Valor Thief Wanted for ID Theft

| November 24, 2019

Kelsi Hoover POSing as Soldier Now Wanted for ID Theft

Look familiar? Jonn posted about this Hoover/Cipriani person last year:

Hoover was arrested in Oregon last year and extradited to Nevada for trial. The people over at Guardian of Valor did a lot of the work on the case initially. Back then, FBI agent Jerry Mullen said that civilians often put on a uniform to get a free drink or to impress others. The FBI takes other cases, like receiving military discounts and defrauding military benefits programs, much more seriously. “The notion” said Mullen “that this is somehow a victimless crime is absurd.”

We couldn’t agree more.

She’s been busy since then. One of our ninjas reports-

Woman charged with posing as male soldier in 2015 now wanted for ID theft in Fort Worth

Kelsie Denise Hoover, 28, abruptly left her job at KPS Global on Nov. 1, informing her bosses at the Fort Worth business she had to move to San Antonio due to medical issues.

But, it turns out, there was a lot she didn’t tell them, authorities said.

Hoover had been working at the business under a different name, assuming the identity of her friend’s female family member, according to Fort Worth Officer Buddy Calzada, a police spokesman.

When Hoover applied at KPS Global, they didn’t know she was carrying falsified identification and had changed her appearance to match the picture, Calzada said. They didn’t know she was lying about her life. They certainly didn’t know she was on the run from police.

Hoover, a former Baylor University student, gained national attention in 2015 when she was the first person to be arrested under the Stolen Valor Act of 2013. She was caught pretending to be a male soldier who had been awarded a Purple Heart, donning a camouflage military uniform and wearing her hair short.

Hoover was found guilty on fraud charges out of Nevada and was facing up to a 20-year prison sentence, according to media reports.

That’s when, Calzada said, she disappeared and didn’t show up for her sentencing date. And she eventually wound up in Fort Worth with a new female identity.

One has to wonder why she wasn’t considered a flight risk, and held until her court date. Aw, well. Hindsight and all that. The entire article may be viewed here: Star Telegram

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Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Isn’t that what we here at TAH have been saying since forever, “SV is the rancid cherry topping the shit sundae”.

The Stranger

Not this turd again. Some turds just won’t stay flushed.


Gassy and hot air turds float.
Only the turds composed of 100% turd sink.
We’ve all seen a lot of both.
Can I self-identify as a high pressure power flush toilet?


Not only does Kelsie Denise go around stealing other people’s identities, she also pretends she’s a man when it’s convenient.

Is it just me, or does Kelsie Denise have that odd spookish look in her eyes?

The Stranger

I know this is on everyone’s mind so I’ll just ask:
Would IDC SARC hit it?
The floor is yours, Maestro.


Well, it’s warm and has a pulse so……


That’s not necessarily a requirement for some


you never heard of stopping off for a cold one on the way home?

The Al

Not going to attempt to speak for him, but I’ve found that sticking it in the crazy gets old after a while. This individual is weapons-grade crazy, and probably thinks that you sticking it in her gives her ownership of it. I’ll pass

Comm Center Rat

Kelsie Hoover is twice the man and three times the lady Chelsea Manning is.

Hack Stone

Dat’s a good one.


Slacking off on your meds again, Lily?

The Al

So, which one of the people outed here are you really, Lily?


Did mommy revoke your PlayStation privileges again?


Trolls gonna troll, anyone besides me want to see them banned?

The Stranger

I don’t know, but you know what would be nice? A deployment of the “Hemisphere of Insults” on this Lily person. Can I get a second?

Wilted Willy

I hearby give a hearty second!


Dissent is necessary, even if it’s by a burgeoning chew-toy. Save the HoI for valor thieves.

It is funny how the really persistent ones sound alike… makes you think they’re all just one, huddling in Mommy’s basement drooling Cheeto bits down their filthy sweatshirt.

The Stranger

Oh piss off. No one cares about your bullshit, except maybe to point and laugh at you.


Dearest Lily,

Your conflation of morality and legality are true comedic input.

So, in your mind, fraud is a “moral” issue (by which, it appears, you mean only that orange man bad), yet you don’t seem to understand what the word moral even means.

You see, dearest Lily, those words don’t mean what you think they mean. One can be honest and moral, yet understand that if one must choose between two bad choices you must select the one that is less bad.

The choice to rage against the machine and support Trump is not necessarily the “moral” choice in a perfect world, but when the options are what they are now, one must vote against the machine…

Do you know who represents the machine, dearest Lily?


you represent the reprehensible dehumanization of people, the repugnant abuse of power, the cowardly cancel culture. You are the power.

Now you have had truth spoken to you, dearest Lily.

You are no longer allowed to pretend to be stupid.


That pretty much covers it. Although some of those multi-syllabic words might tax Lily’s mental capacity.

A Proud Infidel®™

THAT damned thing needs either a nice long stint in a loony bin or jail, let someone on the Bench finally make a Command Decision, IMHO She’s a young Bernath with XX Chromosomes sans a Sport Pilot License!


I just KNEW that I wasn’t the only one to make the Bernath comparison.

Now all she needs is a set of fake CPO stripes, a dog with its paws taped together, and a revoked California law license. Also, getting a fRiEnD ThAt TyPeS LiKe ThIs would really round out the awn-sahm-bleh, no?

A Proud Infidel®™

Lily, you’re an ignorant slut.


We had a safe trip down. I’ve cobbled together a com link and now am blessed (cursed?) with a repeat valor thief AND a trolling chew toy. Damn life is good.

Oh, and btw…I don’t think that IDCSARC would hit either one of them.