing!



Hack Stone

Shit, even Daniel Bernath had a few mentally, morally and hygienically challenged supporters.



dO yOu MeAn a PUrPLe SuIt cLOwN and CRyeR?

Asking For A Friend.


Hack Stone

Don’t forget the Chunkendale Dancer from Ocean City Maryland.

Carlton G Long

Or the Liar of Lenoir.


Ahhhh, Jowers needs to “officially” withdraw?
This could get mucky if he wants to take it back now.


Any word on whether Foley ever made good on those outstanding child support matters?

Ah well, may God bless the good folks of Callahan County, as he already has by ridding them of two woeful valor thieves.






Election hijinx UPDATE
in Douglas County, Colorado —

GEORGE TEAL (city councilman, running for county commissioner)
has DELETED any mention of the VFW from his campaign page.
(But VFW is STILL listed on his council page.) http://www.georgefordougco.com/meet-george/


City Council job page. VFW still listed here!



Locals tired of his crap OUTED him in February with a webpage.
(Page now deleted. This is the cache.)


Hack Stone

The Sheriff Rick Jowers Victory Banquet will feature imitation crab meat, mock turtle soup, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Entertainment will be provided by the Grammy winning duo of Milli Vanilli.

Comm Center Rat

Texas Ranger Cordell Walker was ordered out of retirement to work the Jowers case. I’m sure he’ll convince Ricky of the wisdom of officially withdrawing.

Paul Blart, President of the Mall Security Officers Association of America (MSOAA), recently reiterated to his membership that Jowers will “never have a future in tactical retail security.”

Hack Stone

Jowers should reach out to Heavy Chevy and seek his guidance on coping with SVE (Stolen Valor Exposure). It’s nothing that seven or eight pounds of cheese won’t get him through.

Dennis - not chevy

To follow the cheese eating Heavy Chevy properly, he’ll have to buy a surplus cop car and not find the time to remove the markings.

Daisy Cutter

They could put him on mall traffic detail.

JOWERS: Sir, we had you clocked at 7mph in a 5mph zone.

MAN: That’s ridiculous, this car can’t do over 4mph or it shakes uncontrollably.


Wasn’t this the primary? So, is there no opponent in the general election, thus it is assumed that he would win the general? Timing could be an issue if he has to wait until elected as sheriff vs. being selected as the party’s candidate for election. If he withdraws prior to the general there could there be no candidate to elect. And if so, who would appoint the new sheriff?


It’s all here.
Democrats have no one.
Jowers (Republican) has now officially withdrawn.



Just read an article in the Big Country News that says Jowers has officially withdrawn his nomination. So I guess that opens the door for the Sheriff’s Deputy from Abilene (SGT William Griffin) to submit himself as an official candidate to the county commissioners for consideration.

Griffin seems like a stand-up individual. The very first thing he did after announcing his intent (story in Big Country News dated 26 Feb) to throw his hat in the ring was to post a full copy of his DD214 (Four Year Torpedoman in the Navy) to his personal Face Book page.

So, mark the calendar, my call is that William Griffin will eventually be named the new Sheriff of Callahan County, TX.

Green Thumb

I have always wondered if each of these losers knew the other was full of shit or bullshitting them?

Makes one wonder…


Neither knew the whole truth about the other.
That said,
they both know a bullshitter when they see one,
and they covered for each other(‘s Ranger bullshit).

Green Thumb

Any word or updates on these losers?