Larry Mitchell “Tubby” Hopkins – Update

| January 14, 2020


Nate Thayer and AW1Ed have previously featured Larry Mitchell “Tubby” Hopkins, AKA “Johnny Horton” (but NOT Johnny Horton, Jr., the entertainer) in articles on Nate Thayer’s blog and cross-posted by AW1Ed here at TAH.   Short version:  Hopkins appears to be yet another so-called “militia” leader, a grifter, a convicted felon, an imposter – in short, he’s just an all-around      low-life bastard     “fine individual”.

Well, here’s an update on the guy.

He was arrested last year on multiple charges.  Seems the tool decided to plead guilty to yet another felony. 

On 2 January 2020 Hopkins pleaded guilty to Federal firearms charges – specifically, to unlawfully possessing firearms as a convicted felon.  He’s currently in custody awaiting sentencing.

He’s looking at a possible 10 years in Federal prison – and since he has a prior felony conviction, I’m guessing he’ll get some time.  But I’d be quite surprised if he gets the max.

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5th/77th FA

Well there goes the food budget bill for whatever lockup this fat ass POS gets sent to. Yep, he’s a Five Star all right. A 5 Star dumb/fat ass. I don’t even think he could lead a charge on a Turkish whorehouse, much less do anything worthwhile in it. He might could command a buffet assault team. Or act as a section of border wall. Wonder if Bubba and the boys like their “fresh fish’ thick?


Meal Team 6 member.


Ha!, that was funny.


Thanks for the update, Hondo. I’ll tell Nate about our round mound of sound.

Wilted Willy

Thanks to both of you and Nate as well, if this fat fuck ever fell over, he would rock to death! This bastard will be the buffet line at Bubba’s Deli!!!

Hack Stone

How come everyone in a militia is either a Colonel or a General? Don’t these militias have any enlisted guys to do the heavy work, like picking up cigarette butts in the parking lot and brass on the rifle range? And what about a 2nd Lieutenant in charge of the annual Militia Relief Drive to put cash in the prison commissary accounts of their fearless leaders?


All the Militia Specialists are at dental….

Hack Stone

Dat’s a good one. If this guy is the cream of the crop when it comes to leadership abilities, can you imagine the skill set of their dental technicians?


♫ In 1814 we took a little trip. . . ♫

Oh wait – wrong guy. This guy’s a douche.


Originally posted by Hondo:

But I’d be quite surprised if he gets the max.

He looks like he supersizes his McDonald’s orders, thus maxing out his weight. If he does get the max, it would be business as usual for him… Re maxing out.


Damn clever strategy… no worries about your cellmate if you are so large no one else can fit in the cell.


He should look into becoming a small engine pilot.

Just An Old Dog

Small engine pilot my ass,, better get some jet turbine engines to get that fat fuck off the ground.

Hack Stone

That comment from OldManchu May have been a tip of the hat to our dearly departed gravity challenged non- fuel gauge reading not an Honorary Chief Petty Officer disbarred attorney.


Yes, that is the implication. But the correct term for the human lawn dart’s license is “light sport pilot.”


Is he pregnant?

If he is, it looks like whatever he’s hiding in there is just about done to a turn.

Doc Savage

I’m no engineer, but I hope that is not his RV I see him standing next to; there is no possible way I can see that his body could fit through that door….


Pop up Jayco TENT TRAILER….His fat ass could squeeze through the door…
Poor fat fuck couldn’t afford a camper, 5th wheel or RV?


I had no idea a tent trailer could support that kind of load. Jayco, damn fine work there! It’s an engineering marvel, second only to Dolly Parton’s bra!


Actually it doesn’t because if the shit slept on either side it would start to tilt…
I would pay to see the JAYCO collapse while he’s in it…

5th/77th FA

Rep Hank Johnson will make sure he is not locked up on Guam.


Seriously, how does one get that f’ing fat? I’m starting to get a bit of a dad bod and I’m freaking out (gym, changing eating habits). Is just a complete lack of give a f*co to get that fat?

3/17 Air Cav

It’s those damn c rats, “Ham and mutherfuckers” he should have known better!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Looks like he was assembled entirely from cheap spare parts and defective DNA! Now he’s headed to prison where he’ll be a burden on the taxpayers.


fat, filthy, and felonious is no way to go through life…


Hack Stone

This guy, … This guy is definitely All Points Logistics material.

(Say that with Frank Costanza’s voice in your head)


What a fat, filthy, lazy dick.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

If he doesn’t qualify to be an oompaloopa, then maybe the Navy can use him as a sea going mail buoy out in the ocean. Anyone ever stand the mail buoy watch???


This huge sack-o-shit has quite a record of felonies. Looks like he started his crime wave back in 1967, when he was 19 and deserted from the Army, likely to avoid a trip to the Viet of the Nam. He is one of the worst fakers ever. Too bad they likely won’t lock him up for about 15-20 years.

Green Thumb

Fat Ass Loser.

I wonder if he is drawing a pension from All-Points Logistics?

A Proud Infidel®™



I can’t help to wonder what that fucking camper smells like. My guess is candy and tears.


Astroglide and regret.

A Proud Infidel®™

Ass-funk, BO and failure.


I think he ate the tires off of that camper thinking they were doughnuts.

Green Thumb

I am also going to guess they (whoever that may be) inflate them through his two-hole to keep the “aired up”.

By the looks up his fat, recently-pump, ass….


I bet he only gets 3 to 4 years in the joint.

A Proud Infidel®™

He’s probably looking forward to “three free hots and a cot”, here’s hoping he gets a friendly meet-up with some MS-13’s or Latin Kings.

Cameron Kingsley

The question is, will prison help him lose weight? Probably not.


That bozo reminds me of the Round Ranger! Looks like he’s been doing donut curls, also.

Hack Stone

For some reason, this guy reminds Hack of this guy.