Democrat: Too Many 2A Supporters Have Mental Health Issues

| January 14, 2020

Perhaps he’s disappointed over the fact that a group of 2nd Amendment supporters showed up to counterbalance his message. (The Washington Examiner)

State Senator Dave Marsden held a forum intended for “the youth”. A Second Amendment rights group showed up, “changing” the expected script of how this meeting was supposed to go.

In the aftermath of the meeting, he claimed to have received many disturbing phone calls. Somehow, these phone calls “are” a “representation” of the entire Second Amendment rights movement. Consequently, he made a statement regarding Second Amendment rights supporters having mental issues.

From the Washington Examiner:

Mornings on the Mall host Mary Walter read part of Marsden’s letter on-air and asked him to comment.

Too many of your members and other 2A supporters appear to have mental health issues,” Walter quoted.

A significant number of these things were indicative of very unstable people, and this is worrisome,” replied Marsden. “The responses I was getting were from people who showed signs of having mental health difficulties.”

This doesn’t appear to be an isolated event with regards to what the leftists really think about the rest of us. They appear to be more concerned about a law-abiding citizen being armed with certain types of weapons than they are about the criminals who would get access to these weapons despite their laws.

The supporters who did call and left those harassing and threatening calls do a disservice. However, they do not represent the entire group that supports the Second Amendment.

One common description that I get from the leftists that I argue against has something to do with “mental issues”. The reality is that folks like these have issues with “losing control” of the narrative.

The Washington Examiner has more information on this story.

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TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Or TARD, Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder!


It comes down to, if you do not believe what I believe, you must be crazy. An Elitist does not like to have their pet projects not embraced by everyone. Be it Gun Control, Higher Taxes or Climate Change. If you do not agree with them you are obviously mentally ill.

This will also be used under the “Red Flag Law’ they just rammed through. All someone needs to say is, you are mentally ill. Boom, guns gone, you in jail or dead for “Resisting”.


He’s a liar. The threats did not happen.

VA democrats are out of control and the republicans are absent from the public square.



He says the meeting with the 2A supporters went wel. So why would they be sending death threats to his phone the next week? Makes no sense.

Show the messages and show the police reports. Sitting members of a legislature are usually given good service by a state police agency when threats are made.

It’s impossible to believe that someone who genuinely feels like they’re being threatened by mentally unstable, armed people is only going to take to Facebook and Twitter.

*Sniff* *Sniff*
Nope, smells like bullshit.


as we say on reddit…when one starts the “death threats” accusations, it is time to look for the bot and fake accounts linked to the accuser.

Hate crimes are so rare in the USA that lefties have to fake them…


“Hate crimes are so rare in the USA that lefties have to fake them…”… that’s true when you’re talking about those committed by folks on the right. When it comes to lefty hate crimes, like anti-Semetism, those are actually increasing, just look at NY…


yes…all those Black Hebrew Israelite white supremacists…


matthew quigley

There was a little weirdo delegate named Levine from Northern Virginia who testified (before the senate committee approving the anti’s agenda) that they weren’t extreme leftist laws,just common sense.You should have seen the guy’s face when he walked out of the committee room into the crowd of very polite 2nd amendment supporters.He went very pale,and tried to not be seen on his very quick exit.These are not grown-ups,but sniveling children with power.Marsden and other legislators received visits by executives wearing blue and red lapel pins that looked like the colors of a certain bank with ‘America’ in their name.After the visits,the ‘representatives of the people’ disappeared and were generally not available to their constituents for the rest of the day.Are that bank’s executives bagmen for the hungarian billionaire and the diminutive former NY mayor?It sure looked that way on the 13th of January.


Bullshit flags. Bullshit flags everywhere. Perhaps poor little Davy thinks “come and take them” is a death threat.


Well, to be fair, Leonidas and his 300 Spartans certainly meant it that way.

As a whole bunch of Persians discovered. Ouch.


I am certain Marsden sees it that way too. Folks are saying they will fight rather than obey. He -cannot- tolerate that, or his whole agenda is moot.

The wogs -must- obey their Democrat masters. Must.

Yeah. No.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

First, SHOW ME the vulgar, obscene, and threatening texts, voice mails, et al.
Second, prove to me that they’re from conservative gun owners, especially VCDL.
Been down this garden path before, and it was all fakery.

Also sounds like the attempt to start the Soviet style mental illness “diagnosis” to remove ones enemies’ rights.


Where is his degree in psychology or mental health studies?

Odds are he’s just shooting off his mouth.


You said shooting, that’s “triggering”. Wait, I said triggering, that’s… that’s…aw shit.


Best be careful or someone might drop the hammer on….Dammit.


Don’t go off all halfcocked…
I know that ain’t funny, my jokes always misfire.

Hack Stone

They need to issue Trigger Warnings when the retro television channels broadcast reruns of The Roy Rogers Show.

5th/77th FA

Miss Kitty makes my gun smoke.


Even better… Peggy Castle on “Lawman”.

5th/77th FA

I must have mental health issues. I think it is crazy that the gunz grabbers want to take away our means of defending ourselves. Is it because they are planning to do things that would cause us to need to defend ourselves…from them?


Very much so, The People who dare to believe in the Constitution are mentally ill. I mean, freedom and liberty are akin to terrorism.
I can’t even anymore.


Commies hate freedom– consider the source.


Early childhood learned-maladaptive behavior pattern stemming from the inability to have all the sand in the sandbox.
All of that fancy book learnin’ never got him an earned gold star, it’s all been a lie Davie Marsden.

Cameron Kingsley

Better watch out there Davy. Because when you mess with the bull, you will get the horns.


A Proud Infidel®™️

“You don’t agree with me or my agenda, thus I label you as Mentally I’ll.” Just what the Communists and Nazis did in the past, another fine example of Projection and further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder!


The commies, especially the Ruskies, liked to put people who opposed them in mental hospitals, because everyone who didn’t express belief in their bullshit ideology must be mentally ill. Mostly though, they just exterminated the people who refused to go along with the program. So now we have the crypto-commies, the “progressives,” adopting this same fake meme about the mental health of those who own guns and believe in the 2A. If they ever get the full power they seek, the Progs will be opening new mental health “hospitals” to house their political prisoners.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just look at the “Red Flag” Laws that the Mentally Ill Proglodytes want everywhere and we see yet another one of their gun Confiscation schemes so they can be the ruling party elite like Nazi Germany.


How left/libtards work– they’ll be “concerned” about their opponents and have their guns taken.


They want us all disarmed because they know it is easy to control a disarmed populace when you control the police state. Both Lenin and Mao knew complete & absolute political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.


Commies’ idea of “gun safety” is only they have any.


I give this guy’s claims of deadly threats exactly as much credibility as I correctly gave Jussie Smollett’s:


A Proud Infidel®™️

A 24K attention whore for sure!


I’m so much more relaxed and mentally de-stressed since the boating accident on Lake Palestine. Tragically all my guns were lost but the difference in mental health is amazing. To quote John Astin, “I’m feeling much better now!”


I have never owned any guns. Guns are large, and use very heavy ammo.

Most of them are in motor pools on military bases…

so, yes, come and get the “guns”.

Idiots, every one.


Assuming you’re male, I hope you own at least one “gun”.

This is my rifle
This is my gun . . .



not banned (yet)…LOL

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

What will the 37% of democrats whom are NRA members say about this and the former Democrat POTUS JFK who was an NRA member and is now turning over in his grave. So why did the demo rats vote him in if he had mental issues???


“Too many of your members and other 2A supporters appear to have mental health issues,” Walter quoted.


Has this jackwagon seen the people on HIS side? You want ‘mental health issues’? How about the ’52 varieties of gender’ people, or the ‘Don’t say bad words to me, I need my safe space’ nutjobs? How about the “let’s have the government take care of everything, what could go wrong” crowd?

2A folks are the most stable people on the planet. you want proof? Consider the fact that everyone in that room had the self control and discipline not to shoot your ass while you were running your suck about them.


But…But…The science! The science!


Phone records or it didn’t happen.


Facts, nor logic, have no impact or value in this ‘conversation’


Bernie Sanders staffer say violence if they don’t get their way and gulags for Trump supporters when Dems win…


I saw this!
Just a professional ‘heads up’ for the authoritarian jackboots, if you’re wanting to work ‘hard to easy’ I suggest you put me a’top yer list.
When you come find me I’ll be that guy ya won’t see, if you get what imma puttin down…


And cities will burn if the public is so deranged that they re-elect Trump.

Man, those progressives are so tolerant.


In every Prog there is a totalitarian screaming to get out.


Commies’ real beef with Nazis is envy.


At least they’ll only burn and riot in their own neighborhoods/cities.


I’m betting that are resident “commissar” said the same thing four years ago… then Cankles McPantsuit ruined his wet dream.

A Proud Infidel®™

Those idiots are going to have their asses handed to them if they try their shit in my corner of Red State America and I’m so looking forward to watching and hearing their heads explode on Election Night when President trump gets reelected.

Combat Historian

“I received death threats!” is always the last rhetorical refuge of the leftist scumdrel…


This is an interview with this clown from WMAL show Mornings on the Mall.

A Proud Infidel®™

Right now they’re going after “Assault “weapons” and they’ll never give up. Next they’ll be going after Bolt Action Rifles because they’re a “Sniper Style Weapon” or some shit like that