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| February 9, 2020

Mauser K98

Colombian Doctor Shoots Attackers in Self-Defense
“Know and understand that he clearly acted in self-defense.”

By Andrés Fernández
The Colombian doctor was released after he allegedly killed three men who tried to rob him on a pedestrian bridge in Bogotá. The event, which became a subject of national discussion, sparked a dispute in public opinion as to what is and isn’t self-defense, as well as the carrying of firearms.

The man was released after voluntarily surrendering to the authorities hours after the event occurred. Although the public does not yet know the identity of the health professional, there is speculation that he is a well-known doctor in the Colombian capital.

According to the local authorities aware of the case, the doctor was carrying a licensed weapon because he had allegedly received threats. It should be noted that, despite his release, the man will continue to be associated with the investigation while it is on. If it is established that he acted in self-defense, he will be acquitted.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, the assailants who died in the act had criminal records for the crimes of theft, carrying weapons, and impersonating police officers to commit various crimes.

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Wow- 3 v 1 and the one prevailed. Read the entire article here: Panama Post

Update. Prosecutor says security guard fired shots in self-defense at Columbia Waffle House

by Monica Ryan
COLUMBIA — A Boone County prosecutor said Friday the security guard on duty at a Columbia Waffle House who shot and killed a man on New Year’s Day 2018 will not face criminal charges.

The Boone County Assistant Prosecutor Nick Komoroski said in a letter to Columbia Police Chief Geoff Jones he is not filing charges against Robert Moses, who shot and killed Anthony Warren at the Waffle House on Vandiver Drive.

Komoroski said Moses was attempting to de-escalate a confrontation between Le’Quan Hord-Bush and Matthew McMillan and therefore he did not commit a crime.

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Different Columbia. I remember this one generated some comments about the need for armed security at a freakin’ Waffle House. Read the rest here: KRCG TV


Believing his family was in mortal danger, an Ohio County homeowner has shot a prowler multiple times.

Ohio County Sheriff Tracy Beatty said that Thursday night at approximately 9:50, his office responded to a report of a prowler at the residence at 318 Hwy 85, in Centertown. With deputies en route and while on the phone with Ohio County Dispatch, the caller advised that her husband had shot the prowler, according to Beatty.

Upon police arriving at the scene, deputies found the prowler, Adam Hardin, of Livermore, on the ground next to the front porch suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The homeowner, Mark Stewart, told deputies that he confronted Hardin near the back of the residence.

After a “verbal confrontation,” Stewart retreated toward the front door of his home with Hardin following, Beatty said. Stewart continued to advise Hardin to stop or he would shoot, with Stewart telling deputies that he believed his family’s lives were in danger.

Beatty said that when Stewart got to his front door, Hardin continued up the steps and onto the porch, where Stewart shot Hardin four times with a .22 caliber handgun.

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BZ to the homeowner for protecting his family, but not enough club, or more range time. Read the rest here: K105

Instant Trifecta Sunday, Wilted Willy. Hope all went well and you’re on he mend.


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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    A for sure instant trifecta with a possible Royal Flush if the Ohio dirtbag’s “life threatening” injuries do indeed take his worthless ass on out. Add him to the Columbia MO and you have 5 DRTs. BZ to the good doctor, the homeowner, and the alert security guard for taking out the trash.

    War story alert; TINS! There I was, minding my own damn bidness, driving across hell and half of Missouri on I-70 summer of ’15. Jonesing bad for sweet iced tea, grits, and scrambled eggs with cheese. Knowing I was hundreds of miles from grits or sweet iced teas when I spotted that very same Waffle House sign from the big road. Whipped my little Josey Nismo into the parking lot, went thru the door singing out “Good Morning Hi y’all doing, I know I can get grits and sweet iced tea heah.” Not sure if it was the Georgia Bulldawg T-Shirt, the unexpected down home greeting, the menu items request, or the accent, but for some reason they knew I wasn’t from around there. Real nice folks and they fell all over themselves taking good care of us. We talked about the different WHs I’d been into in my many travels and were impressed that I had known the founders Bert and Joe from wayback. I asked about the security guard that they had then and seems it was from all of the Ferguson spillover. The manager insisted on comping my meal and thanking me for stopping in. I gave them a sack of peaches from the bushel basket I had. I wonder if the same folks were there when these Whiz Wheel candidates showed their asses. Claw you’re up!

    Had a K98 Mauser like that, purchased on a blue light special at K-Mart in 1966 for 24.95. Damn fine shooting iron, stolen in a home breakin in ’76. The little punk that did it skated cause he was a minor and it couldn’t be proven that he did that one along with a number of others in the area. Sick bastard drowned 2, 3 week old kittens in the toilet and put 3 others in the freezer. Justice was delivered about 3-4 years later when he got locked up for child molestation and “slipped and fell in the shower” resulting in a fatal injury. Understand he had a severely bruised taint and throat too.

    Speaking of have had….HONEY HUSH!!!!!!!! I have had erotic fantasies about them thar two Ms Thangs for decades. Child puuullleaze!!! “Got a Lady in Red in the back of my head” “Back in Black” I’ll make Merry with those Widows. Did you post that (a) just to jerk my chain (b) cause Ex is on sick leave and your Mrs is visiting out of town (c) cause you love us and want us to be happy (d) all of the above. Whichever…Thank you…Thank you very much!

    • AW1Ed says:

      D) All of the above. It’s a bit more risque than the usual Sunday FGS, but Valentine’s Day is coming up, and after all, this is what makes America great. Too macho/paternalistic/Alpha Male? Too bad.

  2. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    After FA’s verbal explosion, I have nothing to add to that.
    Except, Good Job, AW1! And TY

  3. David says:

    Four rounds of .22… proves two things:
    1) .22 may not have shock power, but it has plenty of killing power.
    2) Shot placement is more important than shot power.
    3) Don’t shoot till you think he’s dead, shoot till HE thinks he’s dead.

  4. ArmyATC says:

    The good Colombian doctor got himself a hat trick. The Waffle House security guard shows that doing the right thing is never easy, but is the right thing to do. The Ohio County family man needs a bigger ‘club.’ He did have the right idea though, fire until the threat is neutralized. I guess he had to with that pea shooter.

    The Mauser K98, a great platform for a custom hunting rifle.

    And thank you for the gorgeous ‘gun bunnies’ at the end.

  5. Docduracoat says:

    I sure like women in lingerie holding guns.
    Just what guns are those?