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| November 10, 2019

Family of Dead Robber Slams Clerk for Having Gun, CEO Steps in with Job Offer

By Jared Harris
A clerk who stopped an armed robber with a shot to the chest doesn’t need to worry about potentially losing his job, because the CEO of a pro-gun company offered him a chance for a major career change.

Roosevelt Rappley picked the wrong Dayton, Ohio, Dollar General to rob when he pointed a gun at a clerk last Wednesday. The clerk was carrying a concealed weapon and responded with fire and fury.

Instead of walking away with a few hundred dollars, Rappley was shot center mass. The armed robber stumbled outside, and died in the store’s parking lot, according to WHIO-TV.

His family was not happy that their relative was killed while committing a violent crime.

In an interview with a local Ohio news station, two of his siblings railed against the clerk.

“That was wrong for that clerk to shoot my brother in the chest,” Rappley’s sister said. “Yes, he’s robbing them. Oh well! Call the police, that’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re not supposed to take matters into your own hands.”

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Lawful Gun Owners Defended Their Lives and Livelihoods in August

Amy Swearer / Lucas Drill / Cooper Conway
It seems as though every day another celebrity or politician demands that we place more severe restrictions on the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Unlike many of these celebrities and politicians, most of us do not live in safe, gated communities or spend much of our day protected by professional armed security.

Our deep respect for law enforcement does not negate the fact that police officers do not serve as our private protection details, and cannot always be there to assist us in moments of serious danger.

America is currently in the midst of a decade of historically low rates of violent crime, including gun-related crime, but Americans still use their firearms to defend themselves between 500,000 and 3 million times every year.

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This is not just some conservative talking point, either, but a reality that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a 2013 report, concluded has been found “by almost all major studies” on the issue.

Moreover, while the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms does not depend on a balancing test between criminal and lawful uses of firearms, law-abiding citizens use firearms for lawful purposes far more often than criminals use them to commit crimes.

Every month this year, we’ve highlighted just a handful of the numerous times that law-abiding Americans have exercised their Second Amendment rights in defense of themselves or others. Just like January, February, March, April, May, June, and July, August was full of examples of how the right to keep and bear arms is essential to the protection of individual rights.

•Aug. 1; Nashville, Tennessee—A restaurant employee stopped an armed robber in his tracks by retrieving a co-worker’s handgun and opening fire on the robber, causing him to flee the restaurant. No employees or patrons were injured, but the robber was struck by the employee’s rounds and later died of his wounds.

•Aug. 7; Lake City, Florida—A man used his firearm to protect his home against an intruder, attempting to hold the intruder at gunpoint while calling the police. The intruder fled but was later captured by law enforcement officers. An investigation later determined that the intruder, who had a lengthy criminal record, had been in the process of stealing rifles and a hunting knife from the homeowner.

•Aug. 8; Espanola, New Mexico—A woman called police to report that two men impersonating FBI agents were trying to kick open her apartment door. Another tenant in the apartment repeatedly warned the fake agents that he was armed and tried to stop them from coming inside, but they nonetheless kicked down the door. The resident saw that one of the fake agents was armed and used his firearm to defend himself and those in the apartment, killing one intruder and sending the other running.

•Aug. 14; Phenix City, Alabama—The owner of a jewelry store defended himself, his mother-in-law, his employees, and his family business by shooting at two armed men who tried to rob his store. Both men immediately fled the scene, and the only loss to the store occurred when one of the men accidently knocked over a glass case in the process of fleeing. The owner’s mother-in-law expressed her gratitude, telling reporters, “You can replace material things, but you can’t replace a life.”

•Aug. 18; Spartanburg, South Carolina—A shopper successfully protected himself outside of a Lowe’s Home Improvement store, shooting and killing a man who appeared ready to attack him with a 4-foot-long piece of lumber. The attacker had earlier been confrontational with the shopper inside the store, but appeared to leave after the shopper started walking down different aisles to avoid him. However, he had only gone to the parking lot to grab the lumber from his truck, and waited until the shopper came out of the store to threaten him again.

•Aug. 20; Washington, D.C.—A concealed carry permit holder shot at two armed men who approached him at a bus stop and threatened to rob him. The would-be robbers blocked the permit holder’s path, telling him not to move while brandishing a gun. The permit holder then drew his own firearm and fired several rounds, striking one assailant in the arm and sending both fleeing.

•Aug. 21; Pasco County, Florida—A local community is hailing one of its own as a hero after a man intervened with his firearm to defend a neighbor from domestic violence. The Good Samaritan was mowing his lawn when he heard a woman screaming in a nearby house and ran to assist her, first removing the children from the dangerous scene to ensure their safety and then attempting to de-escalate the situation. The domestic violence suspect ultimately tried to shoot the Good Samaritan and the woman, but was instead shot and killed by the Good Samaritan.

•Aug. 27; Akron, Ohio—An elderly homeowner told journalists that a would-be burglar “picked the wrong house” after being caught by the homeowner and held at gunpoint until police arrived. The house had been broken into just days earlier, and some of the homeowner’s firearms and ammunition had been stolen. Since other valuable items had been left behind, the homeowner feared that the burglar might return to finish the job armed with one of the stolen guns. This time, however, the homeowner was ready.

•Aug. 28; Dallas—An 84-year-old man protected himself and his sleeping wife by shooting an armed home intruder, who then fled the property. Burglars had targeted the couple in the past and the man told journalists that he had decided not to be a victim anymore. He explained that the police can’t be everywhere at once, so “sometimes you’ve got to take responsibility of your own to protect your own.” The neighborhood crime watch leader agreed, saying: “If more people would shoot at the robbers or invaders, they would think twice about breaking into their homes. [They would think,] ‘Hey this person might be armed.’”

These examples show that when firearms are in the hands of law-abiding citizens, the public is more secure. When the Second Amendment is flippantly treated as an antiquated measure and serious burdens are placed on the right to keep and bear arms, the people with the most to lose are not criminals, but jewelry store owners protecting the family business and elderly Texans defending their wives during home invasions.

We all want safer communities, and everyone agrees that criminals or objectively dangerous people should not have access to weapons. For the ordinary Americans most likely to face these threats and least likely to live in gated communities or afford armed security, the right to keep and bear arms is not an abstract ideal. It is, rather, an important tool in an everyday battle to secure their rights against those who care little for the life, liberty, or property of others.

Tip of the hat to our own 11B-Mailclerk, who provided the grist for today’s FGS.

You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man’s freedom. You can only be free if I am. — Clarence Darrow (1857-1938)









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Cameron Kingsley

I love the engravings on that Colt M1911. The horse is my all time favorite animal.


I would unashamedly carry that 1911 as “My Little Pony”.



In a pink laced holster….

5th/77th FA

A bling enhanced Stallion. I couldn’t wear that while driving. Wouldn’t know if I had a hand on the stick shift or my “gun”.

Y’all need to check out the linky in the Dollar General Story. Sister’s screeching is hilarious and the Whiz Wheel might find some good scores there. ?Claw? Hood rat punk got what he freaking deserved and the clerk done good.

Excellent compilation of citizens standing up to trash. Tanks 11B, you done good. Odd how few of these type reports hit the lame stream media.

And the young Miss Thang? Honey Hush and child please. I do believe that I am in lust…err…love with her.

Cameron Kingsley

Saw the Conservative Twins do a video on that incident. Boy did they have some words for the dead crook’s moronic sister. No sympathy in the video’s comments either.


My fave solution to crime is more dead felons, cuz they never re-offend.


Yes, he’s robbing them. Oh well! – ????

Well, it seems that it’s okay to rob someone but it’s not okay for someone to defend himself from robbers, because the police will show up and shoot him for you.

Yeah, okay – when the “crime is okay” mentality exists, the sewer is its source.

Doc Savage

“Oh Well”

That should tell you everything you want ( or do not want) to know about the mentality in that family.


If you hear more of the story, he’s not the first member of that family to be killed while involved in a criminal enterprise..


Neighbor’s house was burgled by two kids who live in the Section 8 housing a mile away and were caught on video. When he confronted the mother and tried to be reasonable (hey, get me all our stuff back and we won’t call the cops) all he got in response was a stream of obscenities and ‘how are they gonna get stuff when you rich white folks keep it all – if they are stronger and can take it they deserve it’. Pretty sure those kids will wind up room temperature one of these days before their three score and ten..


I’m reasonably certain that the Dollar General clerk in Dayton didn’t shoot the robber simply because he was robbing the store.

Rather, I’m reasonably certain that the clerk shot the robber because the robber pointed a gun at him, thereby threatening his life.

Doc Savage



Nobody wants to get shot in the chest and
nobody wants to see someone else get shot in
the chest.
Hell, I’ll go so far as to say nobody wants
to shoot someone else in the chest.
But here we are.


If it’s a choice between me getting shot in the chest or the bad guy getting shot in the chest, I ain’t getting shot in the chest.

Green Thumb

Keep your facts to yourself(sarc)!


[…] This ain’t Hell… has your feel good stories, and more during the week. […]

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

The reason the deceased perps sister is pissed off at the store clerk is mostly likely the deceased perp is the family bread winner whom is most likely responsible for supporting his family no matter how the deceased shit bird accomplishes it. I can see a law suit against the clerk coming up. The NRA’S American Rifleman magazine has the armed citizen stories every month. The above pic of the young Chick looks familiar. Can anyone tell the brand name of Dungarees that she is wearing???

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Lucky brand?


I’m more interested in how she thinks she is going to draw that pistol while holding onto the holster.


LL Bean “Classic” double L jeans in
washed denim size 32W 30L.

I would guess.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

And I just threw away the LL Bean catalogue I got last week. Women’s & Men’s clothing. I still have 1 of 2 wool Bean shirt jacs that were actually made in the USA. Left one at my old residence before I moved. I didn’t think that I would need wool clothing in South Florida but I was wrong. Most of my Seersucker shirts and tropical weight shorts were bought from Bean including a left behind down comforter, down parker, wool blankets, Half rubber/leather quarter boot shoes etc.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

Another great looking 1911 .45. Not for shooting though. collectors piece. Shoot stuff like that and the price of the gun goes down. I never could see carrying a handgun with all the engraving and gold plated parts.


Truly, self defense use of firearms works…..
I am living proof, twice…
No shots were fired, all it took was the appearance of the gun and the puke decided that they would have better luck elsewhere.
I would venture a guess at well over a million-five uses every year.


Either Jon Lott or the other guy reports that effective defensive use of a firearm occurs over 250,000 times every year. Most incidents don’t get into the media.